Repost @ronicaronica Mofos be all salty about these facts: According to the findings of a Dr. de Garay, the director of the Genetic Program of the National Commission of Nuclear Energy in Mexico. Dr. de Garay identified the malaria resistant mutant gene, that produces sickle cells, in the blood of the Lacandones Indians, one of the oldest and most secluded tribes in Mexico. This tribe, of #Mayan stock, who inhabit the forests of the upper waters of the Usumacinta river have not been known to mix with outsiders in post-Columbian times yet they possess a gene that is “usually found only in the blood of black people.” The following comment by F. Hayes Ph.D. is also very telling. In 1854, at the National Emigration Convention of Coloured People, held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a statement was issued to the African inhabitants of the United States of America regarding the necessity for leaving the USA as the only alternative left for them. Within that statement was the following observation: ‘And among the earliest and most numerous class, who have found their way to the new world, were those of the African race. And it has been ascertained to our minds beyond a doubt, that when the continent was discovered, there were found in the West Indies and Central America, tribes of the black race, fine looking people, having the usual characteristics of colour and hair, identifying them as being originally of the African race’
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Decolonizing Praxis - Supporting Survivors After Sexual Assault

The traveler was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes ‘sight-seeing.’

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Two-spirit indigenous women getting organized in Edmonton | rabble.ca

This is a podcast that talks about an organization that discusses about “two spirited” individuals of the indigenous community. We learn the definition of what “two spirited” people really mean and the history of the term. Fayant who is interviewed in this podcast, is a Cree Metis woman who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. She saw the opportunity to bring together “two spirited” women in her circle in Edmonton by providing teachings that correspond to their lives. Just a space that can give these women a place to learn and be aware to others experiences in the rural areas. Fayant discuss the usage of video recording to bring forth these supports to other women who are in remote areas that do not have access to these supports so that these women can still participate in the discussions in the series that are provided. Fayant battles the issues of sexism and oppression and tries to challenge the normal spiritual practices that are provided for the LGBT community in the indigenous groups.

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