Marcus Eaton || FC: Ray Stevenson || 41 || Divergent || Open

Faction of Origin: Abnegation

Chosen Faction: Abnegation


  • Deceptive 
  • Cruel
  • Observant
  • Perceptive
  • Changeable 
  • Self-Preserving 
  • Influential 
  • Resilient 
  • Intelligent 

Bio: Marcus Eaton was born into Abnegation, where he chose to stay after his aptitude test results came up inconclusive; he just felt he would be safer in a place like Abnegation, where he could easily blend in. That’s where he met his wife Evelyn Johnson, who transferred from Erudite. The two hit it off at first; as Marcus was very kind and charming. That quickly changed once they got married and had a child; Tobias. Marcus became abusive; his victims being his wife and child. However, as a council member, no one ever would have suspected such a thing to occur in his home.
Eventually his wife had an affair with him, so he threatened to exile her. During her pending exile, Evelyn faked her own death, leaving Marcus alone with their son. Eventually, Tobias left as well; choosing Dauntless over Abnegation during his choosing ceremony. This, only recently, has costed Marcus much ridicule amongst Erudite reporters; stating that the reason Tobias defected was because there was abuse in the home.
Despite this being a bit of a headache, Marcus has bigger things to deal with; like keeping the truth out of Erudite’s hands. He can sense something big brewing and it is up to the Abnegation to make sure that they keep things peaceful for their city; even if that means airing the truth so long kept a secret.


MOVIES New Year’s Eve

“… To remember both our triumphs and our missteps, our promises made and broken. The times we opened ourselves up to great adventures or closed ourselves down for fear of getting hurt coz that is what new year is all about - getting another chance. A chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more. And stop worrying about ‘what if’ and start embracing what would be. So when that ball drops at midnight and it will drop, let’s remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other. And not just tonight but all year long”


MOVIES To The Wonder

You shall love …whether you like it or not. Emotions, they come and go like clouds. Love is not only a feeling…you shall love. To love is to run the risk of failure…the risk of betrayal. You fear your love has died? Perhaps it is waiting to be transformed into something higher. Awaken the divine presence …which sleeps in each man, each woman. Know each other in that love …that never changes…
↳ Father Quintana