Was parking at my apartment’s lot, and the person parking before me took the disability spot in front of my unit. I asked him nicely to let me take the spot, since I have a disability placard, and he didn’t, and he just scoffed at me saying I don’t have a disability because I appeared to be able to walk perfectly fine. Then he walked away, leaving me to park much further away. Saw the back of his car had a trump2016 sticker.

Good to know his supporters are just as ableist as him

certain states try to restrict what a food card can buy so much, and it really fucks disabled people over, for instance some states either don’t allow for microwaved meals to be bought or are trying to make it so a food card cant cover them, which is absurd because … if you’re disabled it’s kind of fucking hard to cook a full meal for yourself, if not impossible.

Restrictions on poor people’s diets is violence. Just because someones poor doesn’t mean you should police how they should eat. Would you fucking want to live on nothing but rice and beans for the rest of your life because you’re disabled and thats all you can afford?

would you want to never have any sweets or easy to eat snacks because you’re too poor and too disabled to afford such things even for your birthday or special occasions. Or would you want to only be able to afford frozen/canned vegetables never being able to taste a fresh salad or even a fucking apple?

Because lawmakers think poor people, and especially poor disabled people don’t deserve fresh fruits and vegetables, snack foods, cake, and the list goes on. 

We are people who cannot work because we’re disabled and you are punishing us for it. Some of us need easy food to eat, some of us need fattening food to eat because we’re underweight, some of us need special diets due to allergies, and restricting what all people on food cards can eat can get people killed.

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"If you don't want to do ABA for autistic kids, why are you studying Autism and Behavioural Sciences in school? You have to do that job before you can work with autistic kids in other ways, like Respite or informational programs for parents." (I myself am autistic and taking the course so allistics will take me seriously about my knowledge of autism, and so that I can work with autistic people)


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So I'm the anon from the "imposter" ask. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm faking it or think I am. I just don't know how to communicate my struggles with my friends because they see it as a "fake" disorder and just think I'm being immature and annoying. I don't want to advertise my ADHD but I feel like I'm losing friends over it

Ah, that’s definitely a different thing.

I mean, from my vantage point, any so-called friends who treat you that way aren’t really your friends to begin with. But if you really want to salvage things, you’ll have to set some boundaries with them about what they’re allowed to say or do about your symptoms, and you’ll have to stand up for yourself about the things you struggle with. Really make it clear that this is a real thing, that you are struggling and can’t always control your behaviour as well as you’d like, and that if they can’t deal with that, well, the door’s over there and don’t let it hit them on the way out.

It sucks, but people are jerks about ADHD in particular, because it’s got so much stigma attached.

On the bright side, we have actual medical data now to back up that our brains are literally structured differently from non-ADHD brains!


When I was really young, my mom told me about my brother’s autism, and that he’ll probably need me for his entire life.

Back in the 90’s and 2000’s people with mental divergences were treated like actual trash. My brother was beat up a lot. The special needs class had cubicle desks that kept all the students separated, and all day, all they would do is work sheets. No real teaching or interaction.

The elementary school library wasn’t even accessible for them. One morning my brother and I were in the library, and I picked out a book to show him. He was holding the book and the librarian snatched it out of his hand and screamed at him. I was in kindergarten, and I had no idea what was happening. She screamed that r*tards don’t get to read the regular books. They have to get them from the special cart.

The school had a cart of books that were old and torn and, well, trash. Instead of throwing them away, they put the books on the cart for special needs kids.

I will never forget how my brother was treated growing up. It was horrible. It was evil. To this day, when people say something is r*tarded, or insults something by calling it autistic, my blood fucking boils.

I have no idea why someone would purposefully offend someone and say hurtful shit just to be like, “KEK, TRIGGERED?” Like…? Why is having common decency and respect such a laughable thing? It wasn’t funny back then, and trying to bring hateful shit from the past to the future to try and anger someone isn’t funny or edgy. It’s just annoying. If you say racist or offensive shit, people will be pissed, and they have every right to be. What you say and do has consequences.

Self Diagnosis Etiquette

1. A disability is a condition in which you struggle with something that society expects to come natural to the average person. A good way of judging this is seeing how other people respond when you talk about your struggles. If it’s common (meaning it’s not just one or two people who can easily be dismissed as jerks) for people to say that you’re “being negative” and “putting yourself down” when you simply say that you’re unable to do something, if they give cliche advice and it seems oversimplified to you, if they assume that you’re really experiencing a different problem that seems more normal to them, if they constantly assume you’re not trying when you’re trying as hard as you can, or if they insist that what you’re doing is not necessary when you go out of your way to find something that works for you, and if that continues to happen regardless of how many times you attempt to rephrase it, then you most likely have a disability. If you can talk about your struggles and take for granted the fact that people will believe you and know exactly what you’re talking about, then you most likely don’t have a disability.

2. After you’ve determined that you have a disability, the question now is what disability you have. After researching the symptoms, if you suspect that you have a disability, share your experiences with people who have that disability. If you have that disability, then they’ll understand you when you talk about the experiences that no one else understood.

3. Before self diagnosing with multiple disabilities, be aware that symptoms can overlap with other disabilities. 

As long as you follow these rules, you’re not harming any “real” disabled people. The fact that you struggle with something that comes natural to the average person makes you a real disabled person. And even if you’re wrong, you’d have spent your time listening to disabled people, which is exactly what everyone should be doing. You’re nothing like the people who say they have OCD because they like being neat or the people who say they have depression because they’re sad sometimes. 

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I agree with your goals and message 100% but please stop saying "X" is violence. it weakens your argument because it is incorrect. almost every instance of it that you describe is oppression. oppression and violence are countered differently. the man nickel and dimeing disabled people at every corner is oppression and has to be fought legally and politically. clear concise, and accurate arguments resist the oppressor more effectively than anger because it equalizes the opposing people.

Oppression is violence, you absolute fuck.

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Well, it looks like I might get a diagnosis soon! :D My mom says she knew I was autistic from a young age, but the reason she didn't get me diagnosed then were because I'm didn't show super obvious symptoms + I'm a girl. I'm just so glad it wasn't ableism that held mom back. Now that I'm 18, I'm no longer limited to child psychologists and that makes it easier to be diagnosed (child psychologists & psychiatrists are rare in my area) -🍀

Congrats! - Mod Venu