At around 1,500 pages, Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables may intimidate some readers – even devoted fans refer to it as “the brick.” Luckily, Princeton professor David Bellos has provided a handy introduction with The Novel of the Century: The Extraordinary Adventure of Les Misérables. Whether you’re contemplating a run at Les Misérables or returning to it, Bellos’ book is a perfect guide — as well as a compelling story in its own right.

‘Novel Of The Century’ Is A Lively Companion To 'Les Misérables’

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How will I know ?

Summary: Reader is abook worm who sings in the church choir but often goes unheard, one

. . . . Writers note: This going to be losley based off of a Walk to Rememeber by Nichlos Sparks besides the reader dying the end. With of course! some Supernatural reference potential being thrown in there

. . . .

WARNINGS : None I wanted to keep this first part fun and light! Hope you enjoy ! .

. . .

Intro :

You never thought anything like this would happen to you, one day you where eating lunch alone, hanging out with the libraren during your free periods and doing group projects completely solo because nobody wanted to work with the werid quiet girl.. To having a friend and maybe a potential boyfriend…

. . . First Period . . .

It had been your first day of Senior . You have done your usual over the summer, volunteering at your local nursing home and homless shelter and helping out at the church since your brother was just made Head pastor, ever since your parents passed away your brother complety threw himself into finding peace and searching for God in every way, shape and form. But you didn’t mind it, you thought it was nice to see your brother attend church again you two became alot closer when he became your leagal gurdain even though he was only 27.

So as you sat in your first period class everything was still the same ,everyone had the latest clothes from bomber jackets to new pumas to the latest makeup palettes to even the newest apps on there phone and there you where a again with the same hand me downs and clothes from good will but you didn’t care you knew that beauty wad more than skin deep, as your teacher began to read the syllabus for the school year you heard a knock being placed on the door and your teacher began to stalk near the door complaining the whole time about being on time and being punctual and there he walked in the Dean Winchester……

At first you didnt think anything of him walkimg in late, as your teacher countied you to bicker about showing uo to class on time and making everyday count you jus tried to read over the syllabus and tune your class mates out but as you where reading you could feel and pair of eyes on starting over at you, when you looked up you noticed that it was Dean at first you tried to smile politley at him beause you where confused enough as of why he was staring at you but than he continued not noticing your action at all, it made you feel self concuious like u=you had something in your hair but than he returned the same smile you had given to him back at you.

Part 2 = April 26th

So please leave me feed back this my first time writing fan fiction and I just wanted to give it a try so go easy on me, Thanks for reading this! Part 2 will be posted Tommorw around 6'oclock pm eastern standard time! Until than !

2jae couple at the studio with CoCo where Jaebum acts cute to CoCo but intended towards his baby boy~kekeke 


What’s the problem.. Really excited Ok! This time for real! 

Our Coco do you want some snack? (eyes back and forth) 

Jaebumie wants to eat some too (Really panic Really surprised Really freaked out )

Learned aegyo from abook wrongly. Close your eyes. Buying eyes that didnt see that. Aegyo will be hard in this life

trans by igot7_MarKP

**JB said ‘our CoCo’!!!! kya!!!! Daddy Youngjae & daughter have the same expression when JB showing aegyo..cute


endless list of amazing books: the perks of being a wallflower, Stephen Chbosky.
 "  So, I guess we are who we are for alot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.  " 

i was sitting on the bus with abook on my lap and some girl askd me what i was reading??? i said GORL im reading u!! ur knees are ashy and ur weave is ratchet!!! yaaaass that HUNTY did not know what hit her!!! #truthtea #theshadeofitall #readthehousedown

clutzusagi  asked:

Hi, I'm a new witch and I was wondering if there where any beginner spells you could recommend, I'm still unsure with my ability

My dear little witchling, I have a whole website full of them. :)

Just go visit Grovedaughter Witchery and check out the Simple Spells page.

You can also check my Spells tag for more ideas, and (pardon the shameless plug) you may want to check out The Sisters Grimmoire, abook of faery tale spells I’ve written with agloriousbeauty, which is due out very soon.

Unconscious (Bellarke AU)

So after the season finale of The 100, I thought we needed some happy Bellarke-ness, and I read this (I was trying to read in the park and your stray football fucking knocked me unconscious) prompt and I was inspired, so yeah. This happened. 

Clarke sat in the corner of the park, her head buried in abook with a blue and green cover, under the shade of a tree.

“Damn…” She sighed, quickly flicking to the next page, hoping the character wouldn’t die. “No, no!”

She flung herself back against the tree and pushed her hair out of her face, frustrated at the author, cursing him silently in her head, vowing to never read another word he had written ever again. And then she looked back down at the page and kept reading.

It was sunny outside, with a slight breeze barely rustling the leaves of the trees in the park, and it was exactly what she needed after pulling a double shift twice in a week. Just a calm, peaceful day reading in the park.

“Hey!” Her head snapped up, and she saw two young men kicking a football to each other. Perfect. “You kick like a girl!” One of them yelled at the other.

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