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anonymous asked:

I love how you have so many imaginary boyfriends. Me too. A+ blog.

Hi, Anon! Thanks so much for your message! I never get anything in my inbox, so this is kind of exciting, actually.

I’m happy to hear you can relate, and that you enjoy this mess of thirst that I call my blog. Having multiple (many, many) imaginary boyfriends is one of the joys of my life, but I sometimes feel a bit…weird? Due to the extreme volume of celebrity crushes I manage to have. I’m pretty sure it’s about 400% more than most people have, ahaha. I’m always impressed by those people/blogs who can stick to just one person to love. I simply can’t make up my mind, and even when I’m crushing hard on one actor, I’ll get distracted as I notice someone else cross my dash or appear on my screen and go, “Ooh, but he’s pretty…”

I’ve always been like this, switching the subject of my fantasizing like I change my shirt, so I guess I’m just fickle. But I do like to spread the love around. Let’s be real, there are SO many gorgeous men out there to drool over…how can anyone choose just one? And the beauty is, we don’t have to. So this blog is a celebration of that, I suppose.

Come back anytime to tell me about whoever you’re loving at the moment! x

About 400,000 people including astronauts, pilots, scientists, engineers, technicians and labourers were involved in the Apollo space program for more than 10 years and hundreds of thousands of photographs and evidence has been gathered from the late 60s, and some people have the audacity to be arrogant and stupid enough to blindly and ludicrously state that the moon landings never happened.

Yeah. Because obviously when you can make claims that 400,000 people with valid science and engineering backgrounds vehemently refute with evidence, you must still be right. Because your incompetency and trust issues mean that science itself must be wrong. Because it’s sooooo easy to create a conspiracy to cover up something so poignant involving a shitload of people (who by the way have never once “outed” the scandal unlike Watergate). Why don’t you pick up some science books and educate yourself on difficult astrophysical concepts you don’t understand before you decide to spew bullshit on topics you clearly have no knowledge about?


Today’s video is about one of my favorite things: WesRave. It’s a dance party I started at my college with some friend back in 2012. One of them “silent raves,” where everyone listens to the same MP3 through their headphones simultaneously.

I’m proud to say that after 4 years it’s still a thing and I am moved to tears by the incredible students that make it every year and keep passing it down to the next generation. I cannot believe how big it’s grown - last year had to be double the first, which was already about 400 people.

Editing this video has taken nearly one year to the day. The hardest part was leaving out all the insane footage that didn’t fit into two minutes and twenty seconds.

Wedding Kisses (Taehyung Fluff)

Rated D for don’t you just love happy endings, folks?

Requested by @neazzz

It wasn’t like Taehyung was a bad person. Of course not. Wanting to burn down a hall of about 400 people in it to the very ground at your brother’s wedding wasn’t an irrational thought when you kept in my mind Taehyung’s situation.

Which of course meant long, meaningless conversations with adults, polite nodding to his nonexistent academic achievements, and the restrained ‘No’ to everyone who asked about Taehyung having a girlfriend.

“So who’s the lucky girl?”

“No one,” Taehyung said politely for the millionth time.

“There’s gotta be someone.”


“Handsome 19 year old like you. Where are you hiding her?”

Taehyung sighed, his forced smile wearing thin. It wasn’t enough that he was the only single person at this wedding, now he needed to be reminded at a 4 second interval.

He stared hopelessly at the altar, no means of escape, awkward in his sweaty bow and tie, his 'best man’ glory long receding after watching the guests posing for pictures for the twenty fourth time. All he had wanted was to spend summer vacation sleeping his life away, and here he was, eating cake on his own, watching a hundred cousins flitting about, relatives talking animatedly to his beyond ecstatic brother, people he didn’t know planning the reception.

It was in the chorus of 'All By Myself’ that he was interrupted.

“You seem despondent.”

Taehyung whipped around, expecting another nameless Aunt to ask him awkward questions about his life. He was horribly wrong.

“Bride’s side. Stuck here for the next week. What about you?” she said, plopping down in the seat next to him, helping herself to some of his cake.

Taehyung blinked, his mouth going dry. She’s cute, oh god, she’s so cute. Say something smart, Tae.

“Groom’s side. Best man,” Taehyung said, mustering the deepest voice he had, mentally kicking himself. Of all the ways to impress a girl, the position his mother had forced on him on handing over a ring to his brother like a penguin was not one of them.

She didn’t question it though, nodding sympathetically. Taehyung felt his face go red before he could help it.

“Awful, isn’t it? I’ve been in this god awful dress for about 4 hours, and all I get is forced compliments, nothing but my fourth slice of cake to occupy my time, and everyone and their mother asking if I have a bloody boyfriend.”

“Don’t I know it,” Taehyung snorted.

She looked at him, her eyes wide. Taehyung blushed, looking away. He was the kind of shy that was regrettable to him by this point of his teenage life.

“Seriously? You don’t look like the kind to not have a girlfriend to me,” she said and Taehyung raised an eyebrow.

“And why’s that?”

“Well for starters, you’ve got that arrogant player boy aura literally thrown off of you. And second of all, you’re the handsomest guy I’ve seen all month, including that hunk of a groom at the altar, which is saying something,” she said without pause.

If Taehyung had been blushing before, he was completely red now.

“That was a little-”

“Straightforward? Sorry, I’ve always been that way. I didn’t mean to offend you,” she said, hurt reflecting in her eyes and Taehyung shook his head.

“I was going for unorthodox, really,” he said, grinning. She smiled.

“That’s not too bad. People say worse.”

“I’d like to hear it.” She laughed, hand on his knee. Taehyung liked the feeling.

“I bet you would.”


It wasn’t like Taehyung was a bad person. Of course not. Sneaking out of the hotel rooms to see the cute girl he had met just yesterday and talked to all evening wasn’t the worst a person could do. Not when you considered the fact that she had been running through his mind all day with the intensity of a marathon sprinter.

Which of course meant getting lost in daydreams, zoning out at the ceremony, staring at her from every corner of the room, wanting to die when he thought about how he’d be leaving tomorrow, and having palms too sweaty to ask her to dance with him even once.

He found her waiting, sporting pajamas, hair in a messy bun, but somehow she looked even more gorgeous than when Taehyung had seen her a few hours ago. She stood looking out to the hotel pool, her neck craned gracefully to the stars, lost in thought.

Taehyung lost his breath before he even had the chance to talk to her.

“Hey,” he said at last, and she turned around, surprised before she smiled. Beautiful.

“Last day here, huh?” she said, and Taehyung said nothing. After the hours of endless talking they had done last evening, he was at a loss for anything to say. She went back to looking at the sky, and Taehyung went back to looking at her.

“I couldn’t wait to leave, but now I think it’s your fault I don’t want to at all,” she said calmly, and Taehyung reddened, smiling at her flashes of frankness that had him crumbling. And in that moment, he stepped forward, taking her by the waist. It didn’t need any thinking or second guesses. He was leaving; they had nothing to lose. It was the most liberating feeling he had ever felt.

He grabbed her face in both his hands and kissed her till he was sure the stars in his eyes burnt brighter than those burnt into the night sky. Her and her jasmine scent, and her lips, those lips, was all that existed, all that needed to exist for that eternity. He finally pulled back to see her smirking as they stood forehead to forehead.

“That was a little-”

“Straightforward?” Taehyung completed for her.

“I was going for unorthodox, really,” she said, grinning. He smiled.

“That’s not too bad. People say worse.”

“I’d like to hear it.”

They laughed silently to the night sky or promises and goodbyes. Taehyung wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“I bet you would.”


“I have been taking pictures and giving them to people for free for about 30 years. I have given pictures to about 400,000 people now. Beautiful moments are not just a memory. They become an important guide by which people live their lives. Without that, people just stumble around. Therefore, I am not simply taking pictures and handing them out, I really try to give people a beautiful memory. I’m a photographer who encounters other’s happiness and captures that happiness for them. This camera, printer, and the photo paper I carry in this bag are my only possessions. I do work managing the air conditioning system for a building and am living in a space the size of about one pyeong (36 square feet). Since there are no windows and no air conditioning, it’s too hot to sleep there. People may think that I have a house and a savings account, so I can easily do this kind of work, but it’s not true. Because I have nothing, I can share with others.”

“사람들에게 무료로 사진을 찍어 준 지 약 30년 정도 됐어요. 지금까지 약 40만 명을 찍어줬죠. 아름다운 추억은 단순한 기억이 아니라 사람이 살아가는 길에 있어서 커다란 방향 키 역할을 해요. 그런 것이 없다면 사람들은 비틀거리죠. 그래서 단순히 사진을 찍어주는 것이 아니라 사람들에게 정말로 아름다운 추억을 만들어 드리려고 해요. 저는 많은 사람들의 행복을 만나고 사진에 담아주기 위해 행복을 찍는 사진사예요. 이 카메라, 프린터, 카메라 가방에 들어 있는 인화지가 제 전 재산이에요. 건물 냉난방 관리 일을 하면서 한 평 짜리 조그마한 고시원에서 살고 있어요. 창문이랑 에어컨이 없어서 더워서 잘 수가 없어요. 집도 있고 저축도 해 놓아서 여유롭게 저런 일을 할 수 있나 보다 생각할 수 있지만 그렇지 않아요. 가진 것이 없기 때문에 나눠줄 수 있어요. ”

US police kill more than two people a day according to the report

Data collected by the Washington Post newspaper suggests that the number of people shot by US police is twice as high as official figures claim.
The paper said that during the first five months of this year, 385 people - more than two a day - were killed.

The number of the black people killed by police is much higher than people of the other races, especially unarmed ones.  Official statistics rely on self-reported figures from law enforcement agencies.

They suggest about 400 people have been killed each year since 2008. 

As we know, police officers are allowed to use their guns in case they are feared for their lives, but that gives them an opportunity to shoot practically everyone if there is noone around filming what is happening. They also have a possibility to act like they “thought a victim has a gun”. Nobody can proof the officer lies about it, because it`s just a thought.

To stop police lawlessness we need to make them be punished for all unjustified deaths of innocent people.




One month ago today, I was lucky enough to go to the 1989 tour for the second time, and meet my amazing friend Taylor.

Taylor’s concerts have always felt like home. But this time the concert was in my own country, there were about 400 people there that I knew from the internet/real life and it felt like I was welcoming my friend Tay to a place that I knew so Well but she had never visited. This time it was me welcoming her, not her welcoming me.

So taylorswift, thank you for loving my country, my friends, and for making me feel so special and loved. I could never put in words how much this day means to me. I miss you a lot, and I hope you come back to The Netherlands soon.


b a l i b o + oscar isaac as jose ramos-horta → In 1975, the small nation of East Timor declared independence after 400 years of Portuguese colonial rule. Nine days later, Indonesia invaded.

“Justice? You’re pathetic. You walk through an entire village of people, an entire village littered with corpses, and all you care about is these five white journalists. They died, huh?”
“You think I don’t care about those people?”
“No, I don’t. I don’t think you do.
“I care about those people. But the people that I am writing for? They don’t give a fuck about 400,000 dead brown people, mate. That’ll hit the back page of the fucking newspapers. But if I find out what happened to those five white Australian journalists, it’s gonna be on the front page.”

Bernie Sanders: Trump comments on Mexicans an 'outrage' - CNNPolitics.com
Bernie Sanders blasted Donald Trump for comments the businessman turned Republican presidential candidate made about Mexicans that have enraged Latinos.
By Tanzina Vega and Dan Merica, CNN

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, two of Clinton’s Democratic opponents, also used their speeches to the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza to knock Trump.

“Not Donald Trump, not anyone else will be successful in dividing us based on race or our country of origin,” Sanders told an enthusiastic crowd of about 400 people gathered here Monday for the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza. “Racism has plagued the United States since its inception,” Sanders said while recalling his own family history including losing family members during the Holocaust.

After the speech, Sanders told reporters that Trump’s comments were an “outrage.”

“For a major candidate for president of the United States to be throwing slurs at one group of people because of the country of origin that they came from is totally unacceptable, period.”

Sanders was asked twice whether Trump was a racist but both times he declined to answer. “I don’t want to psychoanalyze Donald Trump,” he said.

This was the second major speech Sanders has given to a national Latino group since announcing his candidacy. Last month, Sanders addressed the National Association of Latino Elected Officials in Las Vegas where many in the audience were expecting him to deliver a stronger stance on immigration reform than he had in the past.

Finally, the Duggars have something to smile about.

Amy Duggar, niece of 19 Kids and Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, said ‘I do’ on Sunday evening, marrying her fiancé of less than two months, Dillon King.

“This is such a positive moment in our lives,” Amy tells PEOPLE of the happy occasion. Despite her family being embroiled in a second scandal – following his molestation revelations in May, her cousin Josh admitted to infidelity and pornography addiction and is currently seeking treatment at a faith-based rehab center – Amy was fêted by most of the Duggar clan, who turned out for her big day.

The country-chic wedding took place on the grounds of Horton Farms near Bentonville, Arkansas. “We’re thinking there will be about 400 people,” Amy told PEOPLE ahead of the day – a small gathering by Duggar standards. Says Amy, “These are only our closest friends and family and their families.”

The hundreds of guests included Jim Bob and Michelle, her cousin Jessa and even Josh’s embattled wife Anna. “She’s been through so much,” says Amy, who enlisted Anna and Josh’s 5-year-old daughter Mackynzie as one of her flower girls, along with her young Duggar cousins Johanna, Jordyn, Jennifer and Josie. Her cousin Jill also made a stop at the wedding with her family, taking a break from the family’s mission work in El Salvador.

The color theme was rose gold and candlelight and the bride wore a sweetheart neckline gown designed by Essense of Australia.

Though she was happy to tie the knot surrounded by her loved ones, she’s also looking forward to moving on with her life. “I can’t wait to change my name”, she told PEOPLE earlier in the week. “It’s going to be a great day when Dillon signs that marriage license and my last name changes.”

Still she says, “My family is so important to me.”

Dear blurt25

Dear blurt25, Thank you for once again posting your passive aggressive bullshit in the Chris Colfer tag. 

A few little points for you to work on if you are going to carry on posting and tagging your hate..

You frequently try to claim that no one attended Chris’ TLOS3 signings, yet there are quite a number of posts from people who did attend the signings, all saying that there were over 500/600/700/800/etc people at their particular signing and some signings had over 1000 people at them. There was one signing where someone claimed that there were only about 350/400 people, but others who were at the same signing said it was more like 500+ people.

Most book signings for well-known celebrities/A-list celebrities average around 300, and most of those celebrities are literally promoting the hell out of their once in a lifetime book signing tour, so you would think that those extremely well-known stars would be getting at least as many fans turning up at their signings as Chris, especially as you claim that ‘no one even knows who Chris is”, so I think that Chris, with his signings getting on average over 500+, and some of 1000+, is quite obviously doing pretty darn fine.

You also mentioned Noel, and say that no one tweeted about it, yet loads tweeted about Darren and Hedwig. 

A few little things for you to consider blurt25.

Darren, as Hedwig, is about to have his first performance at the end of this month, so the promotion of Darren and Hedwig is beginning and should be in full-swing over the few weeks, so naturally requests have been sent out to the Broadway community to please show support and help promote. That is how it works on Broadway. They all know the importance of ‘spreading the word’ within the Theatre Community and Beyond to try and get bums in seats. And they know that the next project needing promoting may be theirs, so they all pitch in to scratch each other’s backs. Their community is relatively small, so they all need to do constant promotion for themselves and each other.

‘Noel’ is a film, and at this point the ONLY thing that is about to start is the actual Filming of that film. It is not going to be released until the very earliest, 2016, if we’re lucky. No one promotes a film when it has not even started filming. It gets mentioned, they throw out hints and teasers of what is to come and to let people know that it is in the works, but the actual promotion of any film does not come until it is ready to move towards release and they begin to release the film trailers.

When Joe tweeted about ‘Noel’ with the picture of Chris in the costume, he got 2.4 thousand Retweets and over 4,000 favorites and he didn’t even Tag Chris in the tweet. He then had to quickly qualify that they had not even started to film yet and that the picture was not even Chris in full ‘Noel’ costume/make-up/hair/etc, so that the fans did not start to get too excited. Chris did not tweet the picture until much later when all the initial excitement had already been contained by Joe and the picture was already out there. Joe is aware that there will not be much to see when they are simply filming and I think the last thing they will need is hoards of fans standing around on the location sites causing the production team ‘issues’ (I.E Crowd safety, noise issues, etc) that will cost a lot to control. Both Joe and Chris are merely giving little gifts to the fandom. Neither of them will be full-on promoting Noel for at least another year. They have to concentrate on getting get the film finished first. 

When it comes to promoting anything, there has to be a build-up. Darren and Hedwig is literally imminent, and the Darren fandom were literally being worked up into a massive frenzy of anticipation and desire, by the Hedwig promoters playing into the fact that Darren stans have a reputation of getting worked up into passionate frenzy, with their promise but at the same time their with-holding of the ‘Darren as Hedwig’ pictures. Darren then released ONE picture and of course his fandom went wild and retweeted it like mad and they were joined by the Broadway community who, as I mentioned above, know the importance of Retweeting any show promotion, no matter what it is and what show it is for, and they were then supported by some Broadway Producers/actors/directors/etc, tweeting their support for Hedwig and Darren. 

Noel and also TLOS4 are not even close to release yet. Promotion of Books is a great deal different to the promotion of films, and Chris and his Publishers seem to be following the usual pattern of gentle promotion for his next book. and the level of interest is around the same as it always has been with each of his books. It has not lessened in any way, Chris is getting around the same numbers of retweets and reblogs for his book cover, (which is pretty amazing, being as many of the Darren/Klaine/crisscolfer stans have done everything they can to try to push out the Colfer fans, discredit and destroy the Chris Colfer News network* (X) making it harder to ‘get the word out’ about Chris’ projects, drive many of the Colfer fans off tumblr and twitter with their constant bullying and harassment of the fandom, and most especially with their constant bullying and harassment of Chris himself which they send direct to him in droves, which has meant that Chris has had to withdraw from social media and has not been promoting himself as much as he needs to, especially when compared to Darren who, because the hate for him is, on the whole, contained on tumblr and kept within the LOL tags, and is not sent directly to him at anywhere even close to the levels that the hate and harassment which is sent directly to Chris, so Darren is freely able to promote himself as much as he needs or wants..

So for Chris’ TLOS4 it is safe to say that it is doing perfectly fine, and it has even got onto the Bestseller lists of Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, Amazon and other book selling sites already, with the number of people pre-ordering the book, which again bodes extremely well for book sales when the book if finally released.

So again, thank you Blurt25 for your  Faux-concern and Faux-worry over Chris and his book and the Noel film, but there really is no need, as Chris is doing perfectly fine in both.

And blurt25, as I said in the beginning, thank you for, once again, posting your passive aggressive Bullshit in Chris’ tag, and I will now add, please go take your hate and shove it up your ASS where it belongs.Thank you.