abortion clinic regulations

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I just started following you so I'm not sure if you already answered this. I don't understand why some people are glad that the Texas legislation got turned down. Wouldn't it be a GOOD thing for abortion facilities to meet safety/sanitation standards to help ensure that women are being properly taken care of and the process can run more smoothly?

HB2 was not about protecting patient health. TRAP (Targeted Restrictions of Abortion Providers) laws like HB2 are specifically designed to force clinics to close by forcing them to meet standards they simply can’t most of the time.

For example, abortion providers were being forced to have admitting privileges at a local hospital despite the fact that many hospitals won’t provide these privileges to abortion doctors for several reasons (don’t admit enough patients a year to qualify, Catholic hospitals deny them on principle, etc). On top of that, abortion complications during the procedure itself are exceedingly rare and any complications tend to happen after the patient has already gone home, meaning that these admitting procedures are usually useless. Other TRAP laws include requiring abortion clinics to meet the same requirements as ambulatory surgical centres, something most clinics cannot afford, as these centres have hallways of a certain width to get gurneys down them (which are not necessary in an abortion clinic), parking lots of a certain size, even requirements for the size of the janitor’s closets. TRAP laws were examined multiple times and found not to lead to any improvement in patient in health or safety, especially when you consider that these laws would force clinics to close down. Not because they were unsafe for their patients, but because they simply couldn’t comply with these requirements.

So long story short, no, I am not sad HB2 was ruled unconstitutional. It placed an undue burden on reproductive health by limiting people’s options and leaving them without the ability to attain an abortion in many places. Abortion clinics should absolutely be regulated and held to standards to ensure that doctors are licensed and are working in a safe environment, no one is saying there should be no standards in place, but TRAP laws are designed with the specific purpose of closing clinics for bullshit reasons.

People die in dentists’ chairs every year, but my dentist doesn’t have admitting privileges at the local hospital and their clinic doesn’t double as a surgical centre. Abortion is an overwhelmingly safe procedure and providers are specifically targeted by anti-choice politicians in an attempt to eliminate what is supposed to be a constitutionally protected right.

Since 2010, nine Republican-controlled state Houses have passed TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) laws that intentionally seek to shut down abortion clinics by imposing heavy regulations.

In the states where TRAP laws have been passed, but few clinics remain for the millions of women who reside there. 

However, a significant court ruling in the case of an Alabama abortion clinic facing closure is giving hope to abortion rights supporters.