It’s time for a random story. Sorry if this sounds rant-y. Anyway, I think when it comes to reading Autism articles, I’m going to stick to the ones on ASAN and the awesome ones written by you guys here on Tumblr. Every time I try to find ones through Google, I get lead to ableism of some kind. Yesterday, when I was Googling, I saw a post titled “Autism is misunderstood,” and I thought it would be about autistic people and their allies saying how misunderstood Autism is, and how not to feed into ableism. Instead, it started out with “A brief explanation of Autism” straight from Autism Speaks. Then, the article went on to say that “Hopefully Autism will be more preventable one day.” Like, really? That’s exactly what I didn’t want to hear. The internet can be pretty ableist sometimes. But now, I’m inspired to make my own “Autism is misunderstood,” post. And it’ll point out the ways that it really is misunderstood, and how to combat ableism.

I hate sports and I usually don’t care who wins or loses, but as an autistic person, France winning the World Cup genuinely bothers me. 

France is one of the most nationalist countries in the world. They even refuse to learn other languages because they think they’re so great. And now they have yet another excuse to jerk off and celebrate their blind nationalism.

Meanwhile, French autistic children are being forcefully removed from their parents and shoved into freezers. Some of them has died in these freezers. The ones who survived has been forced to live in shitty psych wards for the rest of their lives. French autistic children are not allowed in public school and the vast majority of autistic adults are unemployed because of job discrimination.

This shit is happening because France is too blinded by nationalism to question their own government. And now France is being celebrated more than ever before. Their nationalism is growing even stronger.

This… worries me.

ok I know I’m just posting whatever random thought pops into my head rn. but seriously, earlier when I was searching the blind au tag, there was a comic where a sighted character asked a blind character if they wanted to go see a movie, and the joke was that the character was blind, so of course they couldn’t watch a movie! get it? like….jfc. blind people watch movies, y'all. blind people go grocery shopping and blind people don’t touch faces to “meet” someone and disabled people as a whole do not need the love of a benevolent able bodied person in order to be happy or whole, PLEASE STOP WRITING/DRAWING DISABLED AUS LIKE THIS. please, I’m literally begging.

poor people are quite literally expected to shorten their lives, and worsen their quality of living instead of asking for help to alleviate their pain and suffering.

it’s considered a grave social more breach when you go to the ER or see a doctor for something you’re pretty sure wont kill you immediately.

everything poor people do to maintain their health is seen as frivolous extravagance by the upper classes

holy shit y'all

i ventured into the “blind au” tag on tumblr just to see if I could find a single image description (shocker: nope). I messaged a few people asking them to add image descriptions if they’re gonna depict disabled people in their art, but more to the point, so much of the stuff in that tag was….really ableist and inaccurate and like, jesus, just bad.

maybe don’t depict disabled people in your content if you’re gonna make it inspiration porny or just outright offensive, okay? I do not trust able bodied people to do disabled aus like, at all at this point. yeesh. i feel like I need to shower.

a reminder that using “blind” as a synonym for ignorant, etc, is ableist and offensive to blind people

you may know blind or visually disabled people who are not offended by it and that’s fine, but there are definitely blind folks who are hurt by the usage of this word this way. and it’s just as easy to say what you really mean (i.e. ignorant) rather than equate an actual physical disability with a metaphorical lack of knowledge/intelligence.