“Its a duck”

Okie dokie! After a long period of being away from Tumblr to finish my degree, I am finally back and I plan to start uploading more stuff from now on.

Firstly, I need to finish a personal piece as a present to someone. (WIP above).Then I can draw some more ponies and other art.

Thank you to those of you who are still following me! Again, Sorry about the long time off.


So here’s the crappy recording of the drawing I did.

So I’m tired. I don’t want to work this late in the evening (its Midnight) and I have no tablet at the moment. So I picked up a pencil and sketched a few lines and it turned into a luna some how… Not planned in the slightest… I haven’t drawn a pencil pony in such a long time. I thought I forgot how to do them without the use of Ctrl+alt+Z