Mary Ellen “Mammy"  Pleasant was a savvy and prosperous San Francisco businesswoman who supported, and helped finance, the fight to end slavery and to gain citizenship in the free states. Pleasant was associated with both the citizenship movement in California and abolition activities in the eastern United States.  She is known as the Mother of Civil Rights in California.

thegatsandpartyhats-deactivated  asked:

Why would we want to differentiate between Government and State? I understand that governing is different, but even as far as smaller Governments they will still grow to become a state regardless of steps taken. Is there really a point to differentiate Government and State?

It’s all about being precise with definitions.  A government, or governing bodies, just determines the policies of an institution.  

There are or could be governing bodies in sports, medicine, housing or condo complex, or any other community.  

But these hypothetically can and probably would occur voluntarily in an anarchist society.  But there could also be plenty of competing governing bodies where people can choose to either participate or not participate if they feel one or the other will benefit them.

So when we anarchists talk about abolishing the government it can be misconstrued as abolishing all governing bodies. That isn’t what we actually mean.  I’m just as guilty as the next anarchist for doing this myself.  

When we say we want to abolish the state it has a precise and definite meaning that can’t be misconstrued.  The state is the organization that uses violence to have a monopoly on their government.

I know when any anarchist, myself included, says we want to abolish the government we mean abolish the state.  But people who aren’t anarchists might not have that luxury.   

An Abolitionist Hymn -

“I am an Abolitionist! I glory in the name; Though by abortion’s minions hissed, And covered oʼer with shame; It is a name of light and power, The watch-word of the free; Who spurns it in the trial-hour, A spineless soul is he.

I am an Abolitionist! Then urge me not to pause, For joyfully do I engage Salvation’s sacred cause; A nobler strife the world neʼer saw, To childer slaying halt; I am a soldier for the war, Whatever may befall.

I am an Abolitionist! Oppressionʼs deadly foe; In Godʼs great strength will I resist, And lay the monster low; In Godʼs great name do I demand: To babes let breath be given, That peace and joy may fill the land, And songs go up to heaven.

I am an Abolitionist! No threats shall awe my soul; No perils cause me to desist, No bribes my acts control; A Son of God I’ll live and die, In sunshine and in shade, And give my all ‘til justice rains, Of naught on earth afraid.”

The International Coalition of Abolitionist Societies