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blurgh okay disclaimer that this is not a vaguepost about anyone in particular it’s just like, a general Thing that i was seeing a lot a while back that’s still REALLY FUCKIN BOTHERING ME

listen i know that people jokingly calling themselves aphobes arose from that whole aphobe block list thing and from what little i know of that it was in fact pretty ridiculous but uuuuh. seeing people describe themselves that way, even facetiously, is still! really fucking uncomfortable!!

like speaking as an asexual lesbian here, the amount of discomfort i experience from seeing that is PRETTY COMPARABLE to how i feel about those “””funny””” comments where someone acts like they’re gonna say something super homophobic then swerves at the last second, which is to say, it’s not at all funny and makes me wildly anxious

what it boils down to is that there are too many people already who genuinely think that i’m sick or broken and need to be “fixed” for people talking about hating me and people like me as a joke to be remotely funny

i’m just really tired basically

lance: we should have like…a team voltron sleepover.

pidge: but we see each other all the time? and sleep in the same place? what’s the use of a sleepover?

lance: pidge…we can play truth or dare. you know what that means. 

pidge: [quietly] we can finally dare keith to show us his cryptid conspiracy blog. shit. we need to have a team voltron sleepover. 

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Victor, Yuuri, and Yurio are looking at colleges when Victor sees a sign for a marathon and decides to join it with Yurio. Yuuri is holding a sign labeled 'kiss me i'm a skater' on the sidelines and Victor gets very distracted during the race.

Viktor Nikiforov, retired 5-time consecutive World Champion of Men’s Figure Skating, has recently announced that he will be participating in the 2018 St Lidwina Marathon on April 16. Nikiforov reportedly has taken up long-distance running as a hobby alongside coaching his husband, 2017 World Champion and Grand Prix Winner Yuuri Katsuki as well as 2016 Grand Prix Winner Yuri Plisetsky. Plisetsky is also running the marathon alongside Nikiforov, while Katsuki will be cheering at the halfway mark on the St Lidwina University campus. [MORE]

The screaming at the St Lidwina University Thunder Tunnel is, for lack of a better word, thunderous. 

Yurio had been looking at the university as a prospective applicant, and they’d lined up the visit so that they could get a campus tour and attend an admissions info session alongside participating in the marathon the next day. They were even staying at a small Airbnb just off-campus, tucked above a cosy little cafe called Charlotte’s Corner. St Lidwina was a sweet little New England college town already beginning to be warmed by spring, and Yurio had loved it.

Well, at least, he was scowling a lot less than usual. Puberty had hit Yurio like a truck, and as a consequence he liked to act extra surly to compensate for his sudden lack of grace on the ice. But when the blond had looked up at the red-brick and marble-pillar majesty that was Founders Hall, the admissions and administrative building of the liberal arts college at the university, none of that surliness had been on his face.

That had been yesterday. Today, a different sort of energy hums in the air. Yuuri is convinced most of the students piled up on the metal barriers by the main road are already well on their way to drunk if not already there. Their screams are deafening, and the bright colours of their signs flash wildly in the mid-morning sun.

Viktor and Yurio would be coming by in one of the middle groups, Yuuri knows, so they’ll be here sooner or later. He elbows his way into the crowds gathered at the barrier until he’s managed to squeeze himself up against the metal, between a girl holding a sign that says “Live Long and Prosper” and a boy with a sign that says “Kiss Me, I’m from Texas”. 

Yuuri has his own sign, of course, and he has it up just as another wave of runners begin to appear around the bend.

The screaming gets louder

Yuuri almost drops his sign in an attempt to cover his ears. Had he ever been this loud while at Wayne State? Maybe he should have had something to drink before coming out here. The girl next to him is jumping up and down now, offering high-fives to the marathon runners as they go by. Someone has come by and planted a solid smooch on the cheek of the boy from Texas. 

Yuuri himself offers a couple high-fives to passing runners who recognise him. He shouts some encouragement to them as they go past, but his voice feels oddly drowned out in the overwhelming sound.

And then he sees them both rounding the bend, and his heart picks up a little at the sight.

Yuri is wearing a loose black tank and short leopard-print shorts, his hair tied up and his expression determined. He high-fives a couple people, and offers a quick peck to a girl waving a sign that says “Kiss Me, I’m a Cat Person”. But for the most part he’s focused on the road ahead.

Viktor, on the other hand, is craning his head every which way for a sign of Yuuri. And he’s running shirtless, the white t-shirt he’d started with now uselessly draped over his shoulders. His hair is clipped out of his face and he seems to be covered in sweat, but there’s an intoxicating flush in his cheeks that has a lot of people surrounding Yuuri clamouring for him to come over and kiss them.

And Yuuri’s not about to let that happen.

Viktor!” he shouts, waving his sign. Viktor looks over, his expression lighting up at the sight as he jogs by. 

“Yuuri!” he breathes. He looks like he wants to say more, but is too exhausted to do anything else other than grab Yuuri by the back of his head and bring him in for the hottest, sweatiest, and most disgusting kiss they’ve ever shared in their life. The world falls away all the same, all the noise and screaming around them narrowing into a tunnel of sound surrounding the two of them.

Viktor’s shirt tugs a little. Yurio is dragging him away. Yuuri is dimly aware that he’s now halfway over the barrier. His sign has dropped away somewhere.

“You should go,” he breathes absently against Viktor’s lips.

“Don’t wanna,” mutters Viktor.

“You need to finish the race,” Yuuri says. “We can pick this up later.”

“Promise?” asks Viktor.

Yuuri nods. His fingers linger a moment longer on Viktor’s cheek after he’s pulled back, and then his husband is racing away, sunlight glinting off his ring. Just before he fades from view, Viktor turns back and blows him a kiss, and Yuuri catches it with a grin.

“Wow.” He hears it just to his left, and turns to see the girl staring at him, wide-eyed. He can feel the eyes of everyone nearby on him, now, striking a match to the fire spreading rapidly across his cheeks. 

“That was adorable,” someone remarks. “Can’t wait to see it break the internet.”

And then they return to the screaming, and Yuuri hopes (in vain, he knows) that Phichit won’t find any videos of him and Viktor by the end of the hour.

Rick Martin for BuzzFeed

Viktor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki continue to be #relationshipgoals as Katsuki was spotted giving out some, ahem, encouragement as a spectator of the St Lidwina Marathon this past Monday.

The St Lidwina University Thunder Tunnel is a longstanding tradition of the Marathon, being located at the halfway point on the route. It offers runners a significant milestone as well as encouragement to continue the route. Katsuki was spotted at the Thunder Tunnel at around 11:30AM holding a sign that says ‘Kiss Me, I’m a Figure Skater’ and offering high-fives and encouragement to the runners that passed by.

Well, until his husband, retired five-time consecutive World Champion Viktor Nikiforov showed up with their son (in all but name) Yuri Plisetsky.

Nikiforov clearly read Katsuki’s sign and decided to take him up on the offer.

Very enthusiastically.

And of course Katsuki was very enthusiastically reciprocating.

I mean, can we blame them? Nikiforov was running shirtless by that point in the race. #thethirstisrealfolks

Eventually Plisetsky pulled Nikiforov back to the marathon at hand, and the two managed to complete with the rest of the runners.

Nikiforov repeatedly beat his personal best time by six minutes despite having been distracted by his husband along the way.

We’re sure they celebrated this little victory in their own little way afterwards. 

and once again i begin posting all the art i drew a while back that i have saved up!

i dont actually know how light or fire works please go easy on this one

cu alter’s tail has very little feeling in it especially in terms of pain receptors so if you only lightly touch it he won’t even notice and you could hack a whole chunk out of it and it’ll hurt like a nasty scratch at most. he also can’t tell what he’s doing with it very well bc its parasitic and having a hard time properly attaching itself to his nervous system through all the divinity and grail mud so especially shortly after being altered when it was still settling in so to speak he had very poor spatial awareness & would constantly knock things over or smash into things with it bc he literally just couldn’t feel it. nowadays he’s better about that but it’s mostly through experience rather than actually having a good sense of where it is. none of this was a problem before coming to chaldea bc smashing things the fuck up was what he was doing anyway so accidentally doing more of it was a bonus

also while the tail itself is pretty much numb the part of his back where it attaches to his body is more sensitive than the rest (not by a lot and mostly in terms of pain) especially closer to the spine bc that’s where it’s eating itself into his nervous system

Idea that once Sora and Roxas are separated, they go their separate ways (Sora to DI and Roxas to TT with Lea and Xion), and Roxas has this brief identity crisis because sometimes he feels this awful little tug in his heart, and a lot of times he finds himself wishing Sora was there with him. And it just eats at him because it reinforces every terrible thing DiZ told him about Nobodies at the beginning of KH2, that he has no right to exist and that he really belongs with Sora, that he’s nothing but an extension of his Other and should never have separated from him in the first place.

And he angsts about it for a while and finally confides in Xion and Lea about what’s bothering him.

And they’re all quiet for a minute until Lea goes, “I think you just miss your friend, dumbass.”

And it turns out that’s all it was.

Me, going to the police station: HELP! This man just stabbed my parents to death and attempted to murder me!

Police Officer:

Uhhhh but two days ago you made a post on tumglr.dot.com about how murder is bad and tagged it as #Serial killer and #Murderer. If you don’t want murderers to interact with you then why do you post about them huh??? I’m sorry, but if you talk or post about people, it gives them the right to interact with you. It’s basically an invitation. So.

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what do u think of the current enjoltaire versus enjonine battle

Hahahaha WAIT. There’s is a CURRENT Enjoltaire vs Enjonine fight? What is this, 2013?!

I don’t know of or care for it, I see 0.6 enjonine posts a year, and I frankly love to stay away from drama and discourse because I love enjoying things.

That being said, Enjolras is canonically uninterested in women and shipping him with a woman seems a little (euphemism) forced and heteronormative the way I see it. But then again, the way I understand it is that some people didn’t read the book and didn’t know about Enjolras’ lack of interest in women when they saw the movie, and our society is tragically heteronormative. A lot of people identify with Eponine and kinda want her unrequited love to be “fixed” with someone who loves her… and who else than the handsome revolutionary next door?

And I’m in no way saying it’s good, erasing Enjolras’ lack of interest in women and homosexual subtext (honestly, is it subtext at this point, Hugo?) isn’t good, but in a way I’m not suprised. Like at all. Because heteronomativity is so inscribed in society it leads to erasure. I was expecting it WHILE watching the movie.

Anyway, I had a point, but I forgot. It’s 8am, and that’s all I’ll post about it because as I said, I don’t care for drama. I think it’s more a canon LGBT+ representation vs Enjonine than it has anything to do with Enjoltaire, actually. And, well, Enjolras is canonically not into women, so that’s sort of a lost fight anyway. Though i’m convinced most Enjonine shippers aren’t trying to hurt anyone, erasing the canon sexuality/attraction or lack thereof of a character who happens to be non-straight for ONCE is doing it indirectly.

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ok ok ok... i think i figured it out. does Sunday have the mental health condition called derealisation? it would explain why it always seems like she is dreaming as that is what the condition does to you. btw ily <3

i’ve actually never heard of that before!! so no, sunny baby doesn’t have it. thats interesting tho im gonna have to read all about it while i procrastinate studying tonight 

those memes about loving your gf and about how all women are beautiful perfect angels are true and i love them, but they can create a weird sort of pressure to have a perfect relationship without any conflict ever. or else you feel like you’re not loving women right? and that’s just unrealistic! so here’s a reminder that you’ll go on bad dates! some relationships won’t work out! and sometimes you’ll even disagree with your s/o, but what’s important is how you handle those disagreements. not having the kind of flawless, idealized relationship you hear about on tumblr dot com doesn’t make your love for women any less real or your relationships less meaningful

names for tumblr, rated

Tumblr: whoever uses this is a cop. for example: hello, fellow Tumblr users. can you direct me to the marijuana blogs? 0/5, nice try officer

tumblr: boring. I don’t trust people who always call it ‘tumblr’. why are you so indifferent? what are you hiding? usually found in serious posts, too. for example: I’m probably going to leave tumblr. fuck you. why should you escape while I’m stuck here? 1/5

tunglr: amusing and yet innocent, a flippant dismissal of minor annoying content on the website, meant with no malice. reminiscent of the good old days. most likely suited for shitposts or fresh memes. for example: anyone else on tunglr wanna talk about piss? 3/5

tumblr dot com: rather ordinary, but when used in context is very good. best used to express sincere exasperation, for example: of course I’m comparable to a murderer for liking cheese fries, I would expect nothing less from tumblr dot com. 3/5

tumblr.edu: excellent. a subtle roast, indicating the many problems that come from using tumblr as one’s only source for facts. best used ironically after such a faux pas has been made, for example: the earth is flat? more great content from tumblr.edu. 4/5

tumblr.hell: accurate, more of a mood than a domain name. everyone knows what it means. can be used across a wide variety of posts and nobody is in any doubt of what the poster means when they say it. for example: i’ve seen so much knobgobblery on tumblr.hell that by this point my soul has left my body via my ass fuck each and every one of you. 5/5

Reminder that there isn’t actually any moral value attached to liking or disliking certain characters. You are not a bad person if character x gets on your nerves, nor are you a monster if you empathize with that character that everyone else has demonized.

Fiction is inherently subjective and speaks to everyone in different ways. It’s important to critique media when it perpetuates or creates negative aspects of society, but it’s also important to realize that you are allowed to enjoy imperfect media and are certainly allowed to empathize with problematic characters.