It has been 2 years since 22-year old Ms Dhu died in police custody. Ms Dhu was not ‘faking it’ as some custodial and medical staff presumes; she was in agonizing pain. As a victim of domestic violence, Ms Dhu was also subject to the weaponry of institutional state violence; effectively incarcerated by those who are supposedly meant to protect. For 2 years Ms Dhu’s family have been searching for answers and searching for justice, however both are yet to be found.

not sure how to word this without sounding like an ignorant asshole....

im planning out a story and 

do i possibly have any Aboriginal followers who are willing to tell me about the culture theyve grown up in, the dialect(s) they may speak, and the troubles they face here in australia?

i dont personally know any aboriginal people, and while my story isnt ABOUT aboriginal people in modern australia, australia does exist in the world im making and id like to include at least one australian and have them not be a caricature of what i ‘think’ aboriginal people are like/live like…because i really dont know much at all.

Young boy stripped, carried by neck in NT youth detention
Shocking vision shows a young boy being repeatedly victimised while in youth detention facilities in the NT.

Australia’s Shame: Four Corners harrowing story on state sanction child abuse in the Northern Territory

As noted in an earlier post the vast majority of children in Youth Detention in the Northern Territory are Aboriginal (according to one report 97% are Aboriginal)


anonymous asked:

Ok.. so I get that you're trying to be a good ally, but as a black person I don't find it very helpful when a non poc tries to forcefully add representation in places where it does not exist... This isn't meant as an attack but... when it comes to representation it's not very helpful if it's so questionable as it is in the case of Sebastion.. True representation would be Fenris, Isabella, Vivienne, etc., not Sebastion.. I know you meant well, and that person's actions were totally uncalled for.

im aboriginal and white so…….stop erasing my identity….thanks…..

Sydney, 2000: In one of the most historic and emotional moments in #Australian Olympic history, #CathyFreeman - with the host-nation’s expectations weighing heavy on her shoulders - took #gold in the Women’s #400meter. Days earlier, Freeman had the honor of lighting the Olympic Cauldron at the Opening Ceremony. As one of few Aboriginal athletes on the team, she became a symbol of the country’s continued efforts to establish racial harmony | September 25, 2000 | 📷: @adampretty /Allsport | #GettySport #Rio2016 #RoadToRio #🇦🇺#50Days50Moments
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well i hope that person learns to be less hateful and gross in the future 

all i can say is i hope that they learn how to respect other people. when you get so angry over someone saying a character is brown…thats….really, really sad, esp if you’re a poc attacking a mixed aboriginal person like???? should we not be trying to respect each other ? ? ? 

do you really need to be spreading that hatred? damn 

This is Woodrow Wilson Keeble (May 16, 1917 – January 28, 1982) a U.S. Army National Guard veteran of both World War II and the Korean War. He was a full-blooded member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, a federally recognized tribe of Dakota people. Although he was wounded (at least) twice in World War II and three times in the Korean War, he only received two purple hearts. Following a long campaign by his family and the congressional delegations of both North and South Dakota, on March 3, 2008, President George W. Bush posthumously awarded Keeble the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Korean War.

*The Tasmanian Genocide*
⬆ (Above are the last two full-blooded Tasmanian people. The woman’s name is Truganini.) - After a visit to Australia, #CharlesDarwin, 19th century British biologist and geologist, said, “Wherever the European had trod, death seems to pursue the Aboriginal.” 👉 In 1803, the British began to settle the island, after “discovering” it for themselves in 1642. Only 73 years later, the last of around 6,000 native inhabitants had been murdered. 👉 The European settlers kidnapped Tasmanian children for servants and women for concubines; they killed or mutilated the men and conquered their hunting land in an attempt to expel them from their territory. Major stories include a lone shepherd killing 19 Tasmanians with a nail rifle, while 4 other shepherds ambushed a group of natives, killed thirty of them and dumped their bodies off a cliff known today as “#VictoryHill”. 👉 The native Tasmanians attempted retaliation, and as part of the effort to prevent the escalation of a war, in April of 1828 Governor Arthur ordered that all Tasmanians must leave the part of the island settled by Europeans. To enforce the order, government-sponsored “patrol teams” composed of prisoners led by policemen were established. The “patrol teams” chased and killed Tasmanians as the soldiers had the authority to immediately kill any Tasmanian they found in the settled areas. Afterwards, a price was set for native heads: 5 British pounds for an adult, and 2 pounds for a child (caught alive). This pursuit was known as “Catching Blacks”. 👉 All remaining Tasmanians were taken to “prisons” (Concentration Camps) under the authority of a missionary named George Augustus Robinson in 1830; many died on the way to this concetration camp on Flinders Island, 50 kilometers from #Tasmania. The last woman, yet scared, a sellout who helped round up her follow Tasmanians, and another man were the last two full-blooded Tasmanians; everyone else died in the camps from disease, murder and general poor quality of the conditions. 👉 #NeverForget #whitedevils #PreachOneTeachOne #Tasmania #Aboriginal #Aborigine #WhiteSupremacy #4biddenknowledge

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