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October 10 2017 Rip the back to school challenge but anyways it feels like organic chemistry is consuming my life. I have a quiz tomorrow but right now I’m in bed ready to sleep in this abnormally warm weather :( MY NEW KANKEN (THANKS TO STUDYBUDDY) HAS MADE ITS DEBUT AND ITS SO WONDERFUL. I love kankens but this one is just gorgeous omg Anyways I had an 8am class so I’m going to take a nap lmao Someone remind me to study for the ochem quiz tomorrow sigh


PARING- reader x steve rogers


WARNINGS- bad language, SMUT, ALL OF THE SMUTTY SMUT, with slight fluff at the end 

Request from Anon-

 Well maybe a kinda smutty one with Steve where you’re Natasha’s best friend and she knows about your crush on Steve. So she and Clint invite both of you over to a meeting in the Stark tower where Steve gets all flustered when he sees you. Then you later end up pulling him by his shirt cause you can’t resist his cuteness and you have a passionate making out session and later a night together. Then he cuddles you and want to make sure it wasn’t a one time thing and he wants you to be his ? :)

Oh boy did i have fun with this one *laughs suggestively* I loved writing this even if its currently 11.12pm and i have to be up at 5.30am BUT THAT WILL NOT DETER ME FROM GIVING YOU READERS THE SMUT YOU DESERVE GOD DAMN IT! so here it is in all its smutty glory (this is my first time writing smut so i hope its good) 

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You were going to kill Natasha, you should have know not to let slip you secret little crush on Steve, that you couldn’t help but stare when ever you saw him wandering around the tower, you couldn’t help that the man was build like a Greek god and you knew how gods were build, you only had to compare Steve to Thor and know that the super solider could give the God of Thunder a run for his money. So you knew that telling this to your best friend it should have been filed in –secrets-you-tell-you-best-friend-and-threaten-her-if-she-tells-a-soul. So you really shouldn’t have surprised when the teasing started happening from Clint.

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Do You Believe in Soulmates? Part 5


Summary: Your brothers and you meet up after years of being apart. The case you are working looks more and more like a supernatural case. But when your brother’s figure out what you are dealing with you can’t help but feel scared.

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, and Smut (only a very tiny bit). The whole nine yards.

A/N: Hey guys, thanks for the patience and support. I apologize for taking so long to come out with this but I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope this makes your day a little brighter :) Plus thank you for the love and support that you have poured out over messages. I’m going through a very tough time right now and all your support has kept me afloat. There are no words to express how much I love and appreciate all of you. Thanks. I love you all! 

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds, Supernatural Crossover

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“Hey, it’s me. How fast can you get to Danvers, Massachusetts?”

“Woah! Slow down bug. Let’s start with ‘Hi, Dean how are you? You tied up at the moment?’” you brother replied.

Rolling your eyes, an action that was almost second nature for you whenever you spoke to Dean, “Fine. Hi, Dean how are you? You tied up at the moment?” you state out robotically, not waiting for his response you continue to talk “Okay so listen my team is looking into a case that seems to be more up our alley than the FBI’s.” You heard some muffled talk in the background and pegged it as the moose joining the conversation. “Three girls all 16 years, whose mom’s died when they were 10 were found murdered over the past three days in, and this is what got my attention, Danvers, Massachusetts.”

Before you could explain further Dean interrupts you, “Okay maybe you geeks know what the significance of Danvers is but you mind sharing it with the rest of us who actually have a social life?“

You laughed at the frustrated sigh that erupted from Sam’s throat, you could almost picture the bitch face that he was throwing at Dean right now. “Danvers, Massachusetts was formerly known as Salem Village, where the witch trials took place,” you heard Sam explain.

“There’s more,” you continue explaining the rest of the case to your brothers. After you finished explaining your speculations that the mother’s had made a demon deal and now demons were coming for the daughters, there was a long pause.

Dean decided to break it and says, “Okay bug we’ll be there in about half an hour. We’re wrapping up a ghost in Newton, New Hampshire. Can’t wait to see you, kiddo.”

You smile and say, “Sammy make sure you’re there as reporters and use the credentials that I had Charlie make you. And Dean, she’s married with a kid so no flirting.”

Though he had no i­dea who you were talking about Dean still managed to say, “Aye, that just means I can’t touch. I can still look, and talk.”

Laughing at your brother’s stubbornness you shake your head and say, “She also has two guns and is a terribly good shot. So I wouldn’t if you want all your limbs intact. See you soon.”

As you hang up the phone you can’t help but smile like an idiot all the way to your seat, just the thought of being near your brother’s got you giddy. Though as soon as you came in the view of your co-workers you subdued the smile and tried to act as you did before the phone call. You take an empty seat away from the rest of the team and look at the case files to try to think up an action plan. “You okay?” a concerned male voice breaks through your thoughts, thinking that it was either Morgan or Reid you sigh looking up, only to be surprised at the concerned eyes of the team leader that met you. “Yeah Hotch I’m fine,” you lie, so badly in fact that even a kid could see through you. When Hotch doesn’t stop his eye contact with you, you sigh and start to explain, “Hotch I’ve handled a case like this before back when I went undercover.”

Before beginning at the FBI you had to make up a background story. You held degrees in not only Psychology but also Criminology and Sociology. When Dean went to hell, you promised him not to try and get him out. This proved to be incredibly difficult because every moment you were awake you wanted to get him out, so you decided to go back to school and dove nose straight into a heavy course load. By the time Dean made it out of hell and came back to you, you wanted to drop everything and go hunting but after a lot of forcing on Dean’s and Sam’s part, you stayed in school for the rest of the semester before enrolling into an online school. And after Sam went to the cage, you found it difficult to live the apple pie life that you promised him you would. So you did the same thing you did when Dean went away, you dove into school and came out with your third and fourth degree impressively in a year and a half. However in order to be in the FBI, you had to have some prior work with law enforcement and after some calls, many of the law enforcement officials that you’ve helped out in the past put together stories of you going undercover for the cases that you solved as a hunter. So to the rest of the team, you started off as a field agent, who went on several undercover ops for several police units even though you weren’t officially a cop. You excelled in your field in a matter of months and the director of the BAU himself ordered for your transfer to the team effective immediately.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Hotch asked after you paused.

“Hotch the only thing that I can tell you about these cases are that it blows your mind how much there is out there we don’t know about. And for cases like this, I have to be fully focused on the case, so if I seem cold for the next few weeks I apologize,” you finish.

Hotch stares at you for a couple of seconds, and you know that he’s trying to analyze you but he smiles reassuringly and says, “When we land I want you with Morgan and me, we’re gonna go straight to the police station. And (Y/N) I know you might be intimidated to tell me things, but as much as I am your team leader, I am also your friend.”       

“So you’ve never seen these girls around here before sheriff?”

“That’s right. Never seen any of ‘em until we found the bodies. Excuse boys but that’s the FBI,” you hear the sheriff finish up what seems to be an interview with the two men that you have been dying to see. Even though you had to be professional you couldn’t help the goofy grin the ghosted your face when you made eye contact with them.

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“Agent Hotchner? I’m Sheriff Boldwin. Thank You for coming on such short notice,” the balding sheriff shook hands with your team leader.

“Of course Sheriff, these are Supervisory Special Agents, Derek Morgan and (Y/F/N Y/A/L/N),” Hotch introduced you two, and you shook hands with the sheriff.

“Agents, can we get a quote for the paper?” Dean walked over and said confidently to your team leader. Morgan and you tried your best not to snicker at the face Hotch was making if it was possible you were sure Hotch would have punched Dean right then and there.

“Sir, if you follow me I can get you your quote,” you interrupted before your boss could tell them off. Morgan smirked and whispered, “Try not to scare them too much.”

“I make no promises,” you playfully whisper back to him before walking to an empty office room. Once you make sure that there were no prying eyes looking into the office you launch yourself into the arms of your eldest brother.

“Hey bug, I missed you too you know,” Sam joked as you stayed in Dean’s arms for a bit longer than intended. You smile at jump into his arms next, letting out a squeal as the giant actually picks you up off the floor and spins you around. After the warm greetings, Dean gives you the address of the motel they were staying at and then tease you, “So Supervisory Special Agent can we get a quote for the paper?”

Rolling your eyes for what seemed to be the tenth time in a matter of minutes you shove him a little. “Did you guys find anything else? Any omens?” you ask. Sam opens his pocket book and starts to state off signs he found, “Well since you told us we could only go as reporters, we couldn’t look at any of the evidence but there is definitely a demon in this town. There’s been rumors of cattle mutilations, electrical storms, as well as abnormal weather six hours before the girls showed up dead.”

Taking it all in you declared, “Okay well I’ll have to stay here and work the legal angle but once I get a chance to look at the crime scenes and evidence I’ll text you. Guys this demon took out three girls in three nights, there’s a high possibility that a girl is going to die tonight, and we have no idea why.”

“Okay I’ll do some more research,” Sam acknowledges the group.

“And I’ll do some canvassing,” Dean states, at you raised eyebrow he adds, “and keep the flirting to a minimum.” You laugh at this and bid them goodbye, exiting the room but before you could get far, Dean grabs your wrist pulling you closer to him and whispers, “Cas told us about your little soulmate. You know that you’re not allowed to date, right? You’re too young.”

You look up at you older brother, trying your best not to roll your eyes, you smirk saying, “Tell you what, you stop flirting with anything and everything with boobs, and I won’t go near him.” Satisfied at Dean’s conflicted face you walk back to the conference room where the team had started to set up. By this time the rest of the team was back, their raised eyebrows made you aware that they noticed the interaction between Dean and you. The interaction, plus the smirk that was on your face must have added up to you being interested in the handsome reporter to them, and the thought makes your smile falter. A little grossed out that your team now thinks you are attracted to your brother, you take your seat across from Reid and dive into the case files completely ignoring the silent questions being asked by each of them.

Reid came in with Rossi about ten minutes before you exited the office room with your brothers. He had a coffee in each hand, one for him black coffee with 4 packs of sugar, and another specially made for you. It was a silent pact made by you two that when you guys were working a case and one of you seemed to be a little bothered, the other would try everything to make them feel better. Spencer, of course, noticed that you were bothered by this case from the beginning. He also knew that you were as stubborn as it could get and wouldn’t talk or even acknowledge that there was a problem. You would over work yourself, be too invested and then go home feeling drained and crappy for weeks. 

However, what he didn’t understand is how you seemed bothered by the case yet on the jet after the briefing you were happy. You tried to mask it, but you were happy. Your eyes were sparkling, your cheeks were slightly rosy, and there was a ghost of a smile on your face for the rest of the ride. Though he loved to see you happy, he was a little perturbed that you were happy while they were in the middle of one of the goriest cases they’ve investigated so far. Reid had placed your coffee across from him and was searching for you when Morgan informed him that you were scaring off two cocky reporters. When you didn’t return for another 20 minutes Reid got worried and got up to come find you, but that was when you came out of the office room followed closely by two men who resembled greek gods. Spencer watched the interaction between you and the blond reporter, his heart twisted as he saw you smirking almost seductively at the reporter, leaning up to whisper something to him, your faces just inches apart from each other. He saw the conflicted look on the reporter’s face, guessing by the smirk on your face, he assumed that the reporter must have asked you out and you were playing hard to get. Reid was almost certain that that was what just happened. He had witnessed you turning down men like the reporter before, once he asked JJ why you did that she had smiled and explained either you were interested in someone else or you were playing hard to get. Reid considered the possibility that you were interested in someone else but quickly wrote it off.  One of the perks of being your best friend was that he knew all the men that you interacted with. Aside from the team, the only men you ever came into contact with were the mailman and the barista at the local coffee shop that you and Reid frequented. The mailman was 60, married with 2 kids and 4 grandkids, and the barista was engaged to his longtime girlfriend. He had considered that you might like one of the guys on the team but Morgan was too much of an older brother to you, Rossi treated you like his daughter and you were too scared of Hotch to have any sort of feeling other than respect for him. 

Thankfully Rossi spoke up, saving you from the awkward silence, revealing to the rest of the team what Reid and he found out at the crime scenes, “It looked like she put up one hell of a fight, and from the looks of it I think our unsub is an incredibly strong female. There is no way that any of these girls could have fought a man to this extreme.”

“Are you sure about that Rossi, footprints says the unsub is a size 10, that’s got to be one big woman,” you expressed your doubt.

Rossi took your doubt into consideration with a mischevious smile he said, “Hey Morgan you’re a size 10 in shoes, right?” Morgan nods. “(Y/N), you’re about the size of these girls. Why don’t we go outside and see what kind of a fight Morgan and you could put up?” Rossi suggested playfully. As you scoff off the suggestion, Morgan puts on a smirk and said, "Nah, that won’t be fair, I would cream her.”

“Morgan, she was able to fight with a 6 ft. 240-pound man and hold her ground for 15 minutes. I think she would cream you,” Reid makes the first contribution to the conversation since you’ve all arrived in Massachusetts. He went back to examining the case files as fast as he made the comment. There was a piece of hair that fell onto his face, and it took all you got not to reach over and put it in its spot. You didn’t even notice until then but he had gotten you coffee, from the looks of it, it was the coffee Reid especially makes for you whenever he wanted to cheer you up. There was a note stuck to the side of it ‘Whatever is bothering you, I’m here,’ you smiled as you saw he tried his best to reach you. As you were filled with happiness to see that your best friend will always be there for you, you also start to feel a little guilty at the way you’ve been avoiding him. It wasn’t his fault that heaven decided that you two were meant to be, and you should know better if the heavenly bastards wanted something they would get it one way or another. 

As you were looking over at him he looked up and you send a silent thank you for the coffee and the support through your smile. He smiled as well and focused on the map trying to come with a geo- profile. While he was busy thinking he brought his lower lip in between his teeth, and you pressed your thighs together trying not to acknowledge the heat building up in between your legs. You couldn’t help the images that played in your mind as you watched him bite his lip and run his hand through the unruly mess he called his hair. You wondered what his lips tasted like, how his lips would feel against yours. How your bodies would feel pressed up against each other, how good it would feel to have him inside you. Damn it (Y/N)! It was as if you were falling more and more for him the more you looked at him. Morgan cleared his throat signaling that you were hopelessly longingly staring at the doctor. Again.

You turn your attention back to the team, as Hotch asks, “So other than the unsub being female, was there anything else that you guys found at the crime scenes?”

“Yeah,” Reid looked up from the files, “There was sulfur at the scene.”

Dammit! You thought.

“File says that there was sulfur at the other crime scenes too. Not really in a pattern but definitely significant. It’s part of her M.O,” JJ adds. Just as you were about to text your brothers about the demon theory being correct, you get a message, you read it and couldn’t stop the little gasp that escaped your mouth. 

Prince and Princess of Hell. Meet us at the motel ASAP.

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heyo! i’ve done some more zestiria world guidance translations, this time of the world timeline page. it includes the names of the eras, their timespan (some don’t have one), and main details about the events of that era. the page had the ‘main events’ column, and then another column out to the side for most of them with more details about it, so i’ve separated those with “//”. i only know a few of the localized terms for these names, so most of these are translated straight from the japanese version. if you know any of the localized terms for these things, feel free to pm me them and i’ll fix it!

also please be aware this contains major spoilers, so don’t read this unless you’ve finished the entire game. it’s under the cut!

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💚Bog Garden Update💚

So it’s been just over six weeks for my outdoor bog garden! All is well so far with lots of growth and only one casualty (Florida red sundew, I think nights are too cold here and we don’t get quite enough sun). The sarracenia purpurea are all doing the best. We are having abnormally warm weather for this time of year, so it may several more weeks before dormancy comes.

Creepypasta #1199: I Keep My Eyes Open Whenever I Light Up A Dark Room

Length: Medium

Let’s run through a scenario, okay? Completely hypothetical.

Let’s say you’re home alone or working at the office late at night. Nobody else is there. It’s just you and the silence. Let’s say you get up to go to another room or walk to your co-worker’s office. You open the door and the room is pitch black. Maybe there are lights on in the hall, but for some odd reason none of it is spilling into the room. You’re facing pure, inky blackness. You reach out and feel around. Your hand finds the light switch. One swift upward motion and the entire room will be filled with light.

Do you keep your eyes open and turn on the light? Or do you shut your eyes tight then flip the switch, your body involuntarily flinching when you do so?

I do the latter. Every single time. Pretty lame, huh? But I’m not afraid of the dark. I’m afraid of what I might see when the light comes on.

I wasn’t always like this. I swear.

Okay… fine. Another hypothetical scenario:

You’re in your room, watching TV or surfing the web. You yawn because you should have been asleep hours ago. But your favorite show came on or you fell down a Wiki-hole and time just got away from you. Finally you manage to pry yourself away from whatever distraction is holding you. You turn off your TV or your computer monitor. You turn towards the window next to you-

And there’s somebody there, looking in. You can’t see their features but what little light there is outside shows that there is clearly somebody pressed up against your window, hands cupped to their face so they can get a better look at you.

Do you immediately turn on the lights? Won’t that just make them harder to see and you that much easier to spot? Don’t you wish you had closed your eyes before turning towards your window? Wouldn’t it have been better just not knowing at all?

You ever open your front door and expect to find somebody standing at your front porch, ready to rip the screen door open and grab you, dragging you out into the dark night to never be found again? Or have to sit with your back against the wall because you constantly feel like somebody is in the room with you, staring at you? Just waiting for that opportune moment to wrap their arms around you from behind and….

I sound paranoid, I know. But I have my reasons.

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Howlin’ For You

A fresh start, it was just what you needed. You decided to move to Rosedale, a town which boasted the eerie slogan “Rosedale, You’ll never want to leave”. Quickly you realized that there was something off about this town, which seemed to be tidally locked between two rivaling gangs, the First Order and the Resistance. Before you get the chance, you’re sucked into the conflict, made ever more complicated by Kylo Ren.

It was a big deal to be moving to a town in the middle of nowhere, in an unfamiliar state, nonetheless it was exactly what you needed. You weren’t unhappy per say, just bored. You were sick of the same old thing, the same people, and the same routine. Maybe this time you would actually foster relationships with your neighbors; you craved a sense of community that this place seemed to pride itself on.

It seemed like a nice enough place to live, with a better job and in general more benefits to living there. You could still visit the city if you wanted to and the town also had a few nice waterfronts. Best of all you could actually afford to rent a decent house, something unheard of for someone your age.

The majority of your stuff was already at your new place and now all you had to do was move yourself. It was a few hours of driving from your last residence but you didn’t mind the drive, it gave you a chance to think.

Out of nowhere it began to rain, which truthfully isn’t entirely abnormal for weather, but it was still strange. It was raining really hard too, in combination of a fog that meant you couldn’t see that far in front of you. Though you knew that radio stations changed from place to place, you were not expecting a static filled Drake song to suddenly switch to the Time Warp without any warning.

With a bit of a mind flip…
You’re into a time slip…
And nothing can ever be the same.

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You’re Drunk

A/N: I’ve had this idea for awhile but couldn’t figure out what to write. I drew some inspiration from various tumblrs who did the same/about the same imagines. But all writing is mine - if I can find the tumblrs I drew some of my inspiration from I will add them here later (:
A/N: sorry they aren’t all the same length - I had more inspiration or ideas for some more than others.

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ff-sunset-oasis  asked:

hiiii Zelle can I ask for Anthony Goldstein /Hermione Granger or Justin Finch-Fletchley/Pansy Parkinson headcanon please? Thank you!! <3

  • pansy’s mother told her for years that hufflepuffs weren’t worth her time.
  • she told her that loyalty to all people meant nothing, and that you should only care for yourself.
  • and for a long time, pansy believed her.
  • but pansy believed a lot of things when she was young and trying to survive.
  • or she just convinced herself she did.
  • now it was five years after the war, and pansy was alone.
  • her friends had disappeared, and well, she wanted to disappear, too.
  • she decided to take a late-night walk.
  • she shivered as the cold breeze hit her skin, and she pulled her black pea coat closer to her chest.
  • she took a deep breath and watched how she fogged up the air as she exhaled.
  • this was what it was like to live.
  • she was distracted by her own thoughts, which allowed her to run into a tall body in front of her.
  • startled, pansy stepped backward.
  • “i’m sorry,” she told the stranger, “i wasn’t paying attention.”
  • the body turned around and looked down at her.
  • his black hair shined against the moonlight, and his kind smile brought pansy a warmth she wasn’t familiar with.
  • especially during a night like this.
  • “it’s alright,” he replied genuinely, “but don’t i know you?”
  • perplexed, she lifted her brow and examined his face.
  • he looked familiar, but she could not think of his name or how she knew him. she assumed he was from hogwarts.
  • “i’m sorry,” she said again, “i’m not sure we have actually met.”
  • he held out his hand for her to shake, and she took it hesitantly.
  • his hand was abnormally warm for this weather, and she knew her hands felt like ice.
  • what a contrast; it seemed to fit their personalities, too.
  • “i’m justin finch-fletchley. i think i know who you are now. pansy parkinson, right?”
  • her breath hitched.
  • she had heard about him; he was a muggle-born and a hufflepuff.
  • but then she remembered that didn’t matter anymore.
  • her mother’s influence was no longer there.
  • so she smiled in response to his recognition.
  • “yes,” she answered quietly, “and i know who you are now.”
  • “it’s nice to officially meet you,” he told her, “would you like to go get a hot chocolate? it’s freezing out here.”
  • in the past, she would have laughed that a guy offered to buy her a hot chocolate instead of a firewhiskey.
  • or that he didn’t just ask her to go to his place for a casual fuck. 
  • and she certainly wouldn’t have said yes to a hufflepuff, let alone a muggle-born.
  • but times were different now.
  • pansy was different.
  • “that would be great,” she told him.
  • and she meant it.
  • maybe hufflepuffs were worth her time after all.
  • especially if they were as kind as justin finch-fletchley.
New Dad

Hey guys! I was accidentally introduced to the perfect dad ship of Gildarts Clive and Silver Fullbuster (aptly named Sildarts). With the joy and excitement I had of finding another ship (that I immediately and earnestly was committed to), I wrote something quickly. This comes from the parenthood prompt list for the prompt:

Character needs to introduce their new love interest to their child.

Naturally, and as per usual, I interpreted this a bit different and so here we have 579 words of Cana having a conversation with (poor) Silver (can be found on ffn). Hope you guys enjoy!

This is called “New Dad”.

“You and my dad have been friends for a while now…”

“Several years.”

Cana hummed in acknowledgement as a breeze rolled through Magnolia park. Her arms rested lazily over the back of the bench she sat on, and she kept her legs spread wide, one folded over the top of the other, her foot tapping a steady beat into the grass. The weather was abnormally nice, and the ice cream she had made it that much more enjoyable—especially considering her current company. Her eyes slid to the side, in an attempt to discretely size the man up again.

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Classified Informations: Second Impact

Officially, on September 13, 2000, a giant meteorite descended upon the South Pole. A huge explosion resulted, melting the ice and generating massive tidal waves, which in turn caused the sea level to rise several tens of meters. Collectively, more than 2 billion people on the islands of the Southern Hemisphere died.

The energy from the explosion knocked the Earth off its axis, producing climate change on a global scale; Japan became a country of perpetual summer. Many places around the world suffered drought, flooding, volcanic eruptions, abnormal weather patterns, and other calamities as a result of this Second Impact. Economic panic and civil war erupted in every nation.

Truth is that mankind discovered a humanoid lifeform, designated the first Angel, there, at the South Pole. The well-publicized theory that it was caused by a giant meteorite is the product of rigged intelligence.

Adam, the First Angel — and the cause of Second Impact — was discovered by the Katsuragi Research Team at the South Pole. It was courtesy of Seele’s funding that the Katsuragi Team discovered the White Moon, which contained Adam and the Spear of Longinus.

Adam was awakened by mankind. The Katsuragi Investigation Team frantically attempted to reseal Adam using the Spear of Longinus, but failed. Ultimately, through the phenomenon of the S² Engine apparently going into overdrive by artificial means (details are vague due to the team’s complete annihilation), it became that only an absolute catastrophe — the resetting of all life due to the disappearance of A.T. Fields, and the construction of an ecosystem with an Adam base — was prevented. This is called the Second Impact. The incident blew Adam completely apart. 

Denmark/Norway - Outlet For Imagination

He’s reading when Tino taps his arm, jerking his attention from the book to the Finn. Tino is grinning, a sure sign that he’s up to no good, and Sigve cocks his eyebrows in a silent, unimpressed question.

“He just told you that you’re beautiful,” Tino explains bluntly, jerking his thumb at the man sitting behind him. Sigve peers over his shoulder, frowning, to see a man with a hand over his mouth and cheeks flushed a deep red of embarrassment. He can’t quite meet his gaze, and he turns his attention back to Tino as his friend presses on. “I think he was a little hurt you didn’t respond, so I had to step in. He’s cute!

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anonymous asked: shiro is visiting a country he doesn’t know the language well and accidentally asks allura out on a date and the happy local she is she takes him out to enjoy the city. this is so cute!!!! give it to me!!! i also posted this on ao3.

His crew members insist that they visit Altea at the very next opportunity they receive for purely selfish reasons. Shiro doesn’t understand the novelty of it right away, even when his engineer points out the three main attractions: their abnormal beaches, the unpredictable weather, and the galaxy’s most gorgeous women. Stories of his last visit to Altea are all that Shiro has to go on when they arrive, though in hindsight, he can understand why.

Allura is certainly the type of beautiful that would make men want to tell stories about her. She’s in the middle of telling him about the last time she visited Earth with her father, a man of some prominence here on Altea, but the title she calls him is lost on Shiro. The story is lost on him, too. He follows her only by the lights in her eyes and the way she smiles, full of warmth as she recalls the details.

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There are stories internationally about animals that can predict disasters. Dogs, cats, and cows acting strangely days before earthquakes. Birds fleeing before hurricanes. Sharks swimming to avoid storms. Absol is simply another one of these, a valiant-hearted dark type which uses its powers of premonition to warn others of impending doom. But how?

The short answer is that a lot of animals just have better sense than us. For example, many of these animal predictions have been shown to work through hearing. As humans, we can hear frequencies of 20 - 20,000 Hz. Other animals have different ranges of hearing, such as cows who can hear from 16 Hz up to 40,000 Hz. There are a lot of sounds that we, as humans, just can’t hear. For example, the high-pitched dog whistle is out of our range but dogs can hear just fine.

Slightly more relevant lies on the other end of the spectrum. Sounds below 20 Hz, called infrasonic, that we can’t hear. These kinds of sounds are frequently made by earthquake shockwaves, ocean waves, thunderstorms, see where this is going? Absol has a wider range of hearing than we do, such that she can physically hear disasters approaching.

Of course, hearing is not the only way to sense disasters. Dogs are particularly well known for their super smelling powers, such as the ability to sniff out cancer or even monitor a diabetic’s blood sugar levels. We did a whole post on their amazing noses for Growlithe, but it just as well can relate to disasters, too.

Then, of course, there’s the way we do it for weather forecasts: monitoring the atmospheric pressures and humidity. Bees, for example, seem to be sensitive to humidity, which warns them of incoming rain with enough time for them to seek shelter in their hives. Sharks can sense pressure drops of just a few millibars, and abnormal/extreme weather like hurricanes usually causes large fluctuations in the atmosphere.

So again, the short answer is that animals just have better senses than us. Think of it like your bedroom, coming home every day to the same furniture and walls, and then one day, suddenly, everything has been flipped upsidedown – that might be what these animals feel like.  They get accustomed to the normal pressures, sounds, and smells of their environment, and act accordingly when something changes for the worst, by running away, seeking shelter, or for Absol, warning others. 

Absol has better senses than humans, which lets it hear, smell, or otherwise detect natural disasters before they arrive.

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(And yes I’m in Indiana too and suffering in this abnormal warm autumn weather ajxnajxn xD)

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PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Levi HIRED by Nicholas Lobov to get the papers from Erwin? From what I understood, in exchange for getting the papers from Erwin, Levi and his friends would get a large sum of money, citizenship on the surface, and medical treatment for their friend who was sick at the time. People keep saying Erwin manipulated Levi to join the SC, but I think otherwise. Levi KNEW who Erwin was, joined ON PURPOSE with his own goals in mind for selfish reasons.

Hi you’re right, Levi & co. deliberately join SC to get the documents from Erwin, if they succeed they will be rewarded with money & citizenship on the surface (medical treatment is in OVA only). Levi knew what he is doing, below is the details from all 3 acwnr media.


He had told them that a man from the Survey Corps, Erwin Smith, would catch them and make them join the army. The messenger put up the following request—use the chance to retrieve “a certain document” from him, and to also finish off the man himself if possible.

The reward, should they succeed, would be a sum of money, and also the right to live in the Capital.


For Levi, obtaining Lobov’s documents was secondary—more importantly, he needed to get his revenge against Erwin.



Levi & co. knew what are they doing. Those who claim Erwin manipulate Levi to join SC clearly have a unique way of viewing things [I have no idea how did they jump to this conclusion, maybe they don’t understand some parts in acwnr]. Sometimes we shouldn’t listen to other words before we witness it ourselves. Trust your own judgement from what you can find first and you can always discuss your view to confirm it. So far, I think we have similar views.

The only thing that Erwin tricked Levi is that he made Levi believed that his own plan [to steal the document and no one in SC suspect Levi & co.] works while actually Erwin already know everything. Here is dialogue from the VN:

Without a doubt, from the very first day Levi and his friends joined the Survey Corps, Erwin had kept them under observation one way or the other without their notice.

He had tricked them into believing that their own plans were proceeding smoothly, skillfully guiding them all the while.

And then, even in this kind of abnormal weather—no, precisely because of the anomaly, he had made preparations just in case Levi’s group were to attack him, and had therefore moved together with Mike as his backup.


“We have to find the supply carts quickly and look for the sound signal rounds we’ve kept there. Levi, you too—come along.”

Hearing Erwin’s order, Levi doubted his own ears.

“I tried to kill you, you know…?”

“I’ve said it earlier, haven’t I—we won’t charge you for any crimes. On top of that, now that things have turned out this way, to get the next expedition approved by Lobov, I’ll need your cooperation as well.”


What a man—Levi thought to himself.

When he’d gotten caught in the underground, he’d felt humiliated.

He had thought that Erwin was brimming with an air of superiority as he looked down at his catch—but now, Levi knew that he’d been mistaken.

That kind of quarrel about superiority or inferiority had never concerned Erwin even in the slightest.

He was, after all, fighting a more important war against the titans—no, perhaps, it was against something even bigger than that. Fixing his sight on that something, he’d carried on fighting, trying his hardest to defeat it.

In the VN, it is implied that actually Levi sort of get the hint that Erwin is setting his eyes further than winning the war against the titans which what we can see become clearer in the recent chapters. We don’t know among all 3 version of acwnr which one will the most canon one, I hope it will be the VN because it is the first version and also supervised by Isayama.

The last person Haruka expects to see impatiently ringing his doorbell on a Sunday afternoon is Sousuke.

It’s almost comical, seeing Sousuke at his ends wits as he repeatedly rings and knocks on Haruka’s door. If Haruka listens closely he can hear the muffled curses Sousuke grits out between his teeth under his breath, both frazzled and aspirated.

Haruka stands there for a moment, his grocery bags filled with mackerel and other necessities in both of his hands and his head tilts contemplatively wondering why Sousuke hasn’t left yet when it’s more than obvious he’s been at it for a while.

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