Allistic people believe that they socialize without rules. When they see an autistic person analyzing social situations and following steps, it seems like the autistic person is limiting themselves.

But what’s actually happening is that allistic people are following hundreds of rules. The only difference is that the rules come natural to them, so they don’t seem like rules. When an autistic person creates rules to follow in social situations, the rules aren’t limiting them. The rules are guiding them.

Kaine kicked Betsy’s ass by proving she isn’t fit for the position as Secretary of Education. She doesn’t care about students—poor students, students with disabilities, and has no idea how the public school system works. Betsy has   never taught in a school environment, never attended a public school, and never sent her own children to a public school. Not only that, this billionaire gave $2.7 million to Republican candidates in 2016 to get nominated, and her family has given over $200 million over the years. With Trump’s picks, we’re headed for an oligarchical government.

i wanna show u guys the amazing comments i got from a dude that insists he is not a homophobe:

“ It comes as no surprise to me since gender-confused individuals become worshipped as “progressive” – as if they are moving the human race forward – but they actually induce a backwards evolution of the species, producing weaker, less capable offspring who are less likely to survive in a competitive world. From a neutral standpoint, being gay would be a personal choice. Of course from an evolutionary or religious standpoint, being gay is viewed as being a degenerate “

“  Gender confused simply refers to gays and lesbians and the LGBT community as a whole, including the homosexuals and bisexuals. “

“ lol ok you absolute lesbian no wonder u worship satan “

  “ Well, you’re just an idiot. I’m certainly no homophobe compared to your idiotic liberal ideology. ”

“ Calling me a “homophobe” makes you a homophobe. And honestly, I do not welcome people who label other people by those stupid labels such as homophobia and all that other garbage. That makes you look like a moron. I don’t care to know what homophobia is because it is a stupid word created by the intolerant left who claims that they are tolerant of other people’s opposing views, but they are not. That shows the true hypocrisy of the leftist liberals. Or better yet, delusional leftist libtards ”

so tired of seeing wealthy, able-bodied, neurotypical white kids get handed the world on a silver platter and then praised and applauded as if they actually had to work hard for their mediocre achievements and weren’t given favorable treatment by their teachers, coaches, bosses, and peers because of their socioeconomic background, while also getting a get out of jail free pass any time they mess up or do something wrong while kids from low income backgrounds spend their whole lives fighting to prove that they’re more than “hood rat” or “trailer trash” stereotypes, but often find that their accomplishments are all overlooked, while any and every mistake they make is held up as proof that all kids who come from “bad roots” end up being thugs and burnouts. 


As a somewhat educated person, this angers me greatly.
As someone with future family members in public schools, this angers and concerns me greatly.
As a disabled person, this PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF.
As someone barely above the local poverty line, “just move” angers me greatly.
As someone who knows how to sidestep a question, this makes me furiously laugh at how transparent these statements are. (Kudos to the senator for pinning down a fucking answer.)
As a taxpayer, I am furious that someone who donated $200 MILLION to the Republican party gets considered when this bigoted IGNORAMUS is so obviously incompetent.

The classism, ableism, and thinly veiled racism in this video is SO EASY to spot, and yet she’s considered for this position!

anonymous asked:

Never trust a psychiatrist who labels in your records that "she thinks she is transgender" when you are a trans boy. Never trust a fucking psychiatrist who pries about your sexuality because you're trans. Never trust a psych who makes assumptions about your health because you've been seeing her for 6 years. Never trust a psych who uses the term "narcissist" as an insult and claims that that is why your mother abuses you. Never trust one who makes you lift your shirt to show your binder.


huntedbyacreature replied to your post “I really don’t like everyone speculating about and even looking…”

Rian Johnson stated in the USA Today interview that he’s a fan of “enigmatic” Luke and that he hopes his approach feels “honest and real” so I have faith that even if Luke is portrayed as neuro-atypical his story will be relatable and that we as viewers will be able to sympathize with him. If anything I think it would be more “ableist” to portray Luke as physically and emotionally unravaged by time and the experiences he must have had that led to his quest for answers on Ahch-To.

I hope you’re right, that it is relatable and real and everything, but that’s TPTB side. My post was more aimed at fandom, since a lot of speculation around the leaks is about Luke possibly “going crazy.” We KNOW fandom is ableist. Between the mental hospital AUs, sending hate to fans who identify with Kylo on the basis of mental illness and/or neurodivergence, policing disabled fans about their headcanons, and on and on, fandom has no credibility with me. So when I see people getting excited about this arc and talking about how interesting it is I am automatically on red alert. 

Now, on TPTB’s side of things…they also have no credibility with me. I think you’re absolutely right that trauma should affect a person. IMO Rey and Finn have seriously traumatic pasts but they are portrayed as completely fine. We see Finn have what looks like a panic attack, we see Rey has some attachment issues, but that’s it. I would expect both of them to have various coping mechanisms and cognitive issues related to trauma but it’s just not there. Add in the “padded room” thing and..yeah, the creators have no cred with me about any of the characters and how their mental health is treated. 

I hope that Rian does better. But I am on red alert. It is my hope that we can all acknowledge that this is a minefield of mental health issues and TPTB will need to navigate carefully.

When a member of an oppressed group tells you to stop doing something that triggers them or to not use a slur, they’re not violating your free speech, because they don’t actually have any power to stop you. You won’t be arrested, fined, or penalized in any way if you continue to do the thing that bothers them. They’re simply saying that if you respected them and people like them, you would stop. By continuing, you’re simply stating that you’re willingly choosing to not respect them.

please be aware of all the ways autistic people are actively dehumanized, including

-acting like it would be better off for everyone if we didn’t exist

-being trained to obey, and punished for saying no

-using ‘worked with children with autism’ in a similar way to ‘worked with dogs’

-assuming we don’t have meaningful friendships that aren’t born of a neurotypical pitying us

-assuming we don’t have romantic relationships

-assuming we don’t have sex drives

-debating if it is ethical to allow autistic kids to be born

-denying the existence of autistic adults

-debating whether it is better to have an autistic child, or risk your child dying of a life-threatening disease

-silencing our voices in conversations about us

-treating us like a science experiment

-comparing autistic people to animals

-using terms like ‘put out of their misery’ when describing our murders

-justifying our abuse and torture

-etc, etc