Weight loss journey - UPDATE!!!!

hey guys!!! so it has been a time since I have checked in with you guys and just wanted to update to my weight loss. :) just for you to know, i haven`t  lost a ton of weight, because my ankle was injured ( i know i have mentioned it, but just to know)…

so since my beginning –

…19.september… I was 78,8. kgs

legs - 68 cm

arms- 33cm

bottom- 110cm



sooo, in 07.february…. I`m now 70,8 (more like in interval from 70 to 70,8)… :)

legs - 65 cm

arms - 30 cm

bottom- 107 cm

hipps - 94 cm

waist - 72 cm…

TOTALLY LOST —-  8 KG OR 17,6 POUNDS!!!    

                                 19 CM OR 7,4 INCHES!!!