No human has the right to violate anothers bodily autonomy.

Nobody can use a persons body for anything without their consent!

Pregnancy is not a mere “inconvenience” and it can affect the pregnant person in more ways than you could ever imagine.

Pregnancy can kill the pregnant person.

Pregnancy can interfere with medications that the pregnant person needs to function normally or to survive. Some medications put the fetus at risk of severe defects and even death.

Pregnancy can force a person out of work and mean that the pregnant person can no longer support themselves or their existing family.

Did you know that a majority of the people who have abortions come from areas where there is little to no access to, or education on, contraceptives? Or that a majority of the people who have abortions are living in poverty or low income?

It’s far more than pregnancy being an inconvenience.

Indiana passed a religious freedom bill giving business owners the right to refuse to do things that might go against their religious beliefs. For instance, as has happened a few times now, a bakery might decide it doesn’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Well, the idea of gays possibly being deprived of cake and other commodities sent our society into a tizzy. They yelled and screamed and organized boycotts, insisting that allowing businesses to potentially refuse service, in some circumstances, constitutes a dehumanization of gay people.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, Dynal Lane stabbed Michelle Wilkins in the uterus, cut her open, and ripped out her unborn daughter. Wilkins almost bled to death, and her young daughter died.

The Colorado DA announced that no murder charges will be filed against Lane. Sure, there will be dozens of other charges related to, among other things, attempted murder of Wilkins, but there will be nothing on her rap sheet indicating that she killed a person. That’s because, of course, in Colorado and in the rest of the country, an unborn infant doesn’t count as a person. Yes, some states have laws allowing the baby to be a person if she’s killed by someone other than her mother (a dynamic that doesn’t feel any more just, in my eyes) but, still, nationwide unborn children are legally slaughtered every day. 60 million and counting since 1973.


Yet most of the people insisting that gays have a right to cake will not argue for, and in fact will viciously oppose, the basic right to life for infant children. The dead bodies of children pile up all around us, and all these clowns can do is whine about their right to pastries. It’s preposterous. Also, deplorable, barbaric, and evil. We have a right to PRODUCTS but a baby has no right to be free from decapitation and dismemberment?

It makes no sense. None of it makes any sense:

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—  Matt Walsh
  • Pro-choice:It's better to have an abortion than to bring a child into unfortunate and difficult circumstances.
  • Me:Are you really advocating "Death before discomfort"?
  • Pro-choice:The child deserves better.
  • Me:This ain't no video game. There is no respawn point. No do-overs. Abortion takes a unique life and removes it forever.
  • Pro-choice:But my NEXT child, I'll love and take care of.
  • Me:. . .
  • Pro-choice:Unless she's inconvenient to me, of course .
  • Me:Of course.
How to be a Pro-Choice Activist

Rodney Smith has worked in abortion care for decades. He went to medical school for general surgery while in the Air Force and then served in the Air Force until the mid-1980s. When he retired from active duty, he opened his own private general surgery practice. In the late 1980s, Rodney started performing abortions part time for a West Midwest clinic that was separate from his own practice; he has provided abortion care in many different regions of the country ever since. Given the length of time that Rodney has worked as an abortion provider, his stories with targeted protest range from very recent to over two decades old.

Antiabortion terrorists burned his house and harass him constantly, but he knows why he continues: “The patients”

I wonder if we could ever get tumblr to care about Ireland’s incredibly fucked abortion laws which have led to women’s death.
Over twenty years after X Case were abortions finally legalised in cases where the mother’s life is at risk, including suicide risk.
And that’s it. That’s the only time abortions are legal. Otherwise you’ve got to fly to Britain.

As if we needed more proof from the prolife side it isn’t about “the baaaaaaaaaaaabies” it’s about control. Here’s some more. The prolife community is going to have a LOT to answer for itself at this point. 

So which is it? Saving “babies” or control? Because this stinks of the roots of the prolife movement from the get go, which was to stop people who could become pregnant from using birth control in the first place. 

At this point, they’re digging their movement’s grave and painting themselves into a corner. Suck it up, buttercup. Put your head between your knees and kiss your movement’s ass goodbye. ;) 


1 in 3 women will have an abortion — and these stickers are fighting the stigma 

This week, activists on 75 college campuses created a “pop-up” sticker project, in collaboration with the 1 in 3 campaign, campaign director Julia Reticker-Flynn told Mic. The stickers, which included women’s real stories of abortion in English and Spanish, were posted in high-traffic spaces on their campuses to spark personal dialogues about the role abortion plays in women’s lives. But not everyone was OK with the stickers.

1. I’m pro-abortion because being able to delay and limit childbearing is fundamental to female empowerment and equality. 

A woman who lacks the means to manage her fertility lacks the means to manage her life. Any plans, dreams, aspirations, responsibilities or commitments–no matter how important–have a great big contingency clause built: “until or unless I get pregnant, in which case all bets are off.”

2. I’m pro-abortion because well-timed pregnancies give children a healthier start in life. 

We now have ample evidence that babies do best when women are able to space their pregnancies and get both pre-natal and pre-conception care. The specific nutrients we ingest in the weeks before we get pregnant can have a lifelong effect on the wellbeing of our offspring. Rapid repeat pregnancies increase the risk of low birthweight babies and other complications. Wanted babies are more likely to get their toes kissed, to be welcomed into families that are financially and emotionally ready to receive them, to get preventive medical care during childhood and the kinds of loving engagement that helps young brains to develop.

3. I’m pro-abortion because I take motherhood seriously. 

Most female bodies can incubate a baby, and thanks to antibiotics, cesareans and anti-hemorrhage drugs, most of us are able to survive pushing a baby out into the world. But parenting is a lot of work, and doing it well takes twenty dedicated years of focus, attention, patience, persistence, social support, mental health, money, and a whole lot more. This is the biggest, most life-transforming thing most of us will ever do. The idea that women should simply go with it when they find themselves pregnant after a one-night-stand, or a rape, or a broken condom completely trivialized motherhood.

4. I’m pro-abortion because intentional childbearing helps couples, families and communities to get out of poverty. 

Decades of research in countries ranging from the U.S. to Bangladesh show that reproductive policy is economic policy. It is no coincidence that the American middle class rose along with the ability of couples to plan their families, starting at the beginning of the last century. Having two or three kids instead of eight or ten was critical to prospering in the modern industrial economy. Early unsought childbearing nukes economic opportunity and contributes to multi-generational poverty. Today in the U.S., unsought pregnancy and childbearing is declining for everyone but the poorest families and communities, contributing to what some call a growing “caste system” in America. Strong, determined girls and women sometimes beat the odds, but their stories inspire us precisely because they are the exception to the rule. 

5. I’m pro-abortion because reproduction is a highly imperfect process. 

Genetic recombination is a complicated progression with flaws and false starts at every step along the way. To compensate, in every known species including humans, reproduction operates as a big funnel. Many more eggs and sperm are produced than will ever meet; more combine into embryos than will ever implant; more implant than will grow into babies; and more babies are born than will grow up to have babies of their own. This systematic culling makes God or nature the world’s biggest abortion provider: Nature’s way of producing healthy kids essentially requires every woman to have an abortion mill built into her own body.

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