Hello universe!

  This is the second installment of the “Steve the Robot” model project I am working on. The goal is to make a 3D model that can be printed on a Makerbot. I am headed out to SolidWorks world soon where Makerbot will be having a booth so I may have the chance to ask them if they could do it (wish me luck) .

  Originally I planned on printing Steve on his back but now that I am looking him there may be to many places that would need support material. Steve is still missing some details but its getting closer, suggestions are welcome. Currently the model is about 1.5" tall without the round features on his head. I can scale it up if need be but for now Steve is pretty compact. 

  The picture you see here is a render so don’t get excited yet. Also if you know of any good places to get reference shots of Steve please let me know. 


Hello Universe!

   I am packing up for my trip out to SolidWorks World in San Diego but I thought I would put some last minute touches on Steve then make the STL files i will need to beg people to print it for me. I have some back up plans so no worries. I threw on some color for fun but it wont print with color.

   In my last post I saw someone mentioned that they were a 3d max modeler and was maybe looking to model Steve as well. I think it would be a great idea to have more peeps joining in but I would ping Ashley first. 

Thank you all for the likes and the great input. 



Hello Universe!

Annnnnnd they are done! First batch of Little Carrot onesies are all set. One has the white backed decal which was super difficult to put on so I went back to the store and got a full sheet label print and cut out what I needed for the other two. I need to revisit the decals with some clear coat spay and see if it makes a difference. If/when I do another batch I might use enamel paint for the green as well.  I also still need to brainstorm how to get the white lines on the cup for the MDK logo.  

  And now how to get them to the Hannah! I will wait until the Boston show is over in case I do see her at a signing or something then mail them out. I know she recently said she isn’t into knick knacks but I bet she could find good homes for them if she wanted too.

 I may try to do a koala onesie now but I find myself stuck thinking about how to do a gilly suit onsesie…

- Bob