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the flowey collection

(undertale spoilers)

understanding flowey/asriel is key to understanding some of the most important events in undertale. however, the game must be played again and again in order to see everything he has to say. to save you the trouble, here is collection of imgur albums filled with screenshots of all dialogue relevant to flowey.

important note: if flowey is killed at the end of the photoshop flowey fight, he will not appear again in subsequent neutral routes, until the very end where he destroys asgore’s soul and steals the humans souls. he will appear again as usual in the neutral route after a true reset or genocide erase.

ruins intro

everytime the game is reset, flowey will greet frisk in the ruins. since he can remember resets, his comments will change according to what has been done in previous routes. the only time he will not remember is after the pacifist route or the genocide route

ruins exit

if toriel’s battle is repeatedly reloaded, flowey will comment depending who lives or dies.

flowey stalking

when backtracking, sometimes flowey can be spotted popping back into the ground.

echo flower

flowey leaves a message on an echo flower impersonating toriel, presumably to unnerve frisk. in the “toriel is alive” message, flowey may be admitting that he thinks toriel has forgotten about him.


further information about flowey/asriel can be found in the sepia art and in certain scenes that include papyrus. the library books in particular are critical to understanding how asriel came to wake up as flowey.

monster tale

the monsters tell the story of asriel and chara’s demise. this is only one side of the story, missing key details that are later filled in by flowey/asriel.

photoshop flowey

flowey taunts frisk (or chara) with dialogue before, during, and after the battle. if frisk dies enough at flowey’s hands, flowey will even accused frisk of dying on purpose and accuse them of being a “sicko.” flowey also taunts frisk about running away if the game is closed before dying.

neutral ends

flowey must be spared in order to trigger these dialogues. “no kills” 2 - 6 can be gotten by repeatedly defeating (and sparing) asgore in a route with no kills. while repeatedly finishing the game is labour intensive, it reveals some of the most important information on flowey and his world view.

true lab

the information on asriel found in the true lab fills in the missing pieces about asriel and chara’s deaths as well as how flowey was brought into existence. considering that flowey manipulates frisk into getting to the true lab in the first place (requesting frisk make friends with undyne and alphys) it seems that flowey was trying to show “chara” what happened to him.

pacifist end

flowey becomes asriel dreemurr, the absolute god of hyperdeath. here he taunts and threatens, but eventually breaks down, admitting all of this was orchestrated because he wasn’t ready to let go of chara.

genocide route

the genocide route provides the last bit of information needed to piece together flowey’s story as well as his motivations. it also reveals flowey’s attachment to chara.

no save file

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there are some minor variants if no save file has been created.

neutral: abort genocide

(these links are in the lists above, but here they are together.)

if a genocide route is triggered, but aborted and reset, flowey will refer to frisk as “chara” from then on.

Class discussion - abortion.
  • Teacher: I'm against abortion because you're killing a soul, you're killing a human being
  • Me: I'm not with or against abortion, i'm pro-choice. if the woman wants to keep the fetus or abort it, it's her choice
  • Student: ABORT IT?? it's a soul from god, you're killing a human, it's basically murder
  • Me: it's her body therefore it's her choice
  • Teacher: NO that's not right, you might kill someone who will make our world a better place
  • Me: if a fetus is a baby, then a bundle of wires is a laptop. The potential to become does not equate to that which actually is.
  • *the bell rings*

Apparently, in the wizard world, if you paint a picture of a dead person, presumably with some magic paint or the right enchantment, their memories and the essence of their personality will be on canvas. Forever. For example, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, former Slytherin headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black is forced to take orders from his philosophical enemy and student Hermione Granger – and he is pissed off about it.

Who cares, right? Well, what’s stopping that situation from being reversed – if, after Hermione dies, she gets painted into a portrait and is forced to help some future generation of evil wizard Nazis?

That brings us to our second point. Not every magical portrait is going to be of a Dumbledore or a comic-relief character like the Fat Lady at the entrance to Gryffindor Tower. What if some idiot paints a picture of Voldemort? Will it carry all of his evil genius and scheming? Is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and also Has-an-Abortion-for-a-Soul going to be able to help plan the next Event-That-Would-Be-Awful? Somebody in Potterland didn’t think this through.

6 Horrifying Implications of the Harry Potter Universe

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What would you do if Spirt found your blog? (Especially now with all the SoMa)



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Someone said that it wouldn't have mattered if they had been aborted because they said their soul would have been put into another person and reincarnated. What do you make of that?

I don’t believe in reincarnation. But if you do, does that mean it’s okay to kill a toddler because they’d be reincarnated anyway? Does the possibility or even assurance of an afterlife justify murder in this life?

No. And the government shouldn’t make laws based on different beliefs about the afterlife. The government’s job is to deal with this life, not the next. And in this life, we don’t allow murder - except apparently the murder of the most vulnerable, our preborn children.