abmuk asked:

So, according to your logic, I as a norwegian, can convert FROM my ethnic group, into another..? This makes no sence. I am referring to the picture of the women who is a Hamar. Is, not was, christian or not.

I think you misunderstood my phrasing. I meant ‘active’ in the sense that she participated fully in the traditions of Hamar culture, but since converting to Christianity she is no longer a participant of those traditional activities as these two different cultures are based on differing systems of belief, which is not to say that her conversion strips her of her ethnicity.

I think you’re mixing up ‘culture’ with ‘ethnicity’. They go hand-in-hand but they are not the same thing. Ethnicity is inherited, culture is learned and performed. Christianity is not an ethnic identity but as a religion, has certain a culture attached to it which varies depending on which sect you subscribe to. As such, when one converts to Christianity, one subscribes to a certain set of beliefs that come with a culture attached to it that one is to perform accordingly, hence my use of the word ‘active’. The term ‘Hamar’ can be used to both describe an ethnic identity as well as a culture. My mistake for not pointing this out in the description.

Perhaps my choice of words were not precise in demonstrating these points.

abmuk asked:

I tumbled Gambia, and your blog came up. You are true; this is also how I view Africa, and specially Gambia. I am going back in a few weeks, can`t wait to see my family again! Much love.

Hey, I’m Gambian/Sierra Leonean so I’m excited to be able represent Gambia the way all Gambians and lovers of Africa would be proud. :) You’ve made my day by saying: “this is also how I view Africa”. This comment is exactly the message I’m putting out there to the public. Stay blessed, enjoy when you get back.


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