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Texas lawmaker wants to lock up women who’ve had abortions to teach them “responsibility”

  • Texas state Rep. Tony Tinderholt filed the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act earlier this month, taking the firm stance that such punitive measures are necessary to teach women responsibility.
  • “Right now, it’s real easy,” Tinderholt said to the Texas Observer. “Right now, they don’t make it important to be personally responsible because they know that they have a backup of ‘oh, I can just go get an abortion.’”
  • Tinderholt’s bill would, of course, implement a total ban on abortion, even in the cases of rape, incest or fetal abnormalities. 
  • Under the proposed law, those who provide and receive abortions would face criminal charges as serious as murder. Read more
Double-Tragedy Death, What Lies Beneath

A tragedy took place Friday in Germantown, MD (8 Feb 2013 Daily Mail News Story). In fact, a tragedy was planned, paid for, and executed, and the woman participating in it became an additional victim of it. 

Jennifer Morbelli travelled to so-called Dr. Carhart’s late-term abortion facility in Germantown to have her 8 month old preborn daughter disposed of, and removed from her womb in pieces. She was. 

Not a day later, Jennifer died. Why? Well, perhaps because she went to a butcher instead of a doctor. Others have crowed poetic justice, at her death – I won’t. She went to kill in a culture that calls killing nothing, but it’s rot celebrate her death as well. But I want to emphasize the previous statement: she went to a butcher and expected to be safe.

She went to a man who makes millions tearing very small children limb from limb with sharp medical tools like Sweeney Todd used razors – and she expected to be fine.

She went to kill not only her child, but a child who was viable even without the support of her mother’s body – she went to allow murder, and she expected that the man who did this would be perfectly safe dealing with her body, while he tortured and wrecked her daughter’s.

Is it just me, or is there something contradictory in that?

Abortionists are not doctors: they are killers. “Safe and legal” has been a nonsense catchphrase from the start, not only because of the obvious murder of the little one, but because any man or woman who kills for a living cannot rationally be considered good for anyone’s health.

Abortion hurts women, and our society abandons and degrades and lies to women when it holds up abortion as a viable option to health, hope and equality. Jennifer may not be a victim from the standpoint of what she set out to do. But she most certainly is a victim of a society which has accepted abortion as the law of the land. Her death is the product of a system which allows the unhindered killing of countless millions of children in the name of freedom – the product of a culture which lies to its women.

Deception, right after outright murder, is the height of disrespect. We lie to those we think less of. We lie to those we think we can control. We lie to animals.

So we tell girls like Jennifer murdering a little Madison – who may have disability – is okay. Why? Because obviously, women are like animals; and the disabled must be like dirt, not worth a first breath.

The double death in Germantown, MD was indeed a horror this Friday. The tragedy, however, is the reality it illustrates: we are a society which treats the vulnerable like dirt, and uses our women like animals.

anonymous asked:

Ok ur not a woman and if a child gets pregnant then it ruins her life. Abortion is good

That would be an awesome argument if 90% of pro lifers were men. The truth is that the most of the loudest voices in the don’t-kill-babies movement are women.

That, and my wife would tell you the same thing.

I just spent the holidays with my adopted 3 adopted brothers and my adopted sister.

Try explaining to them the brutal process of abortion and ask them if that should happen to kids whose parents don’t want them.

I’m for the abolition of abortion.

If you’re about to get an abortion, abort the procedure, not the boy or girl.

A March Through Town / Anniversary / of Children as Commodity

Rain, and clay-grey pavement to the sky–dappled concrete could as well be clouds–

but come tip-tap splashing feet, small, skipping through upside-down.

Balloons bob, red, above the heads, dripping fingerpaint colours

to the above-belows; and signs–they carry signs–

postage-stamp lines flayed by traffic noise, headlamp flares, slurred

minute messages, small as hands holding:

 life. speak. be.

protect me.

Falls into the sky–or just a puddle–small hands chafed, muddy

and mummy leans from down below

to pluck the child, sign and all, out of the sky

bring her close and low.

Sign dangling.


Protect me.

life. be. speak.