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Bad Experiences at the Abortion Clinic

Doctors have bad days.  So do nurses.  Doctors can be rude, unfeeling, and distant.  So can nurses.  Doctors and nurses screw up.  Maybe not in the procedure, but they sure can be cold, unfeeling, passive, not meet your emotional needs, etc. 

So can doctors and nurses that provide abortions. 

Abortion doctors and nurses, front desk and office staff, are HUMAN. 

Abortion care is, like all things, a job that they do.  A job that is stressful, not only because of the patients health, but because of outside influences (protesters, death threats, laws to shut down clinics, laws to make the practice of abortion illegal, community pressures, the list goes on forever) 

A job that can be stressful and a job that they do everyday.  A job that gets to be pretty routine.  Sometimes, you forget that what may be routine for you isn’t routine for others, and that it may be scary or stressful. 

I have to keep that in mind when I escort. 

I do this all the time.  I’m used to the anti’s.  The patients are not.  I can say “eh, its no big deal”, but IT COULD BE a big deal to them.  It is scary.  It is stressful. 

I screw up sometimes. 

We all screw up sometimes. 


I love and appreciate all providers and staff.

Abortion on demand is good for our society.

When people tell me they had a bad experience at a PP or an independent clinic, I will ALWAYS say to report it and talk to someone at that clinic.  

We aren’t perfect.  We all screw up.  

It is important that we are told when we screw up so we can get better and be mindful of our actions. 

It’s sort of a taboo topic but people still go around saying abortion is murder, i do not have a personal experience with abortion but i had the chance of being impregnated during non consenting “sex” and would not have wanted the child. Stop telling people that abortions are wrong, you cant know the circumstances in how the feotus was made or how it would impact the mother.

Please don’t delete my captions

Lord, I pray for women who are suffering because they chose abortion. May they experience Your love and mercy, and may they find peace in the knowledge that their babies are with You. I pray also for fathers and grandparents who experience the pain of loss through abortion as well.
Be with those also, however, who have had their children killed through abortion or pressured a woman to choose this violent route, but are not aware of the damage it has done to their souls. Have mercy on those who know not what they have done. Awaken their consciences that they may seek Your forgiveness and be saved.
Sweet Holy Children, murdered in the womb, pray for your mothers, pray for women considering the violence of abortion, and pray for the unborn who remain unprotected.

Make no mistake

Pro-choice people talk a lot about positive abortion experiences because it helps to destigmatize the procedure, but if your abortion experience was:

- negative
- painful
- the worst decision you ever made
- a mix of conflicting emotions

Your experience and feelings are valid too. Don’t ever think that there’s something wrong with you for feeling the way you do. Abortion isn’t the right choice for everyone, regardless of your opinion on it. Emphasizing positive experiences can make it seem like negative or mixed ones should be silenced, but if you ever want to share, don’t be afraid to. No one’s experience is the standard.

If you ever need someone to talk to, I am always here for you. ❤️

I want to address the desire to get pregnant again after a sad abortion experience. I hear this often and can relate. Surely it makes sense to want to re do a pregnancy scenario, and choose another option, if the option we did choose left us hurting.
For me, I want my next pregnancy to be a joyous occasion. I want everyone who hears of it to jump with excitement and genuinely congratulate me. I don’t want to have to second guess anything or have a nagging sense of dread. After a traumatic pregnancy, and abortion, I deserve for my next one to be full of smiles, love, and comfort. I will do everything in my power to make sure that’s how it happens. Of course I sometimes think how nice it would be to have that now, to re write the past, but I can’t have that now, and it’s worth the wait for me!

In the early hours of June 25, 2013, I found myself doing something I could never have imagined. Lying back on my bed, I winced as a doctor inserted a catheter tube into my bladder. No, I wasn’t preparing for surgery. I was preparing for what I knew would be 13 hours on the Texas Senate floor in an attempt to kill a bill aimed at blocking women’s access to abortion.

But the story actually begins much earlier than that. It begins with my own abortion experiences: first in 1994, when I discovered I was carrying a pregnancy in one of my fallopian tubes, rather than my uterus, and again in 1996, when I faced the heartbreaking reality that my much wanted pre-born baby was suffering from an unsustainable neurological defect. These experiences settled somewhere deep in me, creating an even greater resolve than I’d had before that decisions about terminating a pregnancy belong to a woman, her partner, her doctor and her god. They do not belong to a bunch of politicians using women’s bodies as a wedge issue to gain votes.

Knowing that the 2013 bill before the Texas Senate would almost assuredly close off access to abortion for women in the rural and southern portions of my state, I gathered that resolve and headed to the Capitol, catheter in place. I was greeted there by signs my friends from Planned Parenthood had passed around that read “Stand With Wendy.” Two years and two months later, I proudly “stand with Planned Parenthood” and the women and men it serves, as it faces extremists in the U.S. Congress who are on a mission to defund it.

Let’s be clear: Monday’s U.S. Senate debate on defunding Planned Parenthood wasn’t about the use of fetal tissue for research.

— Wendy Davis for Mic

You know what?

If you’re going to write horrible things on someone’s abortion story: just stop. Send that shit to me instead. Send me 5 asks, 15 asks, or even a submission with all your hate. Write it out until every piece of hatefulness has left your brain. Let me read what you have to say.

But don’t you fucking dare write your hate on someone’s story. They have a lot of courage for choosing to be open with their experience and they don’t need your negativity.

I’m gonna protect people with abortion experiences at all costs.

I’m sure a lot of you heard about the national Pro-Life chalk day. It’s coming up September 24th, 2015. (Yes, a Thursday.) 

So, as pro-choicers, we have a couple ways to counter: 

1) While they’re plastering their messages on the street, we plaster our own pro-choice support online. (Their theme, this year, is #womenbetrayed. So, I suggest we try something like #TrustOurChoices or #TrustInAbortion.)

2) Traverse the public walkways with water and/or chalk of your own. Often, anti-choicers speak over people who have abortion experiences so I, personally, don’t see a problem with washing their messages away or tailoring them to be more abortion positive. (Remember,

3) Orchestrate our own Pro-Choice Chalk Day, before or after the 24th.

If you choose to counter their efforts, please be careful. Your safety means more than proving pro-lifers wrong.  Plus, there’s always the online efforts, which reach far and wide and circulate for a long time!

I ask that people make images for September 24th with hashtags for the occasion. (#trustinourchoices and #trustinabortion, as I’ve suggest; but please suggest more!)

In Light of Recent Events

If you have had an abortion at Planned Parenthood, and decided to have the remains donated to science, burned, or given back to you for funeral/cremation purposes- You did the best thing for yourself and I support you.
If these videos and subsequent discussions around abortion remains and stem cell research are triggering you please reach out for support. You are not alone, it’s okay to have feelings about all of this.
Exhale is a Pro Voice talk line, available to all women and men with abortion experiences- (888) 474- 8149
Backline is a Pro Choice support line for all issues related to pregnant, abortion, adoption, and parenthood- (888) 493- 0092
The National Hotline for Abortion Recovery is a Pro Life hotline where people can call who specifically wish to recover from their abortion- (866) 482-5433

On September 24th, 2015:


andtweet, post, reblog, share our experiences, show our support!

We’re going flood the Internet! Make images, share facts, make yourself heard!

  • Share your abortion experiences (please, remember not to share others’ experiences unless they explicitly do not mind!)
  • Share your support
  • Spread abortion facts
  • Spread abortion support helplines and forums

Also, show your support for Planned Parenthood in light of the smear campaign by CMP by also using #standwithPP!

No one deserves to be forced into a pregnancy!

My life isn't tragic nor will I ever pretend that is has been. But, venting about a personally tramatic experience is good for the soul.

I recently had an abortion which was honestly one of the most painful experiences I have ever had both physically and emotionally. I am about to vent about it and the circumstances that lead up to it here under a read more. If you want to read it to understand me and my life better: I appreciate it to the moon and back. If you read it to judge me: more power to you but keep your comments to yourself.

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Surgical abortion doesn’t hurt.  It’s sad that so many people have that misconception.  There was mild cramping, but nothing worse than what you would get from an average period.  Not to mention that they dope you up to high hell.  I think my boyfriend was entertained by how doped up I was for the entire day.  I could have gone back to work the next day, but because I believed in all of the false information out there, I took a four day weekend and hoped that it would be enough. 

I will never regret it and it doean’t even come close to the most traumitzing moment in my life.  I’ve had falls that were more traumatic. 

I hope that anyone who is questioning whether an abortion is right for them, that they will talk to somebody who knows. 

Kathryn shares her medication abortion experience as a college student in California and the post-abortion ritual she and her partner performed afterward.

(Published on September 9 , 2014 | Listener: Melissa Madera | Location: New York, NY)

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I think today is a great day to remind people that lesbians, asexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, those who identify with any and all sexual identities, trans men, and non binary folks have abortions. Gender and sexual identity should not change the way we unconditionally support people’s abortion experiences!