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Time for a pre-Doomsday art post, because even though most of them are on the Facebook page, I still think it’s interesting to compare them to what’s there now!  I’m especially glad that I can finally post some of these without spoiling anything.

The first one is from a moment that’s still to come but has changed enough that I don’t feel like it’s ruining anything, and is one of the pieces I made in early 2009 that kind of spurred me towards continuing to develop this as an idea.

The uncolored drawing was from a time when Patrick was going to have had more involvement with Cyril’s time in what’s now called Paradiso.  Patrick is still really important, just not so much to Cyril’s arc anymore.

The middle was just a goopy little drawing of Abner and Poe before I changed her design.  It was originally meant to depict a moment from the comic, but I decided to cut it since there was no sensible way to get there.

The last two were from January 2010, the year I started the comic, when I was starting to feel an irresistible inclination to use the characters for something.  Both were inspired by Jill Tracy’s “Doomsday Serenade”, which I ended up feeling fit the tone of the story enough that I’d take inspiration from it for the title.

Since the comic’s coming up on its third year, I find it’s really useful for me to go back and look at some of the concepts I was knocking around when it was still just a glimmer in my eye.  Things have changed a lot since then, but I’m no less passionate about continuing to see the story through, and I can’t even tell you how exciting it is to actually realize some of the plots that have been chomping at the bit in my head for three years and counting.

I just got all sentimental there!  Now it’s time for bed, thanks for listening

I scribbled up a little comparison of Cyril and Abner, since I’ve been told several times that ‘they look the same’ and thought it might help (for both other people and myself) to see them side by side.

I went with Intrigued, Shocked, and Irritated, because those are just faces that Cyril lends himself to and Abner had to follow like the little follower he is

e: I mean, they’re supposed to at least resemble each other, but they are not supposed to be identical if you get wha'msayin’

beesmygod was makin’ inspiration maps for her characters and I thought that looked like a lot of fun so I’m gonna do a few before I get down to comics business!

these are all the characters I can think of offhand who, in Abner’s many years of development, have significantly influenced the person he is in Doomsday

I also went out of my way to ensure every image was of them looking concerned, true to form  :V

luckyviii replied to your photo: I promised myself some Fun Drawing time this…

You have a character who stutters and another with a lateral lisp. Are you secretly in grad school for speech pathology???

I like verbal quirks and I cannot lie

no tbh I just hear my characters’ voices really clearly in my head and they will frequently sort of decide on themselves based on all kinds of factors!  in Finian’s case it had to do with his teeth and how I concluded their physical development affected how he spoke, and Abner’s situation turned out like it did as a result of incredible trauma very early in his life, which resulted in a delay of the usual speech development undergone by kids who are just beginning to use language. he stopped speaking altogether in his formative years and didn’t start again until long after other kids his age were already constructing complex sentences, so his confidence has always been severely lacking even if he has the technical ability to form words as well as anyone else.

a long time ago I made sure to research patterns common to the majority of stutterers, because there is almost nothing I hate more than seeing speech impediments used in media as a gimmick or a cutesy character trait.  I couldn’t even really tell you why I find it so interesting or why I just wrote you two paragraphs on it!  It’s just something for which I’ve always felt a lot of empathy, even if my own similar quirks are comparatively mild (I have a slight lateral lisp myself).