abortive art

-“Isn’t Slys your last name?”-

i drew this for an origin comic for doctor flug; their blog is called “theinsanefruitloop-chan", but i’m too much of a coward to tag them here. but go look at their stuff they draw awesome stuff for villainous. aside from that i tried making a glitch effect and my copics do their job of blending too well so i had to simplify into blocks, so it doesn’t look right. sheeeeeiiiit

edit: ok. wow i didn’t think 400 people would see this in general, so i’ll strike a deal with you guys. if this post gets to 500 likes then i’ll be open for requests. sound fair?

wait you aren’t supposed to get that far quit enjoying my trash

requests are now open, as promised

Yesterday evening at work, I looked out the window and saw several people standing on the sidewalk with signs saying “No Planned Parenthood In Waco”

I was really confused because I am in Austin, not Waco, and they were outside of a bar called The Belmont, not a Planned Parenthood. 

I decided to make a sign and join them. They didn’t like my sign. 

Then I gave my sign to my friends because I had to go back to my desk, and they held it up until I got off the clock.

Thank you Tyler and Katie. You are the real heroes. 


For @cavenbitch / @ohnamine

It’s super belated I know! I’m so sorry. I still need to color it but I hope you enjoy this sketch until then. ❤️🌹