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New search underway in Australia for Indigenous models

Indigenous peoples are perhaps the most under-represented ethnic groups in fashion. From Australia to the Americas, Indigenous models are few and far between. 

With help from top Australian model Samantha Harris, Australia’s Indigenous Fashion Week is hoping to change that with an Aboriginal Model Search. SBS reports:

The competition aims to increase the amount of Indigenous models and designers in the Australian and international fashion industry.

Model and designer Tyson Jolly said there was more to the search than traditional beauty.

“It’s an Aboriginal initiative, coming from Indigenous people for the broader community,” he said.

“But also to showcase a side of our culture I believe that doesn’t get portrayed enough and that’s the beauty of it.”

Supermodel Samantha Harris said modelling didn’t feel like an option for many people.

“My mum wanted to be a model when she was younger and even she said it was just out of the window, no questions asked that would’ve never happened,” she said.


The Business Model favourite Jade Willoughby (Wilhelmina NYC) is leading the way for First Nations of Canada and the US.

Watch our interviews with her at Models By Models.

Someone: “Contour is promoting white features such as pointy nose, high cheek bones, and lighter tones throughout skin.”

Me: *has all of those things, and is white, but looks nothing like someone with contour on* *is confused because most people make their faces darker with contour and high cheekbones isn’t the same as concaved cheeks.* *nose is pointy, but not thin, so is even more confused*

What are you guys even talking about? Those aren’t white-people features, they’re model features. White people aren’t all models (literally, there are a lot more average whites than pretty ones.). There are black and Asian and aboriginal models with that face type as well.

Fractured Space -  by Hans PalmUSR “Destroyer” USR...

Fractured Space –  by Hans PalmUSR “Destroyer” USR…

Fractured Space –  by Hans Palm USR “Destroyer” USR “Pioneer” USR “Taurus” – Legendary Brawler skin “Rendered in-game (Unreal Engine 4)” Artwork for Fractured Space More art for Fractured Space on my tumblr [here]

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Arnhem Land agreement 'an important step'

The signing of a historic land agreement in Arnhem Land is the first step in enabling Aboriginal people to have a bigger say in their own future, an indigenous leader says.

Joe Morrison, chief executive of the Northern Land Council, says the signing of a memorandum of understanding towards the establishment of a township lease for the Gumatj community of Gunyangara, or Ski Beach, near Nhulunbuy, is the first to be done on the terms of the community rather than those in federal government.

It envisages a 99-year township lease to be held over Gunyangara by a community entity owned and controlled by the Gumatj themselves.

That makes it fundamentally different from the township leases that the Commonwealth government has negotiated on the Tiwi Islands, and at Groote Eylandt, Mr Morrison says.

Those leases are held in the name of the Executive Director of Township Leasing, who consults with traditional owners but ultimately controls development in Aboriginal communities.

The model for Gunyangara is an “elegant solution”, Mr Morrison said.

“We don’t want to see traditional owners having to forfeit control, and lose their property rights.”

He said the deal should signal a move towards more consultations with indigenous people about developments on their lands.

“To my mind, the abandonment of the Rio Tinto bauxite refinery here in Gove underlines the vulnerability of Aboriginal people in remote parts of the Northern Territory as development comes and development goes,” Mr Morrison said.

“They’ve come to realise that some of the economic development in northern Australia, which they are expected to consent to, comes with risk and cost,” he said.