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Some fun stuff with obstetrics.

Okay so I crunched some numbers re: that panel with Touka’s due date and Yoriko’s notice, and here’s some fun stuff I figured out:

(Credits to @juuuzo and their post for the pic above and for illuminating some things for me!)

x Firstly, I don’t think it takes a genius to glean from this panel that the Touken baby is due 12/28 (which apparently is Ishida’s birthday… making the Ishida the One Eyed Prince?? dundundunnnnn)

x For the Obstetrics nerds: It’s hard to see based on just this panel if Touka really did use Naegele’s rule to figure it out, but if the due date really is 12/28, a couple of the numbers highlighted above (and a few that I squinted at) correspond to the formula. But it’s really hard to tell because Touka’s writing is shit lmao.

x But using some reverse engineering (not really, I just like that term; I used the Qx calculate app), if the due date is 12/28, Touka’s last menstrual period was 3/23.

x This is Yoriko’s execution notice:

x The penalty was placed 4/15, and Kaneki received the notice approximately 4/17, which would be the current date of the story right now. (How did I figure that out? See this post.)

x By simple math, we can estimate Kaneki Jr’s current gestational age as 3 weeks and 4 days. Taking things further, the end of the first trimester will be on 6/15.

x I have the urge to discuss the stage of embryonic development Kaneki Jr is currently in, but 1) ghoul biology might be different, and 2) really? do we really want to get into that? lmao.

x Interestingly, I looked back in the calendars, and comparing Touka’s calendar, the story seems to be taking place in 2016.

anonymous asked:

sorry but i don't understand why touka wants to have the baby? the future is uncertain and they're all starving. It's the worst time possible, so why bring a child into a world like that? i don't really get her reasoning plus i don't think kaneki would want it

I’m sorry, I really resent the idea that she’s being judged for her choices. I don’t think anyone can argue that having unprotected sex was irresponsible. Or that it’s pretty bad timing. But it happened- it’s said and done. Deciding whether to bring a child into the world or not isn’t just as simple as “oops, this is real shitty timing, lets just get rid of it”.

These things happen. Even to people who are trying to be careful with protection. It’s life. Deciding whether to terminate a pregnancy or having the child despite unfavourable circumstances is an incredibly tough and complex choice. Sometimes the decision is made using logical reasoning weighing the pros and the cons, sometimes it’s an entirely emotionally driven decision. I don’t think it’s right to judge either way.

When is it good timing for a ghoul to have a child? Ghouls are given a death sentence from the moment they are born in the world. Do you also condemn every single ghoul parent for bringing a child into a world where they’re likely to be slaughtered before they can reach adulthood? Should we be judging Mirumo Tsukiyama for having Shuu when the CCG could have found them out at anytime? Should we be judging Ukina and Yoshimura for having Eto when they knew what V’s response would be? These are the sort of ethical and moral quandaries that have been brought up literally the entire manga; is it ok for ghouls to live in a world that doesn’t want them?

And if you can’t see why Touka as a character would make the decision to do everything to bring her child into the world then I don’t know what to tell you- it’s been there since volume 3 of the original series:

Live. Even if this world says your existence is wrong. Live. Even if you have no choice but to kill to survive. Live. Even if everything has been terrible from the moment you were born.

This pregnancy is just an extension of those themes. 

I’m sure both Touka and Kaneki are going to be filled with doubts and fears about whether they’re doing the right thing, whether this is the best choice. And especially with Kaneki’s childhood, I can see why this would be a tough issue for him. Both of them grew up as orphans from a young age- do they even know how to be parents? But despite all those things, that doesn’t mean a child can’t end up being a blessing and they won’t want it just because it’s going to be tough. You can’t predict how the child’s life will end up, so Touka deciding to try everything to give it a chance to survive isn’t a guarantee to condemn it to a life of suffering. And if it is? That’s life.

More than a natural disaster: How Harvey and Irma put health care, immigrant communities, the environment, and more at risk

In the past few weeks, severe storms including Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc across the southwest U.S., Mexico, and island territories including the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. Dozens of people perished, and many more were displaced from their homes. Some people’s lives will never be the same again.

The truth is that horrifying storms like Harvey and Irma — as well as the earthquake that shook Mexico — reveal the intersections of how natural disasters can impact access to health care, the environment, immigrant communities and folks with low incomes. Here’s how these crises are affecting real people, right now.

Natural disasters = heightened fear for undocumented communities

Donald Trump’s xenophobic plan to end DACA makes Hurricane Harvey even more dangerous for some folks. In Houston, the city with the third largest population of undocumented immigrants, Harvey forced many DACA recipients and mixed-status families to face difficult choices. Already anxious over Trump’s threats of deportation, undocumented people may be even more reluctant to seek out shelter and health care in Harvey’s wake, for fear of being turned away at shelters or facing hostile ICE agents.

The most vulnerable people at risk

Natural disasters affect people with low incomes the most. In Texas and Florida, folks with low incomes are more likely to live in flood-prone areas with deficient infrastructure. This means that evacuating and traveling to get medical assistance is much harder — especially for low-income people with disabilities. There’s an assumption that everyone can and should evacuate when natural disasters happen, but that’s not always possible for everyone. Not everyone can get time off of work, access resources to relocate their family, or find a place to stay.

And in Houston, many families with low incomes live near the city’s oil refineries and petrochemical plants — putting them at risk of contamination, leaks, explosions, and other hazards.

A threat against women’s health

We also can’t forget the danger that natural disasters pose for women. Because of the devastation brought on by Harvey and Irma, women looking for preventive or maternal care and women who need abortions might be blocked from getting help. What’s more, these women could be forced to travel in sometimes dangerous conditions to access the care they need, if they can at all.

In addition, Texas lawmakers have passed medically unnecessary restrictions that have led to health centers closing, jeopardizing women’s health even further. In parts of Texas, some abortion providers offered free safe, legal abortion for survivors of Harvey. But elsewhere, a lot of women don’t have this option.

And it gets worse

Folks with chronic conditions — such as diabetes, endometriosis, or chronic kidney disease — are also at risk. During evacuation, their medications can get lost or destroyed. With dialysis centers, pharmacies, and hospitals closed, there are fewer places for people to get care.

The environment suffers, too

Houston is home to America’s petroleum industry. Significant amounts of flooding spell disaster for those living near chemical factories — and the environment.

With dozens of chemical plants flooding and shutting down due to Harvey, more than one million pounds of toxic pollutants have been released into the air. A flooded factory outside of Houston burst into flames twice, leaking toxic chemicals and sending 15 people to the hospital.

And drinking water — which may have come in contact with sewage systems and contaminated with bacteria like E. coli  — is unsafe to drink in some areas of Houston and Florida. Having safe, healthy environments and clean water is a basic human right, as well as an issue of reproductive rights. Mothers, for example, need clean water to prepare infant formula or to breastfeed their babies.

We stand in solidarity with those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma

The impact of these natural disasters is personal. Planned Parenthood is an essential health care provider in many of the communities hit hard by these disasters. Several organizations are coming to the aid of those affected by Harvey and Irma. Here’s how you can help:


Hit by: Hurricane Harvey

Help NOW:

  • Volunteer with Planned Parenthood supporters in relief efforts. Already, more than 150 Planned Parenthood supporters assembled 4,000 period kits for Harvey victims in Houston.


Hit by: Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Katia, earthquake

Help NOW:


Hit by: Hurricane Irma

Help NOW:

  • Volunteer with Planned Parenthood and other coalition partners to help communities that are most vulnerable. Volunteer Anna Eskamani says, “I volunteered with this effort last night to pass out free food, and the Friday before Irma made landfall, I also volunteered with a homeless outreach group to let the homeless know of their shelter options.”
  • Chip in to the Irma Community Recovery Fund to stand with folks in Florida.

U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean

Hit by: Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma

Help NOW:


Coming from the abortion storyline of Season 3, I think it’s extremely important that the writers included so much on Princess Carolyn’s miscarriages. The shame-free portrayal of Diane’s abortion directly contrasts with PC’s experience, especially as she struggles alone. I think it’s significant that everybody has an opinion in the abortion episode, everybody has some anecdote or comfort to give. Whereas PC is offered little to no direct support or acknowledgement. Her doctor treats her as callously and devoid of empathy as Diane’s did to her, except here we had no one speaking up, no one speaking back. She is given blame and no actual advice or help, emphasising the complete lack of support on offer for a lot of women who suffer miscarriages. Even well-meaning Todd is at a loss for words when trying to think what he should say to her at the apartment. Most heartbreaking of all perhaps, is that PC is well aware of the connotations of what has happened to her, she expects to be judged, she expects to be seen as weak and pitiful and incapable. PC’s storyline emphasises how far we still have to come in making a ‘miscarriage’ more than just some dirty word or something that women feel they have to hide.


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parts; (one) (two) (three)

summary: calum applies to the record shop you work at, seeking forgiveness and, possibly, a second chance.

word count: 1,096

warnings: swearing and mentions of abortion

When Calum was 15, he broke his knee in the middle of a football match. The Maori boy was dribbling the ball as near as he can get to the net and trying his hardest to run from the other team that were chasing after him. He doesn’t remember much, but next thing he knew, he kicked the ball into the goal.

The crowd erupted into cheers. The 15 year old was the first freshman in his school’s history to ever do a winning goal; that fact alone made him giddy and unrelentingly happy, but before he could scream in victory with them, he fell onto his back.

It seemed as if the adrenaline coursing through his veins momentarily distracted him from the popping sound he had heard. As soon as the noise came and his teammates ran after him with gracious smiles on his face, he felt it.

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Reproductive choices positivity

I wish you a pleasant childfree life if you do not want children.
I wish you a pleasant parenting life if you want children.

I wish you an unfailing and safe for your health contraception if you use some.
I wish you an easy time getting pregnant if you want to be.
I wish you an competent and respectful physician if you want to sterilize yourself.

In the case of an unplanned pregnancy, i wish you supportive relationships that will support you and any decision you make.
I wish you easy access to abortion and a safe and comfortable procedure if you decide to end the pregnancy.
I wish you three healthy, painless, and enjoyable trimesters and an easy birth if you chose to keep it going.
I wish you a quick and simple administrative process if you wish to give the resulting baby up for adoption.

I wish you quick success if you have trouble conceiving.
I wish you a simple and successful adoption process if you wish to adopt.

I wish you affordable and safe medical procedures and easy administrative quests and good insurances or universal care system and a supportive and healthy environnement.

Spread the positivity. Support people and their decisions. Wish them the best. Feel the love. Share nice words and nice thoughts and congratulations and encouragements.

Just gunna put this out there…

  • in the comics, Betty has an older brother named Chic Cooper
  • Alice basically said Hal made her get an abortion at some point in her life
  • Hal hates any children with Blossom blood
  • Alice could have possibly had an affair with a blossom
  • Thus leading to Hal wanting her to get an abortion for them to stay together.
  • Thus Alices’ hatred towards the Blossoms
  • Thus Chic Cooper never being born into the world

Some headcanons about Oswald and Ed’s childhoods/earlier lives, and then of their lives together.

(the childhood sections are both pretty depressing, and Ed’s in particular has some details of ableism and emotional and physical abuse)

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List of decisions I’m deemed responsible enough by society to make by the time I’m 21: 

Joining any military branch

Owning a house/property/car/etc

Going into debt (house/car/credit/medical/college/etc)

Choosing a lifelong career in highschool or at the beginning of college. 

Getting engaged/married

Becoming pregnant and having/raising a child/children

Adopting a child/children

Choosing contraceptives (in some societies)

Having an abortion (in some societies) 

Choosing to refuse medical treatments like chemotherapy/radiation/etc. 

Choosing to have an organ(s) taken from my body and placed in the body of another human being. 


And yet? I’m not deemed old enough, responsible enough, experienced enough, to know that I never want children and to choose the option of permanent sterilization. Everywhere I go, I’m told I don’t really know what I want, that I’ll regret it, that it’s too drastic for someone so young, that I should have a kid or two and then come back… It’s funny what kinds of things society and doctors - and even your own family - will tell you what you’re ready for or what you’re allowed to do with yourself. What a twisted thing the society I live in is… 

Misheard Broadway Lyrics

Annie Get Your Gun:  “ MIGHTY FENCES Are Down.”

Rent: “And all of the scars of the NEVERSON BABIES die!”

Mamma Mia!: “I WAS IN JAIL JUST before we met.”

Hairspray: “One little touch ALMOST knocked me out…”

Beautiful: “Tonight A LIE of love is in your eyes.”

Rock of Ages: “Some ABORT to sing the blues!”

Hamilton: “ Guns and ships and SOLAR PANELLED SHIPS.”

The Sound of Music: “So long, farewell. I’LL BE THE SANE A JEW. A JEW. A JEW. To you and you and you.” 


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There are many women that are against birth control and protection and all that, because it ruins the spontaneity of sex, and they have like 8 or 9 abortions. Is it really bad that I do not support such a thing?

Okay, I’ll admit that I laughed a little when I read this, because it’s so untrue. But let’s unpack it step by step:

First, let me state flat-out that nobody uses abortion as birth control. Abortions are incredibly expensive (usually between $500 and $3000), uncomfortable, sometimes intrusive, and extremely difficult to obtain. (Not to mention the stigma that comes along with having an abortion).

You’re right that some people think that using condoms ruins the spontaneity of sex (but really? 20 seconds or less? Come on). If we assume that STDs are not a factor (both people have already been tested and are clear) that still leaves us with the pill, the shot, the patch, the IUD, and plenty of other forms of birth control that are not used the moment before sex. Because abortion is pretty undesirable in comparison with prevention, people generally choose to go on birth control instead.

So really, anon, I don’t think you have anything to be concerned about. There aren’t many (if any) people who do what you suggested. That said, while you can hold whatever moral convictions you want, I will remind you that it is always, always wrong to deny someone their right to bodily integrity – no matter what.

And Lena Dunham’s comment wasn’t just disrespectful to people who have been in situations were they needed an abortion, but especially disrespectful to people who have needed but were denied an abortion.

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Isn't Pepper just nervous because her co-workers are watching?

listen i am sure that’s what she told her co-workers the next day when they were like “so how drunk were you when you visibly melted in tony stark’s arms yesterday”

but i guarantee you people exist in multiple dimensions and this is not just a “oh no my co-workers are watching me” face

let me translate the inner monologue for you: oh my god he’s touching me oh my god he’s touching me *on my actual skin* oh my god oh my god ok it’s cool i’m cool oh god deodorant oh god 

tony’s 100% a little shit about this too like “am i making you uncomfortable?” literally shut your suave face tony stark i am trying to project some Professionalism here Oh My God

she rants with like minimal prompting from tony

tony just stares oh god i can’t believe, he’s enjoying every second of this spectacle and then pepper’s sass shows anyway

he thinks she is So Fucking Cute like literally look at his face he’s just like. please just spend another 16 hours talking because you are So Fucking Cute when you’re sassy and flustered please never stop

“i’m just nervous because my co-workers” lmfao look at this nonsense


 there’s that moment when she’s like “what’s your ssn?” and tony can’t give her a good answer and she’s SO FUCKING SMUG ABOUT IT LIKE MM-HMM IS SOMEBODY SPEECHLESS? MMMMMMHMMMMMM GOOD YOU GOT THIS PEPPER THE UPPER HAND IS YOURS

and tony’s like

yes i am speechless and everything about you is fascinating

*proceeds to overwhelm pepper with the weight of his speechless fascination*

and that’s when pepper has an actual visible “oh fuck” moment

oh fuck what. is. this shit. i am fourteen years old and in love with the cutest boy in my class all over again. fuck. fuck. fuck. abort YES I NEED SOME AIR

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honestly we all lose SO MUCH with any depiction of pepper as someone who Deigns To Put Up With Tony like, free yourselves of your chains and accept pepper who loses her Cool when it comes to tony and is not always Perfectly Rational And Flawlessly Objective Always, literally i just

like idk maybe i’ve been too poisoned by the iron man novelization but like

Chapter XI (as Pepper waits for Tony’s plane to land after captivity)

Finally she saw the plane, a C-17, in the distance. The little girl within her wanted to clap her hands in joy, but she knew that Hogan was watching. Besides, she was a professional and needed to project her professionalism whenever humanly possible. That was what she had kept telling herself when she’d been crying uncontrollably in the limo on the ride over. 

and also

Chapter XV (the balcony scene)

“I’m sorry I was so uncomfortable,” she said. “I hate being the center of attention like that, and that’s why in high school when I was supposed to be in a play…”

Tony tilted his head, amused. Pepper was always the picture of total efficiency and poise, so it was delightful to him that she found herself disarmed by the situation. She was clearly aware of both her feeling of social disorientation and his enjoying it, as she continued, “No, never mind.” The words and thoughts were pouring out of her now. She seemed as if she wanted to stop talking, but couldn’t find a way to do so, and so she kept babbling. “But you know that’s why I never wanted to have a big wedding, you know, because I thought everyone would be looking at me wearing a dress.” Her eyes widened as she suddenly thought that she came across as if she were expecting Tony Stark to pop the question. “Oh, no, no – I’m not saying, like, ‘wedding.’ No, not like that. I’m just saying, you know…”

but my absolute favorite is how when pepper wants tony to know that she is a big deal – she, pepper potts, the picture of Cool and Professional, virginia ‘pepper’ potts, blurts out the words

“Tony, I’m not a cheeseburger.”

to which tony replies

“No. You’re not a cheeseburger.”

like literally IM1 and all related materials are my favorite things to have ever existed honestly

Abortion story

I was 19 years old working as a hostess at Logan’s roadhouse making a whopping $4.25/ hr plus tip pool (usually amounted to 8 sometimes 9 an hour total. I had just moved out of my mom’s house 4-5 months prior. Adjusting to my new found freedom in my tiny duplex that I shared with 2 other roommates. One morning I threw up while brushing my teeth. I had mentioned this to one of my older female co-workers and she froze, ran out to her car and handed me two pregnancy tests. I assumed she was over reacting, whatever. I just had my period 2 weeks ago. So after work I go home and pee on one. It immediately pops up 2 pink lines clear as day. I froze. For as long as I can remember, I have not wanted kids. This was something I have been incredibly sure of. There were many thoughts flooding my mind, but none which involved having a child. I phoned the nearest abortion clinic and made an appointment for the following Saturday. I scrapped together $385 and planned to take the chemical pill, because I couldn’t be THAT far along, right? 

Wrong. I went to the clinic at 8am with my very best friend and had an ultrasound where the nurse informed me that I was 11 weeks pregnant. Surgical was my only option. In that moment I felt scared. Scared for the pain that was going to follow. I gathered my self and continued on with the process. After 6 long, long hours of blood work, counseling, paper work, waiting (lots and lots of waiting) I finally made it to the surgical room where they gave me a shot with some sort of pain medicine and phenergan. I was loopy and feeling no pain. My name was called and I was guided back to a cold sterile room with one nurse who held my hand and an incredibly kind female doctor. The doctor dilated me (which felt like a bad period cramp) then gave me a shot to numb my cervix (the most painful part of the whole ordeal) sitting 3 mins it was done. The cluster of cells that was once trying to make my uterus it’s home was gone. My womb felt empty and I felt nothing but relief. I’m currently 22 and there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not incredibly thankful that I was able to chose a safe abortion. My life would be so different with a now 3 year old running around! I’m very open with my abortion story. Some people dislike it, but I’m very grateful that I can live my life the way I want without the burden of a child.