abortive processing

Banning abortion means prioritizing a cluster of cells over a grown human being, or as the case may be, a pregnant child as young as 10 or 11.

Banning abortion means forcing women to be mothers regardless of their position in life without ever forcing men to be fathers; without even making sure that men pay child support from wherever they choose to run off to.

Banning abortion means forcing those with female reproductive systems to suffer the risks of ectopic pregnancies, pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, placenta praevia, placenta accreta, unforeseen hemorrhages, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, amniotic fluid embolism, and sepsis– risks that include everything from emergency hysterectomy to death.

Banning abortion means condoning the consequence of more girls and women dying from illegal and self-induced abortions, and more newborns left on doorsteps, and more newborns left in cardboard boxes and garbage cans and bodies of water, many of whom will die.

Banning abortion means cornering rape victims into maintaining long-term contact with their rapists and experiencing the powerlessness of sharing their children with people they know to be unsafe, or to experience the trauma of giving up their babies for adoption.

Banning abortion means requiring once joyful mothers-to-be to carry nonviable or dead fetuses– forcing devastated couples with the nursery room already painted– to suffer through a gruesome late miscarriage, stillbirth, or the torture of knowing their child will be born only to suffer horrifically and die within minutes, hours, or days (whereas the parents of already born and terminally ill children have the choice to transition their little one to hospice care or end life support).

I understand and respect why some women (as well as transgender or nonbinary uterus owners) would not feel comfortable choosing abortion for themselves, and at the same time I truly believe we must allow all owners of uteruses autonomy over their bodies. We cannot claim to respect bodily autonomy of all people equally if even a non-sentient deceased body’s organs cannot be donated to save many lives without the person having agreed to it while alive, yet a living adult can be forced to submit to a nine-month saga right in the middle of their internal organs that totally transforms their body and ends in either the extremely painful and potentially injurious event of childbirth or very invasive C-section surgery, not to mention a baby they must now make decisions for. Outlawing abortion is not about saving lives– we know already that outlawing abortion results in people (mothers as well as children) needlessly suffering and dying. Outlawing abortion is about devaluing women; controlling women; dismissing that a woman is qualified to make choices regarding her side of the reproductive process.

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When it comes to abortion, I'm kinda both pro-life and pro-choice. Like, I'm personally against abortion in most cases, but I also respect your choice if it's something you really want to do (or have to do, in the case of the mother's life being in danger). Also, if you are gonna get an abortion, I'd recommend doing it at an early stage, since fetuses are able to feel pain at a certain point of development, and the abortion process is painful for the fetus at that point.

Being personally against abortion and respecting someone’s choice to make that decision for themselves actually just makes you pro-choice. That’s the beauty of allowing people to choose for themselves: it doesn’t really matter what your personal choice is.

But yes, earlier is better of course.

How long is the recovery time after a medication abortion?

Someone asked us:

If you get an abortion using the abortion pill, do you have to have some recovery time? Does it limit you from doing day to day activities because you’re passing the embryo/fetus?

A medication abortion (AKA the abortion pill) is actually 2 medicines that you take at 2 different times. You generally take the first dose of medicine at the health center. It’s a good idea to take the second medicine when you can be at home for several hours, ready with maxi pads, pain medicine (like ibuprofen), and your favorite movies and comfort foods. It’s even better if you have a loved one around for support, if you want.

The passing of pregnancy tissue starts about 1-4 hours after taking the second medicine. The abortion process itself usually takes several hours. During that time you’ll have strong cramping and bleeding and will want to take it easy.

Most people can return to their normal activities within a day or so. But it’s important to follow any instructions your doctor or nurse gives you about recovery after your abortion. They’ll be able to give you the best and most personalized follow-up dos and don’ts. If you need an abortion, or help thinking through your options, contact your nearest Planned Parenthood health center for support and care.

- Julia at Planned Parenthood

L is for Laryngitis (12/26)

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Fic 12 of 26 in the CMO’s Log – A to Z series.  Click here for a listing of all the fics in this series!  L is for Laryngitis.
Word Count: 
None, just fluff.
Rating: All ages.
Author’s Note: This fic comes to you courtesy of popular vote!  I couldn’t decide which of 4 prompts to use for L, but Laryngitis won by a landslide.  Labyrinthitis came in a close second, so one day perhaps I’ll write an L part 2.  In the meantime, enjoy! 

L is for Laryngitis

You had done your best to avoid Leonard all day.  You had purposely crept through maintenance tunnels and taken circuitous routes to stay clear of med bay any time you’d had to pass by it, and by luck you hadn’t seen him around at lunch, either.  You’d messaged him in the morning, telling him you would be tied up all day on an assignment from your supervisory officer, which was entirely true, and that you would simply meet him after your shifts were over.  He’d accepted the excuse without a problem and you had managed not to cross paths with him since.  Ordinarily you would have been honest with him about not feeling your best from the start, but you’d had so much to get done today that you’d needed to be at work. Besides, you hadn’t been feeling too poorly.

Now it’s shift change and you’ve got nowhere to run. You consider heading back to your quarters to minimize the risk of infection to anyone else you may come into contact with, but you know that as soon as you’re comfortable, Leonard will find you and just haul you back off to med bay for an exam anyway, so in the interest of saving time and speeding up the process, you abort your original plan and just head straight for medical.

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Headcanons for the gang reacting to a girl they grew a liking to, hooked up with, got pregnant, and the girl getting an abortion without telling them? (Kind of like the Lola and Miles plot on degrassi if you watch the show) ((Can you please look up, Lola and Miles degrassi scenes to understand what I'm talking about please?? Thanks if you do this. I just really like the plot))

Ok so I did look up some scenes since I don’t watch the show but I didn’t watch too many of them since there were a lot, but I don’t mind going on with the request! I’m sorry I didn’t watch more!

(Also I don’t know much of the medical process with abortions, so if I get any info wrong I apologize!)

• he would be a wreck
• especially if he really liked you
• like it would take pony a really long time to understand why you had an abortion, but once he did he was glad you did it
• but I think before that, he would’ve really wanted to you to have the baby
• once pony realized you were pregnant, he would’ve probably hyped himself up to being a dad
• and then when he found out you had an abortion he would’ve been super depressed
• it took a really long time to patch up y'all’s relationship, but it would happen over time

• he would’ve wanted to completely abandon you and the baby at first
• like that was his instinctive reaction when you first told him
• but it only took him a few minutes to settle down and realize he had to be there for y'all
• he was so nervous to be a father so young
• he would try to be supportive of you, but secretly he was having his doubts
• when he found out you had an abortion he was kind of relieved
• but he was embarrassed to admit it
• he wasn’t upset with you, and honestly it made y'all’s relationship stronger

• he was completely dreading being a father
• he already was caring for his brothers, and he really didn’t need to be caring for another kid
• but he knew immediately he had to do it
• I think he would’ve really loved you, so it was for you and the baby
• like soda, he was never really on board, so he never got too attached to the idea of being a dad
• when you had the abortion it almost didn’t affect him
• he always had the baby pushed to the back of his mind, so it was almost a teeny little weight lifted off his shoulders
• at that point, as long as you and his brothers were happy, that’s all that mattered

• dally wasn’t going to be there for you or the baby at all
• it didn’t matter how much he liked you, it scared him so he panicked
• he ran away
• he stayed with his cousin in windrixville
• even though he knew he was kind of home free from being a dad, it still kept him up at night
• you were so scared bc your family and dally weren’t going to be there for you, so you had an abortion
• dally didn’t know about it for a few months
• word got to him from the gang, and he was convinced to come back to tulsa
• he was pretty happy that he didn’t have to worry about being a dad anymore, so he came back the same as before, no effect whatsoever (or that’s what it seemed on the outside)
• unfortunately, you and dally’s relationship was never rekindled
• even though he wanted it to be, he acted like nothing ever happened, but to you, he kind of ruined your life

• he was pretty nervous at first, but kind of got a little excited about it
• although he was young, he had always wanted to be a father, so he could prove he was nothing like his own
• he always made sure you were ok, always asking you about the baby
• for him, this was all the hope he had in having a happy life
• but you were really scared and didn’t really want to have a baby, but you didn’t have the heart to tell him
• you felt awful about it, but you got an abortion
• you tried to avoid Johnny at all costs for weeks after, but eventually he found you
• you told him the truth, and he was crushed
• he upset you didn’t talk to him about it, you didn’t tell him, you hid from him, which you knew he had every right to be upset
• he completely ignored everyone, especially you, for months
• eventually he realized why you did it, and that you were confused, so he apologized
• y'all tried giving the relationship another go, but it was too straining on your emotions

Two Bit:
• he wasn’t very keen on being a father either
• it was more bc he didn’t want to be like his father, which in his mind was inevitable
• he would stay awake at night, worrying and stressing over what was gonna happen
• he around you he was as supportive as possible and he pretended to be excited, but he really wasn’t
• he thought about running away multiple times, but he knew that would only be the start to going down his father’s path
• he was at a crossroads
• two bit was depressed
• you didn’t tell him about the abortion since you thought he was excited
• so when he found out, he was actually ecstatic
• he was quite honestly never excited about the baby, no matter how many time he told himself he was
• he told you he found out and that he was ok with it (he never told you he was extremely happy about it) and y'all’s relationship was broken, but it got much stronger over time

• steve ran away too
• he gave up trying to not be like his dad a while ago
• steve was plain confused
• he didn’t know how to be a father, and didn’t know what he was going to do
• he came back after a little while, but he completely ignored you
• you were depressed bc you felt like nobody was there for you, and you needed steve the most, since before the pregnancy he was the only one who understood you
• now it felt like he was a million miles away
• once you told him about the abortion (after convincing the gang to get him to see you) he was extremely relieved
• he still felt as though he shouldn’t have run away
• now he was feeling guilty about being like his father
• it ended up being s viscous cycle of guilt and relief
• this got in the way of every fixing y'all’s relationship
• even though that’s what you wanted, once he explained to you why he left

(Sorry these were so angsty, I hope you like them!)

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I am considering doing a year abroad in Scotland in the near future. Any Scottish followers out there who can give some info on what the abortion process is there?

For any potential followers in Scotland


I am tired.

I am tired of the pro life bullshit. Tired of bottling up all of the emotions I feel when I see someone post something as ignorant as pro life propaganda. So I’ll tell my story, in an effort to help people understand it from a friend’s point of view.. here goes nothing.

I was 18, a freshman in college with huge hopes and dreams. I met a boy, who I truly adored, he was sweet to me, took me on dates, understood my stress from school, and didn’t fault me for it. I was comfortable with him. At 18 I wasn’t scared of many things but for some reason I felt absolute shame and embarrassment when I even thought about getting birth control. (Now I understand why but that’s for a different day, different post.) So like most teenagers I had sex, with him wasn’t my first time, I had lost it 3 years before so I wasn’t concerned when the act took place. We used protection, condoms, and had sex fairly regularly.

One night when we were having sex the condom had either torn, was faulty, or simply didn’t work for some reason. I had realized what had happened immediately afterwards and rolled over in complete disgust of myself as if it were my fault. I ran to the bathroom and broke into tears. At the time he had no idea what was happening. I thought if I kept it to myself I’d be able to fix it before it was an issue. At 7am the next morning I rushed to the pharmacy and purchased Plan B, for those of you who don’t know this is a pill that stops the sperm from entering an egg, it doesn’t terminate pregnancy but basically works like a hardcore birth control. 

4 weeks later, I missed a period. 

I was too nervous to go to the grocery store to buy a test, I didn’t want to get the results by myself. I didn’t want to go through it alone. Being 1500 miles away from all of your family is hard and it’s even harder when going through something as big as this. So I went to the doctor, after the humiliation of explaining what happened, taking the test, and sitting on a cold metal table my doctor returned. She brought an older gentleman with her and by the looks on their faces I could tell it wasn’t going to end well. 

The pregnancy test came back positive.

I was completely frozen. I didn’t know what to do but at the same time I did. My only real option was: abortion. When I voiced this to my doctors they immediately advised against it, which was odd, because it’s my body…  well I later found out that it was a Catholic doctors office, whoops. 
After crying for a few minutes and trying to reason with these doctors I got up and left. I think I probably cried in my car for an hour. I had no idea what to do or who to talk to. So, I called my roommate. My roommate knew about the situation but assured me I was fine so when I told her the news she was a little taken back but knew someone who could help me. A mutual friend of ours, who had gone through the abortion process before, took me to Planned Parenthood for the initial ultrasound and consultation. I was 4 weeks along and the it was too early to perform the procedure that I could afford. So I waited till week 6. That is 2 weeks of knowing I was pregnant and 2 weeks of unbearable morning sickness. 

At this point I had to tell him. I tried calling but he couldn’t answer so I texted him and explained everything that had happened in the past few weeks. He had no reaction other than to run. So he did. I didn’t hear from him again until 2 years later.

Once week 6 rolled around I was still 100% certain that the decision I was making was for the best. I was no where near financially stable, didn’t have a job, a freshman pursuing my dreams, with no family near by, or a man to call the potential child’s father. 

So I woke up the morning of the procedure, got dressed in comfy clothes, put a smile on my face, and went with a friend straight to Planned Parenthood. 

Upon arrival we were greeted with pro lifers. The despicable group of men and women, mostly men, who chanted hateful things and bore scientifically incorrect signage. I didn’t let them effect my decision or my mood, I knew that I was making the right decision. I entered the Planned Parenthood with my head held high. The staff was extremely respectful and made sure to ask many times if I was okay, if I needed anything, and if anyone was pushing me into doing anything I didn’t want to do. The other girls waiting for the same procedure weren’t in high spirits like myself. So I took it upon myself to bring some happiness to the room, I told jokes, put on a funny movie, and everyone told their stories. (I won’t tell everyone’s stories because they aren’t my stories to tell.) I will tell you that we all came from different walks of life and all had different reasons for choosing abortion. 

My name was called and I went through the abortion. 
It wasn’t bad, a nurse held my hand, and the procedure was over in under 5 minutes. Of course it hurt but not for long and not as bad as you’d think. 

It’s been almost 4 years now and never once have I regretted my decision. It was the best thing for me. 

Now I’m in my senior year of college, engaged to a man I love more than anything else, and have an amazing job. And that’s that.

I’m happy, I’m healthy, and I’m ready for the world to know the truth.

Abortion isn’t the end of the world, it’s a choice, it’s your choice. 

Men's rights to reproductive freedom

The topic of a male equivalent to the female right to abortion is possibly one of the trickiest to navigate.

So here’s my current mood on the matter;

We might need to look at equating it with the adoption process instead of the abortion process. A man’s right to opt out of fatherhood in a process similar to giving a child up for adoption, but where the onus is on handing over financial responsibility to the state whilst doing so and the woman still having all the choices and freedoms she has currently.

The *only* difference would be where her child support would come from, which if the father isn’t around.. what’s the difference?

I would implement this as an option for mothers too.

i.e. If she wants to opt out of parenting the same process is open to her and the father takes over completely, with the same child support payments from the state.

(Obviously the mother still has the biological responsibility of giving birth but again; only if she wants to. This is unavoidable which is a shame because if the father wants the child but the mother doesn’t, it seems like an unresolvable issue..)

I welcome your thoughts

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This is the most ignorant blog.

Could you be a bit more constructive please? At least give us some evidence or some explanation. Because there is literally nothing I can do about messages like these. - Gabbie

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Ok ur not a woman and if a child gets pregnant then it ruins her life. Abortion is good

That would be an awesome argument if 90% of pro lifers were men. The truth is that the most of the loudest voices in the don’t-kill-babies movement are women.

That, and my wife would tell you the same thing.

I just spent the holidays with my adopted 3 adopted brothers and my adopted sister.

Try explaining to them the brutal process of abortion and ask them if that should happen to kids whose parents don’t want them.

I’m for the abolition of abortion.

If you’re about to get an abortion, abort the procedure, not the boy or girl.

Supporting abortion but revolting at the sight of aborted foetuses and refusing to watch a video on how abortion is done because it's too gross, gruesome or depressing is about the most hypocritical you can get.

Yet this encompasses most of the pro choice movement. Never have I seen a pro choice blog reblog any videos or diagrams of the process of abortion.

It’s because they aren’t pro choice, they’re not pro education and informed decision, they’re pro abortion. And that’s it.

Texas to drop Planned Parenthood from Medicaid over videos

Houston Chronicle: In a letter to be sent to Texas Planned Parenthood affiliates on Monday, state health officials say they have decided to cut Medicaid funding to the nonprofit because undercover videos show it alters its abortion process to preserve fetal organs and allows private citizens into its lab wearing only gloves.

Follow updates at Breaking News.

We met in Canada. He lives in the UK, I live in the states. We traveled the world for each other this past year, and he let me fly 5000 miles when he wasn’t sure about me anymore. During my time in Europe, I went exploring without him for a bit. In this time I discovered that I was pregnant. 

He let me go through the abortion process alone and completely disappeared in the three days it took to pharmaceutically abort our child. When I got back to the UK he said he was ashamed of the coward he was and i quickly forgave him. When I returned to the states, I quickly began to recognize how little he cares for me and how he proved that he had not learned.

This was the last thing he said before I blocked him on everything. It was the second hardest thing I had to do this year.

On being calm and kind on Tumblr

Fairly often, I get asks and messages thanking me for responding calmly and rationally to people who are…less calm and rational. I am very appreciative of those messages, and they are very encouraging.

However, I really wish it wasn’t so notable for someone to be calm and kind and rational on this website. It’s not just nice, but it creates a much better blogging experience.

There are two main reasons that I work hard to keep my cool on this website:

  1. I represent my views. As a conservative pro-life Christian woman, I represent conservatives, the pro-life movement, and Christianity. I don’t want to ever give any of those a bad name by my words or actions.
  2. Being calm and kind separates the hurt from the trolls.

What do I mean by that? I think there are a lot of people who carry a lot of hurt around with them. Sometimes, they might associate that hurt with the viewpoints of the person who hurt them or whatever it was that haunts them. For instance, a post-abortive woman might carry a lot of pain from her abortion, and so the topic of abortion is very sensitive to her. Or I might meet someone who has a bad relationship with his parents and associates his parents’ faith with the bad things he saw them do. 

These people might then project their hurt and anger onto me, because I represent the hurt they’re feeling. So they may act in anger toward me, using me as an outlet for that hurt.

If I am calm and kind toward them, they may realize that I’m not the person or thing that hurt them. They might then be more willing to calm down and talk to me. Or, at least, they might have a slightly better impression of people who share my views.

Trolls, however, will be trolls. No matter how calm and kind I am, they’ll try to make me mad. But if I’m calm and kind toward them, they usually get bored and leave.

I recommend to everyone, regardless of viewpoint, to try approaching all debates on Tumblr with calmness, kindness, and reason. We’ll make a lot more progress toward understanding each other and working toward a better understanding of truth, and we’ll be a lot happier with each other in the process.

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What is pepes opinion on abortion

Abortion is a necessary procedure. If the foetus is killing itself, or the holder, or even if the people pregnant don’t think they could give the child a better life, abortion should be a process that is available to all pregnant people.