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Urgent Prayer Request

Dear Friends, pls pray Divine Mercy Chaplet for ‘Emma’ and 'Assad’. They want to abort one of their twin 😪😪😪

Pls pray for 'Anna’ who gave birth to her beautiful daughter 'Melanie’ 6 weeks ago. Pls pray for her conversion of heart and that she stays faithful to God. She was abused by her ex boyfriend and is still very vulnerable. Could go back to him or enter another damaging relationship.

Just learned on one of the Twinless Twins groups I follow on facebook that there are places it’s allowed to abort one twin if you want a single child instead of the full twin set, regardless if both of them are healthy.

Don’t do this. There’s a whole society of us who have felt the loss of our twins before birth, and it affects our entire lives and how we interact with others.

Don’t condemn your child to be a womb twin survivor just because of what you want at the time. That’s insanely selfish and cruel.

Livejournal Post, 17 January 2010

In the beginning, the Emprah decided to make twenty Magical Clone Babies to lead his hyper-masculinized psychopathic super-warriors. The Ruinous Powers (well, mainly Tzeentch, because he’s the only one who cares about this shit) said, “Oh noes! If the Emprah succeeds, he will guide Humanity through their embarrassing psychic puberty and will then be no more our playthings than the Orkz!” and then Gork pantsed him. After snapping his fingers a few dozen times, he got Khorne and Nurgle’s attention, and Slaanesh wandered over from the Eldar section of the Warp, and they got together and made a giant Warp Gate and sucked all the Magical Clone Babies into it, and then, because it’s Tzeentch, rather than doing the smart thing and killing the little bastards, he threw them around onto inhabited planets where they could grow up big and strong and get a culture and shit.

Then the Emprah had many hilarious adventures running around the Galaxy saving his Magical Clone Babies, and all was well until they decided to make a series where the Magical Clone Babies were all grown up and would be lost based on their own hubris. The Primarchs, as the Magical Clone Babies called themselves, all met horrible fates, and were lost a second time:

1 - Lion el'Johnson, the Dark Angel primarch, lies in enchanted slumber in the ruins of his planet, which was blow’d up by Chaos, waiting for a beautiful prince to kiss him and awaken him.

2 - He was deleted from Imperial Records, probably because he said the Emperor’s pauldrons looked “a little big. Don’t you think you might want to tone it down a little there, Liberace?”

3 - Fulgrim was corrupted horribly by a Daemon Weapon and because The Emprah was too busy to teach any of his sons the powerful psychic shields he’d spent the last 38,000 years perfecting, fell to Chaos.

4 - Perturabo showed great inherent talent at trench warfare and defensive siege warfare. So his dad made him do that shit over and over and over again, I guess in the hopes that he’d get a Trench Warfare scholarship or something, until Perturabo grew to hate his dad, and he rebelled and fell in with Chaos.

5 - Jaghatai Khan rode his motorcycle into the Dark Eldar part of the Webway, and being kind of one of those weekend-biker types with the pretty bike and $2000 leather jacket, was kidnapped by real bikers and was never seen again.

6 - Leman Russ was a hard-drinking asshole and took a bunch of his favorite drinking buddies into the Eye of Terror and, being drunk 24-7, almost certainly promptly drove them into a planet. Being an asshole, they weren’t wearing their seatbelts. No one misses him.

7 - Rogal Dorn is one of the only Primarchs to die heroically. Unfortunately, his Space Marine lackeys are creepy bastards who keep his hands in a drawer and carve their names into the bones.

8 - Konrad Curze was Batman. Tormented by nightmares his whole life, and coming from a planet that was basically Arkham Asylum, Konrad was snubbed by most of his brothers, outright laughed at when he asked for help getting his planet back under control, and eventually committed suicide by cop.

9 - Sanguinus got his ass shivved by Horus. It’s all right though, because he was a filthy mutant.

10 - Ferrus Manus was the guy who was ultimately responsible for Fulgrim’s fall to Chaos. Fulgrim came to him and said, “Hey, our brother Horus is a little concerned that Dad’s gone a little woo-woo, and he’s going to make a bit of a war by way of intervention, because it’s the only language dad understands.” and, at the time, Fulgrim actually believed this. But Ferrus Manus freaked out and said, “NOOOOO! THAT CAN’T BE TRUE! OUR FATHER IS AWESOME!” and attacked Fulgrim. Fulgrim, being more of a badass than Ferrus Manus could ever be, chopped off his head. He was sad then, and the Daemon Weapon he had said, “I can make you not sad anymore.” and Fulgrim, not knowing a goddamn thing about Chaos or Daemons, said, “Okay.” and the Daemon burned out Fulgrim’s soul and took over.

11 - We’re fairly certain that Magical Clone Baby #11 was a girl, and so the Emprah never looked too hard for her.

12 - Angron kept getting treated like a bitch by his father, who also went out of his way to not only betray every value Angron held dearly but also to forbid him to raise his own Space Marine kids the way Angron himself was raised. Angron finally got sick of that shit, and joined Horus’ Intervention.

13 - Roboute Gulliame was a kiss-up and a brown-noser to his Father, but treated every other one of his brothers like some sort of half-witted fuck-up. Finally, Daemon Fulgrim couldn’t put up with any more of that shit and stabbed his brother in the neck. Good riddance.

14 - The Emprah stole the only thing Mortarion ever cared about, so when Horus declared he was having an intervention for his father’s massive assholery, Mortarion joined up tout suite. Then Nurgle held him hostage in the Warp until he and his Space Marine legions agreed to worship Nurgle in exchange for not dying of horrible diseases. Mortarion never really got to have that intervention.

15 - Magnus the Red had one shtick - he was really, really good at Warp Sorcery. So, of course, the Emprah forbids him from doing it. When Magnus finds out that Horus was not only going to have an intervention, but planned on beating their dad up, Magnus, being a good son, used Warp Sorcery to get a message to the Emprah as quickly as possible. Magnus barely got two words out before his dad flipped his shit and sent Leman Russ out to drag Magnus back to his room on Terra and ground him. Magnus was understandably put out, and joined Team Chaos, while the Emprah never found out about Horus’ plans until Horus started dropping orbital fucking bombs on his house.

16 - Horus was the Emprah’s favorite and put in charge of his other brothers. Then the Emprah decided that sharing any sort of information with his son and commander-in-chief would be stupid, and stopped talking to him, locking himself up in the garage, working on a way to hijack the Webway. Out in the wilderness, Horus got infected with a little bit of Chaos, which made him a little crazy, and the Ruinous Powers were able to convince him that his dad’s suspicious behavior was a sign that he’d betrayed everything he’d brought Horus up to believe, and then they possessed his ass (Not even the Emprah’s favorite is allowed to learn about psychic shielding, apparently!) and started killing bitches.

17 - Lorgar was brought up in a strict religious environment. The Emprah hated religion. Rather than explain this to Lorgar and use some of that logic and science to give Lorgar some perspective, he gives him 10,000 superhuman killing machines and tells him to go conquer in his name. Then, when Lorgar, rather understandaby, takes his time to thoroughly pacify a planet and make them ultimately loyal to his dad, the Emprah reams him out for “all this religion bullshit” and for “taking too damn long. Your brothers Roboute and Leman have conquered, like, a hundred more planets than you. Each!” So, when a offer came along to worship some gods that LIKED being worshiped and didn’t care how long it took you to conquer the universe, Lorgar took the offer.

18 - Vulkan was the token black Magical Clone Baby. When that asshole Roboute took over the Primarchs and laid out all sorts of quotas and laws that basically screwed over the brothers, Vulkan said, “Fuck this shit.” and disappeared forever.

19 - Corax was insecure and didn’t have many space marines of his own. So, he tried making a bunch of his own, but they were ugly monster-mutants, and since The Emprah and his brothers Roboute and Leman were massive racists and hated mutants, he ended up having to kill them. Then he sulked in his room for a year, before driving into the Eye of Terror, where he probably got hit by the planet Leman Russ drove into and knocked out of orbit.

20 - Alpharius and Omegon were twins, and the youngest Magical Clone Babies. Their older brother Roboute mocked them for not having conquered as many worlds as he had, even though he’d been at it for 200 years before the Emprah even found them. But even then, they tried to be nice, until some wacky alien masons told him that Horus needed to succeed at his intervention, or the Emprah would start covering everything with skulls and bad Latin and flying aborted fetuses. Well, the twins were having none of that shit, so they joined Horus. Whereupon, Roboute killed one of them, and the other one was never seen again.

A sad story, of a dysfunctional family. It’d make a kick-ass anime. But that’s the story of why the Primarchs were lost. Both times.

Pregnancy Plot Bucketlist
  • planned pregnancy
  • unplanned pregnancy
  • mpreg
  • abortion
  • miscarriage
  • twins
  • triplets
  • multiples
  • in vitro fertilization
  • surrogate
  • friends with benefits and pregnant
  • teen preg
  • abusive relationship + pregnancy
  • high-risk pregnancy
  • not-your-kid pregnancy
  • birth defects pregnancy
  • one night stand pregnancy
  • pregnant with enemy’s baby
  • pregnant with stranger’s baby
  • married and pregnant
  • low-income and expecting
  • high-income and expecting
  • dating and pregnant
  • forbidden love and pregnant
  • long distance and pregnant
  • unwanted child
  • adoption
  • absentee parent
  • rocky relationship and pregnant
  • unprepared but pregnant
  • drug/alcohol addicted and pregnant
  • no sex pregnancy
  • stillborn
  • premie

anonymous asked:

Could you do a SITS in where MC dies during childbirth and how her guy takes care of their twins? Thank you!!!

There is another Anon requesting the same and I will combined the request. Also the replied will be split into 3 characters each as the writing is too long. First up will be these 3 first. I will load the rest when I finished.

Base on their POV

Kyohei Rikudoh
“Yoshio, Yasuko, are both of you ready? We don’t want to keep your mum waiting.” I shouted and I can hear footsteps running down the stairs.

“We are coming.” The kids shouted.

As I drive toward our destination, I hear the twins chatting happily together. Times flies and they are now 5 years old. Things were slowing down for me for the past 5 years for the sake of the twins. I just concentrate on the Producer rather than being a singer myself. They need me. With the help of my sister and my mum, we somehow make it through.

“Here we are. Both of you suppose to clean up the tomb surrounding area. Make sure it is clean.” I reminded them and see them start cleaning up.

“Hi ______, we are here to visit you. Do you miss us? We definitely miss you, especially me.” I whispered sadly.

I can’t help recall that day when _____ was pushed into the emergency room whenever I visit here. She met with an accident and had to perform an emergency surgery and also deliver the twins. I prayed outside the room and hopefully everything will be fine. However, I lost her that day. I collapsed when the doctor told me that they only managed to save the twins. I sobbed uncontrollably as I embraced her body. However, I had to pull myself together for our twins.

Things were really crazy back then. I lost count how many sleepless nights I had to learn how to make milk, shower the twins etc. I am basically panicking when they both cried at the same time. I also lost count how many nights I have sobbed quietly, wishing she was here with me but of course that is not possible. I finally get through the stage with my help from my sister and mum but I still miss her.

“I talk about you to them every night. Yasuko getting to look more like you and she is happy when I told her that. I really miss you.” I said and touch the photo while tears flow down my cheek.

Iori Enjo
“Daddy!” Shouted the twins when they saw me fetching them from school and I carry them in each of my arms.

“I score 100 marks for my test today.” Yasuko exclaimed.

“So am I.” Yoshio said eagerly, not wanting to lose up.

“Well done, kids. Should we go tell mum about it?” I asked happily and both of them nodded their head eagerly.

As we make our way them, I can feel my heart warmth up. I can’t believe it has been 5 years since then. I lost her, the only woman who I had loved. There was a complication during the delivery and doctor only managed to save the kids. I can’t accept the fact of losing her and shut myself in my room for days until my dad who I hardly keep in touch, came and knock me to sense. He is right; I have my twins to take care. I am their dad and I know that she wants me to take care and love them.

I still remembered my reaction when I first take a look at them after I left my room. They are so lovely and each of them have a little of her and me. They are our children. I sobbed and I promised that I will take good care of them. For the sake of the kids, I left Revance and take over my dad’s business. I have also learnt how to change their diapers, clothing, cooking baby food etc. Life was tough but that stage was finally over with the help of Matsunaga.

“The kids have something to tell you.” I said proudly when we arrived at her tomb and the kids fighting to report their result to her.

“I still miss you. Please continue to watch over us.” I muttered sadly to myself as I watch over the kids and look straight to the photo at her grave.

Kota Igarashi
I waked up to see the sky so bright and realized that it is already 8am in the morning when I gaze over my alarm clock. Wait, 8am? I jumped out of bed in panicked and head straight to the twins’ room.

“Yoshio, Yasuko, wake up! We are late for school.” I shouted nervously.

“Dad, is school holiday now.” Yoshio said sleepily.

“Plus, it is Saturday today.” Yasuko added.

I sighed in relieve and flop down on a chair near them. It had been almost 5 years since she left but my life can still be crazy when it come to the twins. Although I can said that it had improved over the years but how I wish she was here with us. Holding the photo frame which was placed in the room, I can’t help but recalled that day when the doctor asked us to decide abort the twins as her pregnancy would endanger her life. However, she simply refused despite I tried to persuade her and gave birth to the twins. Of course she lost her life at the end. She even forced me promised her to be strong and take good care of our children. I sobbed for days when she left me but I need to fulfil the promise I made to her.

I left Revance and just concentrate on my acting, so that I have more time for the kids. I had learnt to wake up early or even in the middle of the night to make milk for them. Somehow I get through with the help of my family. Although overslept still do happen once in a while.

“Yoshio, Yasuko, do you want to visit your mum?” I called out to them. They immediately jump up of bed to get ready. I smiles at the sight in front of me.

“______, we are coming to see you. I really miss you.” I muttered in my heart, as I placed the photo back to its position.

“How could I choose between the two? I would always look at the twin which survived and think ‘I killed someone to save you.’”

At 10 weeks gestation, doctors told Carmelle Hartgrove that her unborn #twins were monoamniotic and monochorionic, and that they were unlikely to both survive. They recommended she #abort both twins, or abort one to give the other a better chance of survival. 

Carmelle and her husband refused to accept either option, choosing to continue the #pregnancy with BOTH twins. Despite the pregnancy risks, both twins were born via c-section and are perfectly #healthy today! 

We’re so proud of Carmelle and her husband for standing up for their twins! It’s frightening how frequently and inaccurately #doctors advocate for #abortion—this trend needs stop.

A Clarification

I’ve seen and heard over the past weeks that some people consider “pro-choice” to be “anti-natalist” (aka against child birth). 

Just no. 

I mean, that might be the silliest complaint I’ve ever heard reguarding the pro-choice movement.  


Individuals in the pro-choice movement may have made the personal decision to not have children, and these individuals may be vocal about it. 

That is FINE.  

There are also individuals in the pro-choice movement that have had children and want to have more and need support. 


Anti-Choice people have been baffled by the ability to be pro-choice, pro-abortion, and BE PREGNANT.  This article blew their minds. 


There is also a really great tumblr for this subject, too. 


This “anti-natalism” bunk stops here.  Period. 

Abortion rights leader’s pregnancy surprises opponents: ‘Is that real?’
NARAL President Ilyse Hogue is pregnant. Some say it’s ironic. She says it makes her more determined.
By http://facebook.com/ellenmccarthywriting

My favourite part is the fact that after tweeting their congratulations to her, LifeNews posted an article titled “Head of Pro-Abortion Group 36 Weeks Pregnant With Twins But She Thinks It’s Okay to Kill Them.” Reminds me of those anons we get of people who are shocked when we congratulate others on their pregnancies. I just don’t quite get what part of the word “choice” antis can’t seem to wrap their heads around.