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i loved your thoughts about the monsters and female sexuality, and i was wondering if you had anything specifically about the phantom? or any thoughts on the phantom of the opera in general i would love to hear them

You know those pieces of media you can’t read/listen/watch without being transported to your first go-through, with all the exact emotions that come with it? And it doesn’t matter if these were profound Great Works of Art, they were just there at the exact right time to crawl under some bit of skin, to find the exact right string to pluck—and you will never, ever get rid of them. They are inside you, all you can do is accommodate them.

For me, that’s what Phantom of the Opera was. I stumbled over it at twelve-thirteen, already knowing that I was a fucking weirdo but not really sure how I was planning to deal with that, and it just—blew the fucking doors off the place. I cannot listen to a single song, watch a single frame of the 2004 movie, even glance at a picture of Sarah Brightman without the all-over cringing embarrassment of being that thirteen-year-old again and feeling things that were enormous and sweating-hot and nameless and much more than I was even sort of prepared for.

Which means that I am largely incapable of talking about it in a rational sort of fashion. I will say that Phantom takes…something an opposite tack towards the monster romance. Typically, a monster romance is Beauty recognizing the humanity of a Beast, and ennobling the Beast because of it; it’s a redemption-thorough-love narrative. In Phantom, Beauty (Christine) recognizes there is something also monstrous in her, but ultimately rejects that monstrosity. She’s really he one who undergoes through the transformation, not the Beast, though he ultimately does recognize her transformation.

I generally put this down to the addition of the Svengali narrative—while there’s always a power imbalance between Beauty and the Beast, it’s acute in Phantom. (The Beast just wants Belle to come to dinner and avoid the West Wing, Erik watches Christine through her fucking mirror and kills people.) The Phantom’s real monstrosity isn’t his face, it is the demand Christine sacrifice literally everything to him and capital-A-Art. The absolutist mania is monstrosity in itself. Monstrosity is just another way of transcending the ordinary, and isn’t that what artists are meant to do?

Christine’s desire to be an Artist is part and parcel of the monster romance of the Phantom; if she didn’t sort of want to be an artistic monster herself, there’s no draw. The 2004 movie is….awkwardly blunt about this, making the Phantom a transgressively sexual figure. (While I don’t think it’s incorrect, I also think it obscures some of the real motivation there. Desire for a basement dwelling weirdo can be two things, ALW.)

I realize my previous meta was about monster romance-qua-monster romance, monster romance as an expression of desire, but monster romances represent a hell of a lot of different things—each slightly different, but drawing on the long legacy of transgressive desire in all senses.

Also, the overture remains A True Banger.

Katie McGrath - “To be fair, usually, I’ve done a lot of shows where there is a very obvious undertone in between two female characters. And for once I was like… it’s not here and I was wrong apparently! But, we were talking about this the other day, about it, and, and the great thing about what we do is like any art is, anybody can read into it what they want to take from it. So you can see anything and take from it what you like, and that’s what’s great about this show, is that there are so many different ways to see everything. And if that’s what you see in it? You know, take it away! It’s art.”

When Katie looked uncomfortable AF by the other cast members mocking their own fans. She has so much class and standing up for the LGBT community. Literally this is something you can’t come back from.

  • I’ve woken up at 3 PM the last three days in a row so, you know, doing this health thing great
  • I’m a lot of different kinds of angry with a lot of people in my life but I’ve always been told I overreact to everything so I don’t know which of the things I’m mad about that I’m actually allowed to be mad about so I just never say anything, it’s great
  • I need a new psychiatrist but the idea of shelling out $300/hour at least once a month for someone who, like my last few psychs, might not help me at all is… difficult
  • I knew Bad Mental Health Times were coming because I was right on the verge of happiness for a few months but still, it would be nice if they just, like, didn’t
  • We stayed out until 2:30 AM at a bar that turned into a very sweaty dance club around midnight and I can tell I’m getting older because I spent about half the time wishing I could go home and shower
  • I’m just true crime documentaries and constant moderate nausea
Elsword Character Ages

Rena might actually be the youngest out of the three “mystery” age characters which are Eve, Rena and Lu. I’m think it might be Lu > Eve > Rena… Eve was alive before, during, or right after the Nasod War, which was BEFORE the advent of Ishmael and the coming of First Lady of El. This could be thousands and thousands of years ago. The fact that Rena doesn’t seem to know a lot about Elrios history (like that Ladies of El actually existed, or experienced the explosion of the Giant El) might be a hint that she might be few hundreds of years old? But she’s from a different world so we can’t be sure.

Lu seems to reference things that predates the first invasion of Elrios by the demons (like, right after the first landing of the Giant El and before first Elians showed up); for starters, she is fighting against the monsters who are leading that invasion, and doesn’t seem to have any interest in invading or dominating the land of Elrios. This leads me to think that maybe the faction of demons she comes from had no interest in invasion of Elrios but the ones that wanted to, betrayed her and lead that invasion.

… Does it all matter? Probably not.

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Would you maybe talk a little more about Tilde appreciation and Hartwin co-existing, or point out someone who could? I like Tilde and I want to see positive representations of her, but I still ship Hartwin and if my choices are between giving it up and female character bashing, I feel like I can't win. It would make me feel a lot better to hear what the middle of the road would actually look like.

Well here’s the thing we’ve all got to remember. 

Its just fiction.

None of this is actually real, and so being able to separate the different parts of your enjoyment in any fandom is a skill worth developing. 

You don’t have to give up Hartwin to enjoy Tilde, just enjoy Tilde. I mean, this boss ass bitch faced down Valentine, unflinching, when her own PM was ready to throw away the lives of millions for his own safety. If she’s portrayed to her full potential she could be an incredible addition to this fandom.

Likewise, you don’t have to start bashing female characters to keep on enjoying all that wonderful wonderful gay as fuck gay shit. Consume both in equal measure, unfollow the people who don’t post what you want, and seek out people who support the fandom vibe you’re going for. 

Fandom is a lot like reenactment in a lot of ways. We dick around, create amazing things, fawn over situations that are so removed from our own reality, be it 11th century living history or fuck-you-physics spy movies, but every so often you come across people who take it too far, or too seriously, and forget the most important thing: none of it is actually real, we’re here for fun, and none of this is R E A L. 

So just enjoy what you want to enjoy, create what you want to create, and don’t go looking for what you don’t. 

Once you realize that there are no rules in this crazy fictional experience then you can go fucking wild with content consumption and not worry about feeling the need to choose between one thing or another! 

Except in reenactment. There are rules in reenactment. For several very good, very health and safety oriented reasons.

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From what I see Capricorn ascendent people are different and they're usually hated for no reasons I wonder why??

A lot of them have Uranus and Neptune in the 1st house which means they present a lot of things people might reject about themselves

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Keith was in a lot of abusive foster homes. That's how he met Shiro, who lived next door. He figured out what was going on, and helped him escape and get into Garrison.

You come into my house… You give me foster care Keith feels…

Seriously though, these are the angsty Sheith headcanons I live for. It just adds up. Keith grows up feeling like no one cares about him because he never knew his birth mother, doesn’t know where his father is, and has to deal with an abusive (or maybe just neglectful and uncaring) foster family. If Shiro were to get him out of that situation, THAT would make Keith’s attachment to him make sense (“If it wasn’t for you, my life would have been a lot different”, “Shiro’s the only one who never gave up on me”). It’s just hngkgsktsktgjjf, I have a lot of feelings about Keith in foster care. And about the whole SHIRO CHANGED KEITH’S LIFE thing.

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MY dad says those things ARE real, bc I have heard a lot of scary stories about them. They are mostly referred to as ghosts/evil spirits rather than mythical creatures tho. So I once asked him, "why does only the jungles in our country have these things? You don't see people in say, America, experiencing these kinds of things in their forests." He told me they have their own versions of these things over there. xD Explains the gnomes and pixies then xD

Imagine though, faeformers living in the U.S. that basically go unnoticed because hardly anyone here believes in faeries.  Their cousins in different parts of the world get offerings and stories told about them, but trying to find a decent faerie glen or troll hole in America is practically impossible, let alone finding a human that will actually leave out offerings.  

They have to adapt accordingly.  Humans refuse to believe in magic?  Fine.  They’ll bring the magic to them.  American faeformers are champs at blending in with mortals, using their powers to climb up the ladder of society.  Dragons becoming successful business tycoons and investing everything in gold.  Faeries using their charm and good looks to become famous A-list actors (occasionally faking a tragic disappearance once a century and starting again with a new name.)  Kelpies who stalk their prey through Central Park on gloomy days, disguised as mounted policemen.  Modern day American faeformers.  :3 

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I don't understand how people can say his image isn't that he's into women. No matter what anyone says Tess was brought in during promo, they mentioned Kendall on purpose, they sang Taylor on carpool karaoke and was only deleted because of he intense talk back. Carolina? They were going all out again only changed because of the response. Ben was included in rolling stone!!!! Like ?

Well, I think his image has been a lot of different things, TBH. There’s been an awful lot of the androgynous rock star push as well. And Dan Wootton (of all people) quoted him as saying he doesn’t label his sexuality. Harry’s gone out of his way to say the album is about him, not about any woman in his life. He didn’t even acknowledge Tess. Kendall was barely brought up. He flat out denied Two Ghosts was about Taylor. I mean…I think the Townes thing might have been the worst of it but it all literally amounted to squat. 

They can bring up 10,000 women that he supposedly slept with or wrote songs about, but when Harry is asked about women directly he is the king of swerve. I think that people who want to believe he’s straight will believe he’s straight no matter how many rainbows and pussy bows he may wear or how many times he uses gender neutral pronouns. But there are enough people out there who see how suspicious it all is and who are willing to look just a little bit deeper. 

The second you start looking….it’s pretty damn obvious the he’s gay, Petra. So, at the end of the day, the so called het push is only as successful with the people who already think he’s straight and want him to stay that way. I’m not getting my knickers in a twist over it. 

ive been thinking a lot lately about like, how a lot of sci fi trends have lately shifted from the stars back down to earth. maybe it’s just from my experience, but the kind of sci fi that’s been getting a lot of attention in the 2000s onwards has been very inward focused. like a lot of people don’t even call it sci fi because it isn’t really our general culture understanding of sci fi anymore - im talking stuff like divergent or the hunger games, it’s all super different from, say, 2001: a space odyssey.

a lot less about the fantastical with space travel & those sorts of things and a lot more about focusing inwards, the problems of today taken to their logical conclusions & then dismantled. some executed far better than others, of course.

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How do you write so much? How long have you been writing?

Easy answer: I’ve always been writing. But I’ve been seriously working on my writing outside of academia for ten years. 

I started with that answer, Anon-san, because that’s essentially how I write so much. I’ve been honing my craft for a decade. And sure, I’m not going to lie and say that I wrote every single day of those ten years, but I have written a lot. And a lot of different things, including and not limited to:

  • Resume writing
  • Business writing
  • Poetry
  • Critiques
  • Press material
  • Newspaper articles and interviews
  • Travel Writing
  • Blogging
  • Wedding toasts (yes, is true, and I think I just asked for a Dr. Pepper as payment…I was really thirsty that day)
  • Fanfiction (GASP)
  • Short stories
  • Long stories
  • Informational articles (on weird stuff like…earthworms. And ants. AND STAR WARS.)

By essentially trying a little bit of everything fairly consistently, I got to the point that I could write a pretty large amount in little time. 

So, my go-to advice is always as such: write. Write everything. Write garbage. Write great stuff. Don’t keep yourself from writing out of fear. Write. Write. Right now, write. Write stuff you don’t like. Write stuff you’ll never show anyone. Write stuff and put it online. And then when you’re done? Write some more.

Right. Write.

It’s been a long and eventful ride, but as I’ve always said, once my store got closer to being able to open, I’d be checking out of this blog for good. It’s bittersweet, but that day is today! I’ll admit, I’m just as surprised as I’m sure you all are.

This blog has been… a rollercoaster, for sure, and I’m sure we all have the parts we like and dislike about it. I’m glad it can be such a large resource, with such a large following, but god knows I wish I could have done a lot of things differently with it. 

The next time you all see me on here, I guess it’ll be as a listed store! Thanks for sticking with me and this blog, and I hope the second mod can do things better than I did, for everyone’s sake. So, yeah! Bye!

- Canon

heyy so posting some late night blabbering because i’ve had some thoughts on my mind for quite awhile, i don’t normally bring up drama either but i’ve been thinking anyway and wanted to share. it’s super long but read if you wanna ✌️

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I agree with your anon that beard situations are generally short lived and easily to spot. But I also think there has never been a precedence where the other party is someone like Harry Styles and the band is something like One Direction. I think things would have played out a lot different, if fans would have believed he is in love with Liam or Niall for example. As sad as it is - it has never been about Louis - it's always been about his connection to Harry. It is pretty obvious.

What… you think Harry Styles is just…….. soooo big…… there’s potential there for his beard partner to be forced into anything Louis’s been forced into?

Is that the premise here, that Harry Styles is so incredible they’d have to go to new undiscovered bearding and fake baby territory to cover up his sexuality, when Harry doesn’t seem to give a fuck himself?

What am I reading?

I mean this with all the love in the world, but some of you are truly utterly delusional about how important these white boys are in the world. 

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you're so amazingly multitalented. you're so knowledgable about politics, race, sexuality, social justice etc & you don't even major in it! how did you get started/what resources would you recommend for a beginner looking to educate herself?

it’s actually pretty easy to start from tumblr ime if you use it to get recommendations for outside things to read, & from there you can see what those readings cite & what they’re cited by, do more research on the things they mention, etc.–basically follow a trail according to what you’re interested in. it’s also worthwhile to discuss what you’ve read in order to formulate & share ideas about it. talking to lots of different people keeps your point of view from getting stagnant.

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Hi~ Um, it's the Stennie-anon again. Thank you so much for the pronoun validation post - it really helped me a lot with figuring things out. :) So now, I pose another question. With your help, I figured out that my gender fluxes between demigirl and agender, I never feel wholly a girl, and some days I feel more or less than I did the day before. So, can I go by the gender of demigirlflux? Or is there a different term for that? Thank you so much, and have an amazing day!!! :D

hey there!

so glad our pronoun validation helped u out!! yep, demigirlflux is a thing that u can be n that sounds about right!!

hope u also have a lovely day!!

 - mod daria


Doomfist is Nigerian and before you guys go crazy I just want to say a few things.
- There’s A LOT of tribes in Nigeria so just doing a small google search about Nigerian traditions, etc. will not be very fruitful. According to my wonderful mom, Akande is Yoruba (a tribe in west nigeria).
- For all you writers out there the language has the same name. Yoruba. Nigerian tribes as have completely different languages. (For example, I can understand Edo which is another tribe. If you try to talk to me in Yoruba I will have no idea what you are saying.) 
- Let’s try not to slap a bunch of western stereotypes on him? Nigerians (and Africans in general) don’t talk like savages. His grammar should be completely correct, especially since he comes from a wealthy family. Don’t try and bring random animals into his life. (Ex. He fought a lion with his bare hands or something stupid.)
- Africa is not on another planet. Please don’t act like he’s alien to technology, or western things. He obviously knows what a smart phone and social media is.
- LAST THING: He’s being characterised as smart and charismatic! Don’t make him into a brainless, hothead who like punching things.

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is it possible that plants have consciousness?

this is actually a small sub branch of botany thats been growing and gaining some recognition in the past 5 years or so called plant cognition! we’ve been thinking about if plants can possibly be intelligent to any degree for centuries, but the main paper that started up this huge discussion in the modern era was one called Experience Teaches Plants to Learn Faster and Forget Slower in Environments Where It Matters by Monica Gagliano, a plant researcher in Australia who specializes in it. because the results indicated that plants were possible of learning and retaining information in a kind of memory in response to environmental changes, it received a lot of backlash and denial- generally in science, that kind of intelligent reaction to an organism’s environment is a good indicator of cognitive behavior in the organism. it got rejected by 10 different journals before being published in 2014. 

the experiment worked like this. i’ve talked before about mimosa pudica, a tropical plant that curls its leaves back when touched (they go back to normal in a few minutes):

this is to help deter predators among other things. but in this experiment, Gagliano used it as an indicator of stimulus and to test cognitive function. It’s well known that pudica has a rudimentary nervous system that can even be temporarily inhibited using anesthetics (just like ours can!). she hooked up a ton of these plants in pots to identical rail systems that allowed them to be lightly dropped in an identical way, juuuuust heavy enough to trigger the stimulus so all the leaves drop down when they hit the bottom (a piece of foam so they wouldn’t actually hurt the plants). every time the plants would be dropped, they would close up. 

but after the plants were dropped about 60 times each, they stopped responding to the drop. 

they remembered that no harm was coming from this action and decided that it was against their best interests to keep expending energy closing their leaves. they 200% learned to stop. 

she decided to test it further. she put some of the plants in a shaker and let them receive a more jarring response; the plants closed up as usual. then, she put them back in the droppers and dropped them again. they didn’t close up. they had remembered that response. this dispels the obvious rebuttal to this experiment of the plants just being tired; they still closed up when stimulated differently.

they just chose not to close up when they hit a stimulus they remembered. 

it turns out that not only could they remember to keep their leaves open when dropped on the apparatus, but they remembered after 28 days when she kept testing it!! apparently by the end of the experiment, all the plants had decided to keep their leaves open when dropped!!!!

how do they do this?? we literally dont know. they have no central brain, only a basic nervous system. can other plants do this??? 

well, adding onto that, venus fly traps can count! like. they have three hairs inside their traps, and all three must be touched within 20 seconds for the trap to close. once closed, those three trigger hairs must continue to be stimulated by thrashing prey, or the trap will reopen. 

so yeah like. basically ‘are they sentient’: apparently to an extent???? we dont know exactly why or how but they are??? maybe???? sort of????? at least some of them are?? but they dont have a brain so everyones like????????????????????? maybe its through a signaling network????????????????? but like how would that even work?????????

plant consciousness is still new enough to be dismissed as crazy by a lot of biologists but like. the evidence is there. we don’t know a whole lot and its clearly a radically different kind of intelligence than we know in animals, but it’s there and we 200% dont know how it works yet or even the full extent of how plants use this intelligence (for example: does a redwood have the same intelligence as a venus fly trap?? how does it learn things and use that knowledge???) 

national geographic wrote an awesome article visualizing the experiment here if you want to read more!

evidence that peter parker is Trans:

  • “penis parker” is just………. if hes trans + being bullied u can guarantee its about that and i mean..
  • the conversation with aunt may in the car where shes like “i know its hard for u right now with ur body going through all these changes” and like ! the way she says it as well?? like this is not a parental figure talking about cis puberty… she seems genuinely upset for him and like ?? what if they cant afford hormones/blockers just yet and he has to wait longer etc ?? what if hes had to go off hormones/blockers bc they cant afford it this month??? and then his response isnt just like embarrassed “stop it aunt may im a teen!!” he seems genuinely distraught that she brought it up, bc he wasnt expecting it and now thats something ELSE on his mind and like . woah man
  • the whole conversation with aaron like .. a) aaron misgenders peter bc he thought his voice was ‘’’’’a girls voice’’’’’’ and i mean.. peters not 11 hes 15.. im p sure aaron wouldnt have misgendered him if peters voice sounded “’’’’cis’’’’’’’; and b) peters response is like IMMEDIATELY very upset + on the defensive and like tbh embarrassed? but in a different way to how a cis man is embarrassed by being misgendered… hes not insulted hes just… upset. Sad .
  • also he directly argues back by citing his name like ‘im spider-MAN spider-MAN MAN MAN get it’ like WOW i cant believe this is a #canon version of that post about how superheroes with gendered names are trans wow
  • it also like explains peter being bullied at school altogether ? like hes also like a weird fanboy + doesnt like parties + hes a weird introvert + he has a non-nuclear family so hes probably bullied about a lot of things but if he was out as trans that would kick it into second gear which explains like a whole bunch of randoms who have an inexplicable problem with him and like the snickering behind his back + shit
  • also peter idolising his male role models ?? like 100% a lot of peters feelings towards tony are uncle ben related but like !! he also idolises steve in civil war ? and i think peters like constant projection onto men he admires is like. a very trans Thing
  • his constant ?? presenting ????? + posing /????????? like hes almost always trying to position himself into some sort of impressive, macho, masculine pose like wow. we get it. ur Trans
  • for a movie thats about learning to put urself and what u want + think is important first and not worry so much about what other people think/want from u like……
  • anyway peters trans thank u for ur time