ableism kills

tbh?? my mom makes…. a lot of jokes like that. like. whenever i mention that i ran into someone really weird on the bus, or if someone mentions that they met someone weird, she always looks at me like “haha theyre probably on the spectrum like you!” and im just like :))))))

Ableism almost killed Stephen Hawking in the 80′s.

This is a casual reminder that Stephen Hawking was almost allowed to die due to ableism.

Stephen got so sick because the advance of his ALS made his larynx weak and it wasn’t doing the job of keeping spit and food out of his lungs when he swallowed. In the 80′s, he contracted aspiration pneumonia while at CERN. He got rushed to a hospital where he was placed in a medically induced coma and breathed via a ventilator. Doctors urged Jane (wife) to pull the plug because “he’s too far gone”. 

Think about it: Doctors put Stephen into a position where he couldn’t answer for himself, tried to tell his wife that he was too far gone and tried to tell her she should pull the plug as an act of mercy. 

I doubt that would have been said if Stephen wasn’t so visibly disabled by his ALS. It’s funny how people in the medical field tend to be so quick to give up on a patient if they already have a visible disability when they are brought in, but will throw all the medicine and machines they’ve got at somebody who isn’t visibly disabled. I don’t think doctors even realize they have this bias.

Thankfully, Jane stood up to the doctor. She said no, declared that Stephen must live and had him returned to Cambridge. She knew her husband better than the doctors. She saved his life.

Stephen had a tracheostomy done, which prevented him from speaking, and he spent some time on a ventilator while he recovered from the pneumonia. He initially communicated via a letter board by raising his eyebrows when the right letter was chosen. Then he went on to get the computer that gave him his famous voice. 

A little aside– Stephen has the option to get a new, more “human” sounding voice, and he refuses because he’s grown quite attached to the “robot” voice he’s so well-known for. He sees that as his voice now and identifies with it. (”Even though it gives me an American accent,” he once joked.)

Later, he had a laryngectomy because his larynx was causing a lot of trouble with swallowing food. Getting rid of it increased his quality of life. As far as I know he’s still swallowing just fine and eats and drinks by mouth with help from his assistants. A video of Stephen talking about the tracheostomy and laryngectomy can be found here. (No surgery images, but he describes medical tests and talks about the problems with eating.)

He communicates nonverbally with his caregivers using just facial gestures. One of them said Stephen can just look at him a certain way and he’ll know whether he’s saying he needs attention or everything’s fine. I read somewhere that Stephen grinds his teeth to express disapproval. (Yo, behavior is communication!) He communicates with more than his AAC device, it’s just a matter of learning to read him like his caregivers do.

‘No quality of life,’ the doctors said in the 80′s.


I guess this is ‘no quality of life’.


[Stephen giving lectures at a university.]

[With the cast of The Big Bang Theory.]

[Experiencing zero gravity.]

[Looking sharp at the BAFTA’s!]

[In his office at Cambridge University, doing what he loves– trying to find the real theory of everything.]


Oh yes, his quality of life is just awful, isn’t it? 


The only person allowed to determine Stephen Hawking’s quality of life is Stephen Hawking himself. And guess what? His life is great right now!

He almost wasn’t here. Ableism nearly ended his life in the 80′s.

Thankfully, he’s still around to sass people and keep us curious about the universe.

Here’s a documentary where Stephen tells his own story in his own words. CC’s are available for those with hearing or audio processing issues.

* * * WARNING: Video has flashing lights that may upset seizures or migraines.
* * * TRIGGERS: Dramatized hospital scenes, food consumption and alcohol consumption. (not my video)

Btw the girl in the thumbnail is goofing off with him by making that face.

Alan Moore on The Killing Joke

There’s an unsettling quote from an interview with Alan Moore about The Killing Joke, the infamous Batman graphic novel where Barbara Gordon gets shot in the spine to give her dad angst.  Supposedly he asked the DC heads about his plan to injure Barbara, and they responded, “Yeah, okay, cripple the bitch.”  I wanted to cite it in an academic paper, but finding an original source online was really tricky; some people even “called bullshit” and said it didn’t happen.

It happened.  Wizard Magazine 147 (2004), page 62-64.  And below the cut is both a transcript of the interview and a scan of the relevant magazine pages.  Hopefully this will prove helpful to other folks who’re documenting the book’s disturbing history.

(Warning: Comic book drawing of violence against women.)

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Rowling treats her mentally ill characters like crap. Draco Malfoy is one of the only characters to be very explicitly shown to have depression and she treated him like complete trash. Characters who suffer from paranoia are just a punchline to her. Characters who go “crazy” are clearly just evil, because only crazy people do bad things!!!!

Unless, of course, it’s her favourite characters, who somehow manage to go through some ridiculous things (12 years in Azkaban, having to kill the person you love, having all your friends die, literally dying yourself, living with a piece of someone’s soul inside of you, literally being mind controlled by someone) and they all somehow end up as perfectly balanced adults because they’re too strong and pure and kind and perfect to let anything affect them. Silly me. Of course only evil people can be mentally ill. 

Things to remember so that you arent accidentally ableist: Killing Stalking edition

This goes for fans and antis

Psychopathy/psychopath/sociopath etc: Not real. Its not a thing. Its not a condition or a diagnosis. In fact, they’re slurs. (don’t call Sangwoo a psycho either yeah? also a slur.)

“The only people who would read KS and be influenced by/copy/think its ok are ill/sick/mentally ill/delusional etc”: Hey sorry blaming mentally ill people for bad shit is ableist. Abusing and killing people isn’t a mental illness thing. Mentally ill people are *more* likely to be targets of abuse and violence.

“Bum is bad representation” and denying that Bum has accurately portrayed BPD because he has more negative symptoms: I can see why some of you are gonna say that, but fact is mentally ill people with very bad symptoms and behaviours exist. I will not violate people’s privacy but I know of several people with BPD who have been grateful for a nuanced, not entirely evil but still not all that good character with their mental illness and worse symptoms. Denying them that is just respectability politics.

Discussions about MCs mental health: Now this can be done well but I’ve seen maybe…. one? person in the tags discuss this without being ableist. Look, if you don’t understand a disorder, don’t act like an expert. If you don’t have the disorder, you definitely aren’t an expert. Please refer to people who are instead! Their are plenty of MI KS fans, not only are we less likely to be guilty of some of the more subtle forms of ableism, we will be able to provide far more nuanced, accurate and insightful commentary. 

“Sangwoo has ASPD/NPD”: Now I ain’t disagreeing with these theories (honestly you cant convince me Sangwoo doesn’t have NPD), but think about *why* you are saying it. They are not the killer and abuser disorders. Folks with those are not evil or cruel or violent or abusive or murderous by default. 

Erasing KS fans mental illnesses: Just don’t. You know its shitty. Do I even have to explain this one?

“You shouldn’t cope this way”: Tough. Survival > everything else. If you personally have the luxury of healthy, uncontroversial coping methods, great! I’m really happy for you! But you need to accept that that gives you some degree of privilege over those of us who are more messy, more broken, the ones of us with more stigmatised symptoms and coping methods. Believe me, not coping is much, MUCH worse. 

And I’ll say this one twice because it needs saying: STOP CALLING SANGWOO A PSYCHO.

I’ll probably add more at some point. And thank you in advance for taking this into consideration and making the Killing Stalking fandom a less hostile place for mentally ill people. 

My dad just said “I feel bad for my doctor because he’s handicapped and working but I’m sitting here not working.”

I can’t even unpack the problems with that sentence. I just can’t even.

And the funniest part is he’s constantly harassing me to work. So I guess I’m not disabled right?


Nik // Disabled // Queer // Femme // NonBinary Trans Boy (He Him His) // Punk

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!!!

I’m Nik, out here trying to represent other disabled queer/trans Chicanxs/Latinxs since we hardly get any representation. Being Mexican and queer has been hard. There’s not may places where I’m from to completely live in my truth without judgement. There’s so many layers to my intersecting identities. Most days it’s hard as hell. Living in a world where no one wants you to live. Ableism kills, so does queer/transphobia. Some days I’m like “why am I even trying?” Honestly, if it wasn’t for my support system, I don’t think I would be here.

Non Binary erasure and Binarism is rampant as hell in the Trans Community. Yes I’m NB, yes I’m on T, NO I don’t desire to look cis. (I’ve been on T over a year and still don’t “pass”) NON BINARY PEOPLE ARE STILL TRANS REGARDLESS OF HOW WE LOOK! Not all of us want hormones or surgeries, and that’s valid as hell. We still deserve respect and dignity!

Be gentle with yourselves, friends. Know that you are valuable and worthy of happiness, stability and love.  Don’t let this world erase you. Love yourselves fiercely and fully, even on days where you don’t think you can. This world is fucking tough. But we have each other. We have community – even if it’s just online. That shit is real, and meaningful. Know that you are beautiful with your mental illness(es), with your disabilities, with your queer/transness. not despite it/them.

Celebrate all the small victories in your life. Practice self care, acknowledge that you are more than your productivity. When you’re feeling shitty or dysphoria hits, be sure to take care of yourself. Wrap yourself in a blanket, watch something on TV, play video games, eat something you love. Nurse yourself like an athlete would nurse a sprained ankle.

Shout out to the crips, shout out to the spoonies, the mentally ill folks.

Every breath you take is a protest. We’re here, we’re empowered, this world will not silence us; no matter how hard it tries!

Your existence IS resistance.

Holy shit

I was watching a documentary about euthanasia and it turns out that in Belgium parents can legally kill their autistic children to alleviate “psychological suffering”. Or any other disabled child for that matter. Not to mention all the mentally ill and physically disabled adults coerced into euthanasia.

I’m not the kind of person who likes to use the slippery slope argument, but if anything deserves that argument it’s this.

Ableism kills people, even in supposedly progressive societies. Stop acting like violent ableism is a thing that only happens in so called “backwards” societies.

Ableism killed my childhood friend

I’m not being sacastic, or trying to get “notes” or whatthefuck ever, but last week, my world turned upside down. Last week, a friend of mine with Cerebral Palsy was stabbed to death by his mother. Throughout this whole process or whatever this is, I keep having to scroll through my Facebook feed and read “His mother must’ve snapped under the pressure.” or “We get no support.” from caregivers, and I’m fucking terrified. I’m scared of my friends. I’m scared of people I grew up with, because they have outed my existence as a burden to them. They are now seen, in my eyes, as potential murderers.

This is not a political statement, but my friend is now on a vast list of names of disabled people killed by their caregivers. This is why I left home. This is why I was afraid of my ex boyfriend. Ableism killed my friend, it has taken and will continue to take lives. It nearly took mine. Our lives are not about you.

Theron’s life was his alone. The system failed him. He should’ve had more options and he was more than his Cerebral Palsy. He was a friend with brightly colored shoes, a goofy smile and a love for even goofier hats. I keep going through this phase of anger and fear. I have to tell you, I’m still there. I lost a friend and ableism played a part in it, and I’m scared. Scared, angry and grieving. His existence was not and will never be a crime. His name was Theron. He was twenty-four.

Stop killing us.

Stop killing my friends.

Don’t kill me. Please.