abortion provider appreciation day

We’re grateful to the compassionate and courageous doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and health center staff who work every day to keep patients healthy and ensure they have access to the reproductive health care they need — including safe and legal abortion.

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March 10 is the National Day of Appreciation of Abortion Providers. Obviously, on this day, it’s customary to offer our profound gratitude to the physicians, nurse practitioners, nurse-midwives, and physician assistants without whom abortion care would not be possible at all. But I want to make sure some other people aren’t forgotten, because many, many people go into abortion care in many, many different ways.

Thank you to the nurses, medical assistants, phlebotomists, sonographers, receptionists, and bookkeepers who allow those who physically perform the abortion procedure to concentrate on their work.

Thank you to the maintenance crews, IT people, custodians, sanitation pros, security guards, and clinic escorts who make clinics a safe, clean, and well-run place to come.

Thank you to everyone who provides emotional support for people in need of abortion, from professional therapists to supportive friends to doulas to clinic counselors to organizations like Exhale and Backline.

Thank you to the many local, state, and national organizations that help people pay for an abortion procedure. (Special shout out to the Lilith Fund, which is the major grassroots organization in my area.)

Thank you to attorneys who work pro bono to navigate the legal process for people in need of abortion who are under 18 and cannot obtain parental consent. (Special shout out to Jane’s Due Process, which is the major judicial bypass support organization in my area.)

Thank you to translators who help my patients who can’t speak English communicate with us in a complex, emotional, and challenging situation.

Thank you to pro-choice legislators in local, state, and federal governments for fighting tooth and nail to try to ensure that abortion is not only theoretically legal but also physically accessible, usually in the face of overwhelming opposition. Likewise, thank you to activists from organizations like NARAL who campaign tirelessly to ensure abortion remains safe, legal, and accessible to anyone who needs it.

Thank you to the bus drivers, cab drivers, friends, and family who get patients safely to and from the clinic.

Thank you to every friend and loved one who has given an abortion patient enough comfort to write their name in the “in case of emergency” field on the intake form.

I see you. You matter. You do good. Thank you.

Planned Parenthood’s compassionate and highly skilled doctors, advanced practice clinicians, nurses, physician assistants, and health center staff provide access to safe and legal abortion for people every single day, and they do this in the face of continuing political attacks. Thanks to them — and to everyone who has fought for decades to keep abortion safe and legal — my abortion story was very much unremarkable.
—  Diana Danieli, Thank You, Planned Parenthood Abortion Providers via The Medium
National Abortion Providers Appreciation Day

Remember those that lost their lives to pro-life / anti-choice terrorism

National Abortion Providers Appreciation Day was started to remember Dr. David Gunn, killed by Michael F. Griffin.  Shot in the back as Griffin shouted “Stop killing babies”. 

Today’s Video

We’re finishing up this week’s video. What I need from you is a curious mind. The topic is self-induced abortions: How we’ve done them for millennia and the safest, easiest method we have for doing them now. 

I’ve been working on this episode for about a month, since seeing the documentary Vessel.  Vessel is about an organization called Women on Waves renting a ship to pick up women from countries where abortion is illegal, sailing them to international waters, inducing abortions, and returning the women home safely. The film moved me so much that I decided it was my responsibility to share the information with even more of an audience. You. 

As it turns out we weren’t able to get everything together for our regularly scheduled Wednesday upload and the video had to be pushed back a day. Today.

Today is National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day! the perfect day to release our video. Even though so many of the tactics we list in the episode (~100) are self-induced, meaning a person can do them without the help of others, providers are incredibly valuable in the experience of ending pregnancies. They are there to help navigate the decisions, answer questions, calm nerves, show respect, perform the abortion when necessary, guide the process, and hold space for the recovery. They are there when so much of the world isn’t.

One of the things I learned from watching Vessel and my own research on abortions is that people want them. They will put their own lives and freedoms at risk to return to their menstrual cycles. They will induce abortions at any cost. So while their decision may be controversial, their need for safe methods is not.

Dinner conversation

Daughter, 7 years old: “So Mom, what kind of patients did you see today?”

Me: “I saw pregnant women and girls who didn’t want to be pregnant."

Daughter: "How did you help them?"

Me: "I did a procedure—like a little surgery—to remove the pregnancy."

Younger daughter, 4 years old: "From the uterus? I have a uterus. That’s where babies are."

Me: "Wow, how do you know that?” (Feeling impressed she came up with *uterus* on her own.)

Younger daughter: “We have a book at my school about making babies.”

Love my job, love my smart, curious little girls who are learning all about their bodies, and about abortion like it is a normal part of women’s health care. (Also love my daughter’s preschool!)

—From a family medicine physician 

I can honestly say I absolutely love my job. In the course of everybody’s jobs there are always difficulties and frustrations and bad days. But I work every day feeling, though maybe exhausted and needing a break for the evening, feeling like I helped women. That, to me, makes it all worthwhile.

Dr. Dana Kusnir on being an abortion provider.