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“IN RETROSPECT---” Hannibal 3x10 Again

**Warning: rewatch live-blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

I’m in a weird nervy mood right now, so let’s SEE HOW THIS GOES DOWN.

Season 3, Episode 10: “And the Woman Clothed IN Sun”

Heh, Francis practicing his plosives in front of the mirror, I’d forgotten.

From the outside of his laptop I would have sworn it was a Dell or something, but then the desktop is clearly Apple, so this is for sure a metaphor about Dolarhyde containing The Dragon. It’s not, please don’t believe me.

Hannibal’s lawyer is literally named Byron. You guys.

THE OVERWHELMED GASP THO. Francis is the person who brings his favorite book to be signed by his favorite author at the local Barnes & Noble and then ends up lurking by the periodicals too nervous to go up there.

Hannibal’s just like, “refreshing, someone who wants to Become.”

Unfair reviews. At last someone who recognizes the artistry of your work, Hanners. Or, well at last someone who admits it. Rough.

Huh. Dolarhyde, being perfectly amenable to a number of Hannibal’s wants in a murder protege, is sorta another Dimmond, isn’t he — proof that the traits he wants in Will on paper don’t actually gel into someone he wants in person. That, frustratingly, remains Will’s role alone. Ha ha, YOU DOOMED LOSERS.

This is totally cool. AND EERY.

“I want to see you ~meld~ with the ~strength of the Dragon~.” W O W, Dolarhyde.

Wait, a Joke:

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Feel free to ignore if this isn’t your thing, but I’m really proud of this and I had to share that with my online family. :) I’d been looking for Abby’s blue shirt for ages - at least six months - and since it’s the rarest of her ID’d clothing items, I hadn’t found anything. But I found one in tan and bought it, thinking I could dye it somewhat close to the screen accurate color. I also had to shrink it because it was too big, so now it’s a medium that fits like an extra small. 


Mine’s a little more purple-y than hers, but I’m not a Free People factory and I don’t have their clothing dyes. :P My next step will be painting over the stitching with some navy fabric paint, and then it’ll really look the one she wore. :) 

okay look I’m going to express my Official Opinion That I’m Not Really Entitled To Have on this topic and it if you agree that’s fine and if you don’t that’s fine and if you hate me and want to unfollow me that’s fine but after this it will be overwith

My opinion is that genderbends tend to play into cisnormativity an awful lot and more than that into traditional gender roles and ideas about ‘acceptable’ clothing and body types and mannerisms and personalities that you can have as any particular gender, and nintety percent of the time they’re bad and boring and samefacey anime girls with big boobs and slender figures with only the hair staying remotely the same anyway so.

There you go.

That’s my opinion.

I’m done here.

anonymous asked:

Uhm, I want to sell my old closet full of lolita clothes, but the last time I had a feedback thing was when talia speaks was a moderator. How would I go about pricing clothes that old and is there a place not on livejournal I can do that on?

Holy cow, yeah that’s been quite some time. There was a lot of good stuff happening in the Lolita world around that time too though and a lot of clothes from that time still sell pretty well. Outside of LJ which isn’t nearly as big as it was back then, Facebook groups like Lolita Sales in English are fairly popular places to sell secondhand Lolita and now there’s also Lace Market. Lace Market might be a particularly good option for you because it has a decent search system so you can look for things similar to what you have to get an idea of how you could price them for. If you can’t find the item you’re trying to sell second hand anywhere to give you an idea you can also take a look at the Lolibrary database to tell you what the original price was and work based on that.

anonymous asked:

Even though I don't like Kira in the slightest, you are a pretty interesting person. But you seem mostly controlled by Kira, is there anything in your personality from josuke?

If you’re suggesting I am “controlled” by Kira and you dislike him doesn’t that mean you dislike me as well? I can’t really force them to give control to another but I am sorry that you dislike me.

As for what I have from Josuke, I think his confidence and heart? I may be creepy and make threats but I promise you I could never take someones life away. I care about clothes and money which is something a teenage boy would care about and I also want to live up to the exceptions set for me.

ngeenjay  asked:

I really laughed while reading one of your articles about clothing, the "girls please wear underwear" part. It made me think "Damn, someone has thought of it already!". :D Do such things really happen?

Yes it has.

And I don’t mind when people use LARP as a giant meeting kink RP gateway, but I want those LARPs to be advertised as such. So I know I shouldn’t expect any sort of actual GAME in there.

Because tbf, when I see this

I really wonder if these people know what the Masquerade is, and if actual vampires are laughing their asses off. (ofc they don’t exist but come on, if they did, this would be a great “y’all hunters should go in that LARP satanist thing instead of in high society and business”)

None of these guys have any influence in where kindred are supposed to have influence. They just don’t. These are wannabe vampires being all gothish now that they’ve become vamps because “might as well look fabulous in undeath” but they’ve not gotten past their fledgling status.. or their ghoul status just yet.

Might as well really go all the way into the madness and wear Team Edward tees. Which is something my Tremere Regent actually does.

Now these guys are chilangos of my heart. I’m all but supportive of people having fun and doing LARP, I’m very curious to know more of what they’ll be up to, but if this is their promo, I have 0 expectations about their story, their character build, and the “realism” of their society and their characters’ motivations. If it’s a game to parade and be darker than thou, I’ve got all the right to say it’s just jerking off :p


BIOSHOCK 2.0 is now LIVE!

If you can’t get enough of gamer-themed fashion Living Dead Clothing is about to blow your mind.

Again teaming up with 2k Games and Irrational Games, LDC is adding some fresh BioShock fandom fashion to their cache. And all those who were eyeing off the Elizabeth, Booker and Songbird gear that made an appearance on LDC’s snapchat earlier in the year are in for a treat!  

The new cosplay and street wear additions include designs showcasing characters and imagery bound to transport you right back to Rapture and Columbia! 

Drool over the new nylons and stalk the whole collection now: http://bit.ly/BioShock-2

anonymous asked:

Can I Request text where bts saw you and Jimin (close friends btw) squealing over baby clothes and kept teasing you both about it

Dooooooone! Baby clothes are cute af

bveselin  asked:

About the clothes thing, I'm 99% sure that Tyler's octopus jacket is Blurry's or at least he bought it for him

yess its a comfort item f blur too so whn tys frontin while blurrys stressed or havin an episode ty puts it on n talks sweet t blur til he cn co-front again nice n calm

ok i’ve obviously talked about adam wearing ronan’s clothes before but there can never be enough discussion about clothes-sharing tbh

  • so he just casually shrugs on the nearest hoodie or jacket whenever he stays over and ronan just stares at him blankly for a long moment before adam flushes and looks at the ground with his hands in his pockets and says “what? it was cold, okay” and ronan’s like “yeah, whatever, parrish” before going back to being a Very Serious farmer who is Very Busy doing important shit that’s not having a mild heart attack over how cute his boyfriend looks in his jacket okay
  • adam sleeps in his clothes all the time. it’s just convenient, right. but he still does it even after he starts leaving some of his own clothes at the barns. ronan doesn’t comment on it but he pretty much never gets rid of that flutter in his stomach every time he finds adam passed out in his bed wearing one of his tanks. 
  • ronan definitely leaves his fair share of clothes all over the floor at adam’s place too. and he doesn’t seem to ever want to take them back. adam would think he’s just doing it to be a nuisance or to assert his presence, but it feels more intentional than that – and somehow it makes his apartment feel more like home. he ends up grabbing one of ronan’s shirts about half the time when he’s in a rush (which is always, basically). ronan doesn’t say he can keep them but it’s heavily implied.
  • he ‘’’accidentally’’’ ends up packing a bunch of ronan’s stuff when he’s leaving for college. ronan’s touched but amused. adam’s like “shut up, it’s your fault for leaving your shit everywhere. i can’t tell the difference anymore” and ronan smirks like “yeah, that’s obviously the reason” “shut up” “you know, i can always dream you up some shirts if you want –” “NO – i mean, thanks, but it – it won’t be the same” his blush is probably visible from space but ronan just nods and says “i know.” 
  • (adam definitely leaves some of his t-shirts behind too because he knows ronan sleeps better when he can feel that he’s close.)
  • like a month later adam calls him in the middle of the night to be like “your shirts don’t smell like you anymore and i can’t sleep” and ronan has to bite back his laughter and he’s very seriously like “i’m sorry” and adam sighs and says “i wish i could be next to you right now” and ronan’s heart aches a little and he itches to run his fingers through his hair and to hold him close to him and he says “i know. the pillows don’t smell like your shampoo anymore either“ and adam’s like “you were sniffing my pillow??” and ronan’s like “shut up, you stole like 50 of my shirts” and adam’s like “shut up” and after they’re done muffling their helpless giggles into the pillows ronan says “i miss you” in this soft, vulnerable, late-night voice that always kind of gets adam choked up and adam tells him “i’m always with you” because it’s the truth and ronan says “i know. me too.”
Irresistible - Smut

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,759
Request:  By Anon - omg okay can you do a stiles imagine where you guys bet to see who can go without sex the longest (they’re dating) and the reader is constantly teasing stiles whether it’s eating popsicle in front of him and the pack(who knows about it) or the clothes they’re wearing and then finally he breaks and dom!stiles please & thank you😁

A/N: Shout out to Er @obrosey-af cause she wrote one similar to this and we chatted about it cause I didn’t want her to feel like I was copying, so if you haven’t read Sex Deprived yet please do it!

Stiles had done it to himself. You rolled your eyes, the word vomit coming from your boyfriend’s mouth was no surprise to you. He always spoke before he thought, especially when he’d been drinking, which was his current predicament.

“I’m irresistible. Just admit it.”

You scoffed. “Please. You couldn’t keep your hands off me if you tried.”

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it honestly sucks hating your body for so long and wanting to change but you know no matter what you do you will stay sad and insecure and upset about yourself. and then angry because you know you shouldn’t give a fuck but you have to care because that’s all you’ve been taught to do.