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Welcome to Huxloween, a Kylux Halloween event!

October is just over a month away now, but we wanted to get this prompt list out so that everyone has more than enough time to create (especially for the first weeks prompts) at a comfortable pace. So, we are finally happy to present you all with the official Huxloween prompt list!

Each day has a unique prompt for you to play with. Feel free to create whatever type of content you like (fic, art, playlist, cosplay, gif set, edit, etc). You can submit as much (or as little) as you like for each prompt. You can skip prompts that do not inspire you, and do what does.

Saturdays are what we are calling Split Prompt Saturday. Here, we give you two options of prompts - spooky, or scary. Spooky is the lighter prompt, while scary is the more horror themed prompt. Feel free to create for whichever prompt strikes your fancy.

Mondays are genre horror days, since Halloween itself falls on a Monday this year. Each of these specific days is an overarching large horror theme that is open to the creators interpretation. (Meta horror is self aware horror, (i.e: Cabin in the Woods, Scream.)  Gothic horror takes us back to classics full of romanticism and fear of the unknown (i.e: Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.) Survival Horror references the genre of video games focused on surviving (i.e: Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead.) Body horror is any horror involving the body. (This can vary from a lighter take such as having a tail, or exposed or twisted parts.)

If you have questions about any of the other prompts, our ask box is always open!

On the day of each prompt, either submit directly to us here, or post it on your own tumblr. If you post it on your own tumblr, be sure to tag it with the tag (#huxloween) and mention us (@huxloween) so that we can see it, and we will reblog it here.

Finally, we are working on developing a tagging system. We have the basics already, but now that the prompt list is out, if you see something on the list that makes you uncomfortable, please send us an ask (as anon or not, we will reply privately) as to what we should tag that as. Once the tagging system is completed closer to October, you will be able to find the full list of tags on the “tags” page, accessible from the sidebar of the blog (or a link in the description for mobile users).

(And thanks to @noxogoth for making the awesome calendar! <3)

OCs post!! feel free to ask about them



Stoat. Agender, they/them pronouns. 22. INFP.

Pel is a romantic and a dreamer, plagued by insecurities and prone to waiting out their negative feelings in wistful silence. Their love for others, even strangers, is boundless. They are a raw nerve, a bleeding heart, and a lost soul all at once. They are easily flustered and easily overwhelmed, but when their spirit is ignited, their infectious excitability spreads to anyone nearby.

Pel lives in a small apartment with Avery. Their room is a cool-colored and cozy but cluttered place, splashed with prints of fantasy art, an aquarium, glow-in-the-dark stars, and stuffed animals.

Avery:❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Castle:❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Finch:❤️❤️❤️❤️ Burne:❤️❤️❤️❤️



feline/canine hybrid, mostly feline. Male. 21. ESFJ

Castle is an outgoing yet quiet extrovert. His gentle demeanor wins him many hearts. He carries himself with humble confidence, and is socially aware enough to know that he is charming and cute and that these things can be used to make others feel comfortable. Strong-willed and strong-bodied. He is patient with others, expecting a minimum of kindness, and is surprisingly cold to those he does not respect.

Castle still lives with his parents in a spacious house by the ocean. He collects sea shells and is drawn to the idea of sailing. 

 Avery: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Pel:❤️❤️❤️❤️ Finch:❤️ Burne:❤️❤️❤️



Lop eared rabbit. Genderfluid, he/him pronouns. 19. ISFJ.

Avery is sleepy and kind, but a bit particular and fussy. He cares deeply for only a few people, but graces them with his secretly romantic and nurturing nature. He prides himself on his emotional stability and advice-giving skills. He’s highly dedicated to his ideals and favorite people.

Avery lives in an apartment with Pel. His bedroom is simple and underfurnished. An open sunny window for his potted herbs, a coffee maker, scientific illustrations of insects and wildlife on the walls. Framed photographs of forests, but no people. 

Castle: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Pel:❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Finch:❤️❤️❤️ Burne:❤️❤️❤️ 



Robot companion. Any pronouns, it/they preferred. Age irrelevant and unknown. ISFP

Burne holds a tender, quiet curiosity for the universe. Deeply grateful for the gift of consciousness, it patiently and passively allows life and friendship and knowledge to wash over it. An impulsive desire to connect means it has many, many acquaintances. The group tends to treat it as a younger sibling, but it doesn’t seem to mind.

Burne is a robot with a couple of different functional bodies to choose from and no real need for residential things like running water or a kitchen. They live in a small, cozy storage unit, where they sleep on piles of blankets and collect electronics and glowing things.

Avery: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Pel:❤️❤️❤️❤️ Finch:❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Castle: ❤️❤️❤️❤️



Forest spirit. Agender, they/he pronouns. Ageless. ESFP. 

Finch is bright and engaged, but easily bored and prone to destructive tendencies. He is well-meaning but sometimes influences others towards reckless decisions in the name of hedonism and living life to the fullest. He likes loud music, soft drugs, and petty theft. 

When asked about his living situation, Finch jokes that he is homeless. This is technically true, but as a minor forest spirit, he is selectively immune to things like overexposure and poor hygiene, so he doesn’t really mind it. He has very few belongings, which he keeps at Burne’s place, and sleeps where ever he feels, which is usually Burne’s place. Sometimes in trees.

 Avery: ❤️❤️ Pel:❤️❤️❤️❤️ Castle:❤️❤️ Burne:❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

He doesn’t write cheap stories, he writes ‘I like all of you and I respect you all, Let’s work together’ and 'I will improve my rap’. See how much his rap has improved. Now his rap has reached the top grade. That’s why I did shout out to him, the person like you should become famous, the person like you should make money, but strangely to say, we still use honorifics with each other. It’s very funny. Our relationship is like 'Come to the party’ 'OK! I will!’ and never show up, but we respect each other from a distance. Mr. Jay is a great person himself.
—  Swings about Jay Park

toasttedbaguels  asked:

aayyy davey my dude my guy, the apple of my eye, so sweet u make me cry. sorry to bother u but would u mind explaining how to use the "it" pronouns (and/or any other pronouns u use?) i can do "they" just fine but im unsure of how to actually use the others properly and i just wanna make u happy and comfy yknow?? its totally chill if u dont wanna answer this ily have a good day 💜🐟

oksy first off ur so sweet omg?? tysm <3

and it’s not a bother at all dw! i’ll put how to use “it” and the other set i wanna use under the cut, but also just as a ref for anyone in need of practice with pronouns this site has a lot + is really good!

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i was tagged by my tall lampost wife @jiilys to list 10 characters from ten different fandoms whom i’d defend till the last breath leaves my body - aka me being gay about ten fake people ok here i go

1. buffy summers • i’d die for  her. she doesnt need me to, but i will. sacrifice my soul for my wife. again, she can defend herself, but ill do anything for her. shes flawless. too good for us all. i Love her

2. pam beesly • my mother. she practically raised me. big nerd a++. i adore pamela morgan beesly halpert. actual sunshine.

3. tara finke • basically i love all the SF girls but tara holds a special place in my gay heart. fighting the bigots and destroying the patriarchy since 2003. thomas mackee and i are tara finke sluts

4. cordelia chase • this is kind of cheating, but im going to slot her in the ats fandom. where do i start? i love my queen. a literal goddess (at one point). ill protect her from joss & the terrible writing that plagued her through s4-5 (and a little bit of s3, too.

5. rey • my space daughter. so precious and pure and brave and strong. shes going to kick some serious k*ylo ren butt and im going to be standing and applauding as she does it

6. britta perry • somebody help this girl. shes trying her best. i love britta, even when her own show doesnt. keep on doing ur thing honey

7. minerva mcgonagall • there’s not enough mcgonagall content on this hellsite, and i have Issues with that. you cant get any more BAMF than this BAMF. took like 7 stunning spells to the chest. SURVIVED. protected harry from snape. defended a fellow staff member whom she kind of disliked to a dangerously evil witch. loves harry, loves quidditch. can u get more perfect than that

8. dana scully • what else can i say about this smol angry gay egg? shes so smol and angry and gay

9. patsy tolan • is there a character more beautiful and caring and clever than patsy? i think not. actual royalty. we dont deserve her or leslie jones (who is even more perfect can u imagine)

10. kathryn merteuil • lucie wyd. shes srsly fucked up. , yes she is. but here’s the thing: i love her.

i’m tagging @aliciaspinet bc i love lucie (ha,ha) (no but rlly) & @potterplants , @dreadfulcalendarwoman (oh celia i wonder whos going to be number 1… hmmmmm,,) @whedoncon & @wlwbuffy & @blanchctt & @nehmesis . you absolutely don’t have to do this if you don’t want + anyone else can too, if you’d like!

I got tagged by @tiredgoths so here’s my current top four albums!
Actually, the first one is the only album I listen to actively atm, the following three, are albums, I really never get bored of. I’m not that much of a music buff and most of the time I listen to hours-long instrumental playlists! 

Comeback Kid - Die Knowing 

The Cure - Faith

Gorillaz - Demon Days 

Hollywood Undead - Swan Songs

Thank you so much for tagging me! :^   > 
I tag @breakaneck and @rentukkka


i have no idea why i made this but i’m really done with their english names i really don’t like them and don’t wanna use it at least on my own posts anymore. also their jp names are so my aesthetic. like the jp names are literally just about the cats’ appearances it’s so neutral and pure. plus they’re really easy to remember once you get to know the rule. so here i am making this quick guide..(i hope it’s quick and simple enough) it’s also for those who have problem reading my comic since i mostly only use the cats’ jp names in it

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👫 (James)

HC’s about Jily, my fav:

1. They were both extremely affectionate but like- they’re just like to touch each other, and not in a necessarily romantic way. Like, Lily made sure to hug all of her friends and make sure that they knew that she cared about them, but when she and James first start dating she wanted to make sure that he knew that she’s all in, that she actually did fancy him and she wasn’t going anywhere, so she get’s into the habit of just standing a bit too close, or holding his hand whenever they’re sitting near each other, or putting a hand on his knee etc. Just, touching. 

2. They are ridiculous. Like, sure they flirt with each other all the time and they fight about stupid things sometimes, but like, they’re both just a couple of nerds who just really enjoy being in each others company and talking about things that are completely ridiculous. Like if they were to randomly move to France and adopt a pack of wild dogs, or if they just left tomorrow to climb a mountain what would they need to bring, or what type of animals would find James’ hair a suitable home. Just odd, strange conversations with no real meaning. 

3. They had a huge ass wedding. Like both of them would be fine with just a small, intimate ceremony, where they exchanged vows while crying and Sirius handed them tissues, but they were young and it was the middle of a war, so they used their wedding as an excuse to make everyone happy. Like, they invited everyone they knew, and everyone came, and everyone danced and drank and eat copious amounts of food and cake, and it was a lovely time.

4. They would have had more kids if they had lived. Personally, I’d give them a whole bunch of kids, but let’s say at the very least, they had two more and when they had a daughter, she had James wrapped around her finger, and their boys got along really well, and some of them played Quidditch, and some of them played exploding snaps because they had zero hand-eye-corrdination because ‘thanks a lot mum’ and they had family dinners with the rest of the Marauders and their kids grew up with their friends kids and they would have been very happy.