FIC RECS!!!! PT. II!!!

since the first fic rec list is getting too crowded, i have decided to make a second part!!!! because everyone deserves to read a well-written seventeen fanfic

AGAIN, most of these are probably junhui/minghao-centric (or at least theyre mentioned), and completed! i will indicate if there are any ongoing ones i absolutely love.

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6808693 - OT13 (kinda jeonghan-centric). zodiac!au. 27k of pure talent. iS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU HAVE TO ASK MORE FOR CLICKIG THIS LINK.

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7254406 - catboy!jun and fox!minghao. wonHUI, GYUHAO. I AM ABSOLUTE TRASH FOR THESE TWO



http://archiveofourown.org/works/7345429 - SOONHAO IS LOVE. SOONHAO IS LIFE AND I LOVE LIFE. rated m + abo!verse + bff!junhui what else do i put in i loVE EVERYTHING IN HERE and minghao c*ming just by being bitten by soonyoung i can die in peace ((this has a ch. 2 witht he legit sMUT))

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7340521 - GYUHAO CRACK ONESHOT. IVE NEVER BEEN HIT ON BUT I STILL FIND IT RELATABLE +++hansol burning down their dormitory while cooking dinner i never have related so bad

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7330090 - OKAY. IM NOT READY FOR THIS. IM NOT. I CANT BELIEVE I ENCOUNTERED SUCH A GEM. MY BIGGEST OT4. COMING TRUE. I WONHUI? SURE. GYUHAO. HECK YES. WONHUIGYUHAO???? SIGN ME THE HECK UP. its ongoing but oh my lordt i know this fic is gonna be the death of me

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7158680 - HOE!MINGHAO. MINGHOE. IF YOURE NOT A FAN OF INFIDELITY(kinda) then unfortunately this isnt your cup of tea. but i love vague smut and heartbreak and DYING THROUGH CRYING SO I LOVED THIS

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6770299 - MINGSOL. MINGSOL FLUFF(??) VERY NICE. amazing piece. i love minghao with anyone YOU DONT UNDERSTAND

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7086619 - SPEAKING OF MINGHAO WITH ANYONE. A PRECIOUS WRITER HAS STARTED A FIC. an oNGOING MINGHAREM FIC. minghao is an incubus and yall know how this will end, rite. and nOT TO WORRY, because chan and seungkwan arent included in the smut part of it! heeeheheh i love siNNING

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6115852 - MINGSOL WITH VAMPIRE!HANSOL. and horny!hansol. NECK. boners4days. side!soonwoo I Just Love Sin and Dying

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5230565 - SPEAKING OF MORE!! MORE!! MORE EVERYONE X MINGHAO, look at this fic. this one is actually ot13!polyamory, minghao-centric. i love polyamory, but if its not ur cup of tea then i dont suggest it. !!!!!!!!IMPLICATIONS OF DEBAUCHERY

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7387372 - meanie + angst because i love hurting myself through reading fics that makes me want to curl up n cry myself like a smol babie


http://archiveofourown.org/works/7383067 - OF COURSE, what comes bETTER AFTER READING ANGST???? sum good ol’ bj and hj smutfics, AM I RIGHT OR AM I CORRECT so here’s a soonhoon smutfic

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7205936 - GYUHAO. i love gyuHAO AND FANTASY AND SMUT MIXED TOGETHER. and they swITCH, WHAT MORE COULD I HAVE ASKED FOR!!??? i love authors i owe them my life i will sell my soul to the devil just the all the fanfic writers will live longer and write more

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7168583 - gyuhao. the title is a CLICKBAIT I CAME HERE FOR THE MEMES AND STAYED FOR THE TEARS

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6850333 - YES I LOVE JUNHOON YOU LOVE JUNHOON EVERYONE LOVES JUNHOON, kinda angst??? but not really because happy ending and i just truly love junhoon i love them ok

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6994786 - MORE JUNHOON. im speechless, i love junhoon, i dont know but i love them its slowly creeping up my otp list

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6932014 - SOONHAO. SMUT. another otp i have a weakness for. thIS IS SO HOT AND AMAZING AND MADE ME NOT REGRET SINNING IN THE FIRST PLACE

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6942142 - MOSHI PRISONER!AU. this wAS A WILD RIDE. I LOVE EVERYTHING. trigger warning, though: mentions of criminals doing criminal stuff without remorse.

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Character of Your Choice, there s/o goes missing on a mission & hours later is found wandering back to base with some orphans in tow. Also kids don't wanna leave their s/o's side. :)

Okay so I know this isn’t exactly what you meant but I doubt Talon would let anyone wonder near their base, especially not kids. But, here’s a Gabriel worrying his head off.

(hEY LOOK IM NOT COMPLETELY DEAD. just on the inside. just like this blog-) 

“What do you mean ’ (Y/n) is missing’!? I asked you to keep an eye on him, Sombra!” Gabriel’s loud voice echoed throughout the room, his form wavered slightly from the anger he was feeling. It was supposed to be a simple solo mission – keep an eye on the target, no interactions. A simple in and out which turned out to go down south very quickly.

The Mexican woman let out a laugh, simply waving him off with her hand and not even glancing up from the hologram. “Chill, amigo. It’s no big deal.”

“No big deal for you.” He advanced towards her, fists clenching and unclenching stressfully not sure whether he wants to punch something or someone, or if he’s going to have some sort of a breakdown. The black smoke surrounding him worsened as his thoughts turned the worst. Cursing under his breath he turned his back to the hacker, not seeing the smirk creeping onto her face.

“Relax, you finally got the time off from (Y/n) that you’ve been telling me abo-”

That is not what I meant, Sombra! You know that.” He glared at her, hands shaking, lungs heaving with every breath he took.

Despite his high-key death threat she shrugged her shoulders, lips still curled into a sly grin. She leaned her chin on top of her palm, looking up at him; playing with him, with his emotions. “It was entertaining to watch that happen to him, though. Si, I don’t even feel bad about it~” With a wink she quickly moved out of his way as he attempted to wrap his hands around her neck in fury.

Y o u-” The man growled loudly, staying still and trying to control his breathing; it was difficult to ignore Sombra who leaned against his back, looking at her nails as if suddenly they were the most interesting thing she’s seen.

“Calmate, amigo. We all knew this day was coming eventually. Besides,” She pushed herself off of him and waited for him to look at her before pulling up one of the many holograms, directing his attention to it. “(Y/n) is a good caretaker. Kids love him.”

For a split moment Reaper swore he felt his decaying heart stop in relief the second his eyes landed on the image of you sitting down in some sort of an abandoned building, five children surrounding you with one of them (looking to be no older than 3) sleeping on your lap. It was a sight he didn’t expect to see at all. The way the children sat around you all huddled up, your uniform jacket - along with the hat and scarf you wore for the cold weather – given to the kids in order to keep them warm.

Gabe recognised the building from somewhere but he couldn’t place his finger on it, so instead he looked up at the grinning woman. “Give me the coordinates. Now.”

Sombra laughed, rolling her eyes at the demanding tone. “Already done.”

The holograms disappeared and soon after Talon’s ace was out the door, making her shake her head from side to side. He was easy to crack, his emotions easily manipulated when it came to the one he held dear, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. You were his biggest weakness.

“Try harder next time, Gabe.”


What if instead of just handshakes, dynamics would scent each other’s wrists?

  • This can be seen as an old formal way of how Dynamics would introduce each other, though, it is still taught to newer generations.
  • The older generation would participate in this greeting more often.
  • One wouldn’t do this type of greeting if they are just saying hello to the cashier at the store.
  • It wouldn’t be a very intimate scenting. Just a quick sniff of the wrist.
  • This would allow the other to know the dynamic, can be used as a conversation stater, hopefully no one smells bad.

Even if it’s just a quick sniff of the wrist, it can allow others to know a little bit about their new friend.
Such As:

  • Their dynamic.
  • If they are mated.
  • If they are a virgin.
  • If an Omega, near their heat.
  • if an Omega, just got finished with their heat.

Though, for an Omega, conversations about their sex life and heats are usually kept within the family.

People (not limited to) to use this greeting with:

  • Family
  • New Friends
  • Old Friends
  • Baby Sitters
  • Business Partners

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me: *plays out scenarios in my head to try and entertain myself* brain: hey what about this other thing me: oh yeah that other thing. that is a cool thing and reminds me of a different thing. oh yeah the scenario *tries to play out scenario* brain: oh but what about this? me: oh yeah that. very interesting I should think about that more. oh yeah the scenario *tries to play out scenario* brain: hmmmm hey what abo

honestly same

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What is ABO anatomy like? Like I read fics sometimes with the ABO universe but I still don't understand a lot of how everything is set up

Honestly, I feel the vast, vast majority of ABO AUs don’t really get into it. Details of anatomy and such probably aren’t the focus of many fics and there’s no need to get into too much detail, so a lot of it is Mystery, and whether the individual author of that specific fic has explanations is really up to them ^ ^;

My own AU though, DOES have detailed explanations for how ABO (technically ABO+) works, including anatomy, reproduction, social impact, and even vague evolutionary reasoning why it’s a thing in the first place. Most if not all of it won’t apply to the majority of other people’s ABO AUs out there, but I, like you, wanted explanations at least for my own purposes. You can read it all here, super detailed and long you are warned.

Alpha/Beta/Omega+ Dynamics - Extended World-Building Post

If you have any specific questions after reading the academic essay headcanons post, you’re more than welcome to hit me up again! ^ ^;

First Dates I

this is my first fic on here! Feel free to read n enjoy!

genre: comedy/angst/light smut? idk, etc

pairing: johnny x reader

word count: 2345

Parts: I II III IV V

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The Artist

Genre: Fluff

College AU

Characters: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1845

A/N: Just a short and sweet Jimin drabble~ I really hope you guys like it!

- Admin Snow

Our Masterlist

I remember the first time I saw her drawing she had her hair pulled up with a black hair tie, letting me take in all the angles and curves that made her pretty face. I also remember that being the only time I had seen her with her hair completely away from her face, every day after that her hair was neatly placed over one shoulder. Maybe it was because it was hot that day, or maybe because those locks had gotten in the way of her drawing in that moment.

Either way, as I sat across the café, the only thing I could focus on was her.

She was like clockwork. Every other day, at seven in the evening, she sat at the same table, ordered the same cup of coffee, and drew in the same dull green sketch book whose number of pages slowly decreased as the days went on.

She has something of a routine when she drew. She would draw for a good fifteen minutes, lip caught between her teeth, sit back and examine her work, make a face at it, and continue to add to her art. I wondered if she had designed any of the art decorating her left arm. The black ink started at her wrist and disappeared under the pulled-up sleeve of her black long sleeve.

There were many people who frequented the café who knew of her, people outside of the café too. The artist who would sit down, sip on her coffee and ensue to draw the customers.

Every day it would change, I’ve witness her drawing a student studying, a mother and daughter having a chat over a cup of tea, a business man having a conversation on his phone, even a couple snuggled up on the couch sharing a hot chocolate. A different art piece every day. And when she was done, coffee long gone and fingers and wrists dusted in lead, she would walk over to her subject of that day, hand them the drawing and thank them with a small smile then proceed to leave the café.

The reactions would all differ slightly, but ultimately were the same: amazement. Her drawings were beautiful and captured moments and emotions better than any photo could.

“Yeah, she sits at this café and just draws people. It’s pretty awesome! Taehyung actually has a drawing of him that she made this one time he was there. She even caught his rectangular smile perfectly.” Namjoon explained spreading his own lips in a mock Taehyung style way making the actual rectangular smiled boy push him playfully.

I learned from Namjoon that she was an art major just like the rest of us. Apparently, she also had a class with Jeongguk.

“She’s really quiet and keeps to herself a lot.” Jeongguk put in as he kicked a stray rock on the pavement. “Now that I think about it, she doesn’t really talk to anyone.”

“I think Yoongi had told me something about her being a regular at his tattoo parlor. She has this really cool left sleeve that she adds on to every now and then.” Taehyung put in.

“Oh yeah! I’ve caught glances at her tattoos. I think one of my favorites that I’ve seen on her is this phoenix looking bird.” Jeongguk added as he motioned to his forearm where Y/N probably adorned the ink.

“So why were you asking, Jimin?”

“Oh, it’s just, I think I ran into her the other day.”

“Can I have four iced americanos, two iced vanilla lattes, and one mocha frappe, all large sizes, please?”

“That’s a pretty big order.” I laughed along with the cashier as I handed over my card.

“Yeah, it’s my turn to do the coffee run.” I explained as I took back my card. I walked away from the counter and sat down patiently to hear my name. It wasn’t long before I was given the two large cup holders with all our drinks carefully placed inside. I walked out of the café, pushing open the door with my shoulder and treaded over to my car.

I hadn’t realized I was in a dilemma until I stood in front of my car, both hands preoccupied, and unable to open the car door, let alone grab my keys inside my jeans pocket. I didn’t want to place the drinks on the floor or on the car hood in fear of spilling them so I decided the best thing to do was go back inside and take the holders out one by one.

As I began to turn around and head back inside I heard someone quietly speak beside me.

“Need some help?” I turned around to face the owner of the voice. I blinked at the girl for a few seconds, not realizing fast enough what it was she had meant. She gestured towards the drinks in my hand and softly offered to hold one of the cardboard cup holders.

“Oh, um, please?” I say and slowly hand over the one with three drinks. Not wanting to waste any time, I quickly get a hold of my car keys and open the door, placing the drinks I had in my hand on the passenger seat. I turned around and took the other drinks from her hands, silently observing that she adorned tattoos on her left arm. “Thanks for your help.” I rapidly say once I had placed those drinks safely inside too.

“It’s no problem.” She said with a smile and walked away immediately after. I watched as she walked over to the entrance of the café and disappeared inside.

I remember thinking that she had seemed so nice. I also remember promising to maybe come back some day in hope that she might be there and I could run into her again. Maybe get her name next time.

By some luck, the week after, I saw her again. Unfortunately, I hadn’t caught her name because she was already walking out. I managed to make eye contact with her as she walked past me to her own car. I cautiously waved at her from my position, hoping that maybe she recognized me. Her gaze lingered for a second, making me believe that maybe she didn’t remember me. I had started to feel like an idiot before she lifted her own hand to return my hello. That wave alone had made my whole day.

I learned later from one of the baristas that she was a regular. A very special regular.

My encounters with her after that were scarce and small, but never short of amazing.

Things ranging between gentle hellos and quick “how was your day”s as we waited for our coffees to be prepared. I had begun to use the café as a study spot, in hope that I would build up the courage to talk to her. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even bring myself to give her my name. And what was worse was that as time went on, I developed more and more of a crush on her, making it harder and harder to confront her.

“So, what you’re trying to tell me is that I have to divide this number into this number and that would give me my answer?”

“Yes, Jeongguk, for the hundredth time, yes!”

“And that’s the tangent?”


“But what abo–”

“I give up.” I exclaim as I slump over and bury my face into Jeongguk’s math book.

“You suck at tutoring.” Jeongguk accuses as he sips from his coffee, making slurping sounds as he finishes the iced beverage. “Namjoon is way better at this than you are.”

“Well why didn’t you ask him?!” I question, glaring at the younger boy, chin still placed on the glossy pages of his textbook.

“He said something about having to finish composing some song for a class.” He said as he opened his cup and began munching on some of the left-over ice.

“So you asked me to waste my precious time on helping you with a subject I’m only marginally better at than you?” Jeongguk scoffs at my words and leans in closer to me.

“Precious time? All you do is stalk Y/N.” At the mention of her name, I sit up quickly and glance behind the brunette’s shoulder at the tattooed girl sitting a few tables away. “You even fought me for that seat so you could look at her this whole time.”

I could feel my cheeks burn pink at his words. “I do not stalk her!” I angrily whisper. “I want to talk to her, I just don’t know how to do it.” My eyes turn back to her and I observe as she lets her pencil glide along the paper, quietly wondering who she was drawing today. Maybe it was the long-haired girl with glasses reading over on one of the couches, she looked like drawing material if you ask me.

“Whatever you say.” I was about to reprimand him for his words but he cut me off before I could. “I’m going to the bathroom. Could you order us some more coffee? I’d like some more caffeine before we start round two of this study session.” And before I could even say no, he was gone.

Huffing in defeat, I stand up and walk over to the counter to order our drinks.

“You owe me.” I say as soon as I come back, placing the two cups down. But Jeongguk wasn’t listening, instead he was beaming down at a sheet of paper in his hand. Curious, I asked him what he was looking at.

“Y/N left.”

“What?” And just as he had said, she wasn’t sat down at her usual table. Immediately, I felt a little sad that I didn’t see her leave. “Oh, she did.”

“And she left this.” I felt my heart skip a beat, realizing exactly what he meant.

“She drew you?!” I snatched the paper out of his hand instantly. Jeongguk chuckled and shook his head.

“Not me.” Looking down at the sheet of paper, I was in awe. “She drew you.”

The lines, the shading, all of it came together to create me. The me that was sitting down, pencil in hand and smiling softly at what I had been writing in that moment she had chosen to capture. Maybe it had been something Jeongguk had said, or maybe something I had been thinking about that had made me smile like that, because it sure wasn’t the math problems. I don’t think I have ever looked better than I do drawn by her hands. Is this what she sees when she looks at me?

As I continue to admire her art, I realize that along the bottom right hand corner, in pretty cursive writing, were the words,

“Jimin, I am sorry I didn’t thank you in person. I much rather do it outside of the café, maybe over dinner if you’d like.”

And underneath her short note was a ten-digit number and her name.

“Actually, I believe you owe me.”

Familiar freckles

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader (pretty platonic tho.)
Word count: 1570
Summary: You go grocery shopping with your little brother and meet John. NAILED IT
Warnings: Uhm. Non. I think. Bad writing
Notes: This is pretty lame. It might be cute tho. I should probably right a sequel to that. Ive also only written this to finally have a laurens fic.

“Can I have chocolate?”, a squeaky voice demanded, and you sighed, looking down to your little brother. “Will you stop bothering me after I buy you chocolate?”, you questioned with your eyebrows raised, while taking an egg carton from the shelf and placing it carefully in the shopping cart. “Yes! I promise!” With a cry of joy, he was already racing through the supermarket, and before you could even notice, he disappeared behind one of the refrigerator counters. You didn’t put too much thought to this, you were sure he would come back soon enough, so you continued your shopping. 

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The Animal Within Chapter 5

Wolverine kicked his feet in the water as hard as he could, trying to keep their heads above the water. They floated down the rapids away from the likes of stryker and his experiments. y/n coughed and gasped for air as the harsh water pulled and pushed them around. Looking down the river more Wolverine saw a waterfall coming up and tightened his hold on his female, “Hold on tightly to me!” He yelled over the water and felt as she tightened her hands around his neck. Falling over the side of the waterfall he sheathed his claws into the rock side. With the water falling behind them he got a chance to look around. Seeing a small cave of sorts behind the falls he pulled out one set of his claws agter the other, climbing over to it. Once he was just above the cave he let his right claws go back in and grabbed y/n’s wrists. Pulling them over his head he dropped her into the cave, hearing her let out a small “uff.” when she landed on the rock. Knowing she was safe he swung himself into the cave, landing on his feet beside her. Looking around the cave he saw it thank fully to be empty. Letting out a sigh of releif he looked down at his female to see her shivering violently. Lifting her up he carried her over to the far cornner of the cave. Sitting her in his lap he pulled the wet gown over her head and tossed it to the side. Pulling her close to his chest he rubbed his hands up and down her arm, trying to warm her. 

When he felt her starting to go to sleep he shook her some, “No, stay awake. You can’t go to sleep. You stay awake that’s a order.” he said a little harsh making her whimper. Sighing he closed his eyes and tried to calm down, “I’m sorry, but you can’t fall asleep or you will freeze to death. Come on, talk to me…” he said in a softer voice. “Abo…out.t.tt what?” she said through her chattering teeth. “I don’t know anything… how old are you?” he asked thinking about things he really did want to know. “Nine..t..teen.” she said making him raise his brows, she actualy was legal, good at least now he wouldn’t feel like a pedophile. “where are you from?” “Y/h..” “hmff… figure’s could tell that by your accent.” he said smiling to himself a little. “What are we going to do now?” she asked her shaking calmed down as his body warmed her. “We’ll stay here until it gets dark and then we’ll head out… don’t really know where yet… do ya have any family?” he asked and felt as she took a deep breath. “Stryker’s men killed my dad when they took me… my mom died when I was little. I have a brother but I don’t know where he is… we lost each other when we were runnning.” she said and he could hear the saddness in her voice.  "hmm.“ was all he said before petting her head. "sleep now, you are safe and will need your energy for tonights walk.” he told her pushng on her head to make her lay it on his chest. following his orders she quickly fell asleep.

Waking up Logan looked down to see his omega curled up in his lap, fast asleep. He didn’t want to wake her but knew they needed to find warmth and food. “Time to wake up mate.”  he said and heard as she groaned. Looking at him he saw the sleep in her eyes but she still gave him a smile. Huffing in amusment he bent down to lick lightly at the side of her mouth before standing and sitting her on her feet. Swinging her onto his back he moved over to the opening, looking down. WIthout a word he jumps down sheathing his claws into the stone rockside and climbing down.

 Once on the ground he sniffed around making sure none of stryker’s men were nearby. Smelling none he looked in all directions before sitting her on her feet, and walking southeast, excpecting her to follow. They walked for what seemed like ever, the moon now high in the sky. Glancing back to check on her he saw her arms wrapped around her torso as she tried to keep herself as warm as possible. Her lips were now a blueish tent along with her fingers and toes. Knowing she would not be able to go on for much longer he went and lifted her into his arms, carrying her much like a person would a child. He felt as she layed her head on his shoulder and hissed at how cold her skin was. They both needed to find shealter fast. Looking up he saw what looked to be a rangers station. Sitting his female on the fallen log he heard her whimper at the lost of his warmth. “Stay.” he said before making his way to the place. He looked around the cabin, searching for anything that may pose a threat. Seeing it empty he called her over. She was overjoyed to have somewhere they could rest. Going to try the knob she found it locked and growled, getting his attention. Going to the door he unsheathed one of his claws and cut a hole in the center of the bolt making the door swing open. With a smile she walked inside hearing him close the door back behind them and place something against it to hold it close. Seeing her looking around the cabin she opened a closet to find blankets. She was quickly pulling them down and wrapping them around her freezing body. Wolverine couldn’t help but smile when she went to the small corner and burrowed herself into them. Following after her he sat down and pulled her into his arms, purring when she sat herself in his lap and wrapped the blankets around them both. 

Before long they were both warmed up making him more aware of the naked female in his lap. Licking at her claiming mark he could still taste the coppery from where the wound was not completley healed. Hearing her small gasp he smirked and proceded to rub his hands down to rest at her hips. Pulling her closer to his pelvis he gave a deep growl when she went to pull away from him, making her shrink inward. Moving to rub one of his hands over her sex she shundered. Knowing she wasn’t going to sit still he gave a huff before flipping her over to lay on her back. Once on he was hovering over her he lined himself up with her entrance before slowly pushing in. The female cried out as she was streched around his cock. Burying his face into the crook of her neck he began pumping in and out of her letting her moans and gasps rile him on. Smirking he rolled them over so she was on top of him. She was surprised and let out a small eep when he pushed on her hips to make her sit up on him. When his member went further into her, hitting her cervix she cried out and went to move off of him. Hearing a growl she looked down and saw his teeth were bared. Holding her in place he began moving her hips back and forth. When he felt her place her hands on his wrists he looked up at her to see her head thrown back and her hair in a mess around her, the sight making the animal give a feral growl. Rubbing his hands up to her breasts he cupped them both in his hands and let her continue to rock her own hips. 

When she began to moan and snap her hips he knew she was close to her own climax. “Good girl, ride your alpha’s cock.” he said in a deep voice placing his hands on her thighs and let her use him. When she placed her hands on his chest he groaned when he felt a pain. Looking down he saw her claws digging into his chest, drawing blood. Trailing his eyes up to her face he saw the small fangs in her mouth that was opened in a clear ‘o’. Smiling he traced his hand to her clit, rubbing the bundle of nerves with the pad of his thumb. Instantly she cried out in her orgasm, when the high was over she fell forward onto his chest. Rolling them over he licked at her skinas he began snapping his own hips into hers. She whimpered at the abuse of her still sensitive pussy but he just growled into her neck, nipping at her skin in warrning. She had gotten her release, now it was time for his. She went to go grab his shoulder only to be too weak and drop the limb back to the floor. Feeling the animal in hiverm becoming desprate the wolverine sunk his teeth into her breast, sucking at her nipple. Snapping his cock into her as hard as he could. When his member began to pulse he quickly pulled out of her and kneeled between her legs. Shooting his seed over her nude body he marked his teritory, white lines of cum ran from the mound of her sex up to her chest and then the line that had made it to stripe her face. Feeling his inner animal approve of the scenting he saw the omega sleeping peacfully. Standing he wrapped her in the blanket before lifting her up and placing her under the table agiainst one of the walls. Making his way out of the cabin he smelled the air. Smelling no one he headed out to look for supplies. 

Wolverine had found a small store at the bottom of the mountain with food and winter gear. He changed into a pair of jeans with boots and a red plaid shirt. Grabbing a hiking bag he filled it with food, clothes for his mate. He was just on his way out when he saw a pair of multi-colored toe socks. Giving a huff of amusment he threw them in the bag. When he got back to the cabin he found her right where he had left her. She looked so exhusted and he hated when he shook her shoulder, waking her from her much needed sleep. “Wha? What’s wrong?” She asked in a sleep filled voice. Rubbing her eyes she was startled when he flopped down beside her and started dropping items in her lap. Looking at him she saw he now had clothes on. When she looked at her lap she saw he had also gotten her clothes as well. Standing she quickly dressed in the warm clothing. He smiled at the clothing he had picked out, a pair of jeans and a black sweater that covered her from others. last when she was sitting beside him he gave her the socks he had gotten her. “Maybe these well help keep those feet of yours from freezing.” he said when he saw her smiling. Seeing a bright light come through the windows they went stiff. They were here. 

me: topp dogg should release a good ass teaser for their mv

topp dogg: here you go, 4 teaser for almost every song on our album

me: behind the scenes of the mv making would be nice

topp dogg: here you have 2

me: how about a dance practice video

topp dogg: we just uploaded it

me: imagine them uploading a fanchant vid-

topp dogg: whoops is out now

me: a dance tutorial would b-

topp dogg: here is the dance tutorial to our comeback song

me: well what abo-

topp dogg: here you have a reaction video to our teasers and mv


topp dogg: oh and here’s the halloween vers.

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Hi.. Any movie au + abo?

What a great idea! I can’t wait to read some of these. - Anastasia

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Curly Top by themagnificent_ME

(2/? I 2,476 I Not Rated I Sterek I Curly Top)

When omega Stiles Stilinski’s parents die in a car crash, and the state takes away his younger brother, Isaac. Stiles is willing to do anything to stay with him. Including working as a drudge at the orphanage. Until one day a wealthy benefactor adopts both Isaac and him. Now he finds himself living under the care of their mysterious benefactors attorney, one Alpha Derek Hale and his uncle another Alpha, Peter Hale.

Safe Haven by FanGirl18

(1/1 I 6,104 I Mature I Sterek I Safe Haven)

Stiles is running from his abusive ex-boyfriend back home to his father with his new best friend Cora. What did Scott do to make Stiles hate him? Will Stiles open himself up to the equally damaged Derek? Will he find love? 

The lost city by UrbaneSunset

(2/? I 8,466 I General I Sterek I Atlantis)

Stiles is a lonely Omega who had dedicated his life to proving his late grandpa right. When the mysterious Mr. Parrish offers him just that, Stiles jumps at the chance. Who knows what he’ll find.

tumescent by kellifer_fic

(1/1 I 9,316 I Teen I Sterek I 10 Things I Hate About You)

“I would have to want to date Derek for your plan to work,” Stiles points out, secure in the knowledge that his logic is infallible and yes, he’s had a pointless and soul-destroying crush on Derek for as long as he can remember but nobody knows that.

Waterworld by SuperfluousEmi, Winchesterek

(2/? I 10,952 I Explicit I Sterek I Waterworld)

In the future, the polar ice caps have melted and covered the earth with water. Dry land is a myth that people tell their children about when they put them to sleep. People live on floating communities called atolls and merchant ships.

Over centuries, mutations have evolved from the human race to allow for their survival in this post-apocalyptic world. Stiles is a mutation, an omega, living in this world. But Stiles has a secret. He knows where dry land is. Or, at least, he might know where dry land is. He’s not sure if it’s real, but he knows that’s where he comes from and that his father is supposed to be there waiting for him. And he has a map that’s supposed to tell him exactly where it is.

Enter Derek Hale, an Alpha mutation that has adapted to life fully on the water.

Stiles and Derek set out on a lifetime journey to find mythical dry land and dammit, Stiles can’t help but be attracted to Derek and his intoxicating scent.

An Alpha Worth Fighting For by amazingpages

(3/? I 15,940 I Teen I Sterek I Mulan)

After totally screwing up in his mating ceremony, Stiles thinks finding a mate is the worst of his problems. As the Stilinski omega, it is his duty to carry on their bloodline, no matter how much he rebels against societal conventions and pack norms. But as news of the Alpha Pack invading California spreads, secrets and problems from the past begin to resurface, causing chaos within the districts. Stiles’ troubles increase ten-fold when his father enlists to fight, despite his injured heart. So, Stiles decides to take matters into his own hands and take his father’s place. By joining the war, he’ll prove to his father and everyone else that omegas are useful for more than just mating and breeding. It’s the perfect plan.

Something in my heart told me I must have you by bohemian

(14/14 I 20,893 I Teen I Sterek I Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

Stiles is the omega never meant to be caged.

Derek loved him when he kept playing the same song in his guitar, loved him when he was another alpha’s mate, loved him when he abandoned his life over and over again, and loved him when he tried to abandon the alpha as well.

To See With Eyes Unclouded by mikkimouse

(17/17 I 47,770 I Explicit I Sterek I Princess Mononoke)

Cursed by a dying god, Derek seeks help from the great wolf Satomi. She lifts the curse with a Bite, but Derek can never leave the forest, lest the curse return.

Taken in by Satomi’s small pack, Derek finds himself learning more about the forest and navigating an antagonistic relationship with Stiles, Satomi’s only human child.

But darkness encroaches at their borders as the humans of Irontown delve deeper into the forest in their quest for iron, and the bad blood between the wolves and the humans threatens to breach the point of no return.

And Derek may well be the only one who can pull them back from the brink.

Sink My Teeth Into You by groffiction

(25/? I 69,393 I Explicit I Sterek I Cutting Edge)

Derek Hale is one of the sexiest Alpha’s to be in the Werewolf Olympics, held every four years. Unfortunately after this last Olympics, getting only the silver medal, his partner bails on him. In need of a partner, and being a total stubborn Sourwolf about the whole prospect, his coach and uncle, Peter Hale decides to go in search of one by himself. He finds Stiles Stilinski, an Omega who just so happens to work as a Stripper at one of the best gay bars around town and gives the boy an offer he can’t refuse. Peter figures that the mouthy exotic dancer would be good for his nephew. However, what he didn’t intend were for both of the wolves to not only start hating eachother, but to also have enough sexual tension in their ire to melt the whole planet’s ice rinks.

War Crimes by loserchic

(69/69 I 81,240 I Mature I Sterek I GI Jane)

In a fantastical military state, Stiles, an orphaned nobody, street smart omega was rescued as a child by war hero alpha, Commander Derek Hale. Six years later, Stiles still maintains an obsession with taking care of himself and a blatant mistrust of alphas. Stiles becomes the first omega to be accepted into elite training with the Black Wolves, the military’s special operations force. Derek has always intended to mate with Stiles and is furious at the idea of him entering training. However, Stiles’ guardians only agree to allow Derek to mate with Stiles if he allows Stiles to attempt Black Wolves’ training. Derek becomes Stiles’ commanding officer and the war between them begins. Also a lot of fraternization.

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Can we have a scenario of Yuma's son trying to express his feelings for reiji's son to him and reiji's son is just kind of goofing around trying to keep it really lighthearted and yuma's son is getting increasingly frustrated by it.

“I have been meaning to talk to you about something, something serious.” He really needed to get this off of his chest. His opponent, Reiji’s son, had been on his mind since the beginning of their high school career and now that they are running against each other he barely had time to think. “What’s up man? Scared about the up and coming speeches, don’t worry I’m sure you’ll do fine!” No that’s not what it was. His smile, his eyes, and personality sent Yuma’s boy into a stuttering mess.

“N-no um-”

“Do you need help in school?”

“N-no I-”

“What abo-”

“SHUT UP WILL YA!” He bellowed, in a very Yuma esque fashion, and smashed his lips onto the other boy’s. First kiss, achieved. He pulled away and started to walk away mumbling something about “stupid neet” and “aristocratic moron” and Reiji’s son’s favorite “pretty faced motherfucker.”

“You think I’m pretty?”

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What exactly is "presenting" in omegaverse?

Hey, Hi, Hello there

Presenting doesn’t happen in all Omegaverse AU’s. 

Presenting is when someone comes into their dynamic, they will then have their first heat or rut. Presenting will change a dynamic’s scent, making their scent stronger/fuller, they will smell less like an adolescent. 

Ex: an adolescent Omega may have a baby powder scent added to their normal scent of whatever, and then loose that baby powder scent after Presenting. 

Presenting usually happens around the precious age of 15. 

Sometimes Presenting causes other dynamics to go into rut or heat.

Presenting can also be taken as a “Welcome to puberty.” 

Wedding Day

The anticipation had finally come to an end yet you still had a bittersweet feeling about the whole ordeal. You take a deep breath and look in the mirror. Your hands are shaking. 

No second thoughts, no cold feet you thought to yourself. This is it. One guy for the rest of your life. One guy.
He wasn’t the love of your life. I think he knew that too. But he was right for you, he was caring, kind and thoughtful. But he didn’t give you butterflies. You didn’t throw your head back laughing at his witty remarks or not want to go to sleep for fear or missing even a second that could be spent in his presence.
You met at a work party, and took things slow while everything fell into its place. He got on with your parents, and you even had the same group of friends. You didn’t argue though, he did everything right. He didn’t get under your skin like she used to.
You try to stop your mind from wandering to the thought of her. Your 6 year on and off relationship. She aggravated you, she had complete control of your emotions. Somehow she could make you the happiest person in the world but she was also the only one who could drag you down to your lowest, make you doubt yourself.  
You sent the invitation to her months ago, not even sure if she would turn up. It would feel strange without her being there. She was such a huge part of your life, you went through college together, got your first apartment together. Hell, she was your first for everything. You hope she’ll turn up but why would she? All of your old friends will be there. It’s crazy how much things have changed since you all graduated, all living in different states - all leading separate lives.
Your dad walks up behind you to place a kiss on the top of your head.
“You look beautiful. Are you ready?”
You force a smile and nod at him before turning around to wrap your arms around him.
Your dad clears his throat. “Is she coming?”
You pull away from him and look down.
“I’m not sure. I hope so, it’s been years since we’ve all been together but I haven’t seen her since I left her and moved to the other side of the country. I doubt she’ll come.”
You can’t help but let a sigh escape your lips.
“Will it change anything if she does?”
You shake your head.
“Don’t be silly. Our relationship ended a long time ago and we’ve barely spoken since. I miss her friendship and nothing more.”
Are you lying to yourself? Now definitely wasn’t the time to question that. You remind yourself that she was poison and never put you first. He does. You’re going to marry a man that will always prioritise you. That will never stand you up.
You smooth out your dress and pick up your bouquet; getting ready to make your entrance. You link your arm through your dads and make your way towards the main part of the church.
Nerves are coursing through you as you look around to see if she’s there. You refocus your attention to the man you’re about to marry. He’s standing at the altar - eyes glistening with happiness with his hands covering his mouth, completely mesmerised at the sight of you.
You’d never imagined that this day would come. It’s something you and her mentioned but never actually went through with. You’d planned a big proposal once, filled your whole apartment with bouquets of orchids because she thought roses were cliche. But of course, she never turned up. After that you gave up with the whole idea of marriage - especially with you being the one to propose anyway. You always thought that maybe one day she would ask you. But of course, she never did.
Your thoughts are interrupted when you see her standing there. In a red dress. You blink a couple of times to erase the idea that you might be hallucinating. You’re not, she really is here. Wearing red was definitely sending the message that she wanted you to receive - she always did wear that colour at special occasions or when she was making a point. Point received.
Your jaw drops and you can’t help but stare at her and stop halfway down the aisle. She looks breathtaking. She is a work of art - she always has been.
The eye contact the two of you are sharing is excruciating. Every time you try to look away you find your focus back on her instantly.
What are you doing. Everyone is staring at you, anticipating your next move.  You’re supposed to be getting married but instead you’re frozen in place, like a deer in headlights.  
You’re about to tear yourself away from her gaze and focus on your husband-to-be when she mouths the words “This should be us.”
That was it. From the second you saw those words on her lips you felt your legs tremble. You let go of your father’s embrace and dropped the bouquet of flowers, sprinting in the opposite direction of where you were supposed to be.
After aimlessly running through countless corridors you finally find an empty room. You lean against the closed door behind you and slide down it. A wave of emotion running through every part of your body. You fall apart. Emotionally and physically. Sobbing into your hands, ruining the hours spent on your makeup. Mascara stained tears ruin your dress.
You sit there reminiscing about an almost decade worth of memories with her, trying to convince yourself not to go running up to her and tell her how in love with her you still are, how you never stopped loving her. The good is outweighing the bad. Every time you try to think of a dark memory to sway your decision, it’s soon replaced by a time she was endearing, playful and romantic. You want this, you want her. I guess you were always waiting for her to reach out to you. To be bold. To do something to prove what you actually meant to her. The girl you fell in love with did all of those things, showed all of these emotions. I guess as you both grew older she grew comfortable and always expected you to be there no matter what.
There’s a knock at the door behind you. You shake your head to try and calm yourself down.
“I’m fine I just need a minute. Just feeling a little under the weather.” You respond.
“After all these years I can still tell when you’re lying to me.”
Her voice. You instantly stand up and open the door. There she is, standing inches away from you. Your voice drops to a whisper.
She smiles weakly at you.
“I’m sorry I didn’t RSVP.”
You open your mouth to speak but no words are coming out.
She wraps her arms around you, pulling you into her warm embrace. You rest your head against her shoulder and inhale her familiar scent - which no amount of time could erase. You could stay in this moment forever but time wasn’t on your side.
She grabs your face in one hand and looks you directly in the eyes.
“Run away with me. I didn’t deserve you then but I think I do now. Ive changed, I’ve grown. Oh god MC, I’ve tried to experience so many things but it’s not the same without you by my side. You can’t marry him, he’s not right for you. I am. I know this because if he was the one you wouldn’t be in this room, holding onto me with tears running down your face.”
“N-n-no I left you. I moved across the country.” You stutter, your voice shaking. There was so much more you wanted to say, so much anger you needed to let out but you couldn’t help but feel vulnerable in her arms. It’s like every wall you ever built to protect yourself from her had just come crashing down and turned into ashes around you.
“MC I deserved that. I never put you first.”
You finally pull away from her. The anger and rage finally building up inside you.
“You’ve had a long time to say this Kaitlyn. Yes I ran away and I never said goodbye but you never came after me. It took me a long time to get over you, and when I finally do you come and crash my wedding!” By the end of your sentence your voice had raised so you were now shouting at her.
You can see her breaking in front of you. This time it’s not you sobbing, it’s her.
“But we are supposed to be together. It took me a while to figure it out but I’m here now. I’ll never treat you the way I did again. We can get married, we can have kids. We can do whatever we want to do as long as we’re together. You’re my home.”
Every fibre of your body was fighting against you at this point, telling you not to do what you’re about to. Your head and your heart were in different places but you couldn’t help yourself. You grab her face with both hands and draw your lips together. Hard. Stunted at first, Kaitlyn flinches but then accepts, bringing her hands to your hair and running her hands through them. Reluctantly, she pulls away.
“Well, since you’re already dressed for the occasion…” She bites her bottom lip, smiling. “Let’s go and get married.”
You raise an eyebrow at her. “Are you being serious?”
“Yes.” She replies. “Right now.”
“But what abo-“ You’re cut off by her lips against yours again.
“We’ve got the rest of our lives to apologise to the people out there.” She states.
“And children?”
“Yep. I want two. One’s going to be a rockstar like me and the other can be a bookworm like you.”
You throw your head back laughing and lace her hand in yours.
“Fine. But I get to decide on their names.”
Kaitlyn winks at you. “Fine. Let’s get out of here.”
And just like that, you felt like you belonged again. With your hand in hers,  running with only a slight sense of direction. She pulled through.
“Oh and one more thing MC, you’ve never looked more beautiful than you do right now.”

TJ Perkins - You’re Worth Fighting For. You

TJ Perkins - People flirt with Y/N and TJ gets jealous so expresses his feelings to her and they end up in a heated makeout session. 

- Warnings - Fluff, Angst, Swearing

Word Count - 2,279

Requested by: Anon.

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One new Women’s Wrestler, one who was admitedly fast-tracked to the main roster was destined to gain immense amounts of heat from others. That heat presumedly in the form of hatred, instead she recieved a different, more affectionate heat.

“You lot seen the new girl running ‘round here?” A seemingly over-excited Rich Swann exclaimed in amongst the large catering table swarmed with cruiserweights. “Definitely a catch.”

“I saw her walking in earlier with Lana, Pretty sure she has her debut match tonight.” Cedric Alexander added before reaching for a drink.

“I’ll certainly be watching that then.” An eager Noam grins across the table, “Wonder what the lass will be wearing.”

Chuckles not only seemed to fill the room but apparently Noam’s head as well and he snickered another presumptuous remark bearing a grin at the same time, “Hope it’ll be tight.” 

“You know what, shut up Noam.” An angered voice arose, silencing the fading laughter.

“Ay, calm down Perkins-” His words were cut off when a familiar blonde, some would say ‘ravishing’ woman walked in, besides her walking this ‘new girl’… “Speaking of the devil.”

- Your POV -

You excitedly pressed through Catering’s door, longing for the recommended Mashed Potato after a long day of vigorous training. Walking solely forwards, mind-set on discarding your growing hunger, you paid absolutely no attention to anyone in the room - Pretty much to the point where even if Barack Obama was in the room you wouldn’t have known; completely oblivious. That was the sole reason you failed to recognize the crowd of superstars whispering your name in the back corner of the room. Slowly after finishing your (must admit, overly large) plate of food, you decided to get a drink from the large table placed coincidentally in that very back corner of the room, forcing you to acknowledge the sea of new faces ahead of you.

It was clearly evident to almost anyone, that everyone - literally everyone in that group of men, were completely unique. Even if everyone one of them stood out, only two merely captured your attention. Both of which your ‘type’- Not too tall, dark and handsome. (Pretty much most people’s type.) I mean how can you resist a guy with dark, piercing eyes and full dark hair to mess up? It felt as though you had been staring for way too long… did they notice? You urgently stopped your train of thoughts, letting a smile etch on your face prior to turning away to exit.

“Ey, you see that, she smiled at me. Already fallen for good ol’ Noam Dar.” A satisfied grin engraved on the Scottish man’s face. “ I’ll be back lads.”

Slouched, your back leant against a crate, you discussed what seemed like your complete life story with Sasha. “So what abo-” Your words were muffled by a strongly accented voice, forcing you to turn to reveal one of the guys from earlier. “Well ‘ello there sweet.”

Your face was instantaneously flushed with the colour of red through nervousness and partly awkwardness as well. I didn’t even know this guy and he’s already calling me ‘sweet’

“Okay I’m gonna go get ready for my match. Catch ya later Y/N.” Sasha muttered before speeding off down the corridor. 

“Y/N huh? Nice name for a gorgeous woman.” Noam exclaimed, tugging at your shoulder, turning you towards his now topless body. There’s no denying that it’s an incredible body, but it only made the awkwardness more apparent. “How about I take you out for food after the show. My treat”

This was a constant weekly routine for the period of two months, you never made anything ‘official’ though. He was great; his looks, his hidden sweet personality, everything but something just didn’t seem right with him. It’s hard when you think you want something but that something doesn’t complete you how you’d thought it would. You couldn’t quite put a finger on it… why you wouldn’t commit to Noam.

~ Raw: Two Months Later ~

“Hey you.” A tight grasp was placed upon each of your dainty shoulders causing you to shiver slightly. “Oh, hey Noam.” You muttered under your breath slightly, unknowingly shaking out of his grip. 

“You still on for dinner Y/N?” His eyes wandered downwards from yours, clearly looking at your ‘tight’ ring gear. *fake cough* “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be” You snapped, your words forcing his eyes out of his somewhat trance. “Good, I’ll see you then” He winked, turning before walking to the gorilla for his upcoming match. “Noam- I’m sorry for pushing you away for two months, you’ve been making an effort so I don’t see why we can’t try this out, Okay? Now go kick some ass.” Your words left him in complete and utter shock before he wandered down the corridor, a smile clearly embedded on his lips.

Gazing as The Scottish Supernova’s lean build faded out of plain sight, you relaxed slightly, letting off that anticipation weighing you down before you finally gave in to his love. 

“Erm, hi.” You heard a faint voice from over your shoulder. The voice of the now familiar other ‘fairly tall, dark and handsome’ man, TJ Perkins. One of Noam’s best friends. “Y/N can I talk to you about something?” The nervousness within his voice was perceptible, leaving you concerned about what was to come. In the short two months you had known TJ, it wasn’t hard to notice that he hardly ever got anxious about something, not unless it was serious.

“Yeah sure, what’s up?” Your vision lifted from the mesh you were playing with on your shorts to meet with his eyes. He was swallowing his words, choking up whenever the slightest noise exited his mouth. “Er, erm- How are you and Noam?” His mood dropped immensely, his head lowering towards his feet.

“Look TJ, Please tell me what’s up? This isn’t like you at all.”

His breathing became increasing faster. His heartbeat almost loud enough for you to hear. “Okay. Ever since I saw you in catering your debut night on RAW, I started to believe in love at first sight. Heck I know it sounds cheesy but it was true but then Noam came along, all because I didn’t have the balls to tell you how I felt. That’s why I’m here now, There’s a 90% chance I’m too late but it’s worth a try.” His heartfelt words left you feeling as though you had been hit by a truck. A rope already began to be pulled in two separate directions within your mind. Stay with the man you just made official with or listen to TJ who seemed too sincere in his announcement to be messing around.

“TJ-” “I know this was completely out of the blue and completely wrong of me when you’re getting along so well with Noam. I couldn’t just not say anything.” His tone suggested he started to regain the hope he instantly thought he had lost when he approached me. Mine was polar opposite.

“Are you seriously out of your mind!? What makes you think it’s ok to just waltz on up to me and state that you’re in love with me? Especially when you goddamn know that I’ve been somewhat dating Noam for these past two months?” Your tone only grew louder along with temper growing increasingly uncontrollable. Did he really think I would take this comment lightly?

“Y/N I can understand why you’re mad, I don’t blame you but please just hear me out…” His dark, chocolate eyes became misted by the tears that began to form as he literally stood frozen, now not even being able to look you in the face. “This was a mistake… telling you.”

“Normally I would say it’s fine. But it’s not. Actually, it’s in a completely different realm than ‘fine’. You know what TJ- I can’t, I’m just gonna walk away.” Those words were far from what defined you; that sweet, shy, caring character just disappeared in an instant. Maybe it was the heat of the moment when things got to you, it’s hard to determine. The only thing you knew was this totally wasn’t like you. In that exact moment, you turned away, not glancing back his direction once, not wanting to make the situation deeper than it already is.

~ 3 days later ~

Nothing since RAW had changed: you still went to dinner with Noam, and you still haven’t made contact with TJ, neither did you tell Noam about the confession. You simply stayed in your own head; away from any drama. However, that time spent living purely in their thoughts made your feelings take a turn for the worse, it allowed you to regret shouting at TJ and somewhat doubt your ‘relationship’ with Noam. Noam was good- but you couldn’t help but think you weren’t ‘girlfriend material’ in his eyes and like you were nothing more than someone to take out to eat since that was pretty much all you ever did.

That’s what lead you to that very moment. 11:00 pm, sprawled across the small bed of your hotel room, twirling your phone between your finger and thumb, once again in an internal debate. Your phone was flicked into your palm, a loud ‘ding’ ringing your ears before you entered your passcode and pressed your thumb upon the ‘messages’ button…

‘There’s someone else.’ Those were the single words running through your head constantly- I guess deep down you couldn’t deny there was… TJ. That missing piece you had with Noam didn’t feel missing when you thought of TJ. The whole situation shattered your heart into a billion pieces knowing you were set to break one of their hearts at the end, in this case, it was Noam. Now he knew there was this other person and finally so did you, nonetheless, TJ now wasn’t aware.

All superstars on the current roster spent their time in the same hotel. Noam being Noam booked his own hotel, his way, claiming it was “too loud.” This meant you were close to TJ, well kinda overly close seeing as he’s two rooms down the hall. After your previous texts, it was inevitable, you had to see TJ.Tears already visibly draining down the apples of your cheeks, you quickly wanted to make your way to his room, avoiding any socialization on the way.

Stood outside his door, an emotional wreck, you briskly rose your hand, placing vigorous beats on the dark oak door. The million thoughts running through your head previously had vanished leaving only the wish of TJ being awake. Your hands were shaking and your knees were trembling. Your palms started to become sweaty; still warm, salty tears streaming to your chin. A click startled you momentarily, looking forwards to witness the door edging open, TJ standing there; dorky as per usual, dressed in grey joggers and a video game shirt, hair still almost perfectly spiked.

“I’m sorry TJ… I’m sorry.” Your voice blurted out before your petite build into a tight embrace. Your sobs started to damp his shirt as you nuzzled into his chest, comforted by his arm, his chin rested on the top of your head.

“Shh, it’s fine alright?” His softly toned voice soothed you, your sniffles became less frequent.

“I didn’t mean anything I said to you before TJ, I dunno- I was scared, scared to admit I liked you but then there was Noam but now there isn’t Noam and-” Your apology was suppressed when he placed a finger upon your lips, beckoning you to stop talking. Lifting your vision to meet his, it suddenly dawned on you… why you failed to realise this was the man you’d been looking for. His touch alone was enough to rock your world, the way he ran his fingers through your hair made all your troubles melt away, then he pressed his lips against mine making that once empty part of me feel whole again.

“Well then… thought I’d find you here, didn’t think you’d be snogging his face off though.“ A rasped voice broke the heat of the moment, a certain Scottish voice you knew far too well. “You like someone’s seconds then Perkins? Thought you were my buddy but clearly not.” 

“Noam stop!” The anger had clearly gotten to Noam as he swung a fist connecting with TJ’s jaw. “Noam, get the fuck out, I seriously mean it, leave now!” You shouted, sprinting to the aid of TJ, glaring as Noam slams the door behind him.

Instantaneously you ran to get a wet towel to soothe the swelling on TJ’s eye, afterwards cautiosly dabbing it whilst cupping his other cheek. A faint giggle however left his lips causing you to stop in your tracks. “What?” you chuckled, placing the towel on the bed next to you.

His soft lips once again met yours bringing you tighter into his body. “I’ve wanted this for too long now.” He breathed between kisses resulting in your face flushing red. 

“Me too. It just took me too long to realise.” You panted, gasping for air between words. It wasn’t long before his Superman top was off, leaving his chiseled build bare to allow your fingers to run down. “Sorry about Noam, you know I didn’t want him to punch you.”

“He doesn’t matter anymore. Plus you’re worth fighting for.” He delicately whispered into your neck, sending chills down your spine. 

“TJ Can I stay here please?” “Of course you can.” Finally someone who made your heart flutter everytime he touched you, still even if he was near you. This was the very moment I fell in love with TJ Perkins.

A/N - Finally it’s here! Loved writing this request even if it was a bit longer than expected. Anyways, thank you so much for reading guys, it means so much! ~ Nikkii xo

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I wish I knew Japanese in order to help you translate but my main languages are Spanish and English(´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

we might be needing a spn -> eng translator soon so… those that are interested… :D

(i normally don’t do retrans for our projects since i’m solid on jpn -> eng only, but since i can proof for translation accuracy and our joint team @qvfamma are also working on abo projects, what the hey… i’ll take what i can get!)