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“Ohh my god” I sighed, as I read through Greg’s latest twitter rant. I had recently taken a liking to his ‘Onison’ and ‘Onision speaks’ channels after I discovered we shared some views on lgbt and youtube.

A couple of months after I started watching his channel, I found we had another mutual interest, my boyfriend Dan. Dan and I had been dating for over 3 years and his fans knew about it after we made an announcement, a month prior to Gregs rant.

Greg was never one to keep quiet about his feelings, there was always a daily video telling how he wanted change. He mostly talked about his celebrity crushes, Andy Biersack  daddy and Dan. Most of the phandom knew about Gregs admiration for Dan and often asked Dan about it in his live streams and social media.

It finally got to the point when Dan couldn’t stand it anymore.  He couldn’t ignore the questions and constant remarks about ‘Danision’. In one of his live streams Dan spoke out about Greg wanting attention, using him for fame and exploiting his fans.

This is what I was reading through. Greg, more commonly known as Onision, had taken to twitter once again to defend himself against the dark haired man and the phandom.

Dan was out with Phil so I decided to check what videos I had missed in the past week. I saw a new video from Greg titled 'publicity’. As soon as I read the title I knew it would focus on the recent events with Dan.

“Lets talk about publicity” the American man said, a slight anger in his voice “over the past month” he then proceeded to tell the story about Dan. Within 3 minutes the story was over, even though there was still over 5 minutes remaining.

Moments later I heard my name from the computer screen. My attention was drawn to a screenshot of Dan and I in the recent video we had filmed. The picture showed us kissing, while it was there Greg began talking about me.

“See this woman here, this is attention seeking. Dan Howell accused me of attention seeking after I mentioned him in some videos, yet here she is dating him” he then continued to talk about me having a small blog with just over 500 followers and how I was dating Dan to raise my profile.

I closed my laptop and took to twitter. I had not been on twitter since the video so of course I was expecting Greg to say something about me there too and I wasn’t wrong. The top of my feed showed a tweet from Greg that had been retweeted by Dan, Phil and some of my followers.
@(y/t/h), I don’t care if you don’t read this but… there was 4 screenshots of what he had written in him memos.

Before I had the pleasure of reading through it, the two 6ft men returned home.
“(Y/n)” Dan shouted as he walked through the door. “Where are you?” He asked from the kitchen.  I skipped down the stairs towards the kitchen, where I saw the two men, sympathetic smiles showing.
“Greg?” I guessed, judging by the way still had their phones in their pockets. Phil nodded while Dan stood from his seat and made his way towards me.
“I’m sorry he dragged you into this baby,” he whispered, tucking some of my hair behind my ear.  “I, I shouldn’t have kept on at you about telling the fans.” It broke my heart to see him that way.
“Listen Dan, he’s just being spiteful. Ignore him” I smiled.

“This girl here, she is the sweetest, kindest, most amazing girl I have ever met. I am so proud to call her my girlfriend. I care about her so much and she cares about me. She has helped me through countless existential crisis’, she has binged on anime and game of thrones with me. I understand that there are people out there who believe (y/n) is dating me for the publicity, but I can assure you she isn’t. If she was, she would’ve wanted everyone to know about us the minute we told our families. If she wanted publicity, (y/n) wouldn’t have been scared to make the announcement video” my heart skipped a beat as I heard him say those words.

I returned downstairs to where I left Phil cleaning the plates. “I think we may be in for a danisnotonfire video tomorrow” I mentioned as I began putting away the plates.

It had been 10 minutes since Dan uploaded the video to his channel and there was already a flood of comments. Most supporting Dan and I and showing positivity.
“See, they love you, now lets put this all to rest” Dan said, closing his laptop

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  • Andy: please kindly respect me and my family and stop harassing us I want to participate in social media again but I don't have the mental capacity to take in all of this negativity at once because of my anxiety PLEASE I am giving you one last chance
  • You fucking demons: mAYBE if you got rid of your SNAKE WIFE already and hadn't joined a CULT and let SLUTLIET RUN YOUR LIFE and stopped acting like WE'RE THE PROBLEM

American Satan was SO FUCKIN GOOD. I was right. It was clearly a modern take on “Faust”.

This girl in the row in front of me at the Universal citywalk amc was like “I. AM. SO. SHOOK.” at the end AND I CANNOT AGREE MORE. (If you are the chick who said this and happen to read this post: HI. I am shook too.)

HOLY HELL. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I about lost my mind when Andy opened his mouth and they had “Mr. Doctor Man” playing. I know Remi did the vocal work but I didn’t think that they were gonna use actual Palaye Royale songs. I thought it would just be the original stuff for the film.

Well done Andy.

Andy also had multiple sex scenes which I was definitely NOT complaining about. oOPS

do u ever love a celebrity so much and not like “damn fuck me hard” sorta love? like i mean loving them and being happy for them, seeing their selfies with loved ones and smiling cause damn therye having a good time??? and hearing about them taking care of themselves and finding things that please them in articles or interviews and its just like wow i love u so much im so glad youre having a good time i just want them 2 be happy and prosperous and live out their dreams ahhhhh

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Talking about fanfiction about him 😂😂