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CAROLINE / PLAN 9 (1978)

Despite the fact that their logo is synonymous with everything from flat billed Monster chugging shant wearing bros to adorable onsies and everything in between (and beyond), the actual band known as MISFITS remains comically underrated. 

That may sound odd to those of you reading these words, as I’m sure the majority of you have been fans of the Lodi based band for quite some time, but it’s the truth nonetheless. And just so we’re clear, I only recognize one version of the Misfits and it’s the one with Glenn Allen Anzalone at the helm, not the Jerry Only abomination (that’s like Andy Rourke taking Morrissey’s place as the lead singer of The Smiths, c’mon, knock it off already).

Anyway, it’s Halloween, which gives me perfectly a cliched reason to write about one of my all time fav groups, so here’s “THEME FOR A JACKAL,” just another Misfits song that sounds like a tailor made single, something the group pulled off with ease. “Jackal” was recorded during the ‘Static Age’ sessions, an album that despite being recorded in 1978 wouldn’t see a proper release until 1996.

“Theme For A Jackal” is a fully realized piece of goth pop, with Danzig doing his Dead Elvis croon over a peppy arrangement until it all boils over into blood curdling screams and jaunty piano stabs. The whole thing is over in a sprite 2:42, which for Misfits standards is quite the haul. 

The Misfits, while being so fucking far ahead of their time, were pretty under-appreciated during their initial run, yet would find a larger than cult status well after the real group would disband. We tend to think of Danzig in a jokey meme-filled way nowadays, which is understandable, but absolutely NO ONE can take away what his Misfits accomplished, whether through sheer musical output or through paving the way for a whole new sound/look/aesthetic. 

Happy Halloween, press play you fucking jackal…….

“Theme For A Jackal” was pulled from the group’s abandoned debut LP ‘Static Age’