abnormal weather


Sorry I’ve been MIA, i was busy wearing dresses in the abnormally nice weather, making cupcakes for my 3rd job, and planning a very elaborate tea party for some very thankful 3’s.
The Schuyler Series should have an update this weekend:)

Classified Informations: Second Impact

Officially, on September 13, 2000, a giant meteorite descended upon the South Pole. A huge explosion resulted, melting the ice and generating massive tidal waves, which in turn caused the sea level to rise several tens of meters. Collectively, more than 2 billion people on the islands of the Southern Hemisphere died.

The energy from the explosion knocked the Earth off its axis, producing climate change on a global scale; Japan became a country of perpetual summer. Many places around the world suffered drought, flooding, volcanic eruptions, abnormal weather patterns, and other calamities as a result of this Second Impact. Economic panic and civil war erupted in every nation.

Truth is that mankind discovered a humanoid lifeform, designated the first Angel, there, at the South Pole. The well-publicized theory that it was caused by a giant meteorite is the product of rigged intelligence.

Adam, the First Angel — and the cause of Second Impact — was discovered by the Katsuragi Research Team at the South Pole. It was courtesy of Seele’s funding that the Katsuragi Team discovered the White Moon, which contained Adam and the Spear of Longinus.

Adam was awakened by mankind. The Katsuragi Investigation Team frantically attempted to reseal Adam using the Spear of Longinus, but failed. Ultimately, through the phenomenon of the S² Engine apparently going into overdrive by artificial means (details are vague due to the team’s complete annihilation), it became that only an absolute catastrophe — the resetting of all life due to the disappearance of A.T. Fields, and the construction of an ecosystem with an Adam base — was prevented. This is called the Second Impact. The incident blew Adam completely apart. 

"Scared of the storm? " closed RP w/ @askmikezach

The sky was dark, the power out. The only light was caused by the sudden bolts of lightning that illuminated the sky, the loud thunder screeched through the sky, a beautiful melody as it mixed with the belting rain on the windows.

For many in the survey corps, rain and abnormal weather acted as a sign of good luck but for Levi it seemed to be a temporary death sentence. The small man was curled up under heaps of blankets to try and block out the noise but despite his best efforts, he was still left alone, cold and scared in the darkness of his room. @askmikezach


days fall onto me like hammers. i feel used and exhausted by social issues at work - i’m a simple man, i wish for no such complications in my life. each day is a bit longer and even if the weather is abnormally warm, i’m still wearing winter coats. i can’t wait for spring with its abundances, the smell of grass and fresh foliage.