abortion propaganda

I’ve seen so many posts today like:
“The church/conservatives force women to keep their fetuses, then treat the women like crap if they do!!!!!”

Within 20 miles of my home, there are THREE homes for teen moms, and TWO homes/support centers for women/single mothers, all of which provide care and council. ALL OF WHICH ARE OPERATED BY LOCAL CHURCHES, AND DONATIONS OF CHURCH AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS.

And what have local pro-choicers/liberal “women’s rights” activists done to support these women? Nothing to support them, that’s for sure. If anything, they use these women as abortion propaganda. They point and say “See this teenage girl who isn’t going to college because she’s raising a child? IF ONLY SHE’D HAD AN ABORTION.” Instead of supporting her choice to give birth, and supporting her as a woman.

I long for the day when pro-abortion media is looked back on like The Birth of a Nation or Nazi propaganda films. When today’s respected leaders, doctors, and humanitarians endorsing abortion sounds as nonsensical as their predecessors endorsing slavery or the Holocaust. When pro-choice sympathizers are as (rightly) ostracized as Neo-Nazis and other white supremacists are today.

I just received the World’s Creepiest “Christmas Card”

When I first saw this, I thought was the world’s creepiest Christmas Card, but I flipped it over and discovered that it is actually some sort of anti-abortion propaganda. 

Here are some of the more disturbing excerpts:

Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, did not enter our world through a birth canal. he did not begin his earthly in a manger in Bethlehem. He began his human life in the womb of a young unmarried woman who was not planning to be with child.


The incarnation of Christ stands in direct conflict with all forms of child sacrifice. Modern forms include chemical and surgical abortion, the use of abortifacient drugs and devices designed to make the womb inhospitable for human embryos, and all destructive methods associated with the dehumanizing practice of producing children outside of the womb (IVF). Christ continues His work today as He leads His people to actively bring the Gospel of His Kingdom into conflict with the practice of human abortion.

This is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. 

There’s a Christian pro-life club at my university and I’m assuming it’s them who’ve covered all the sidewalks in pro-life/anti-abortion propaganda with chalk? Stuff like “Canada is one of the least restrictive countries for abortion” and “a babies heart starts beating at 21 days” like if you don’t agree with abortion, don’t have one, but don’t shame other women for their choice. Im gonna see if I can cover them up or wash them off or do both and write pro choice stuff beside it? I’ll go to the dollar store after my thing at 5:30 and buy chalk.

At the abortion clinic where I worked, I readily believed all of the misinformation fed to me about the “antis” holding those gory signs outside. I was told that pro-lifers cared nothing about women or families or children—only babies, and only unborn babies at that. I was told story after story about how this pro-life group or that crisis pregnancy center lied to women to “trick” them into staying pregnant and then would abandon them after the growing baby was beyond the legal limit for abortion. The most vivid (tall) tale I remember was of some unnamed group who extended financial assistance, prenatal care, and even drove a young mother to the hospital while she was in labor only to drop off a box of diapers the next day and refuse to return her calls after that….

This is pro-abortion propaganda.

Since coming over to the side of life, I have been thrilled to confirm that these stories are baseless lies. It is shocking to me that the pro-abortion side continues to propagate these blatant untruths in spite of real evidence to the contrary. The pro-life movement is peopled by honest, dedicated, generous, and often pious people. The pro-life movement includes individuals and families who adopt “unwanted” babies, “imperfect” babies, “disabled” babies and donate time, money, and energy to stopping abortion. …

Many crisis pregnancy centers don’t just do pregnancy tests but also offer relationship counseling, parenting workshops, family counseling, babysitting co-ops, post-abortion support, and much more—for FREE—and without hundreds of millions of dollars from American taxpayers.

—  Jewels Green, former abortion clinic worker

Okay. There are 750 PP clinics, and 1,800 abortion providers in the US. 22% of abortion clinics are in minority neighborhoods. If 79% of PPs abortion clinics are in those neighborhoods, that would mean that 592 clinics are there, and that makes out 32% of all abortion clinics.

The math doesn’t add up. 

Funny how easy it can be to debunk pro-life propaganda by looking up the actual facts, and not believing “lifesitenews”.


The Appointment - A Mother’s Choice


Sentience matters. 

And look SHE MADE THE CHOICE.  Some weirdo dream sequence “helped” her make the “right” choice, but ultimately, it was HERS to make.  Notice how no one in the clinic tried to stop her after she made her choice.  Notice how no one in the clinic tried to convince her of something she didn’t want to do.  Notice how SHE made the CHOICE.

That is all any of us want.  To be FREE to make a CHOICE.

as a young LGBTQ+ person who lives in the United States I fear for the safety and well being of my fellow LGBTQ+ people if a republican president is elected. I fear for the 60% of my town who are immigrants from Mexico. I fear for the beautiful mountains and glacial lakes around me if a republican president is elected. I fear for the country as we know it, I fear for all POC, for all immigrants, for people all across the world. Because if a republican president is elected you can say goodbye to LGBTQ+ rights, you can say goodbye to clean air, you can say goodbye to immigrants, you can say goodbye to women’s rights. You can say hello to war with Iran, you can say hello to anti-gay and anti-abortion propaganda, please vote democrat. I don’t give a fuck who you vote for just vote democrat, please.