abort me please


Such the patriarchy.

[A clarification for those who haven’t watched PLM yet: Tom is not Claire’s partner (Claire’s the one who had the abortion), they’re just friends. The other girl, Ella, is his girlfriend.]

hey lads its time for Try Not to Think About Your Future While Your Current Life is Really Damn Stressful and No One is Helping Time™ 

and Reign in Those BPD Feelings Before They Drag Out Depression and Irritation Hour™

I don’t often bring up controversial topics on my tumblr, but this deeply bothered me.

So I saw a video on abortion, and I felt that it really downplayed the decision of getting an abortion. The video made it seem equivalent to the birth control pill.

I’ve never had an abortion, so I suppose I’d like others to share their or a loved one’s experience.

While I believe that sexual health and neonatal care are extremely important, I do not think that abortion should be discussed casually.

Please understand that I’m not meaning to offend anyone who has had an abortion or who has strong feelings about abortion. I just want to hear out people who have had experiences that I haven’t.

Please message me with your experiences with abortions, and validate (or disagree) that abortion should be spoken about seriously, and should not be an option taken lightly.

Thanks so much, sorry to bother. xx

amaranth121-deactivated20170123  asked:

I HEREBY REQUEST SOME FREAKIN' FLUFF-TASTIC CUDDLY AUs WITH MANY SQUEES AND MAYBE SOME SMOOCHIN' (I'm loving your prompts so much they fill me with thoughts and feels thankyouthankyouthankyou)

(aaaaah thank you soooo much~!! i’m glad, that’s what we’re going for!) AND SURE HAVE SOME FLUFF :D

  • when you yawn you make the cutest little noise but you don’t know you do it
  • you cuddle in your sleep but you insist that it’s me hey i’m not complaining
  • i’m gonna just move a little closer while we’re watching the movie- shit you noticed me aBORT ABORT please tell me they didn’t realize what i was doing
  • i was trying to write a poem for you for your birthday but i never finished any and now you’ve found my notebook with scraps of poems in it sHIT
  • it’s cold let’s cuddle under this blanket
  • you got me this very beautiful bracelet but it doesn’t quite fit can we get it re-sized what do you mean you’ll switch it out with a ring???- oh OH
  • hey stop flirting with them they’re mine (relax you big doofus we were just talking)
  • when i can’t sleep you make me some tea and then ramble about nothing until i get bored doze off
  • i had a nightmare, i’m just gonna hold you a little tighter okay?
  • i love it when you play with my hair and you love playing with it but i always end up falling asleep on accident

I hope these were fluffy enough for you! :D


cries softly i said it because there was a disaster happening at 7pm on a friday night and was annoyed about it, and he usually Understands These Things

but he was like, this isn’t funny hannah, it’s a big issue

and i was just like OH NO, ABORT, ABORT, PLEASE KILL ME, H E L P

he did apologise for being snappy tho so i think we’re all good