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lance: we should have like…a team voltron sleepover.

pidge: but we see each other all the time? and sleep in the same place? what’s the use of a sleepover?

lance: pidge…we can play truth or dare. you know what that means. 

pidge: [quietly] we can finally dare keith to show us his cryptid conspiracy blog. shit. we need to have a team voltron sleepover. 

and once again i begin posting all the art i drew a while back that i have saved up!

i dont actually know how light or fire works please go easy on this one

Reminder that there isn’t actually any moral value attached to liking or disliking certain characters. You are not a bad person if character x gets on your nerves, nor are you a monster if you empathize with that character that everyone else has demonized.

Fiction is inherently subjective and speaks to everyone in different ways. It’s important to critique media when it perpetuates or creates negative aspects of society, but it’s also important to realize that you are allowed to enjoy imperfect media and are certainly allowed to empathize with problematic characters.

Idea that once Sora and Roxas are separated, they go their separate ways (Sora to DI and Roxas to TT with Lea and Xion), and Roxas has this brief identity crisis because sometimes he feels this awful little tug in his heart, and a lot of times he finds himself wishing Sora was there with him. And it just eats at him because it reinforces every terrible thing DiZ told him about Nobodies at the beginning of KH2, that he has no right to exist and that he really belongs with Sora, that he’s nothing but an extension of his Other and should never have separated from him in the first place.

And he angsts about it for a while and finally confides in Xion and Lea about what’s bothering him.

And they’re all quiet for a minute until Lea goes, “I think you just miss your friend, dumbass.”

And it turns out that’s all it was.

how to Actually date someone with anxiety
  • ask them what they r comfortable/not comfortable with
  • literally just that
  • do that
  • listen 2 what they say
  • and stick to it
  • dont fucking presume u kno what makes someone anxious or not just bc u read some dumb post on tumblor dot com about dealing w/ppl with anxiety oh my god i shouldnt hav to fucking explain this

hey! i know fujoshis see themselves as “knowing a lot about gays uwu” but don’t fucking talk for us!

i’m specifically talking about the straight girls who go on and on about how much of a problem homophobia is, and then turn around and do the exact same fucking thing. cause, spoiler alert, fetishizing mlm relationships is fucking homophobic! you aren’t a ~good ally~ by squealing over yaoi!

so kindly sit down, shut up, and stop constantly talking over us.

the signs as mountain goats songs

Aries: “The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton”

Taurus: “Last Man on Earth”

Gemini: “Up the Wolves”

Cancer: “Oceanographer’s Choice”

Leo: “Lion’s Teeth”

Virgo: “Never Quite Free”

Libra: “You Were Cool”

Scorpio: “Commandante”

Sagittarius: “See America Right”

Capricorn: “Lovecraft in Brooklyn”

Aquarius: “Tianchi Lake”

Pisces: “Steal Smoked Fish”

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ur very sweet!!! the cow thing is weird but ur very sweet!!! i like u a lot

sdfhhosfjisfhdusasidjsf i didn’t mean for the cow thing to be a Cow Thing like i don’t actually remember the last time i saw a cow and i’ve never owned a cow??? but u kno, i just woke up one day, and i was like, this is my duty as a taurus. i gotta be weird about cows on tumblr dot com. and here we are

why is there a shoplifting fandom. why is there a group of people who just steal things and brag about it on tunblr dot com. why do you steal when you dont need to do it to live you could literally buy that pack of gum with your own money. why are they always worded like omorashi posts with stuff like “i finally let loose” like dude do you get a bonner from stealing. do you swipe some m&ms and then log onto tumblge dot net and be like “hey guys… poppin a stiffy from taking these candys….. glad you guys on tugnlero dont webpage are enjoying my illegal shenanginas :) 

harry was saved in the graveyard by the connection his wand had with voldemort’s, it’s true. but he was also saved by his own courage and resilient spirit. if harry had not been determined to fight till the end, to cast a seemingly hopeless spell with his last breathe, there would have been no collision, no priori incantatem. 

harry was scared, alone, and nearly tortured to death. he was fourteen and had watched his friend die right before his eyes. a crowd of onlookers jeered at him as he was faced with the most powerful dark wizard ever who wanted not only to kill him but to utterly humiliate him.. absolutely no one could blame him if he just froze up or broke down then and there. 

but harry didn’t give up. he chose to go down on his own terms and face death straight-backed and proud, like his father. and that bravery and sheer force of will that made him decide to go down fighting ended up being the very thing that saved his life.