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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: So now Expedia surveys are a thing...

So now, instead of Expedia having reviews on just their site (which no one reads), our brand surveys now including Expedia ratings as well. So now, if the guest doesn’t get to switch rooms or cancel to due the policy, they can write a review about it and bring down our scores! If the guest wants to act like like they are staying at a 5 star hotel, but are only paying 53.92, they can complain as well!

Their reviews even have a cute little Expedia symbol distinguish themselves from the rest of the reviews!

I’m so excited (sarcasm)

By: M_LeoQueen

iPad or computer?

Well, this year I’m graduating from school, so that means I’m probably moving into another city to study.

This year I used my house’s computer, but I’m sure I will need my own study gadget to work and study there. So my question is: should I buy an iPad or a computer?

I thought about buying an iPad due to all the good reviews I have heard about it, and all I want to spend is 300/350€ (over $329/378). Tbh the actual computer of my house has less than a year. It works absolutely awful, and it costed about 300€, so I’m not sure about buying another cheap laptop.
I found iPads small and easy to carry to school, but also, laptops are comfier and easier to use than an iPad, or at least for me they look like that.

Can someone tell me about his/her own experiences? It will be amazing and help a lot ♥

OMG! I was only here for not more than a year and I am already getting 1000 followers? Thank you guys!

It must be due to the release of Zestiria the X that boost it XDD 

For all of you guys who followed me due to my SoreMiku art, first and foremost, thank you so much! And for those who followed me because you watched the anime and fell in love with the ruin nerds XD, I advise you to go play the game if you can. Or even watch the gameplay, watch the story.

True that since they are turning it into an anime, there’s no needs to watch gameplay or sort but I really recommend it. You might not want to play it due to some bad reviews about it but just give it at least a try and decide it for yourself. Hey, I love this game and I have issue with it too! Like the battle camera angle, and the length of the game (too short) etc. But Bamco knew about their mistake and amend it in Beseria, the next Tales which was linked to Zestiria. So give them a break. What kills the game is not the company but us, the buyers, the players if we continue to complain just due to something you dislike in that game.

I bet some things won’t be fully featured in the anime and what they might add in the anime was not included in the game. So if you really like this show, go know more about it.

I love the relationship between Sorey and Mikleo, not just the unofficial BL thing but like their close brotherly bond too! But I really hope that this doesn’t turn out to be ‘OMG! I am liking this anime because they are GAY!’ NOOOO!! It is way more than that! Hence I recommended earlier to go play the game or watch the gameplay! And they are not gay though I wanted them to be! Their bond is so much more.

Sorry for all the blabbering but I’ve played and really love the Tales of series since I was young. It allowed me to meet really good friends through it too and saddened by all the bad reviews (more than those before it) about this latest series…

Wow, that’s long? XDD Alright! Thank you once again for following my page though I haven’t been updating lately >///< Busy with my SoreMiku doujinshi!

See ya guys!

anonymous asked:

“Me?” Oh, Weller baby, at last... I sent the prompt and I love this drabble! And yeah, we know that would never happen, but this is why you wrote it, right ;) Don't blush, own it! So how about another one, if you ever feel like it? "Oh, you think you're so damn handsome that nobody can resist you, Weller?" "I do." "Well, I can." Pissed Jane and cool Weller in a confined space (closet?) during an undercover mission. And, no, she can't.

This message is in relation to this previous prompt which came about due to a comment I made in this review. Meta, I know.

Sorry it took forever, Anon, but I hope you like it.

(Ps, just consider this as set in a kind of a canon-divergent S2 okay)

She was going to break his fingers.

She’d do it. She really would. Anything to make his hand release hers, to save her from the torturous warmth of his skin against her own. She’d thought they’d come to an unspoken agreement about this, a self-imposed no-touch rule. She’d thought they had an understanding. 

One she hated with practically every fiber of her being, but one that was preferable to being touched by him when he would never be hers again.

If he had ever been hers.  

Still, she’d thought they were relatively on the same page– or as close as they could get to it these days– until he’d interrupted her conversation right in the middle of their undercover op and practically dragged her away from the other guest, his hand feeling far too good around hers.

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Party Favors

The back of the theater wasn’t much crowded at all, in fact there were plenty of empty seats all about though not due to the play in question. It had wonderful reviews, people were scared however with the increasing number of riots that this could be targeted. They were all right in a way seeing as the leader of all this chaos was in their midst, but without intention to maim or destroy this night. One of his arms was around his wife whose head was pressed to his shoulder, watching the play pleased he’d found the time to take her out somewhere. Atlas even had Patrick with them, the boy held against her bosom sleeping peacefully.

As it came to a close he kissed Moira’s forehead “Alright they’re goin’ to take you home luv’.”. Her nose wrinkled slightly as she looked up to him, the two keeping their voices low “An’ why’s'it not you?”. A few of his men stood from the row behind them ready to escort his wife and child safely home. “I’ve got business, might be home for supper.” Atlas kissed her lips then stood making his way down one of the side isles to the stage door, pushing it open with ease.

It had been two-and-a-half weeks since he’d last seen Raptures Princess, since he’d even contacted her. No one stopped him, all too busy bustling about to notice the man carrying one of their boxes with his hat down, taking him for a stagehand. With little difficulty he found Ava’s dressing room and knocked on the door, flower pulled from his inside jacket pocket. Without waiting for a reply he let himself in glancing around the room until his eyes fell on the lady he’d ventured out to see.  

“Hello Sweetheart." 

SU and Keystone Motel

First of all I think it’s pretty damn low of people to think it’s “funny” to write bad reviews on an actual fucking business, but I will get back to that in just a minute. 

So you love Rebecca Sugar’s work, yes? You really do enjoy Steven Universe and find it interesting. You reblog su things, enjoy the art, cosplay, whatever. Well guess what? You could’ve just gotten her and the crew in trouble. Perhaps legal trouble. 

Do you think the business is going to be happy if they lose customers due to your stupid reviews about cold rooms, square pizza’s, and pools with no water? No. No one wants to stay in a motel with an empty pool usually. 

So who do you think they’ll be upset at? You, and the Steven Universe crew. 

Staff members of the SU crew are already telling you guys to fucking STOP