12 memorable moments

Throughout this past year, Stop Patriarchy has been on the front lines.  On the streets, on campus, on the airwaves and in the community, fighting for women’s fundamental rights, telling the truth and drawing more people forward.   As we say in our Call to Action, we’re out to “challenge the new generation in particular to reject this culture of rape and pornography, to resist the shaming of women who have sex and/or abortions, to wage fierce cultural and political resistance to wake others up, and to celebrate, fight for, and win the full equality and liberation of women.” …to End Pornography & Patriarchy: the Enslavement and Degradation of Women!

Take a look…

1. January 22 & 23, 2015:  For the first time ever, the anti-abortion March for “Life” a/k/a March for Forced Motherhood, was brought to a halt for nearly one hour when Stop Patriarchy led people into the streets in Washington DC on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Confronting the Walk for “Life” in San Francisco -

2.  February 13 & 14, 2015: Coordinated actions across the country to protest “50 Shades of Grey”

3.  February 28, 2015 - Stop Patriarchy in NYC protested at Pornhub’s (largest porn site in the world) film festival in Brooklyn.  We called this out as a further step in the mainstreaming of pornography, even as pornography becomes ever more violent, cruel, dehumanizing, degrading, and humiliating towards women.

4.  March 8, 2015 - International Women’s Day  Bold actions in L.A., New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Cleveland

We demanded “Stop the War on Women!” and members of the Revolution Club spread “Break the Chains! Unleash the Fury of Women as a Mighty Force for Revolution!”

5.  May 20, 2015, Stop Patriarchy joined Eve Ensler, Kimberle Crenshaw, and many more including families of Black women and girls killed by police to #SayHerName

6.  Summer 2015:  Stop Patriarchy set up booths at the Warped Tour Music Festival in southern & northern California, Houston, Cleveland, Chicago, Seattle, and Long Island  and brought the struggle against patriarchy and women’s oppression to 1,000’s of young people …

7.  July 1, 2015:  As new abortion restrictions were set to go into effect in Texas, Kansas, Tennessee and more, we gathered people in New York City, DC, Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland, and Maui, to take a defiant and unapologetic stand.

8. July 2015:  We called on people to “Take Patriarchy by Storm” and set up “Stop the War on Women” displays on city streets and neighborhoods. Pics below are from Houston & San Francisco

9. August 2015:  We brought two dozen people to Jackson to stand with the last abortion clinic in Mississippi and fight for Abortion on Demand & Without Apology. In the heart of the Bible belt we rallied, went into the community to spread our new “A Fetus is NOT A Baby” brochure, livestreamed a People’s Hearing, protested at a Hooters for objectifying women, and honored the brave clinic staff and defenders at Jackson Women’s Health Organization, aka “The Pink House.”

10. Sept. 24, 2015:  We responded to Pope Francis’ announcement that women who apologize for their abortions will be “forgiven,” by holding a “Procession of Unrepentent Women” when the Pope came to NYC - and delivered an indictment of the Catholic Church to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for crimes against women.

11. Nov. 28 & 29:  Immediately responding to the murderous attack by an anti-abortion gunman at Planned Parenthood in Colorado, Sunsara Taylor, writer for Revolution Newspaper & initiator of Stop Patriarchy, called for people to protest in the streets.

12.  December 22, 2015: Stop Patriarchy activists & members of the Revolution Club from NYC & Atlanta traveled to Murfreesboro TN to #StandWithAnnaYocca at her arraignment for 1st Degree Attempted Murder for alleged failed attempt to self-abort with a coat hanger. #FreeAnnaYocca.

News coverage on Channel 5:

 And we are just getting started!

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July 1 - In New York - Union Square 6pm;  Other places here or organize your own. Do NOT stay home while women’s fundamental rights are being decimated. July 1: PROTEST

Eve Ensler's Message of Support for the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride and Throngs Rising in Texas

 “The near-daily laws restricting women’s right to abortion, the chorus of Republicans belittling rape and shaming women, and the whole future they are aggressively fighting for are terrifying and an attempt to push us back to the dark ages. It is a state of emergency. Forced motherhood is a form of violence.

“But we must not be paralyzed by fear or sleepwalk in denial. WE MUST RISE.

 “I am proud of throngs rising in Texas. I am proud of the women and men who will be traveling from both coasts and down the middle of the country in this summer’s Abortion Rights Freedom Ride. I urge all to follow their daring and rise with them to reclaim our lives, our bodies, our own reproductive decisions, and our futures. There is no time to waste.”

-Eve Ensler 

Eve Ensler is a Tony Award winning playwright, performer, and activist, She is the author of The Vagina Monologues, which has been translated into over 48 languages and performed in over 140 countries. Eve’s activist work includes the 1 Billion Rising movement and her latest book is In the Body of the World, A Memoir.

Calling on ARTISTS - URGENT NEED for Roe42

**** ALL OF YOU CREATIVE PEOPLE ON TUMBLR Your skills are needed NOW for women’s abortion rights!!

Stop Patriarchy and others are planning dramatic actions on Jan 22 & Jan 24 for Abortion on Demand & Without Apology. We’re counter-protesting the anti-abortion fanatics in Wash DC and SF on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. We aim to make it clear: This fight is about WOMEN’S LIVES. When abortion is illegal, women die.

THIS JANUARY we want to bring HUGE pictures of women who died from illegal abortion. In many protests, we have carried 11" x 17" enlargements of the pictures included here and the effect is dramatic.

But the graphics are poor quality, very “pixalated” and we can’t enlarge these files any bigger without losing the image altogether.

Can you recreate these images so they will be 6 feet tall? An artistic rendering? What’s your idea?

ALSO, help develop a concept of how these can be effectively and easily displayed. Using PVC pipe? A better idea?

We must have these graphics by Jan 19 at the latest.  Contact us today at stoppatriarchy@gmail.com if you have ideas or want to get involved.

"Stop Patriarchy has successfully moved the dialogue in the abortion debate..."


Mary Lou Singleton, licensed midwife and family nurse practitioner, and founder of Personhood for Women:

Stop Patriarchy is one of the most positive developments toward the true liberation of women to arise in decades. While prevailing neo-liberal forces sell us "feminism” as an array of consumer lifestyle and identity choices, Stop Patriarchy is telling the truth about the degradation and enslavement of women worldwide. Through their unapologetic and bold national actions, Stop Patriarchy has successfully moved the dialogue in the abortion debate away from the tepid rhetoric of choice toward the core issue: without the right to abortion, women are not free. I encourage everyone who passionately desires true liberation for the female half of the population to make a donation supporting the work of Stop Patriarchy.

You can make a one-time donation or become a monthly sustainer of Stop Patriarchy HERE!

I Will NOT Go Quietly Into The Night

From Miriam Schiff, an Abortion Rights Freedom Rider from Colorado: 

“I am a 67 year old woman who went through a horrific ‘illegal’ abortion at the age of 20.  I saw women walking in the streets demanding rights and choices.  The battles were hard won. I am angry, I am pissed off, I am appalled that the state governments are overturning abortion laws and our rights.  I am appalled that more women are not screaming and taking to the streets on a daily basis. I am afraid of the apathy. I am afraid of the demonstrations with no noise or spoken word. I am afraid of the quiet. I have decided I will tell my story, I will not 'go quietly into the night’ This is a war on women our hearts and our souls.”

We WON’T go back! Join in making history this summer, in a determined fight to END the relentless attacks on abortion!

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Send your story to: StopPatriarchy@gmail.com

April 11: Abortion Rights Emergency Speakouts/WEBCAST April 12: Protests!

On April 11: Speakouts on the Abortion Rights Emergency were held in New York, L.A., Seattle & San Francisco. Women’s stories–before Roe v. Wade and today–were brought to life.  We honored those who risk their lives to provide abortions and we confronted the full anti-woman program driving this war on women. You can watch the entire webcast of the New York City event at www.StopPatriarchy.org including:

  • Dr. Willie Parker, award-winning doctor at the last abortion clinic in Mississippi
  • Sunsara Taylor, writer for revcom.us/Revolution newspaper, leader of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, and initiator of StopPatriarchy.org
  • Merle Hoffman, CEO of Choices Women’s Medical Center, which has provided abortions and other health services to women since 1971
  • Donna Schaper, Senior Minister of Judson Memorial Church
  • Marge Piercy, poet, novelist, memoirist, via video
  • Louise Bernikow, author, historian, long time activist
  • Bill Baird, reproductive rights pioneer, jailed 8 times in the 1960s for lecturing on abortion and birth control
  • David Gunn, Jr., son of first abortion doctor to be assassinated, via video message
  • And testimony from:
  • Susan Cahill, owner of the Montana abortion clinic that was destroyed and closed on March 3, 2013 about how this is an attack on all women
  • Dr. Susan Robinson, one of only four doctors in the U.S. who openly provide late-term abortions; featured in the acclaimed documentary After Tiller
  • Dr. Susan Wicklund, author of This Common Secret; My Journey As an Abortion Doctor
  • Plus:True stories of illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade

Then, on April 12, people took to the streets:

We raised bloody coat-hangers* (representing the fate of women when abortion is illegal) and shackles (representing female enslavement). We held photos of women who died from illegal abortions and doctors who were killed for providing abortions.  After an hour of silent protest, we broke the shackles and pledged to resist until we defeat and reverse these attacks and win Abortion On Demand & Without Apology and the full liberation of women.

This war on women will not go away on its own and will not be stopped by politicians or the courts. We must take responsibility for resisting and defeating these attacks – the lives of women depend on what we do.

Wire coat-hangers were used by many women as an instrument to self-abort when abortion was illegal. 5,000 women in the U.S. are estimated to have died every year from illegal, unsafe abortions before Roe v. Wade legalized abortions.


New York City:

 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

San Francisco:

(All San Francisco photos by Drake Newkirk)

This war on women will not go away on its own and will not be stopped by politicians or the courts.  We must take responsibility for resisting and defeating these attacks – the lives of women depend on what we do.

GET INVOLVED: StopPatriarchy.org

Contact: StopPatriarchy@gmail.com


Between a Rock and a Free Place

from an Abortion Rights Freedom Rider in the Midwest

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a rock. Even now, almost fifty years later, I remember the clarity of that decision.

No, I did not want to be a solid mass of mineral material, I wanted to be the kind of rock that Paul Simon sang about it in 1966. I was a brooding, alienated kid who thought the world was screwed up and adults were squares. Inside my head I screamed about the outrageous injustices and judged everyone who couldn’t read my mind and agree with me. I pulled my mattress into my too small closet and set up my cheap little record player. I lay in the dark for hours listening to the theme song of my life. “I am a rock, I am an island. I have my books and my poetry to protect me. I am shielded by my armor.” I sat in that dark little closet, no fresh air, crowded by bell-bottom pants and paisley print blouses and took comfort in the lyrics of isolation.

Of course Simon was talking about lost love. If he never loved he never would have cried. I did not get that part, or maybe I didn’t care. I was a rock because I was alone. Nobody understood me or took seriously the righteous concerns of my twelve-year-old mind. I saw a country that discriminated against blacks, treated women unfairly and made war not love. I felt condemned to be a loner who saw the horrors of oppression and the stupidity of those who went about their lives as if nothing bad was happening.

It was also Paul Simon who introduced me to the Freedom Riders.

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