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I know y’all only care about america but listen up for a second

so today, january 26th, is australia’s national day. but actually, it’s better known to indigenous or aboriginal australians- australia’s first peoples- as invasion day. and here’s why:

january 26th 1788 was the day britain first claimed australia for the british king with no regard for the people already living on the land. what followed were the frontier wars, containing a series of massacres of indigenous australians by white settlers.

did it get worse? yeah, obviously. the australian government implemented a series of policies over a decade that aimed to literally turn aboriginal people white and “breed out” their colour until their cultures died out. in addition to this, thousands of children were taken from their loving families and put on white christian missions where they were disconnected from their culture and in most cases abused. many still haven’t come home. 

and this bullshit continues today. indigenous australians form a large percentage of our prison population and are often abused in custody. just today, I was at an invasion day protest where indigenous people and supporters were shoved and sprayed with fire extinguishers by riot police- all because one indigenous guy was burning an australian flag in hurt and anger, which is NOT a criminal offence here.

a lot of people in australia want to move on from this and use australia day to celebrate unity- but we just can’t when the very day marks division and aboriginal australians are STILL not being respected in australian law.

this day, january 26th, marks the beginning of genocide, and australians celebrate it. 

I’m white, but I recognise that I live on the land of the dharawal people of new south wales. one of my ancestors was a proud wiradjuri woman of western nsw. they take care of this land.

australian land is, was, and always will be aboriginal land. 

this is the australian aboriginal flag, and below it is the torres strait islander flag. don’t forget them. 

“POC” is a popular term thrown around on tumblr but you guys are really happy to use it to make everything about america and group all ~people of colour~ together when they have different experiences and cultures. keep this day in mind, and speak out with people in australia.

don’t let the australian government get away with invasion day. 


July 12th 1971: Australian Aboriginal Flag first flown

On this day in 1971, the Australian Aboriginal Flag was flown for the first time. Designed by Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas, the flag represents the unity and identity of indigenous Australians; the black half symbolises the Aboriginal people, the yellow circle the sun, and the red half the red earth which is central to indigenous religious ceremonies. It was debuted during the National Aborigines Day celebrations in Adelaide during the height of the indigenous campaign for land rights as an attempt to gain more visibility. While accepted as the flag of the unofficial Aboriginal ‘Tent Embassy’ in the capital city of Canberra in 1972, it was not proclaimed a ‘Flag of Australia’ until 1995. Before then, the flag remained a point of controversy, especially when Aboriginal sprinter Cathy Freeman carried both the Aboriginal and Australian national flag during a victory lap in the 1994 Commonwealth Games. By the 2000 Sydney Olympics, however, attitudes had changed and Freeman was praised for carrying the Aboriginal flag with pride. Some campaigners have called for the Aboriginal flag to replace the Union Jack in the upper-left corner of the current Australian flag to create a new national symbol, though Harold Thomas himself opposes this idea. Since 2002, as part of a wider effort at reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians, the Aboriginal flag has permanently flown in Victoria Square, Adelaide, where it debuted in 1971.

“This was my race and no one was going to stop me telling the world how proud I was to be Aboriginal. Somewhere deep inside, I’d absorbed all the pain and suffering my people had endured and turned it into a source of strength”
- Cathy Freeman


Kanaka Maoli, Tino Rangatiratanga, and the Australian Aboriginal flag representing the people of Hawaiʻi, Aotearoa, and Australia’s fight for the right to exist in our ancestral homelands. 

I loved this outfit from the trailer, but when I saw it fully the other day I noticed that there’s both the Australian National Flag and the Australian Aboriginal Flag. This made me love her so much! It’s so important to be inclusive when flying your home country’s colours. Especially for Australia that has not dealt with the issue of Aboriginal People in a proper way yet, as opposed to New Zealand which has shown a proper shift in the way the Maori are treated. I’m not saying that Australia is bad and New Zealand is the best. There’s room for improvement everywhere. I am also not saying that where I come from, we have don’t have problems with minorities, quite the opposite actually…

Nonetheless, having Courtney, one of my favourite queens this season, prove that being inclusive is not as difficult as people tend to believe, made me so happy. You go gurl!

I’m so happy that Coldplay filmed in front of, and featured, the I have a dream mural in their video! I don’t know if they realise it, or if people on tumblr will realise it, but by including the mural, and hence the Aboriginal flag, they are doing something that needs to be done, making people aware, on a global scale, of the mistreatment of Aboriginals in Australia which continues today. So yeah, if you see this, and you don’t know, search up Aboriginal Australia, watch John Pilgers documentary ‘Utopia’ and learn. Thank you so much Coldplay.

So I’m watching Event Horizon for the first time (I KNOW, an Aliens knock-off with that cast, and I’ve not seen it, I’m am ashamed), and Sam Neil’s uniform shoulder patch is the Aus flag with the British union jack replaced by the Australian Aboriginal Flag, and like that’s not something that will ever be mentioned in this film, or noticed by practically any of the target American audience, but like I LOVE THAT LEVEL OF THOUGHT IN COSTUME DESIGN.

anonymous asked:

Can you please explain Pauline Hanson's political views so I can help my family understand that she would be bad to have as a leader just in general?

Well you see she’s a fucking racist. Here she is trying to campaign on the idea that “dem Muslim’s be bad”:

To start off with: prohibiting mosques is against Section 116 of the Australian Constitution. My mother being a horrible person who dislikes Muslims still understands the necessity of defending their religious freedom because you see if you decide to enforce anti-religious rules against one group then what’s to stop you from enforcing it on another? As a Christian she’d like her faith respected and so therefore she should respect other faiths and their right to exist without interference even if she has a negative view towards them. So first up, Pauline Hanson is a bitch who wants to fuck with the constitution to single out a group with no basis other than “I don’t like them.”

Her hatred of Muslims is utterly stupid. She’s all “all terror attacks are related to Muslims” which she then said “you can’t deny the facts” but clearly doesn’t understand what a fact actually is because Muslims account for a very small fraction of terrorist attacks worldwide.  Her hatred is unfounded. Her reasoning is based entirely on willful ignorance (it really doesn’t take much to just fucking look up even the most basic of statistics).

AND WHY HATE HALAL CERTIFICATION? Because, like every other nonsensical thing in her imaginary world in her head, she thinks it funds terrorism. It doesn’t. It sometimes helps those who certify it donate to charities that help build mosques which means Muslims and as Hanson things Muslims are terrorists then she must have made the connection through a series of thought processes strung along by her being a fucking idiot. Halal certification actually creates jobs and allows a decrease in cost for some food. Halal certification is good for the economy and the nation as a whole and is a polite and respectful way to let someone of a certain faith know if they can eat it, the same way food would have allergy advice written on the side.

Pauline Hanson is more into throwing an entire group of people under the bus for her fear mongering campaign than actually acknowledge the benefits of the things she wishes to ban.

You know what would help terrorism? If we didn’t treat Muslims like the enemy. Ostracising Muslims (or any other group for that matter) only creates that distance and hatred that allows them to become prey to extremist ideologies. Mosques aren’t a threat to Australian culture, Pauline Hanson is. She’s the shit stirrer who is going to get someone hurt, not some random woman with a hijab.


She once claimed Aboriginals historically practiced cannibalising their babies as a reason why we should stop giving them welfare in the modern day. That’s a thing she just made up to justify her hatred of indigenous Australians. This woman is living a complete fantasy world where anyone who isn’t a white Australian-born Christian is a fucking danger to “proper” society. She wants you to be afraid of “ghetto forming” Asians swarming us. She hates the Aboriginal Flag and thinks we should just have the Australian Flag. She is just a super racist idiot who thinks she’s more popular than she is (we should still discourage people from believing her bullshit). She didn’t win a seat in the last Queensland election and asked for a recount (which was denied).

Honestly it’s possible to go on about her but I’d just be repeating the same thing over and over with different examples: she’s racist and islamophobic and lives in a fantasy world where facts don’t exist. She’s terrible for our country and should just go back to the good old days when she realised she wasn’t popular enough to win a seat and gave up politics. She’s only back to capitalise off the increasing hatred towards Muslims and is replacing her anti-Asian rhetoric with anti-Islam rhetoric. It’s opportunistic hate-mongering for the sake of personal gain. Fuck her. She is the worst type of politician.

dwayneomosley  asked:

If the Australian flag was going to be changed, would you support a design that incorporates elements from the Aboriginal flag? I understand it could be viewed as cultural appropriation, but if the intent was to create a flag for all Australians, not just white Australians, and to rightfully acknowledge the history and traditional owners of the land, would that be justified?

Yes and no. If a genuine attempt was made to design a flag that includes all people who live in so-called Australia , then yeah, I’d probably support it. But then again, lots of Indigenous peoples feel that they are not apart of Australia. They are peoples from the Dharumbal, Yorta Yorta, Eora nations etc before they are Australian. They are the First Peoples, not Australians who have 200 years of history on this continent.