RHZ Halloween Show

10.14.25 @ The Coffee Exchange

A Bad Night For A Hero “I Am The Yeti”

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  1. What is your birthday month?  September
  2. What colour socks are you wearing?  Not wearing any socks.
  3. What is the meaning of your given name? Google says Willow.
  4. Have you ever posted nudes via tumblr? Hell No
  5. Have you ever promoted anyone? Nope
  6. How did you come across tumblr? Someone on FB posted about it. 
  7. What are you wearing right now? Tank top and shorts.
  8. The last sms you received:  My friend saying “uh ok..”
  9. Do you work tomorrow? Nope
  10. How many times have you moved? Once. but don’t remember it. 
  11. Town or city? I would rather live in a town.
  12. Are you in a relationship? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA………..no….

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So, I was listening to my friends’ New EP for their band, A Bad Night For A Hero, while doing some warm-up sketches. Check out their bandcamp page, you won’t be disappointed: badnightforahero.bandcamp.com

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  • A Bad Night For A Hero
A Bad Night For A Hero - “The Boy From The City”
Hey guys, recently I became a finalist in the MAMA (Mountain Acoustic Music Association) Acoustic Idol Awards for my song “The Boy From The City”. The live competition is on Oct. 18th but in the meantime you should check it out and let me know what you think. Your support is greatly appreciated! -C.J.

6 days to go…
I was waiting to pull this one out, but there’s little time left and I figured a little more incentive wouldn’t hurt. Another backer reward for our kickstarter is a Private House Show hosted by my band “A Bad Night For A Hero”! Yeah, how awesome is that? We play cool music and shiz, acousticly or rockingly! So if you haven’t donated to receive your RHZ shirt, artbook, or ticket to the show, or a private show what the frak are you waiting for?!

Kickstarter - http://kck.st/1ayg3uQ

Submissions - http://redheadedzombieshow.com/?page_id=1627


Songs of Memorytown #9

Metronomy - The Look (covered by Cj Hackett of A Bad Night For A Hero)

This song always brings back my fluttery, butterfly feelings. Because, I was so gosh darn crazy about Cj then, and would listen to this song every morning when I got out of bed in the morning. Every single day, Cj, your cover of this song put a smile on my face.



There’s a cape hanging in the corner,
a mask by the door.
This retired fighter has long since taken his bow.

There aren’t any villains these days.
He gave them all their two strikes
before putting a hole in their head.
No zombies, no dragons.
The battles with the yeti are long gone.

All his wonder years are behind him:
13, 14, 17, 22.
They’re all twinkling behind him like lonely stars.
Now he’s just writing letters to depression and envy

His damsel in distress has long since
walked away from the romance she wanted
and she’s never, ever coming back,
not to this darkside.

He declares that he won’t miss her
she should just stay gone.
After all, this is not a home anymore
for their old would-be love song.
I’ve begged him not to forget her
but the boy never learns.

He looks to the past as if travelling through time tunnels,
but he can’t find the titles and cue cards he once had.
It seems he’s just waiting for one beautiful monster
to come in and fill in the blanks of his life.
One day, I fear I might find him
face down on the floor without a breath left in him.
I know he thinks about it.

I worry about him,
I was going through some things of his
and found notes beginning with
“Before I go,”
“More reasons to hate me,”
“I am replaceable.”
If only I could make him see,
it’s only one step forward,
one step at a time.

But I think I can break him of this.
Show him that falling doesn’t hurt as much as floating
I’ll bring him back from this
for the sharks,
the assassins in the snow,
and for his angel of ashes.

I already feel it’s working,
these days there’s fire in his eyes again.
I know he’ll be okay,
after all the hero never dies.

Titles and Cue Cards

So as our silent film begins, I’ve lost my titles and cue cards.

Wish I was Charlie Chaplin, but I’m crude and I’m awkward.

But you’re the kind of girl a lot of actors would kill for.

You’ve been in better films but you just might enjoy this one.

I watched you tread into the street there were no titles or cue cards.

I had to make my move to beat the tide of the traffic.

You made it to the other side before I could reach you.

And the silent film director, he’s silently laughing at me.

I tried to tell you how I felt but left the titles and cue cards.

You’re everything I’ve wanted but my heart is a coward.

You’re like a breath of air. The one that keeps me from drowning.

I’d like to hold it in but now my lungs are collapsing in your tears.

So let’s recap shall we? Tonight the monthly Redheaded Zombie Show is happening at the Coffee Exchange, and we’ve got quite the lineup for you! Including: Agito, Cliff Letters, A Hill of Beans, ABNFAH, and Knight in Colors! And we’ll also have artists Jason Montoya and Jennifer Lotharius along with author Christopher M. Salas there showing off their wares and artistic talents! Put on your dancing shoes, ladies and gents. Tonight is gonna be a good one!

Once there was a bed
we used to lay in
fingers, smiles, and eyes
skin touching skin

I know you
want you
love you so
you’re the
best (only)
I’ll ever have

Once there was a bed
you took me in
a split in my neck
I’m barely breathing

You’re trying
dying while you hold me
in and
out of
dreams of you

 I guess I love you more than I could ever say
 I guess I’m sorry that I chased our love away
 I guess I’m sorry for the words I couldn’t say
 I guess I’m sorry for the times I ran away
 I guess I’m sorry for everything

Once there was a boy
that I used to be
thought he’d be dead
before his 17th

It’s true
I’m blue
I’m ok with the fact
Love’s true
for few
I’ll have to do without

Once there was a girl
she used to love me
before all the drugs
and before the drinking

your heart
and birthstone on your fingers
all these memories will linger
"It’s ok." "Yeah? How d’you figure?"
"It’s all part of a bigger picture!"

I can’t see more
than what’s in front of me
and now I can’t see you
The thoughts behind me