ableism kills

barbara gordon is canonically

  • a disabled woman, 
  • an intersectional feminist, 
  • one of the smartest members of the batfamily, 
  • and the leader of a badass all-female superhero team, 

and it breaks my heart that she’s probably going to be reduced to “cute girl who punches bad guys and makes jokes and has a crush on nightwing” in joss whedon’s batgirl movie. 

Ableism almost killed Stephen Hawking in the 80′s.

This is a casual reminder that Stephen Hawking was almost allowed to die due to ableism.

Stephen got so sick because the advance of his ALS made his larynx weak and it wasn’t doing the job of keeping spit and food out of his lungs when he swallowed. In the 80′s, he contracted aspiration pneumonia while at CERN. He got rushed to a hospital where he was placed in a medically induced coma and breathed via a ventilator. Doctors urged Jane (wife) to pull the plug because “he’s too far gone”. 

Think about it: Doctors put Stephen into a position where he couldn’t answer for himself, tried to tell his wife that he was too far gone and tried to tell her she should pull the plug as an act of mercy. 

I doubt that would have been said if Stephen wasn’t so visibly disabled by his ALS. It’s funny how people in the medical field tend to be so quick to give up on a patient if they already have a visible disability when they are brought in, but will throw all the medicine and machines they’ve got at somebody who isn’t visibly disabled. I don’t think doctors even realize they have this bias.

Thankfully, Jane stood up to the doctor. She said no, declared that Stephen must live and had him returned to Cambridge. She knew her husband better than the doctors. She saved his life.

Stephen had a tracheostomy done, which prevented him from speaking, and he spent some time on a ventilator while he recovered from the pneumonia. He initially communicated via a letter board by raising his eyebrows when the right letter was chosen. Then he went on to get the computer that gave him his famous voice. 

A little aside– Stephen has the option to get a new, more “human” sounding voice, and he refuses because he’s grown quite attached to the “robot” voice he’s so well-known for. He sees that as his voice now and identifies with it. (”Even though it gives me an American accent,” he once joked.)

Later, he had a laryngectomy because his larynx was causing a lot of trouble with swallowing food. Getting rid of it increased his quality of life. As far as I know he’s still swallowing just fine and eats and drinks by mouth with help from his assistants. A video of Stephen talking about the tracheostomy and laryngectomy can be found here. (No surgery images, but he describes medical tests and talks about the problems with eating.)

He communicates nonverbally with his caregivers using just facial gestures. One of them said Stephen can just look at him a certain way and he’ll know whether he’s saying he needs attention or everything’s fine. I read somewhere that Stephen grinds his teeth to express disapproval. (Yo, behavior is communication!) He communicates with more than his AAC device, it’s just a matter of learning to read him like his caregivers do.

‘No quality of life,’ the doctors said in the 80′s.


I guess this is ‘no quality of life’.


[Stephen giving lectures at a university.]

[With the cast of The Big Bang Theory.]

[Experiencing zero gravity.]

[Looking sharp at the BAFTA’s!]

[In his office at Cambridge University, doing what he loves– trying to find the real theory of everything.]


Oh yes, his quality of life is just awful, isn’t it? 


The only person allowed to determine Stephen Hawking’s quality of life is Stephen Hawking himself. And guess what? His life is great right now!

He almost wasn’t here. Ableism nearly ended his life in the 80′s.

Thankfully, he’s still around to sass people and keep us curious about the universe.

Here’s a documentary where Stephen tells his own story in his own words. CC’s are available for those with hearing or audio processing issues.

* * * WARNING: Video has flashing lights that may upset seizures or migraines.
* * * TRIGGERS: Dramatized hospital scenes, food consumption and alcohol consumption. (not my video)

Btw the girl in the thumbnail is goofing off with him by making that face.

who would win in a fight between a straight author who thinks that they’re a champion of gay rights because they put one (1) extremely stereotypical White Gay Man™ into each of their books vs. a neurotypical horror author who keeps purposefully misrepresenting mental illnesses and their symptoms because “crazy people are scary”? 


i just realized that people hated on the bvs martha scene and yet everyone loves 13 reasons why, despite the former being a proper and adecuate reaction to a trigger and is considered by most mentally ill a good scene about a man still dealing with trauma and how even years later that trauma can affect him, while the latter glorifies and romanticizes suicide and self harm and which most mentally ill and experts on mental illness hate because it literally has done more harm than good 

so it really shows how shitty your opinion on how mental illness should be handled in fiction really is

and every person who claims that koogi, the author of KS, knows how to write abuse when abuse survivors are saying how invalidating it is, how koogi can write mlm relationships when mlm are explicitly saying they’re uncomfortable with it, how koogi can write mental illnesses when people with those mental illnesses are crying out against it, and then tries to claim they aren’t fetishizing all of the above, can fuck right off to be honest.

I need help

I was denied SSI not even 3 months after finishing applying. They say I’m not disabled enough to not be abled to complete significant work. I’m SO FUCKING DISHEARTENED I haven’t been able to look at the letter since I got it, a week and a half ago.
I have no emotional labor to spare to continue working on this. It is too hard. I have less than 50 days to appeal and I have no idea how I can go about it. I had so much medical evidence submitted. So fucking much. I have no work experience, had to cut my schooling to part time when I was 13, essentially drop out at 17. There is no job at this time in my life I could do. And I would fucking love to work.
I’m not asking for money I just need your advice. If you’ve been through the process of getting governmental assistance (not just in the U.S.) I need any bit of insight you can offer. Tips, encouragement, ideas, anything please. I couldn’t even make it through writing this post without crying so I’m really not tryna become suicidal because of this grueling and unfair process. Reply or message me? Even send anons. I’m just a cripple who needs help.

Not wanting to take away from all the Jewish ire currently directed towards Sean Spicer because of his idiotic comments about how Assad is worse than Hitler because at least Hitler never used chemical weaponry on his own people, but I would just like to state for the record that he’s also still one hundred percent wrong, even after his mind-boggling clarification about “Holocaust centers”. (read: death camps.)

Please never forget that before there were death camps, Hitler was still using chemical weaponry against his people. Nazi programs geared towards the chemical sterilization and “euthanasia” of the disabled predate the death camps – partially because the technology that was to be installed in the camps was first tested on disabled subjects. When they realized they were going to want to kill more than just disabled children (which was what they’d been doing using chemical injections, starvation, etc.) they started experimenting with mass murder methods, such as gassing, on larger sections of the disabled population.

Sean Spicer’s comments about the Holocaust fit into preexisting Nazi narratives about how Jewish Germans weren’t “real” Germans – and they fit into narratives about how disabled Germans weren’t real Germans, either, or even real people. 

(And, of course, there’s a lot of overlap between disabled victims of the Holocaust and Jewish ones, along with all the other minorities targeted by the Nazis.)

Rowling treats her mentally ill characters like crap. Draco Malfoy is one of the only characters to be very explicitly shown to have depression and she treated him like complete trash. Characters who suffer from paranoia are just a punchline to her. Characters who go “crazy” are clearly just evil, because only crazy people do bad things!!!!

Unless, of course, it’s her favourite characters, who somehow manage to go through some ridiculous things (12 years in Azkaban, having to kill the person you love, having all your friends die, literally dying yourself, living with a piece of someone’s soul inside of you, literally being mind controlled by someone) and they all somehow end up as perfectly balanced adults because they’re too strong and pure and kind and perfect to let anything affect them. Silly me. Of course only evil people can be mentally ill. 

OK but while I’m on the topic of killing stalking, I hate how the fanbase says that it portrays bpd accurately. I touched on it before, but as someone with cluster b symptoms with tons of friends with bpd, no. Fuck outta here. Borderline doesn’t mean “he’s a psycho teeheehee he can’t keep his emotions in check and he’s a kawaii evil stalker” Emotional instability and over attachment are symptoms, yes, but that’s a really rudimentary look at bpd. It’s incredibly ableist. It’s infuriating. People with cluster b personality disorders are still good people with morals.

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Hi, I was scrolling through you're blog and saw a lot about Killing Stalking (or whatever it is), I have no idea what it is. Can you explain it to me please? You don't have to if you don't want to, I'm just curious.

Okay! Killing Stalking is a manhwa written by a woman named Koogi.

The plot is as follows: Yoonbum, a gay man, is infatuated with Sangwoo. He breaks into Sangwoo’s house one day to find that Sangwoo is a murderer. Sangwoo locks him in his basement and proceeds to abuse him. There’s also a cop who’s trying to bust Sangwoo so keep that in mind because he is the sole good character, even if he’s written fairly blandly.

Okay there are some Big Problems™ with a lot of it:
Ableism: Koogi herself used Yoonbum’s BPD as a gimmick to set him apart from others. She did no research and used it as a token to represent only his unhealthy behaviors.
Homophobia: Holy shit. Alright we have the media itself, which is based around fetishizing MLM. We have the fact that it’s a gay man being abused, which is, well… We have Sangwoo mocking Yoonbum for his self-harm scars, asking if he self-harmed because he was gay. We have Sangwoo murdering a bi man for, presumably, hitting on him. We have the time Yoonbum was forced to crossdress, which was both transphobic and an attempt to prove gender roles.
Abuse Apologism: The story itself sexualizes abuse a lot. The “sex scenes” are all written to be hot and not, well, terrifying and upsetting, as they should be. And feeding into that “this is hot” rhetoric is abuse apologism. In addition, a lot of Koogi’s official art is blatantly sexualized abuse. And to continue on, Koogi likes to romanticize Sangwoo a lot, at least appearance wise.

The fandom? Not better. Am I saying everyone is irredeemable trash for reading KS? Not really. But, in my experience, it’s bad orchard instead of a bad apple? Absolutely. Let’s break some of this stuff down:

Ableism: Supporting Koogi’s godawful portrayal of BPD is a big issue, but another one (which I’ve found happens in most fandoms, to my great chagrin) is that some fans like to dismiss Sangwoo’s actions as being based on mental illness, which is demonizing it. Yikes.

Homophobia/Transphobia: Fetishization of MLM is rampant in that community, but that’s not all. The fandom is very big on the “seme/uke” trope, which is a homophobic trope designed to force MLM into heteronormative gender roles. The fandom also pushes the “internalized homophobia” rhetoric onto Sangwoo, and though that is a thing, it’s only an attempt to justify shipping the two leads (which I’ll get into later), and there’s a good post going around which explains that the “violent homophobe is actually gay” trope is only to try to absolve people from blame. Just like Koogi drew crossdressing in all its transphobic glory, the fandom has pounced on that idea like a pack of wolves, even spreading the idea around.

 Abuse Apologism: Sangbum (Sangwoo/Yoonbum). It’s… common among the fandom, and based on the same abuse apologism Koogi has. This goes hand in hand with fetishization and homophobia, but it is it’s own issue because these fans are not only finding gratification in the abuse of a gay man (which is homophobia), they’re supporting a ship between an abuser and his victim, which is terribly nasty. 

Fetishization: I know I mentioned this above but I’d like to expand a bit because this is a huge issue. The fandom fetishizes MLM (especially Asian MLM), abuse, and even mental illness, though I’ve only seen that on one occasion. What do I mean? Oh, you know, using the same language to describe MLM as homophobes do (calling it sin or implying it’s dirty or wrong), treating MLM relationships as a means of sexual gratification, thus turning them into a tool for the use of that person, acting like the abuse is hot or sexy, claiming they’d want to be abused by Sangwoo or overlooking his obviously iredeemable behavior because “he’s hot” or “he’s daddy af.”

I didn’t mean for this to get so long, but uh… I’ve got a lot of problems with KS, and this doesn’t even truly encompass all of them (I’ve touched on Asian fetishization in the fandom, but there’s also misogyny). It’s not a good media, it doesn’t have a good author, and the fandom is unspeakably bad (well, to avoid “generalization”, most of the fandom is a horror to behold). 

Alan Moore on The Killing Joke

There’s an unsettling quote from an interview with Alan Moore about The Killing Joke, the infamous Batman graphic novel where Barbara Gordon gets shot in the spine to give her dad angst.  Supposedly he asked the DC heads about his plan to injure Barbara, and they responded, “Yeah, okay, cripple the bitch.”  I wanted to cite it in an academic paper, but finding an original source online was really tricky; some people even “called bullshit” and said it didn’t happen.

It happened.  Wizard Magazine 147 (2004), page 62-64.  And below the cut is both a transcript of the interview and a scan of the relevant magazine pages.  Hopefully this will prove helpful to other folks who’re documenting the book’s disturbing history.

(Warning: Comic book drawing of violence against women.)

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me, sobbing furiously as we have The Talk eighteen years too late: this is the first time you have ever said the word autism to me

mum: thats not true. there are plenty of times ive talked about how your father is different or how you have poor social skills. i might not have said it directly but ive certainly implied it as an abstract concept

me: hm



We need to demolish this subconscious ableist mentality that still exists today and I mean that’s what I want to do.

It’s just there needs to be change. 

This can’t happen again… but the sad truth is that it probably will. 

[…] It’s just strange that this story has come and gone and was for the most part forgotten or never even noticed.

Silence after a Massacre of People with Disabilities | @jamesrath

In light of everything going on...

Could people, anyone capable of doing so, please do something every single time you see someone describe ableism as being about a list of words you are supposed to say and a list of words you’re not supposed to say?

Ableism is about going to a hospital and getting told by doctors that you’d be better off going home and dying than getting a feeding tube.

Ableism is about going to get SSI and getting told that if you can blog (or do some other random thing that is not gainful employment and will never be), you can work for gainful employment.

Ableism is about your own family believing you’re lazy or exaggerating or faking because you don’t seem like their idea of what a disabled person is (young white guy in a wheelchair from paraplegia, usually – who are actually usually among the more privileged and able to work of disabled people, not that they have it easy by any means, especially since able to work doesn’t mean able to get hired in an ableist workforce).

Ableism is about valuing people based on what we can do, rather than valuing people because we exist.

Ableism is about drawing a line past which people don’t count as disabled anymore, they just count as not even people, and not worth protecting.

Ableism is about there being entire books where people think it’s legitimate to debate whether people with intellectual or other cognitive or developmental disabilities (those are three totally different but overlapping categories, just so you’re aware) count as persons or not.  Both “philosophically” and under law.  Google Peter Singer if you don’t believe me (he also doesn’t think newborns are persons, but everyone loves him because he supports animal rights – by bringing down disabled human beings in the process, and everyone knows – because of ableism, of course – that disabled human beings don’t matter anyway, not as much as animals).

Ableism is not – at least not mostly – about whether ‘stupid’ is a slur.  It’s just not.  And it infuriates me both when disabled people treat it primarily that way, and when nondisabled people treat it primarily that way.  

Because when you do a serious discussion of racism, and then classism, and then sexism, and transphobia, and transmisogyny, and homophobia, and biphobia, and every other kind of oppression you can think of, large and small, and you give them in-depth coverage… and then you come to ableism.  And it’s always last.  And it’s always a footnote to all the other kinds of oppression.  And the footnote always reads “And ableism… don’t say stupid, or idiot, instead, say these other words that don’t actually form an adequate replacement for those first words at all.”  

Which diminishes the understanding of the power of actual ableist slurs such as retard (hint: a slur carries with it as part of the meaning, that the person being described by the slur is not a real person – an insult like ‘stupid’ can be used in an ableist or non-ableist way but is not necessarily a slur even when it’s ableist). And it also diminishes the understanding of what ableism actually is, by not taking seriously the fact that ableism kills people.  

And even this act of always putting ableism last, always treating it as less serious or possibly not even a real ism at all (possibly “political correctness gone amok”, possibly “(eyeroll) yet another group of people wanting to claim they’re oppressed and really stealing the idea of oppression from real oppressed people like people of color and taking their ideas and successes without crediting them at all”, however it’s phrased… that is one of the worst things about ableism in circles that claim to want to deal with oppression in all its forms.  Because it basically throws us to the wolves while claiming there are no wolves to throw us to and that we aren’t really dying in huge numbers everywhere and so forth.  There are ways in which ableism becomes worse, more deadly, because of being diminished in this way by all the “serious” anti-oppression people.

So – I don’t care if you call what you do social justice or anti-oppression or anything else.  I don’t care if you’re part of those circles or not.  I don’t care if you use ideas from those circles or not.  I just don’t care.  All I care about is that you take ableism seriously and that you take the danger disabled people are in right now seriously and part of taking it seriously is making sure that people understand it’s not about what words are politically correct or politically incorrect at this particular moment in time when it comes to disability.  

Because disabled people are often the first to die – or among the first – in situations like this. And this is not an accident.  It is because the people with power know that a lot of people don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to us, whether on the right or on the left.  It’s because they know that you don’t take our oppression seriously.  It’s because they know that our deaths will be considered inevitable.  Have you ever considered it inevitable that disabled people and old people end up in nursing homes, group homes, developmental centers, psych wards, and other institutional settings? – sad, maybe, tragic even, but inevitable consequences of disability?  Because that’s the same kind of thinking that makes our deaths inevitable.  (By the way, nursing homes are the cause of death for a lot of us, but our disability gets blamed instead and this is all normalized so much you probably can’t even see it.)  Have you ever considered it inevitable that disabled people contemplate suicide, and never thought it might be the result of the same forces that cause other oppressed people to contemplate suicide?  Have you ever responded almost reflexively to disabled people’s suicidal thoughts by saying that we ought to have the right to kill ourselves easily and painlessly (when you’d never say the same of, say, queer teenagers), without even thinking that maybe most of the time we’re suicidal for the same reason queer teenagers often are?  Have you ever thought that when we don’t get SSI and die on the streets, that’s just…. unfortunate but sort of inevitable?  That basically our deaths however and whenever they happen are unfortunate but inevitable consequences of being disabled, and you’ve never even thought of the way ableism plays both into our deaths themselves and into your own thoughts about them?

Because that’s why you need to get people to take ableism seriously immediately.  And that’s why I’ve always been infuriated by people not taking ableism seriously.  Because I’ve been that person in that hospital room being told by doctors that I would do better off to go home and die of a totally preventable pneumonia or starvation, rather than get the combination of feeding tubes that would prevent both?  

Oh and by the way – don’t quote me statistics about aspiration pneumonia and feeding tubes unless you know my exact disability, the exact cause of the aspiration pneumonia, and the exact configuration and type of feeding tubes I use and exactly how I use them.  I know that as a general rule feeding tubes don’t prevent aspiration and may even cause it, but in my particular circumstances that doesn’t apply.  There are dozens of reasons for feeding tubes, dozens of types of feeding tubes, and if you don’t understand all of this in-depth you have no basis for commenting.  I went from getting aspiration pneumonia seven times in the first few months of a year, to getting it once or twice a year at most, instantly, with the right combination of feeding tubes.  And I gained back roughly half of the 75 pounds I’d lost rapidly as a result of my stomach disorder.  

And I’m happy, and I’m fucking alive, which is more than I expected by now.  I didn’t expect to hit 34 or 35, and I’m now 36.  I might even eventually hit old age at this point, who knows.  But however long I lived, I deserved a chance to be alive.  And it took a lot of people calling the hospital and demanding I get treated right, to even get the feeding tube.  They couldn’t deny it to me – because I needed it – so they just tried every trick they knew to talk me out of agreeing to it.  After tumblr and other places resulted in enough phone calls to the hospital, I got my tube the next day, although my problems with ableism in that hospital were and remain far from over and the circumstances of getting the tube and the aftermath were something out of a nightmare scenario.  Not because they had to be, but because they could get away with it, because ableism is everywhere and practically unacknowledged by just about everyone, including especially the people who supposedly care the most about disabled people (family, caregivers, “helping professionals”, anti-oppression people, etc).

Anyway, this has gotten into a long enough rant I’ll be surprised if you could read this far – I probably couldn’t (I write better than I read). But hopefully you get the message.  Right now is a time when disabled Americans, especially those of us facing other forms of oppression (ever try to get proper medical care as a queer, genderless and visibly gender-atypical, poor person with developmental disabilities? …yeah) need people fighting ableism more than ever.  And that doesn’t mean tacking up a list of words that everyone can say instead of ‘stupid’.  And treating it like it does, is part of the problem that leads to us dying in circumstances like these.

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I have very trauma-related reasons for​ hating killing stalking and​ while scrolling YouTube I saw that someone made a ks cmv to 2 songs from this musical I really like so now something that brought me joy is ruined and I want to die so. Thanks ks fans

h–th-rs: good writing with well thought out characters. murders show how the characters deal with high school drama and the frustration behind it
killing stalking: bad writing with stereotypes for characters . murders show how “cr*zy” the characters are.

Here, have a post about what Sangwoo says after pouring porridge in Chapter 2 because that was a surprisingly difficult translation to explain… This is a long post.

I will also say that I am translating things that you will never learn in a structured Korean class. I am translating them because it is a part of the language as it is used colloquially and in the comic. This post contains an explanation of expletives and ableist slurs, but I ask that you do not read this post with the intent to use them. They are important in understanding a language, but there is never a need to use them.

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