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TAG, you're it! The rules are to state ten random facts about yourself. Then send this to the fifteen nicest people on tumblr.

Ok, here we go again… :D

1) I’m probably not really one of the 15 nicest people on tumblr, but thank you for pretending that I am, lol I’m flattered tbh

2) I think during my childhood I got bitten by almost every animal that was able to get close to me (including swans, guinea pigs and a fawn)

3) You cannot possibly understand how much I love cheese

4) I’m pretty sure my niece and nephew think of me as the weird aunt (and I can’t blame them, really)

5) I used to love snow before it decided to hijack spring

6) My favourite colour is green

7) Whenever someone asks me what my favourite song is I instantly forget every song I’ve ever listened to, except for the really horrible and embarrassing ones

8) I once managed to run face first into a lamp post (twice), even though the pavement around it was completely empty (which is an achievement I choose to be proud of, thank you very much)

9) Somehow I keep forgetting my own phone number

10) I’m afraid of cats which is the only reason why I won’t end up as a crazy cat lady

Happy Birthday Sierra

Happy Birthday Sierra!!

I don’t want to go all mushy, personal, or emotional on you. So let me just say this: I am so so so glad that Mikey and I became friends, because I got two best friends. Getting to rant about people, the world, tumblr, and fandoms with you is part of what keeps me sane. And you’re always up for a good laugh or two… You know when I need you to just listen or when to say something completely ridiculous. You support me, give great advice, and you’re always around when I need you. Not to mention you keep my blog running smoothly and make the best fandom scarves in the world. I hope you make a ton of great wishes, that the pizzas not too greasy, that you find the decor you’re looking for, and that you have an even more wonderful year than the last!!

Love you lots,

Happy Birthday.


Oh and you may notice a strange number of british related posts in the next 24 hours :) as in, every one of them :)