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If you are having a very difficult time overcoming sins (whatever it maybe), no matter how much you tried to refrain from it and you gave in each time despite trying your hardest to leave it for Allah but you failed every time. I will advise you with two things & you will find the most strongest and closest connection with Allah.

Firstly, when you commit the sin, seek Allah’s forgiveness as soon as possible. As soon as you realise you have sinned, seek His forgiveness there and then. Don’t give second thoughts about your intentions (stop thinking you will fall into it again) or doubt Allah’s mercy towards you. Just block out everything, breathe in and out until you are relaxed and spend 5 minutes speaking to Allah. Acknowledge your mistake, promise not to do it again, avoid that which brings you to the sin and ask for forgiveness.

After you have done this, don’t think about whether Allah has forgiven you or not. Allah wants to forgive you that’s why He guided you to seek His forgiveness in the first place.

Secondly & this point is very important if you cannot let go of the sin. If you keep falling into this sin, INCREASE YOUR GOOD DEEDS. You done one sin? Do 3 good deeds. You done it again? Increase another 3 good deeds. Don’t focus on the sin here, focus on doing good deeds, why? Because good deeds please Allah, it will bring you closer to Him & they erase bad deeds.

You feel low and filthy because you sinned? Increase your good deeds, let that guilt motivate you to rush you to good so Allah’s mercy and forgiveness reaches you. Allah’s forgiveness is far greater than your sins so let your book of good deeds be greater than your sins too.

Open the Quran & read, cook for your siblings, give them water. Smile at your parents, spend time with them. Help your friend with something, teach someone a Hadith. Give Salam to a stranger. Give charity to the needy.

So if you keep falling in sins, forget the sin. Focus on your good deeds. Sometimes it is in the depths of our sins we find Allah and know Him more than ever.

Shaytaan will do his best to stop you from doing good but do not listen to him, he’s your enemy. He does not want you to have hope in Allah. When you find him whispering to you, remind yourself that perhaps through my sins Allah will bring me close to Him. Perhaps because of my sins, I’m increasing on good deeds which I couldn’t have done otherwise.

Perhaps the effort of striving to please Allah, seek His forgiveness and increase in good deeds will make you a beloved friend of Allah. You are better than your sins, don’t you ever let them get you down. Your Lord is Forgiving, The Most Forgiving, The Pardoner, The Acceptor of repentance, The One who conceals faults. Our Lord is amazing, He loves you so much so love Him back. That’s His right over you, He never gives up on you so please never ever give up on Allah & His mercy.

Keep close to yourself the people who keep pulling you back to Allah and Islam, for indeed, the best companionship you can have is that of friends who remind you about Allah and the beauty of this deen (religion of Islam).
The Prophet ﷺ once said, “People follow the religion of their friends, so everyone should consider whom they befriend.” [Tirmithi]

If you’re sincere with pleasing Allah SWT, don’t tell everybody what you do for His sake.
Whether you prayed Fajr at the masjid, you’re memorising a verse of the Quran, you gave something in charity or you’ve helped an elderly person.
Keep it all quiet.
Be secret about it all. Do it for Allah, truly for Him and not for a praise from His creation.

Allah spoke about the concept of marriage in Surah Baqarah and informed us that both the husband and wife are a garment for each other. But why? Because garments cover our defects, protect our modesty, increase our beauty and our confidence, and raise our rank in the eyes of people such that they wish to imitate the perfection they see before them.
—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

Sometimes Allah takes away something you never expected losing, but He WILL replace it with something you never imagined you could have. Assume the best about Allah and trust His plan

I don’t care what car he drives, if he can even afford a car, I dont care what job he has and how much he makes, I don’t care who his family is, and where they came from…I just don’t. What am I supposed to do with that? I would walk miles barefoot with a man who’s religious, over sitting in a comfortable car with a man who’s not. I’d sleep on the floor with a man who’s God fearing over sleeping in a big comfy bed with a man who isn’t. I can sacrifice and compromise easily with someone who has a strong imaan. I can fall in love easily with someone who I know loves Allah more than they will ever love me.


for the lovely Barzah


Happiness is having a group of righteous friends. They tell you about Allah ﷻ. They advise you when you do wrong and they commend you when you do good. They give you hope when your world is falling apart. Righteous friends will drag you to Jannah with them - they will not let you fall. True happiness is having righteous friends.
—  diaryofaniqaabi // be aware of the company you keep for it will lead you to your destination in the hereafter