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Now I’m sad Even doesn’t hang out with Elias and co. anymore. :\

It seemed like he really misses the Bakkoush family. 

Bu whatever it seemed to happen between Mikael and Even, it seemed like Even doesn’t hold the others accountable. 

It may just be that Even developed feelings for Mikael, Mikael didn’t reciprocate, Even felt the need to distance himself so he can get over it and parted ways. He did have a girlfriend so clearly not something he wanted to be advertised. But he also mentioned being much more distant from her already before Evak happened so likely he had moved on emotionally from her prior to Isak but Isak was the ONE that made him finally walk away.

This is about all I’ll say about the Even-Mikael storyline. I don’t want to spiral into Theory Land and get lost.

I hope the boys reunite though so Even can enjoy Mama Bakkoush's cooking again!


It’s bellarke fam selfie night and you guys know what that means… it means I have to find decent selfies to post wow… anyways these are from 3 weeks ago when I temp dyed my hair ginger-ish so I felt the need to take selfies (excuse the lack of slaying eyeliner in the bottom three)

Thank you to @bellammy @clarkegryphus @bellamybb for tagging me, you’re all so beautiful and I’m jealous <3333

I would tag other people but I’m lazy so I’m daring anyone that sees this to do it! (if you’re comfortable with it that is) It’s fun seeing everyone’s faces (and tag me in it so I can see youuuuu)