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I want the K ( ;) )

4.Forehead kiss

“Stiles.. hey. Everything is fine, stop worrying.” Micah said, looking back at the upset girl in front of him. “I promise you he will be fine. He’s the Sheriff, he will know what to do.” Yes the guy that kept those people hostage used his gun but he was sure that John wasn’t hurt at all. the Sheriff told him to stay with Stiles so the girl wouldnt even think about following him inside. “He will be fine.” He slowly wrapped his arms around the girl and kissed her forehead, holding her in his arms. Yeah, this wasn’t something Micah normally did with other people but this was Johns daughter and she was kinda cute.

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Hey, I just noticed that you have put your rp blog to an end and I was wondering if you might decide to come back sooner or later?

To be honest anon, at this moment I don’t really know. I mean, I miss rping, I do. But I’m not missing being useless. It’s how I felt when I was on my rp blog because the last months on there were quiet. I had almost 0 threads even though people started following me. Or when they eventually started to plot with me, they didn’t even bother replying to the starter I had posted for them. These things were the reason why I felt useless.
But if I ever decide to come back, I’m not saying that I will, I’m going to remake the whole thing, starting from scratch and start again from there. And I’ll let everyone know who wants to know.

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