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MUSE //  Dante Black Hat

NICKNAME: Black Hat, Hatty, Blacky, Evil
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 0 (he’s a really bad insomniac. He maybe gets one good six hours of sleep every week or two.
LAST THING YOU GOOGLED: How to cook intestines

MUN //  Ti

NICKNAME: Antasma, Tit, Wee, Mino
GENDER: Bigender
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: Like 11 hours lmao
LAST THING YOU GOOGLED: Free fantasy Kindle books.
HEIGHT: 5'3″ (3 and a half)

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five things in my bag: bunny pencil case, sketchbook, wallet, uuuuuuhhhhh….another sketchbook…. occasionally laptop/cell chargers

five things in my bedroom: actually the worst bc i have nothing interesting in my room. katana, various books, fake flowers, sketchbooks, pens/pencils

five things I’ve always wanted to do: visit a castle!!! stay at castle!! visit some ancient ruins! go to japan! make a webcomic ;-;

five things that make me happy: drawing, my parents, video games and me friends =v=

five things I’m currently into: my fandom trends tend to be like…obsessively draw/think about one thing for five years and then somehow just drop it one day ;-; this is a tough list…. atm, dark souls 2 (straid), chirrut/baze, witcher 3, mondatta, lee sin/shen

five things on my to-do list: make a webcomic, make little comics, make more things that are at least a lil colored and polished b4 posting, stop being afraid to draw so much and draw a lot ( u see, i have a one track mind)

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Name: Karma/Alex

Nick name: Karmy/Dote. Don’t really have any nicknames ;u;

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Orientation: Asexual. Romantically, I honestly don’t know at the moment. Gender doesn’t come in to it for me, so I’m pan in a way, but it’s definitely more than that: I believe I’m arospec

Ethnicity: Irish

Favorite Fruit: Too many good fruits ;; I love berries especially

Favorite Season: Autumn I think. The colours are so pretty and you’re allowed to bundle up and wear whatever - for me this means I can wear hoodies and not be judged as heavily

Favorite Book Series: Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I love it so much
Favorite fictional characters: Too many to choose from ;u;

Favorite Flowers: Hydrangeas and Daisies

Favorite Scents: No clue ;u;

Favorite colors: I love most shades of blue (not royal blue though) and candy red and forest greens

Favorite Animals: Foxes, cats, bats, snakes

Favorite Artist/Bands: Too many to choose from. To list a few, Caravan Palace, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, Set It Off, The Hoosiers, Hollywood Undead, etc.

Favorite Drink: Cola (especially American Cola), flavoured fizzy water, fruit juices

Average Sleep: 2-5 hours

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

Dream Trip: I would love to visit many places, but I really want to go to America to see friends, especially @furiousncurious

Last thing you googled: What is the child of a demigod called?

How many blogs I follow: 244

Number of Followers: 247

What I usually post about: Personal stuff, random stuff, art, maybe some fandom things here and there ;;

What is your aesthetic: I honestly can’t define it because it changes with everything I see ;u;

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me: I’m an adult now.. It’s scientifically proven that in order to live a healthy lifestyle, you have to go to bed early. So, from now on, my ass is going to bed at 9 pm, no excuses!! Fitness for life, yeah! Sixpack, here I come biatch!

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1. Message Man - Twenty One Pilots
2. Not Today - Twenty One Pilots
3. I hate u, I love u - Gnash
4. Ghost - Halsey
5. Relax, Take it Easy - Mika
6. Polarise - Twenty One Pilots
7. Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy
8. Teddy Bear - Melanie Martinez
9. Cake - Melanie Martinez
10. Lone Digger - Caravan Palace

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