abominable snow lady

Yesterday after my hike i went directly to the hair salon to get my hair did :o). It’s a relatively nice place but it was the middle of the day so I didn’t mind walking in looking like the abominable snow lady… big boots, scarf ‘n hat, long johns, tear streaked cheeks from cold wind, wet jeans, messy hair, etc. Quite the sight I’m sure. Anyway, my hairdresser (the owner) knows I’m a mountain biking, nature lover so she didn’t bat an eyelash at me but my god if you could’ve seen the other hairdresser’s faces! Ha! They were all done up, perfectly primped (dressed in black of course) & just utterly fascinated that i would choose to spend my afternoon outdoors in the winter. I was equally fascinated that it seemed so foreign to them. I suspect they may think I always look like that though…lol. Like I’m just that 'type’ of girl…some earthy-crunchy granola eater chick. Trust me when I say: That ain’t the case. I know the difference between an afternoon in the woods & a night out at the club ;o). It’s good to be well rounded.