Stetsons/Schoolteachers (17)

Eeek so much to scream about in this chapter so I expect lots of asks!



The Beta girl at the front desk of the Lofsgreen hotel screamed when the door kicked in and three Alpha’s pushed through, all carrying rifles, all with pistols in their holsters, all with scowls on their face.

“Ma’am.” Steve tipped his hat and forced something that resembled a smile to his face. “I need you to tell me if the lady Alpha and all her friends are still staying in this hotel, and if they aren’t here? I need you to tell me where they went and I need you to tell me now.”

“S-Sorry, sir.” she stared up at him with wide eyes. “I don’t know who you mean.”

“Lady Alpha.” Sam cut in. “Real tall, really pretty, real dangerous. Had a pack of about half a dozen Beta’s with her, another male Alpha who was more like her whipping boy. I know you know who I am talking about.”

“No, no I’m really sure I don’t remember–”

Beta!” The word ripped over a growl and Steve’s eyes snapped red. “However bad she is? I can promise you I am worse. You tell me where she went now.”

“Tell us, sweetheart.” Bucky had the terrifying ability to look perfectly calm, perfectly casual right before he hurt someone. His voice was honey smooth, his smile almost friendly, and his eyes weren’t even red but they sparked furious and the Beta swallowed hard, backing away a few steps. “Tell us, or the Sheriff here might just burn your hotel down, ya know? You ever been real close to a real big fire?”

“Bucky.” Sam said quietly. “Easy does it. She’s not involved in this.”

“Maybe she is, maybe she ain’t.” Bucky shrugged and leaned against the desk, causing the girl to back up even further. “There’s only one way to find out, huh?”

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anonymous asked:

So... I'm still no to this "Omegaverse" thingy... Do you mind explaining a bit? I'm curious to understand the classes and the ways that they irk and such...

Sure thing, love!

Ok so, many years ago in the deep dark recesses of (or maybe it was AO3? It could have been Wattpad tbh) someone wrote a fanfic (I think it was Supernatural or Teen Wolf or something) where one character was an alpha, who went through ruts and had scent glands and the other was an omega, who was dependent on the alpha, and went through heats and was submissive


There are three dynamics that are generally accepted (I say this because some people add in gammas and deltas and zetas, and these can adhere to any headcanons you want, because they’re unusual and vary greatly)


Alphas are generally accepted as the dominant, strong fighters, much like the hyper masculine image that is forced on men. They can be tall and lean, or short and muscular. Both male and female alphas possess a penis and a knot. Female alphas have the ability to retract their penis, and although they possess a vagina, they aren’t able to get pregnant or menstruate. Alphas will go into ‘rut’ (which can be triggered, or a monthly thing, depending on your headcanons). My personal headcanons are that alphas go into rut when the omega they’re bonded to goes into heat, and most alphas will experience rut-like symptoms during puberty


Betas are the closest to actual human in omegaverse. Male betas are able to impregnate betas and omegas, and female betas are able to be impregnated by alphas and betas. They sometimes get the short end of the stick, and are there just as mediators because some say they have bad senses of smell, and are there for more level-headed and aren’t affected by scent the way alphas and omegas are. I disagree with this COMPLETELY because it’s very unfair. I think betas have a far better sense of smell, and just aren’t evolutionarily programmed to respond to scents the same way omegas and alphas do. Betas tend to be the least aggressive/emotional of all the dynamics, and are a calming presence on both alphas and omegas


Depending on your headcanons, omegas are generally put into two different categories: submissive and weak, or powerful and revered. Both male and female omegas go into ‘heat’ every month, which is a period of 3-6 days where their scent becomes sweeter, they become more physically appealing, and they become incredibly fertile. Some headcanons state that the scent of an in-heat omega drives an alpha crazy and leaves them almost unable to stop themselves from mounting and knotting the omega right there and then. I disagree with this. I think instead that an alpha can tell the difference between an in-heat omega and an out of heat omega, recognise that the scent is pleasant, and move on. Both male and female omegas have a uterus (the males’ uterus lies flush against his stomach, and is accessible through his anus). Male omegas are unable to impregnate other omegas, or female betas. 

Some useful terminology

Knotting it what alphas will do during sex with an omega. At the base of an alpha’s penis is a ‘knot’ (like a dog penis). This knot locks into the omega when the alpha orgasms, and keeps them locked together for a duration of time (anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour; it changes depending on your headcanons)


All dynamics possess scent glands on the trapezius muscle (the junction between your shoulder and neck) the inside of their wrists, and their inner thighs. Scenting something is done by rubbing your scent glands over it to spread your scent over it. Dynamics will do it to clothes, blankets, their mates, and basically anything that they want other people to know is theirs


Bonding is done during sex by biting the scent gland at the trapezius muscle. The bite has to be hard enough to break the skin, and it’ll basically bond the two people together (so it’s a bit like marriage but on a biological scale). The bite mark will scar over and will always be visible to the naked eye


Omegas build nests. Depending on your headcanons, they can build nests just when they’re in heat, or when they’re pregnant, or just whenever the hell they want to. A nest is a small area (like a bed, or a closet) filled with blankets, clothes, pillows and stuffed animals that is just a nice, soft place for the omega to lie and sleep. Omegas get very protective of their nests, and usually only close friends, mates and close family members will be allowed in. The items used in a nest will sometimes be scented by the individual’s mate, if they have one


When two people get into a relationship, they will be considered ‘mates’. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an alpha and an alpha, or a beta and an omega, or an omega and an alpha, they’re called mates. If they’ve bonded to each other, they’re known as ‘bonded mates’

Think I missed anything? Let me know, and I’ll add it!

Something Else (NSFW)

#Challenge of Raven. @bloodstained-porcelain-doll

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Characters: Alpha!Sam Winchester, Omega!Reader
Warnings: ABO dynamics, dirty talk, smut, shameless smut, knotting sex, breeding kink, straight PWP. I’m using @kittenofdoomage ABO rules here. @bloodstained-porcelain-doll beta’ed this.
Prompt: “I love hearing your voice when you sing, but baby, right now Daddy needs you to use your mouth for something else…”

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

“Nasty, naughty boy” was playing so loud on your headphones that you wouldn’t be able to hear a shot if someone used a gun by your side, but who cared? You were alone in the bunker, Dean had left with Castiel when you reached pre-heat and Sam was on a supply run. So, you could dance and sing without anyone interrupting you. You danced slowly, singing loudly and not even caring if someone walked in on you.

You felt Sam’s scent seconds before he pressed himself against you. Your legs weakened instantly when you realised how hard he was and how strong he smelled. His rut had hit earlier than expected.

Your headphones were pulled out and tossed on the table a few inches from Sam’s hands, and he put his face in the crook of your neck.

“I love hearing your voice when you sing, but baby, right now Daddy needs you to use your mouth for something else…”

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Not My Scent- Alpha!bucky AU [b.b.]

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

pairing: alpha!bucky x omega!reader (she/her)

summary: “An Alpha getting jealous when their Omega best friend/crush starts hanging around another Alpha. One day the Omega comes over actually smelling like the other Alpha so the friend assumes the two have scented each other and they just lose it, they pull the Omega down on their lap and nuzzle them roughly, nipping and licking at the Omega’s scent glands possessively, completely running on instinct until they no longer smell the other Alpha. The Omega being bright red and breathless demanding to know “what the actual hell just happened?!” and the Alpha childishly telling them that they didn’t like “the disgusting scent that you covered yourself in” and the Omega sputtering in outrage because it was an accidental scenting and of course the only Alpha’s scent they actually wanted to be covered with was their friend’s and- oh they said too much and now they are just sitting in awkward silence until finally the Alpha bluntly asks “so are we together now or what?” and swiftly being smacked in the head.” (x)

warnings: cursing, jealous!bucky, possessive!bucky (those are warnings on their own, let’s be real here), abo dynamics, 

word count: 1k

n/a: hello. happy new year everyone :-). would just like to say that, despite having read a lot of abo fics (i absolutely love reading them), this is my first time writing one, so please be kind and do send feedback. would also like to apologize beforehand if i got anything wrong - the scenting, descriptions, etc. i kept this one shorter and safe for work because i was kinda fearful it’d be too much and i’d bite more than i could chew.

hope you all like it, beans! x

p.s.: this wasn’t beta’d so excuse if there are any spelling errors. i’ll give it a read after and fix any mistakes i find. 

masterlist ask

Bucky was distressed. He had looked for Y/N around the whole Tower but couldn’t find her. His best friend was nowhere to be found and nobody had seen her. The only person who could provide him with some small info was Sam, saying he talked to her in the morning and then she left, not telling him where.

The Alpha in him was growling. Y/N was an unmated Omega, a very fierce one, but still unmated and still an Omega – and, even though, the times where “different” (according to Tony, at least), Alphas – and men – in general were still “entitled assholes who couldn’t take a no” (according to Wanda, a beta). It was starting to get dark, meaning she had been out the whole day and he was left with, well, nothing. She hadn’t answered his calls, hadn’t texted back and was nowhere to be found. To say he was worried sick was an understatement – he even asked JARVIS to track her down, to which the AI curtly replied “no can do”. Bucky knew JARVIS could’ve tracked Y/N down, he knew that was an easy task with the amount of technology Tony had used to build the program, but what he also knew was that Tony was having too much fun seeing his teammate in such a distraught state.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do some HCs about an Omega who was abused during their childhood, and instantly shies away from their Alphas affection instead of leaning into it? And the Alpha having to be really soft?

  • The alpha doesn’t realise at first why their omega seems so reluctant to receive physical affection, because the omega is scared that if they tell the alpha, the alpha might leave them
  • They feel a little hurt whenever they caress their omega’s head or touch their back gently that their omega will shy away
  • Even during intimate moments, they sometimes feel their omega flinch when they trail their hands over their hips
  • One day, they walk up behind the omega and put their hand on their mate’s hip, not meaning to scare them, and the omega leaps away, screeching and hunching in on themselves
  • The alpha is hurt, and they suddenly shout “why do you always do that?!”
  • The omega, of course, is suddenly pulled back to their childhood, and they burst into tears and crumple to the ground in the corner, shaking and sobbing and trying to make themselves as small as possible
  • The alpha rushes over immediately, distraught at having elicited such a reaction
  • They reach out to touch their omega, only for the omega to whisper “please, don’t touch me”
  • The alpha draws back, unsure of what to do, and just settles down, sitting next to them
  • Once they’ve both calmed down, the alpha scoots backwards a few feet and lets the omega dry their tears, not trying to touch them (even though they desperately want to draw the omega into their arms and hold them)
  • The omega explains, and the alpha suddenly realises that they’ve been inadvertently torturing their poor omega for months
  • So they begin apologising, reaching out unthinkingly and then snatching their hand back, and apologising even more
  • Silence falls, and the omega shifts uncomfortably, and the alpha slowly kneels up and asks “can I hug you?”
  • The omega is slightly, confused, but they nod. Instead of going straight in for the hug, their alpha shuffles forward with their arms open, but waits for their mate to actually initiate it
  • From then on, the alpha will announce every time they’re going to touch the omega, even if it’s just “I’m going to brush against your back because I just need to get to the cupboard” or “my arm might touch your arm while I’m cooking”
  • And every time they do touch their omega, they do it softly and slowly
  • The omega begins to love their alpha touching them, even just a gentle stroke across their cheekbone seems like heaven
  • One day, they’re cuddling on the sofa, and the alpha asks “can I stroke my hands through your hair?” to which the omega replies “god, yes, I’d love that”
  • The alpha has never gotten such a positive response, so they begin playing with their omegas hair very happily, and the omega doses off, completely at ease and relaxed
To Keep You Safe and Sound {1/?}

Summary Tucked away in the mountains of New York, Omega! Reader lives a secluded life with her Alpha! Mother, until two unlikely visitors intrude on their solitude. Tangled AU, emphasis on the AU.

Warnings ➤ Mild emotional abuse from a parent. Discussions of heats/mating cycles/knotting. Eventual smut (as this is an ABO dynamic fic series there may be elements of dubious consent). Each part will have part-specific warnings as well. Swearing (there will ALWAYS be swearing, sorry.)

Words ➤ 1390

Notes ➤ This is for my lovely, talented wife @bookybuns‘ 4k fic fest, where I claimed the aforementioned Tangled AU prompt. To be entirely honest, this is my first real foray into MCU fic writing. A HUGE thank you to @a-splash-of-stucky for betaing for me!

gif made by bibi of @dailybuckybarnes 

The two super soldiers stare incredulously at the prosthetic arm on the dash of their getaway car. It’s several minutes before the blonde one speaks, his words slow, as if he himself doesn’t entirely believe them. “Nat heard he was working on something that would help you, I didn’t expect it to be this…” A large, calloused hand wipes over his jaw, smoothing the thick beard that covers those angles the world has been used to seeing. “Not after he completely obliterated your other one.”

His dark-haired accomplice shrugs the aforementioned shoulder, his eyes full of wonder. “Whaddya think? Is he really all that mad if he made this?” His gloved hand reaches out to caress the replacement.

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Man in the Storm 1

Summary: It’s rut season at the compound. Omega Reader plans to ride it out alone, locked in her room away from any unwanted Alphas. But she finds that to be a lot easier said than done when the team’s strongest Alpha pays a visit. 

Pairings: Alpha!Thor x Omega!Reader

Type: Series (A/B/O Dynamics)

Warnings: harassment, swearing, slight angst, talk of sex

Word Count: 1,840

A/N: AlphaxReader fics are some of my favourite to read so I thought I’d try to write one! It’s my take on the world of A/B/O Dynamics wherein Thor is also a part of it as a special kind of Alpha. Enjoy!

Part 2


As soon as you stepped out into the hallway you could sense the change in the air at the compound. It seemed slightly thicker, like it was on the verge of something. 

Rut season was just a few weeks away and with that came the heats. In a pack as big as yours, with everyone living so close together, the Alpha’s ruts set everyone off. Some of the bonded couples would stick to their own cycles, but un-bonded and unmated members like yourself were always triggered by it. 

The weeks before the rut were always filled with an errant sense of excitement, anticipation and incredible tension as Alphas, Omegas and even the Betas hunted for partners to get them through the cycle. Some of them looking for mates to bond and make pups with, while others seeing it as a week of unlimited, guilt free sex. 

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A Heartbeat From Feral

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 944

Pairing: Alpha!StevexOmega!Reader

Summary: After finding out you’ve been injured on a hunt, Steve goes feral in his need to protect you.

A/N: Firstly, I did want to finish some more of my ongoing fics before I wrote anything new, but I’ve been having a block with all my other stuff, so I decided to try something fresh. Secondly, Steve is a little more out of character here than I would normally write him, but someone requested a feral, possessive Steve and I thought it would be fun to play around with how alpha instincts would change him. Also, the requester suggested nesting, but I couldn’t really fit that in here so it’s only mentioned.

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Man in the Storm 18

Summary: It’s rut season at the compound. Omega Reader plans to ride it out alone, locked in her room away from any unwanted Alphas. But she finds that to be a lot easier said than done when the team’s strongest Alpha pays a visit.

Pairings: Alpha!Thor x Omega!Reader

Type: Series (A/B/O Dynamics)

Warnings: None? I think

Word Count: 1,799

A/N: I wish I could write 5 more chapters in Asgard. I just love this world and this culture so much. I could easily come up with a whole other storyline happening there but this fic needs to wrap soon. So maybe next time!

Part 17, Part 19


The sky was clear as the morning sun rose over the city of Asgard. The builders had already begun working for the day, finishing their repairs on various sites around the city that had been damaged in the attack. 

It had been roughly four months since Ulik’s betrayal which shook Asgard to its very core. The final wave of his treacherous forces had been expelled from the realm in defeat only a few weeks ago, allowing the city to start its recovery. 

Thor watched stoically from the great hall, arms folded, leaning against the open arch. Observing as his people worked in unison to put their city back together. 

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belovedhomoandroid  asked:

Could you write some HC about jealous alphas (not like super angry ones just like what they'd do if someone was getting too close to their mates and they're like um no sir) ;w;

  • Most alphas communicate more with body language than words, and the second they see someone getting cosy with their mate, they square their shoulders, stand up a little straighter, and puff their chest out
  • They’ll size up the new person, seeing whether they’re an omega, a beta, or an alpha
  • Their scent will change too, becoming more possessive, and if they’re bonded to their mate, their scent will change to resemble their mate’s slightly
  • If they aren’t/can’t be around their mate, they’ll stalk around as close as they can get, keeping a close eye on the person while also focusing on their own thing
  • If they’re in close proximity to their mate, they’ll move even closer, and if they’re able to touch their mate, they will, usually just laying their hand on their mate’s shoulder or putting their arm around their waist
  • They’ll remain all puffed up and intimidating, even if the person isn’t doing anything, purely because they want everyone to know that this is their mate
  • They’ll probably subtly scent their mate by rubbing their wrists up and down their mate’s arms, or leaning against them and pressing their necks together
  • Unless the person who’s getting close is getting too close, the alpha won’t do anything except sit and chat, or just watch
  • Some alphas get a little pouty when their mate seems to pay more attention to the other person than them
  • But the second the person starts getting too close, or starts doing something the alpha doesn’t like, their scent will change from possessive to an outright challenge, and they’ll tense up slightly, and may even glare the person down
  • As soon as the two of them leave, the alpha will scent their mate aggressively, all the while pretending absolutely nothing happened
To Keep You Safe and Sound {Prologue}

Summary Bucky x Reader x Steve. Tucked away in the mountains of New York, Omega! Reader lives a secluded life with her Alpha! Mother, until two unlikely visitors intrude on their solitude. Tangled AU, emphasis on the AU.

Warnings ➤ None at the moment. Keep in mind this is an ABO dynamic fic.

Notes ➤This is for my lovely, talented wife @bladebarnes‘ 4k fic fest, where I claimed prompt 31. Tangled AU. This is not the official submission, just a prologue so I can rest easy. At the moment this is un-beta’d. If you are interested in beta’ing for me, PLEASE send me an ask. I’m looking for one or two people who express interest in helping me perfect what is sure to be a long-ish series.

Originally posted by whoisrignall

‘Take the pup. Take the deed to the house in New York. Do not contact him for anything. He has a whole life ahead of him, he doesn’t need to be distracted. Now or ever.’ The other Alpha unceremoniously dumped a carseat at her feet, and a manila envelope was handed to her. ‘I will ensure everything you and the pup need are taken care of, but if I find out you’ve so much as breathed his name, I’ll cut you off.’

The mother of the pup in the carseat nodded tersely, before scooping up her newborn child, and turning towards the door.

‘Oh, another thing. If it turns out to be as intelligent as he is, you will contact me immediately. Any information you need is in that envelope.I don’t require, nor want, you to contact me for any other reason. If I find out you haven’t contacted me about it’s intelligence, you won’t like the results.’

‘It is a she and her name is Y/N.’ The woman’s voice was strained, as if she was holding back the urge to challenge the Alpha behind her. ‘And don’t you fucking touch her ever again.’

anonymous asked:

Okay but like, homeless omega with pups who gets caught (by an alpha) stealing from a trash can (maybe the alpha owns a store or a restaurant?????) idk it just sounded extremely cute to me

This sounds like the height of cuteness 

  • When the alpha first catches them, they can barely recognise their scent through the clinging dirt and sweat
  • They think that they’re racoons or something, and storms out yelling and wielding a broom ready to smack them away
  • Obviously this scares the kids shitless, and they run, arms full of just-about-to-turn-gross food
  • But the omega mama obviously thinks they’re being attacked, so they drop what they’re holding and hit out, smacking the alpha right in the chest and winding them badly, and then running after their pups
  • Once the alpha has recovered, they try calling out to them to bring them back so they can help, but to no avail
  • So the alpha starts leaving out food and blankets, on the off chance that the omegas will come back
  • They also set up one of those alarms that deters animals; keep those buggers away
  • They check their security footage and see them creeping back every few nights, and the alpha wishes they had audio so they could hear what they’re saying, so they can provide what is needed
  • After a few nights, the alpha leaves a note along with the food saying “please come back during daylight, I want to help you”
    • Nothing. Nada. The omega mama doesn’t trust the alpha after the introduction they had
  • So the alpha waits and goes out when they arrive, trying as hard as they can to come across as the calm, strong, capable alpha that makes omegas melt
  • It sort of works. The omega doesn’t immediately run, but one of the pups growls at the alpha
  • The alpha just raises their hands and talks to the omega as softly as possible and offers help and support for them and their pups
  • The omega mama is VERY hesitant and wary, and the alpha explains why they had reacted the way they did on that first night
  • The omega very VERY hesitantly accepts, more for the sake of her pups than her own sake
  • The alpha is going to help them find a shelter, but then listens to the omega’s horror stories about the shelters in the area, and they decide against it
  • So the omega stays with the alpha, and the pups have fun running around the store/restaurant and generally being nuisances
  • The alpha doesn’t mind (much). They’re just happy the pups are comfortable and safe
Man in the Storm 6

Summary: It’s rut season at the compound. Omega Reader plans to ride it out alone, locked in her room away from any unwanted Alphas. But she finds that to be a lot easier said than done when the team’s strongest Alpha pays a visit.

Pairings: Alpha!Thor x Omega!Reader

Type: Series (A/B/O Dynamics)

Warnings: smut, smut, smut and some fluff

Word Count: 2,583

A/N: This one is so long guys! But I felt you deserved a proper smut fest and didn’t want to rush it to keep it under 2k. SO THERE. 

Part 5, Part 7


You popped your freshly moisturised lips together as you took a final look in the mirror. Your stomach churned with nerves as you took a deep breath before heading out to meet Thor for your dinner. You were dressed casually, in jeans and a tank top, since you both decided to stay in.

You had realised that you’d have most of the common areas to yourselves this evening. With most of the couples spending the evening together anyway, Bruce and Tony were at their conference and Natasha and Sam already headed out on their undercover mission. So you both decided cooking at home was better than getting a car to the city. 

At first you actually considered cancelling the whole thing. Just saying you were feeling ill again and locking yourself away in your room. But you quickly realised that you and Thor would still be home alone together in this massive estate and it would be even more awkward than any date.

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Alpha Tendencies

can you please do an “episode” wherein Katsuki, Todoroki and/or Kirishima got hit by some kind of quirk that gave some wolf features and tendencies and with our little Izuka in the middle. Que: Deku Protecyion Squad plus Dad!Might. Que: Kinky/ hot (borderline lemon…only as a suggestion!) scenarios with either of the three boys mentioned (or possbly a dekubowl) due to Alpha tendencies xD And lastly; que: Fem!Izuku being an oblivious cinnamonroll, chaos ensue.

So I wrote this to the best of my abilities! The characters are slightly aged up - being in their third years when this all occurs. The story basically follows along with the three of them getting hit with a powerful side effect from a villain’s quirk, causing them to have some new features and new urges that get them all riled up. It’s a lot more peaceful than when I first planned, but I like the tone of it so far.

IT WAS 13 PAGES LONG. I had to stop it somewhere! XD If people would like me to continue it, I would be MORE than happy to - it might honestly become it’s own little side story with abo dynamics and Izuka’s own little harem ;)



“How the fucking hell did I get stuck with you two fuckers?”

Bakugou sneered as he looked around the large office the three boys were placed in, waiting for the hero known as Hound Dog to appear. He was a counselor at UA and agreed to help with the current assignment the students of 1-A were doing at the moment. Supposedly the class had been split up into teams of students who don’t always pair up with each other - hence Bakugou’s current predicament.

“Aw come on Bakubro! You don’t really mean that.” Kirishima’s grin irritated the blonde further, his palms flaring up within his gloves. “The three of us as a team is like a dream team! I bet we will ace this assignment no problem!”

“That all depends on if Bakugou can control his temper.” Todoroki’s eyes hardened on Bakugou’s shaking form as he sat patiently on the couch. “I’m afraid I’ll never be able to work with someone who is this explosive at times.”

“The fuck you say?!”

“See what I mean?”

Kirishima groaned as he fell against the chair adjacent to the couch. “Come on Bakugou. What has you so riled up anyway?”

“It probably has something to do with where Midoriya was placed.” Todoroki looked up to see Bakugou pacing as if thinking to himself now.

“I almost can say I feel the same. Izuka can handle her own, but the two on her team are a little… frightening.” Kirishima cringed, thinking back to placements and Izuka’s face as her name was called alongside Mineta’s and Aoyama’s.

“If that ball headed purple fucker even touches her I swear to kami I’ll blow him up so fucking good no one will be able to recognize him.”

Todoroki nodded his agreement. “That is something I can actually agree with you on Bakugou. If he lays a finger on her…” The flames on his left side suddenly sparked to life and Kirishima yelped as Todoroki slowly cooled himself down. “Sorry.”

“No dude it’s okay! Honestly! Just- wow you feel just as strongly about that as Bakubro and I do.”

“Midoriya is a close friend… she means…” Todoroki’s eyes looked up to glance at Bakugou. “She means alot to me.”

Bakugou’s teeth grit as he moved to say something before a large howl filled the room. “Settle down you three! It’s time to start the mission!”

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The King’s Omega

 Pairing: Crowley x Reader (start)

Summary: Every omega has until she comes of age until the mating ceremony to find a mate to bond. Of course, those who don’t have to pick from alphas that have also had bad luck, and the ceremony is just that for Y/n: a last resort. But, Crowley, the alpha she meets, is the king of kings when it comes to alphas, and why is she so interested in him?

Author’s note: I wrote this sorta as a drabble, but then, I just kept writing and thought of maybe turning this into a series. Anyways… take a look.

Warnings: a/b/o dynamics (somewhat modified), obviously pr eluding to a smut chapter so part 2 will probably contain that sort of warning

Word count: approximately 2600 words.

Catch up: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

   When you were a young pup your mother would tuck you into bed at night, she would pull a very large, very old book down from the bookshelf and read the same old story. Your favorite story. You could recite the words perfectly by the time you turned five, but no matter how old you got- you always begged for your mother to read it to you instead.  Most of the stories your mother had told you, held lessons for life between their lines, ones you had counted on to see you through difficult situations. But this story trumped the rest.

Originally posted by ephemeralsyzygy

   This story was of the omega choosing ceremonies. 

   Now your mother would always begin this tale with the same old lecture. “Not everything, Y/n, is a fairy tale. Omegas are mated to the Alpha that wins them-no loopholes, no negotiations. True mates aren’t common at all, which is why these ceremonies are done. Do you understand?”

     “Yes, Momma,” you would reply.

    Once upon a time, but not so long ago, lived a beautiful omega…

   “Y/n, please don’t stay out too late tonight with the other girls!” Your mother called from the kitchen as she saw you heading toward the door in your party dress and heels. “It’s hunting season and alphas are always…”

     “-Rowdy after a hunt. Momma, I know,” You smiled warmly at her and she nodded back.

   It wasn’t that she was scared of alphas, but your mother didn’t want you to be corned into a bond like she had been. She had always said having to learn to love someone was harder than heartbreak ever could be. 

   When you returned that night, she had been waiting with treats, and a movie.

     …she lived in a small house with just her mother, unmated and alone…

    You had always been careful. Never brave enough to dare get close to any who remotely even knew an alpha, but you had needs. You felt your own arousal peeking as you turned around over and over in the mirror. The dress hugged your curves in just the right places, your make-up was just right, and the heels made your calves pop. You wanted, no needed the attention. You needed a mate. 

     Your mother wanted you to wait another year before attending a ceremony, but you couldn’t. Your gut wouldn’t let you wait anymore. Anxiousness was filling your body, but so was excitement. A need you couldn’t quite squash.

    “Just promise me-” your mother said watching you from the doorway to your room. “-Whatever happens tonight…you pick who you want to bond with. Do not be pressured.”

      “I promise, Momma,” you say hugging her tightly.

    “That’s all I can ask for,” she says as she kisses your hair lovingly, and ushers you out the door.

     ….When she grew of age, she attended the mating ceremony…..

     “Miss L/n, everyone is waiting in the ballroom. Just line up with the other omegas and the bachelors will be out shortly to court you,” the doorman informed you as he held open the giant door. 

      Your heels clicked against the tile floor as you shuffled behind the rest of the omegas, most of whom had dressed in more expensive dresses, whose hair was done by elite professionals. Girls who were, in your opinion, far more omega(y) then you. 

      When you came to the end of the hall in front of giant doors, a small woman stepped in front of the herd.

      “Hello ladies, I am the Mater- and  I will be escorting you through tonight. For those of you who don’t know what a Mater is. I am the person who binds you and your bonded mate together in front of the pack,” she says in a low, authoritative manner. She smirks and adds, “that is…after the intimate part, of course,” which earned her a few chuckles from the rest of the group. “Once, these doors open…”

       ….The ball was beautiful, the music sublime, but the little Omega was still missing something….

        “..So when these doors open, just remember the rules- and you’ll be fine,” the Mater finished just as the doors behind her opened.

     The crowd rushed in eagerly, squealing out excited gasps. You quickly followed suit. Unfortunately, you didn’t see the group stopping. You slammed into one girl’s back, who through a fit threw you forward through the crowd. Your heels slid across the tile like water and you stumbled, trying to stop. Your body went top heavy, and soon you could see the ground racing towards your face.

    Suddenly, you were caught. A strong smell of amber, cinnamon, and woods met your nose, and you instantly knew it was an alpha. You were guided up to your feet, but kept your eyes cast downwards, in fear and anticipation.

     “Look at me, omega,” came an accented tongue that held no vice or anger.  It also caused your body to tingle more, and that terrified you further. 

   “I said: Look. At. Me. Omega,” the voice commanded and your eyes snapped up. 

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     ….But when her eyes met a man’s she instantly knew. He was what she was searching for. Her alpha, her mate….

  Instantly a set of fiery red eyes caught your attention, but as you watched the red fade to a deep brown, your eyes caught the sight of a wicked smirk. 

    “Better,” he purred, causing your chest to tighten in anxiousness. “I’m Crowely, poppet. First ceremony, love?” he asked cockily, smiling when you nodded in a shocked confirmation.

    He pulls you close to breathe in your scent, and quickly releases you. His eyes, now that fiery red again, hold your own for a moment before he shakes his head and steps back. 

    It was then that you heard the whispers behind you:

   “It’s the King!”


    “He smelled her? He smelled her!”

   Their exclamations slowly drown out as you watch him retreat to the back of the room with the rest of the alphas. Your eyes focused on his fiery red ones, that you can see across the room, as if he was starring into your soul. Your body felt rigid, an overload of thoughts, feelings, and senses rock your nerves as you debate what the hell just happened to you.

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      ….He was as handsome as she was kind. She was as ruthless as he was sincere. She wore his bite with pride. This was how the King met his queen, his omega……

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headcannons about alphas and omegas returning home with newborn pups?

God these were adorable to write

  • The omega is exhausted, naturally, practically sleep walking but still holding onto their pups fiercely
  • The alpha is tired too, and stressed, because their omega’s pained pheromones are still lingering in the omega’s system, but they’re almost completely overwhelmed by proud, contented ones
  • They help each other stumble up the stairs to the omega’s nest, and as the omega settles into a chair to feed the pups as they begin the stir, the alpha sets about scenting the nest once more before they all climb in, because the last time they did it was a day before the omega went into labour and the scent is old and faint
  • The alpha gets distracted a lot, and spends whole minutes sat back on their haunches watching their omega breast feed their pups, stroking their tiny cheeks and crooning quietly when their tiny faces scrunch up in discomfort
  • The omega needs help getting to the nest because their legs are about ready to give out, and as they lie back in the mess of pillows and blankets, one of the pups screws up their face and lets out a loud, keening cry
  • The alpha immediately swoops in and picks them up, cradling them and rocking them gently. The pup just stares at them in abject shock, and then slowly raises a tiny hand, opening and closing their little fingers and waving their fist slowly
  • The alpha settles themselves next to the omega, crooning and purring and whispering loving things in their ear, kissing their hair and all over the face, pausing only to kiss one of the pups when they squeak and mumble
  • The omega is already almost dozing off, smiling and content in the alpha’s embrace, one pup splayed out across their chest, the other sleeping soundly in the alpha’s arms
  • Instincts keep the alpha awake for an hour or so after their omega and pups have fallen asleep, but it’s not an unpleasant hour. They’re just happy to gaze at their new family and think about the years upon happy years they have ahead of them
  • The alpha eventually drifts into sleep as well, their body curled protectively over their omega and pups, one arm cradling a pup and the other cupping their omega’s head against their shoulder, falling asleep with a smile on their face