The Truth’s Never Been this Hard

Request: Please could you write a Four/Tobias x reader where (Y/n) is best friends with Tris and is in love with Four, but refuses to admit that due to her friendship with Tris. When Four requests the three of them be put on trial in Candor using a truth serum, (Y/N) is nervous, but believes nothing about her feelings will come up, but they do.

For: Anon

Word Count: 1342

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Everything was so complicated.

Tobias was in love with Tris.

Tris was in love with Tobias.

Not that hard right?

At least not until someone realizes that you, Tris’ best friend, was also in love with Tobias.

Then things got wonky.

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A/N: I listened to “California High” by Billy while writing this because it’s kinda accurate. You go do it too, that song is pure pleasure.

Words: 1163
Warnings: danger of having an eargasm, pain of separation

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Divergent Aesthetics: (Factions) -> Dauntless, Amity, Abnegation, Erudite and Candor


Divergent Masterlist



Be Daring | Eric Coulter x Reader

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Gif Imagines

Imagine Eric to keep serious but …

Imagine Four asking you out on a date

Imagine Four watching you squat and …

Imagine Eric’s reaction when he is asked …

Imagine Peter betraying you to the Dauntless …

Imagine Eric helping you with training and …

Imagine teasing Eric all day and he …

Imagine being part of Four’s team in …

Imagine going on a date with Four and asking …

Imagine being Four’s sister and dating …

Imagine going to a Dauntless party and …

Imagine Eric helping you to get off …

Imagine Eric taking you to get your …

Imagine asking Four to show you his …

Imagine being a transfer from Abnegation and …

Imagine being childhood friends with Eric and …

Imagine landing on the net and you get …

Imagine Eric proposing to you

Imagine Eric asking you to …

Imagine Four taking you to his room

Imagine being in a relationship with …

Imagine Peter watching you …

Imagine having a love-hate relationship with …

Imagine making Eric’s and Four’s …

Imagine you and Eric always picking on …

Imagine Erik not being afraid to show …

The first act of Divergent centers around Katniss Potter’s angst about her upcoming aptitude test and Sorting, wait, sorry … Choosing Ceremony. Because in this dystopian society, everything from your neighborhood to your career is determined by your personality type, or “Faction.” Members of the “Abnegation” Faction are selfless and incorruptible, making them best suited for leadership positions. “Candor” is known for honesty, so they run law and criminal justice. “Dauntless” is the faction for military service and security – they’re mostly train-hopping sociopaths with badass tattoos. It’s basically a dystopian story about teenagers, mood rings, and high school-caliber cliques. Obviously, it was a monstrous success.

In order to determine each citizen’s Faction, the government conducts an annual, state-sponsored drug trip for teenagers. Once a year, every 16-year-old is rounded up, dosed with a psychedelic techno-potion, and observed by an administrator as they battle their way through an action-packed hallucination. You know how some inventions are actually based on science fiction tropes, like the Star Trek communicator predicting the cellphone? We’d like “mandatory high school ball trippin’” to be next, please.

Not only does the government expend a massive amount of time and money for these individual administrators to babysit tripping teenagers, the whole test is more of a suggestion than a rule. While the drug sequence is designed to reveal someone’s natural Faction, anyone can pick whatever group they want, for whatever reason, regardless of how they scored. It’s as if the government just made way too much LSD and were trying to find the most hilarious way to get rid of it.

Hollywood Has No Idea How To Get A Dystopian Future Right


A/N: I hope this makes any sense at all but I just can’t stop writing things about water. It’s summer, after all. And hot. Outrageously handsome (fictional) men don’t really contribute to that but well… screw it!

Words: 668
Warnings: none

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Save the Begging (Eric Coulter x Reader) *smut*

A/N: An Eric smut…kinda short I know but I still posted it :) MASTERLIST

Word Count: 419

Warnings: Smut

Good morning handsome.” You greeted Eric as he entered the kitchen that you shared since you were together. His strong arms snaked around your waist as his buried his face in the crook of your neck. He placed a small kiss on it. “Good morning beautiful. You know what today is?” He placed another kiss on your neck. His fingers dug into your waist and he slowly grinded you from behind. “How could I forget?” “I got something for you tonight.” You began begging to know. “Save the begging for tonight.” You turned around and placed a kiss on his lips. 

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Eric blind folded your eyes as you strained against the cold metallic cuffs that held your limbs to the bed. Eric’s weight shifted the bed. “Time to beg.” He hissed in your ear which made you a bit wet. A buzzing sound filled the room. Eric placed the vibrator to your clit as he gently moved it making you wetter and moaned out his name louder. His hot lips met your nipples and he began sucking. “Eric please.” Eric set the vibrator on high which sent you to your first orgasm.. You felt Eric’s thick tongue met your sex. You gasped as he began licking it, his tongue moved around your core expertly. He knew your spots and how to make you feel good. “Fuck me Eric! Please!” Eric’s tongue gently flicked your clit. Two fingers entered you as he continued sucking on your clit like an animal. The vibrator teased your core. “Eric! Fuck me!” You pleaded breathlessly. You felt him coming up to your ear. “Sure thing sweetheart. And it’s daddy for you.” He instantly banged inside you without giving you a chance to adjust. He thrusted his hips agonizingly slow. The vibrator went back on high. Eric’s thrusts were sending you over the edge. “You’re so tight. Fuck.” He growled. “I want to see you!” He removed your blind fold and immediate your eyes met. You heart throbbed as his thrusts were getting faster by the second. “Come for me Y/N.” You exploded your juices all over Eric’s cock. Your body shivered and Eric immediately removed your cuffs and held you close to him as he continued thrusting until he came just a few minutes later. You both laid on the bed breathlessly. “That was…amazing.” You kissed Eric on the lips and nuzzled your face in his broad chest. “Happy anniversary Y/N. I love you.” “I love you too Eric.”

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Flirt, mild insulting, fight, platonic fluff, smut, mild fluff

Fandom : Divergent

Request: “Could you do one for Divergent? Where you’re Tris’ friend because you transferred from Erudite to Dauntless and you’re divergent. And Peter and Eric both fall for you during the first stage of initiation and they both try to show off in the fights and they are unknowingly mean to you but at the end you end up having sex with one of them (you can choose which one) and the other is disappointed but becomes your friend anyway??? Love your blog btw💗”

Word count : 1651

gif is not mine.

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Paying the price

Chapter 18

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I could only nod, the sinking feeling in my gut intensifying with every step Dante took as he paced in front of me, his mouth opening and closing. Hugging myself in desperate need of some comfort, I watched him running his hand through his hair, mumbling to himself before he abruptly turned towards me again.

“But when… How?”  

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