Mary Ellen “Mammy"  Pleasant was a savvy and prosperous San Francisco businesswoman who supported, and helped finance, the fight to end slavery and to gain citizenship in the free states. Pleasant was associated with both the citizenship movement in California and abolition activities in the eastern United States.  She is known as the Mother of Civil Rights in California.

I never get to be normal.

Always the outsider, the sexuality subculture, the “different”, the alien. I am to be tolerated, but my existence as it is, will not be accepted. I am a “weirdo” and it is so much fun, such entertainment for the straight, grey masses of repressed people, looking at me through the television show lens. Smothering me in layers of make-up, performing for the “normal” until I shit glitter. 

They turn my self-expression to a costume. Now they call my individuality, my “gender”. Now my otherness is not oppression it is a “quality” something I “get to have” not something I never wanted.

I love like the rest do, I get crushes like the rest do, I fuck and suck, and fall apart like the rest do. But I’m not normal, no not me, I am “queer”, sparkly, sickening, entertainment, void of meaning and rebellion, I am only a trend, a fucking t-shirt from www.Youareafuckingjoke.com

And should I fail to peform as the “sexy wlw” or the “non-binary, queer” and just stand here, sweaty, rough and unattractive, a face full of zits, last nights dinner on my t-shirt, dirt under my nails, and say; “I’m a fucking butch lesbian, I am tired as fuck and your queer-masquerade is the straight mans dream” - They will be so disappointed. Oh how boooring of me, how old-fashioned. 

Now, in cruel irony, my struggle to be accepted, makes me the other, among those who think they are the other. Not just the other, but the enemy.

Secret Santa- Vegan Edition

~What does it involve?~
I will provide you with the URL of a random Tumblr user. You will then message this user anonymously at least once per day. It doesn’t have to always be about veganism but as the ‘theme is ‘vegan’, it might be nice to leave some nice vegan things like little recipes or asking them about their journey into animal rights etc. Just try to stay fairly on topic whilst getting to know your user. On the 25th, you will finally reveal yourself and hopefully you’ll have gained a friend! In turn, a different user will be messaging you as you will be their secret santa! I hope this makes sense.

-No one has to be following me.
-Anyone can take part, vegan or not.
-If you want to be involved, please be sure to leave me an ask stating that you’d like to take part! This is very very important and will ensure that I can get around to everyone.
-Be sure to leave vegan related things in your Secret Santa’s ask box. (Recipes, a quote, some encouraging words- be creative!)
-Try to message your Secret Santa at least once per day. Be kind and encouraging! No one is here to judge each other!
-Keep your anonymous box on so that your person can keep secret until the 25th.
-This will be open until the 15th of December but as soon as you receive a your URL you may begin spamming them with love.
-Have fun! :D

An Abolitionist Hymn -

“I am an Abolitionist! I glory in the name; Though by abortion’s minions hissed, And covered oʼer with shame; It is a name of light and power, The watch-word of the free; Who spurns it in the trial-hour, A spineless soul is he.

I am an Abolitionist! Then urge me not to pause, For joyfully do I engage Salvation’s sacred cause; A nobler strife the world neʼer saw, To childer slaying halt; I am a soldier for the war, Whatever may befall.

I am an Abolitionist! Oppressionʼs deadly foe; In Godʼs great strength will I resist, And lay the monster low; In Godʼs great name do I demand: To babes let breath be given, That peace and joy may fill the land, And songs go up to heaven.

I am an Abolitionist! No threats shall awe my soul; No perils cause me to desist, No bribes my acts control; A Son of God I’ll live and die, In sunshine and in shade, And give my all ‘til justice rains, Of naught on earth afraid.”

The International Coalition of Abolitionist Societies