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i was tagged by augusxt ghostmeth visagez tangerine–kisses thx loves!!

1. How tall are you?

2. What color and style is your hair?
black n im growing it out so idk a lob probably? lol

3. What color are your eyes?
dark dark brown

4. Do you wear glasses?

5. Do you wear braces?
hopefully not much longer

6. What is your fashion style?
the amount of black where i cant find anything in my drawers bc everything is just black n in-differentiable

7. What is your full name?
melanie n not comfortable w/ giving out my last name LOL

8. When were you born?
august 5th, 2000 !! 🌟

9. How old are you?

10. Where are you from/where do you live now?
nyc :-)

11. Do you have siblings?
yep i have 2 sisters

12. What school do you go to?
a human oven

13. What kind of student are you?
the type that overstresses and freaks out n is basically v overstrung year round but manages to get everything done and pass with ok colors n feels horrible abt it. also feels vvv uncomfortable with confrontation.

14. Do you like school?

15. What are your favorite school subjects?
ap world, english, biology

16. What are your favorite TV shows?
himym, supernatural, ahs, modern family

17. Favorite movies?
can’t think of one but i love anything avengers n captain america !!

18. Favorite books?
13 reasons why, anything harry potter, fangirl, eleanor & park, looking for alaska, memoirs of a geisha, the outsiders

19. Favorite pastime?
various stuff i do on my phone, reading, writing (venting), exploring parks

20. Do you have any regrets?
of course

21. What is your dream job?
(as of now) something in computer science

22. Would you like to married one day and where?
yes n i’m thinking a good ol wedding on the beach during the golden hour n everyone will be sitting on white chairs n the bride n groom are standing on this white pedestal under a tapestry of green n flowers n there are columns w vines twirled around them situated at the corners of the area we’re allowed to hold the wedding :-))

23. Would you like kids one day? How many?
why not n probably 1 or 2

24. Girly girl, regular girl or tomboy?

25. Do you like shopping?
yEs i love thrift stores especially even tho i nvr dig through enough piles to but something

26. What countries have you visited so far?
macau, hong kong, taiwan

27. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve had?
wAIt wait i wrote it down lol
ok so it was the first day of school n these 2 girls who i guess were my friends had 5 aps and i had none which was urking but even worse i had horrible classes n we were walking through crowded halls but suddenly the scene changed to my old middle school n if was fhe last day n we had state tests n i was like??? what??? idk i felt rly nervous and dejected during the dream lol n i don’t rly get nightmares v often but some are personal

28. Do you have enemies?
they’re not worth it

29. Do you have a s/o?
no :-)

30. Do you believe in miracles?

Put your music on shuffle and write down the first thirty songs.
- fire by pvris
- beside you by 5sos
- better this way by cherribomb
- bloodstream by ed sheeran
- talk! by the 1975
- better that we break by maroon 5
- vegas skies by the cab
- i miss you by blink-182
- somewhere in hiding by secrets
- photograph by ed sheeran
- sex by the 1975
- hey soul sister by train
- collide by howie day
- M.O.N.E.Y. by the 1975
- i see fire by ed sheeran
- blue skies by jaymay
- robbers by the 1975
- illusion by one direction
- shirtsleeves by ed sheeran
- video games by lana del rey
- back to december by taylor swift
- through the dark by one direction
- trouble by halsey
- st. patrick by pvris
- talking body by tove lo
- holy by pvris
- back to black by amy winehouse
- bruises by chairlift
- the kids aren’t alright by fall out boy
- coming down by halsey

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I was tagged by marianastrench-alltimelow to do the lock and home screen challenge!!

My lock screen is Marianas Trench lyrics over top flowers that says “For shallow hearts/For pick me ups/For fall aparts/For promises/That never started right" and my home screen IS LIKE MY FAV PIC OF LISA AND ALEX ITS SO CUTE

I tag these lovelies: barakatleftmecynical umbarakat poppunkmemetrash and cvddlygaskarth


i should probably make a mini about
i don’t know

im a small and usually sad artist, i have a few diagnosed mental illnesses
i have depression, anxiety, inattentive adhd, and maladaptive daydreaming, i hallucinate sometimes and hysteria or bouts of psychosis are very rare
I tend to dissociate a lot as well

sometimes it takes a while for me to process information or to be able to give a good response, or sometimes i forget basic things, please be patient with me (adhd isn’t kind)

you can call me steph/aether/dog/whatever comes to mind as long as it isn’t hurtful, im 16 years old and im pansexual and genderfluid, i go by he/her/they, any are fine to use

i usually talk about stuff in the tag #dog talks, so you can feel free to block my nonsense if one day it clutters up your dashboard

i really love dogs and stars and pokemon and plants and a lot of other stuff too, my blog is just a giant clutter of things but im also a giant clutter of things so that’s okay.

i have a side art blog aka doodletalks (i usually post traditional stuff or ideas of stuff on there)
im still learning a lot, if i ever do anything or say anything wrong please let me know

i think that about covers it tbh

tagged by y0rkie

1. Write your name in song titles
A: aint it fun - paramore
M: midnight city - m83
M: money - mystery skulls
Y: your bones - of monsters and men

2. Why did you choose your URL?
bc i love the ship gureshin / shingure a lot

3. What is your middle name?

4. If you could be a fictional/fairytail being, what would you be?

5. Favorite color(s)?
purple, ice blue, white, black,

6. Favorite song?
always and forever this song

7. Top 4 fandoms?
legend of zelda, tales, okami, ginga (current is owari no seraph)

8. Y do u enjoy tumblr?
i do not enjoy tumblr

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