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this was a challenge because I don’t have many selfies from this year since I lost nearly everything when I got a new phone, and also because it forced me to have to look at my face which was…not fun lmao

thanks for the tag, love !!

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Happy BFSN from my rock and me. Himalayan salt ionizing my air like an ancient benevolent pharaoh. I love that. And my dog being cute. Love that too. I’m trying to be realistic about when the s6 trailer is gonna drop but I want it and I want to know what is the weird stairwell that looks like a rehashing of the balcony Clarke was on in early season 3. I just had my last final and I really would love a B but even passing would be adequate for me so if you have spare good wishes I’d gratefully take some. Hope your weeks are good!

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this or that meme

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Here it is, folks! The LONG GONE GULCH Official Trailer!

This ain’t your typical Western…

Long Gone Gulch is a comedic fantasy about two young sheriffs who must serve and protect a secluded mythical world, home to many legendary creatures of folklore.  Follow weirdo cowgirl, Rawhide (the only human born in the Gulch) and sarcastic greaser, Snag (the only human outsider) as they become the law of the land.  Their unlikely friendship causes them to learn from each other as they deal with a variety of problems within a town of folks who aren’t exactly on their side.  Among them are Mayor Rhubarb, the strict yet neurotic jackalope, BW, the mysterious bounty hunter who is not what she seems and Mako, the dastardly shark mutant and his gang of bandits. 

Rawhide- E.G. Daily
Snag- Danny Cooksey
BW- Amber Midthunder
Mayor Rhubarb- Myke Chilian
Mako- Eric Bauza
Squatch- Piotr Michael
Marigold- Erin Fitzgerald
Pinchley- ?

Full pilot will be out in 2019.