I want to become a tour guide of one of those haunted asylum tours. I’d sort of hunch over in my wheelchair, wrapped in a cloak, greeting the people. They’ll be nudging each other, waiting to hear about the crazies.

I’ll beckon them with a single finger, wheeling backwards, letting the darkness consume me. They’ll follow, inch by inch, already trembling with adrenaline.

We’ll enter the asylum. It will be dark. Gloomy.

“Take your seats,” I say.

They’re confused but comply, feeling in the dark, finally reaching a table. They can’t wait. They have their cameras prepared.

Somebody asks if you can still hear the patients’ screams in the corridors.

“Well,” I say, “you can hear someone’s screams.”

Without warning, the door crashes shut. We hear a lock. People start screaming. Panicking. At that moment, the lights come on. We’re sitting in a lecture hall. I whisk off my cloak to reveal a perfectly tailored suit.

“All right, folks,” I say. “Let’s talk about how every single horrifying event that happened in asylums was a direct result of the doctors and nurses committing medical malpractice rather than the patients themselves, shall we? We’ll start with Rosemary Kennedy. Someone get the lights. I have a PowerPoint.”

Black students file civil rights complaint against Richmond schools over discipline practices
In the majority-black school district, black students with disabilities faced suspension at 13 times the rate as white peers without disabilities.
By https://www.facebook.com/moriah.balingit

This story comes at the intersection of ableism and racism. Only in recent decades have students with disabilities been afforded the legal right to access to a free and appropriate education. While the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is often compared to Brown v Board when it comes to equal education rights - black students with disabilities are still subjected to oppressive education conditions at horrendously disproportionate levels.

The article goes on to detail students with documented emotional disabilities violently restrained as a first resort, suspended for illegal periods of time and even expelled for incidences that derive from the school failing to adequately accommodate and provide them an appropriate educational environment. 

Like I stated earlier, this is about racism as much as it is about failing to accommodate special needs. In my experience in Special Education, teachers have a hard time understanding that black students with disabilities deserve accommodations. All that is seen is out of control black kid. 

Instead, excuses are made, parents are blamed, children with needs are treated like criminals, and instead of realizing that the adults should come together and do their job to help these children, it’s easier to blame the children and decide that they need is harsher punishments. There is no empathy for black children and damn near vitriol for black children with special needs.

Richmond schools needs to get their shit together, and I’m proud of these students for taking up this fight when so many adults who should know better have failed them.

Dear Vogue,

Sorry, mates. You don’t get to say that you’re “all Paralympians”. Ignoring the fact that you photoshopped abled models to look like they have disabilities, You aren’t allowed to call yourselves honorary Paralympians. You aren’t allowed to say that you’re an honorary member of the disabled community.

You weren’t an honorary member of the disabled community when Hitler unleashed Aktion T4, killing half a million people with disabilities.

You weren’t an honorary member of the disabled community when people with disabilities were dragged into asylums, subjected to lobotomies, electroshock therapy, and poisoned food.

You weren’t an honorary member of the disabled community when people with disabilities crawled up the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building and demanded equal rights.

And we’re not letting you be an honorary member now.

So sorry.

Yours Truly,

A Cripple Who Doesn’t Need Photoshop

even rich people are hesitant to spend money on health care costs for themselves when their insurance doesn’t fully cover things. there’s no way everyones health can be addressed with a privatized for-profit medical system. because no one wants to waste money on potential health threats, even if it could be life saving. Because better safe than sorry doesn’t apply to a medical system that makes you sorry whether you go or not.

Ontario ombudsman calls for systematic overhaul of care for adults with developmental disabilities
Ombudsman's report says 'desperate' families often struggle to negotiate maze of social service agencies

Chronic service gaps for adults with disabilities are leaving them abandoned, abused and often languishing in jails and hospitals without proper care, according to findings of an Ontario ombudsman’s report released today.

To address the problem, Ombudsman Paul Dubé is calling for a sweeping, systematic overhaul of the entire care system in an effort to help developmentally disabled adults and family members who often struggle to care for them.

Almost four years in the making, the report says the service gaps are leaving developmentally disabled adults without appropriate care and their “desperate” families in situations that are sometimes dangerous.

These “extreme and egregious cases” point to a need for more support, Dubé writes.

The report says that while some progress has been made in recent years to help developmentally disabled adults and their families, the care level is still falling short of the need. In some cases, desperate families face a maze of different social service agencies and are often left unable to find appropriate care. In a few cases, families have had to abandon their loved ones, Dubé says.

In compiling the report titled Nowhere To Turn, Dubé’s office investigated more than 1,400 complaints from families across the province.

The report details 18 cases of adults with developmental disabilities and complex needs — from autism to mental health issues — left homeless, abandoned or inappropriately housed in hospitals, long-term care facilities and jails. The cases show that these adults who fell through the cracks did not receive appropriate care.

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  • insurance companies:we're just trying to find the best way to cut costs
  • insurance companies:we don't cover generic medications.
  • insurance companies:it's just logic, sweaty. (:
Ann Coulter: Donald Trump Wasn't Mocking Reporter's Disability; He Was Imitating a 'Standard Retard'
In her new book In Trump We Trust, Ann Coulter attempts to talk America into supporting the Republican presidential nominee—in her own words, “the great orange hope.” She also attempts to answer for his past mistakes, including when he mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who has a musculoskeletal disorder.
By Joanna Rothkopf

Oh, he wasn’t mocking one man with a disability, he was mocking all people with disabilities. So much better right?

Dear able bodied people-


Like seriously fuck that. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had to pee and gone into a bathroom and the only stall being used is the handicap one.

Don’t be that person.

-your slightly passive aggressive neighborhood cripple

anonymous asked:

I sometimes feel that therapists think people who have illnesses are crazy on the down low and think we're just being irrational about situations. Everyone is so judgmental no matter what. They may not say it out loud but they're thinking it to themselves and it's killing me cause I don't want to get help anymore. Everyone is so nice but rude :/

I think I can kind of agree with this. I feel like therapists who don’t have any sort of mental illness or disorder shouldn’t be therapists. So yes, there are bad therapists. I’ve definitely dealt with some, but I also know there are good therapists. If you ever get a bad feeling in your gut about them, you’re probably right and you should find someone else. You just have to find one you connect with and know you can trust. I promise it goes get better, please don’t let this discourage you from getting help!

which creepypasta you’ve ever read/listened to, in your opinion, has the worst “moral” ever

my vote is for that “if you have OCD, you will one day suddenly want to kill people for no goddamn reason” story that i can’t seem to find anymore or “Princess,” the one whose moral is “dominance theory is true and by the way some puppies are just born assholes intent on murdering their entire packs because that’s totally not counter-intuitive to their survival at all”

anonymous asked:

Is there a reason why the people on college student mental health hotlines say "well it doesn't seem like you have (insert mental illness) but if you want to schedule an appointment with a psych, you can." First, you don't know me. You asked me 5 questions and think you know what I do or don't have??? Second, I already feel weird talking to a stranger about my mental health, so thanks for making it worse and making me not want to follow up.


love how rich people will scream all day about a free market causing the artificial inflation of the EpiPen’s price when really it was the FDA protecting the company and eliminating competition through legal means not shitty capitalist ones. All about that free market till someone’s company is in jeopardy of not having an oligopoly with that pricing power. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just started my classes(I'm in college, btw) but one of my instructors used an ableist slur(s) during a conversation and I felt so uncomfortable and I don't know how to proceed. I'm also Ace, but closeted because of my area). But my question is what should I do about the instructor? Thanks for any help you can provide!

Kii says:

I would suggest emailing them about what happened and providing sources as to why that word is a slur. (We have one in our FAQ, but you can also google the word and “ableist” and probably find more in-depth sources for specific words) If they don’t listen or you don’t feel confortable doing that, go to a place like the Disability Resource Center or Ombudsperson (Ombudsman) and talk to them about what to do next. They will be able to lead you in the right direction.