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i have a HC where while Lance flirts all the time, he mostly does it for a reaction from the other person - and when people flirt back he's like ??????????????? what do ??????????? lance.exe has stopped working and i lowkey wanna see this happen with either Shiro or Keith ????

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stop, do not pass go, do not collect $50 dollars.

You had me, right until the end. Shiro never will and never should flirt with Lance.

I just thought of a fun comedic plotline for Kurt in a future episode maybe next season: he has a dream where Blaine and Sam hook up or make out or something and he wakes with a start because WHY did his mind think of this - Blaine’s like woah there cupcake what’s up and Kurt feels weird about the dream so he’s like “nothing. nightmare.” but then he can’t look Blaine or Sam in the eye for the next few days so Blaine thinks Kurt has a crush on Sam or something and eventually Kurt has to come clean and tell Blaine about the dream.
For once Kurt’s story would be the lighter fun story while other characters have dramatic stuff, bonus for possible shippy blam scene in Kurt’s dream yes or yes. This of course after tons and tons of good Klaine scenes first for several episodes so we’re not going to go all ugh blam again ugh but would actually enjoy it and laugh

Not Just for Some

Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,600
Warnings: Blainofsky

Summary: “He belongs right where he is, sitting amongst these people, discussing found family and unconditional love without a hint of irony.”
6x06 reaction. In which Blaine reconnects with his found family, and finds that he doesn’t need Dave so much anymore. Canon compliant; Blainofsky, Klaine, and also some Blam.


After the performance is over and Rachel has been steered out of the auditorium by Mercedes, Blaine finds himself alone at the piano, pressing keys at random and letting himself fall into the slightly discordant melody of the notes. The rest of the boys are congregated in a group by the side of the stage, but Blaine doesn’t want to interrupt them. He’s only met the new kids in passing, after all. He wouldn’t want to impose.

It doesn’t take Sam too long before he gets bored and wanders over to Blaine, stretching himself over the body of the piano to peer down at the keys. ‘Hey,’ he says.

‘Hi,’ Blaine replies.

‘So, like… is there a reason you’re avoiding us?’ Sam asks without preamble. ‘Because, dude, you strike a pretty sad picture over here all on your own, I’m just saying.’

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I love every thing about Blam!

Their fun side:

 Their supportive side:

Their generous side:

The way they look out for one another:

The way they flirt with each other without even knowing:

Their hugs and high fives:

The way they goof around with each other:

and most of all THEIR DUETS!:

This is why Blam will always be 

 Inspired by this post: http://limabeanmediumdrip.tumblr.com/post/15902391378/i-literally-love-every-single-side-of-blaine


GLEE Cast Reflects on Favorite Musical Numbers, Episodes & Fan Message - PALEYFest 2015

One of my favorite things about BLAM is that you have these two teenage boys, who, at the end of season 2, when they were like maybe 15 years old, decided for themselves that YEP, they had found their soulmates.

sure, Kurt and Mercedes were all excited because “boyfriends!!1!” but Blaine and Sam were planning wedding vows and eternity.

And though the years have passed and they’ve dated other people, they still gravitate towards THAT PERSON that their fifteen year old self decided was their other half. good job boys. excellent work.

If Brittana actually end up together in NYC for season 6…..well that would make me so happy that I could almost forget about Blam. In fact, it would make me so happy that I’d GLADLY tolerate Klaine. THAT’S how happy I’d be about them reuniting. 

If we’re being trolled (which I’m sure we are to some degree) so help me Ryan I will…I will…well, I’ll do nothing, but I’ll be angry!