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1973: White cis gays boo a trans woman of color for defending queer detainees.

2015: White cis gays in suits boo a trans woman of color for defending queer detainees.


(kutekweer and efemmeralmedia in the photograph)

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anonymous asked:

i'm far right, but prior to that i identified as a radfem. a childhood friend who is a diehard leftist (and sneers at my politics at every opportunity) was up leading chants about fighting misogyny at the DC women's marches but none of those women --his mother, girlfriend, female friends+colleagues-- know that he used to be quite the asian sex tourist. i've killed multiple rapists and counsel survivors; LOL @ a literal fucking serial rapist virtue-signaling at me about giving a shit about women.

So you WERE a radical feminist… You USED TO believe in the liberation of women via gender abolition… and now you’re a neo-Nazi.

Celestia, if that’s you, you’re not welcome here. If you’re not celestia, you’re one of her ilk, and you’re not welcome here. The description says radical feminist only, not “previously identified as a radfem” space.

Your right-wing buddies aren’t any better than that leftist sex tourist.

in moments like this there seems to be a post-tragedy windmill of articles/thinkpieces addressing white allies. ones that frame themselves from the standpoint of “black folx will be…” or “black and PoC will be responding to white supremacy together”

if this is going to be the case can we 

  1. name antiblackness for what it is vs saying racism 
  2. actually hold nonblack PoC accountable too

can we be honest: when we sweep all nonblack folx under “brown” not all of them live up to legacies of protest spirit & solidarity

“brown” as a political identification has a specific history in terms of co-struggling w/black folx that often gets erased/overlooked/ historically, “brown” in the U.S has meant various shades of latinx/latin@, ect. thus black & brown solidarity was a very intentional construction. but just blanketing “brown” for all nonblack PoCs in white ally oriented think pieces obfuscates this & lets a lot of people off the hook

the reality is, not all “brown” folx show up for black lives

not all brown folx are critically invested in dismantling antiblackness structurally or intracommunally

there are still “brown” people who drop the “the black lives matter but…” the “but what about black on black crime” ect

most importantly: there are brown (read nonblack PoC) organizations that support politicians & laws that only further the carceral police state

so blanketing all PoCs under one umbrella against white supremacy when the political organizing of “brown” can still be antiblack by design only serves to create a false united front that’s not predicated on actual solidarity building & collective dismantling of antiblackness

so yeah, i’m less interested in “Dear white allies” pieces & more interested in “dear fellow non-black PoCs- police abolition now”

i want to see more “dear fellow non-black PoCs- dismantle the carceral police state” thinkpieces more than i do dear white folx

a piece i’d love to see “dear non-black muslims: you can’t advocate for closing guantanamo & still support the carceral police state”