Neuroqueer Nidoqueen: “The pharmaceutical industry is not perfect, but it’s necessary.”

Yes, medications are over-prescribed, for things that could be fixed with therapy or in some cases literally just left alone because they don’t need to be fixed. Yes, medicine is way too expensive here in the US where medicine is subject to capitalism. Yes, pharmaceutical companies engage is dangerous forms of selfish lobbying.

All legitimate complaints that need to be addressed, but don’t you ever suggest that dissolving the whole industry would be an ethical solution.

Just because medication is sometimes over-prescribed doesn’t mean any amount of prescription is too much. Medication was invented out of necessity: Immunosuppresents for organ transplantation, hormone supplements for people with sex dysphoria/aging/as birth control, painkillers for people with injuries or chronic pain (pain is not just a negative experience, it’s a medical issue too; for example if deep breaths hurt, you are likely to breathe wrong and contract pneumonia), mood-altering drugs for depression and anxiety, the list goes on. We rely on the (admittedly flawed) pharmaceutical industry to provide these things. Stigmatizing medication is ableist.


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To the anon that said light skinned girls have it better than dark skinned girls please take a seat we get treated like shit all of the fucking time based on our skin color same as you, there is no competition as to who get treated worse stupid ass.


Don’t come into my inbox denying colorism. This is getting tiring. 

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What is it that you have against capitalism? Free market capitalism has brought the most prosperous living standards to the world, even the poor in countries like the UK, USA, Japan, etc. live better than most people in the third world. How many South Koreans do you see trying to flee to North Korea?

What do I have against capitalism? it is a system that is built on and relies on violence, oppression and exploitation

Its brought prosperous living standards to a few at the expense of the many, you think the conditions in the ‘third world’ happened naturally? they are kept that way by capitalists who steal their resources to make profit and who force them into cheap labor to prop up their businesses

Every day capitalism is killing people, disabled people are one of the most at risk under capitalism because of the fact that many of us can not create profit for capitalists and so are functionally useless to them (although I have my own theories about how we function well for them as a scapegoat group)

other oppressed groups also suffer under capitalism, and often our oppression is intrinsically tied to capitalism, although I dont believe abolishing capitalism will just instantly stop oppression, there is more to it, but capitalism fuels it immensely

capitalism relies on the workers, it relies on people being at the bottom to hold up those at the top and everyday we are fed lies like what you are saying in your ask so that we don’t question how completely horrifying the reality of capitalism is

also me being anti-capitalist does not mean I support North Korea, I am against dictatorships too

@Lucy Walcott a self proclaimed feminist who deliberately uses slurs such as ‘faggot’ ‘cunt’ and ‘retard’ will apparently be writing a book on feminism. 

Lucy, who continues to demonstrate a complete lack of empathy for oppressed groups spends hours of her time defending her right to use slurs despite dozens of people explaining to her why she is problematic. 

There is no way to use words like faggot or retard and not have it be a slur. These words exist in modern English to describe a very specific group of people in a very specific way. Lucy however vehemently reserves the right to ignore common usage and modern English because of her deep seeded hate for gay men and non-neurotypical people. 

On top of her homophobia and able-ism Lucy obviously has some internalized misogyny to work through. Above we see her using a sexist slur. 

Found on Lucy’s site, listed above:

“NPP, or Not Particularly Pauciloquent is an egalitarian news and opinion blog that focuses on human rights and many other topics, mainly by pointing out flaws in, or harm done by. other ideologies, such as Feminism or Religion.NPP is run by Lucy Walcott, an independent blogger and novice aspiring journalist who curses a bit but tries her best to research information on various topics while sometimes giving a humorous slant to it. Lucy Walcott is an RPG gamer and spends a lot of her free time playing video games, writing, researching, and crafting.NPP does not accept harassment or bullying of any kind, and does moderate its comments section. Almost all comments head through to be posted unless it is extremely vulgar or spam. Aggressive tactics will be screenshot and set on display for the world to see. I am, however, against doxxing, and will not post IP addresses, but they will remain on record.If you want to email me you can do so at”

What is particularly chilling about this persons lack of character and self awareness is her hypocritical rants about bullying. Included in the scope of bullying is the use of slurs and and yet, we have yet to see her miss a chance to use one. 

I encourage everyone to leave a piece of your mind on their blog


Or on her website. 

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Okay, do you honestly believe in the slogan 'down with cis' or do you mean it in the sort-of ironic way? I'm sort-of confused. Your blog seems okay with the exception of the self-diagnosis thing. I think if you think you have something, you need to look into it further by a psychologist and possibly psychiatrist *unless it is unsafe for you to do so* bc a lot of people really do claim to use that as a means for attention (I used to)

The down-with-cis url was taken. 

You know what? I’ve had depression off and on since I was at least 12. I’ve had inattentive type ADHD my whole life. My anxiety once got so bad that I had an anxiety attack nearly every time I left my house. My mental health had suffered so much that I was convinced that my body was literally dead and I was walking around as a corpse. It’s offensive as hell that you think a PAGE LONG survey that I had to take to take for my professional diagnoses (and yes, they are diagnosed) is more valid than my own experience.

I hid being mentally ill for YEARS because I was raised to believe it was shameful and attention-seeking. I was raised to believe that ADHD isn’t even a real disorder.

So no, I definitely didn’t “claim” to have ADHD or depression or anxiety to get attention. Laying in bed for hours on end because you’re in a constant state of exhaustion isn’t fun and it doesn’t get your attention. Having anxiety and depression is isolating and awful, with or without a diagnosis. Having ADHD has completely ruined any goals I had set for myself, so now I’m barely scraping by because of what my depression and adhd has done to my executive functioning. It’s not FUN.

Having a medical professional confirm what I already knew about myself by giving me a short survey and from talking to me for fifteen minutes doesn’t make my disorders any more legitimate than anyone else’s. And nobody needs you to give them unsolicited advice. 

So yeah, down with cis. And down with neurotypicals, too.

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I swear to god, you're the stereotypical "feminist" everyone talks about! I'm starting to think that you are the reason that that stereotype exists. Why the fuck do you think Mysandry is any good when you're fighting misogyny you fucking retard.

*inhaled breath* everyone is talking about me?!

Good to know you’re not here for mentally handicapped women at all though, that’s really beautiful of you. I’m sure the white, cis, straight able bodied, upper middle class suburban women who need our help the most will value your aid. 

In the disabled community, a frequent topic is representation - or rather, the lack of it. This is a list I complied off the top of my head of movies featuring disabled roles played by able-bodied actors. While there is nothing inherently wrong or bad about these movies, some do feature ablest themes. However, if you identify with any of these, PLEASE do not let this invalidate your feelings. This is just meant to point out the disparities between disabled roles and the lack of actually disabled actors. 

An Affair to Remember, (1957)

Sybil - TV Movie, (1976)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, (1975)

Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, (1980)

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, (1983)

Rain Man, (1988)

Boys in the Hood, (1991)

Of Mice and Men, (1992)

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, (1993)

Dumb and Dumber, (1994)

Forrest Gump, (1994)

As Good as it Gets, (1997)

There’s Something about Mary, (1998)

The Big Libowski, (1998)

Me, Myself and Irene, (1999)

She’s All That, (1999)

X-Men, (2000)

Memento, (2000)

A Beautiful Mind, (2001)

I Am Sam, (2001)

Radio, (2003)

Daredevil, (2003)

50 First Dates, (2004)

Riding the Bus with My Sister - TV Movie, (2005)

Friday Night Lights - TV (2006)

Reign Over Me, (2007)

Glee - TV, (2009)

Avatar, (2009)

Parenthood - TV, (2010)

Shutter Island, (2010)

The King’s Speech, (2010)

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, (2011)

Daredevil- Netflix Series, (2015)

Mad Max, (2015)

Source: X


In sweden there is a new series called “swedish cases for fbi” and yesterdays episode involved them telling us “a thing that can happen with autistic people is you can become fixated with killing. If you have these diagnosis you cant function in society” (rough translation im just really upsett).

Please help us put preasure on them! We need as many people as possible telling tv4 (swedens channel 4) that airing this is not okay! It was just last year they said an autistic boy had been cured and after a lot of angry autistic emails they said they had used the wrong word. This is a whole lot bigger since it involves the police and the ignorans that they carrry regarding autistic individuals.

Please please dont let this pass.

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i feel like an idiot but yknow that comic u reblogged, "justice is blind" "but she can still make out colours" and shows a statue holding scales blindfolded, what does that mean? i dont get it? is she blind to justice? is it a colour-blind thing? sorry i really would appreciate a quick explanation - btw ur blog is great im rlly benefiting from this education so thank you for the blog and thanks in advance for the explanation if u have time to explain it, that is. im rambling on now haha sorry

Thanks, It’s basically speaking on the irony of purporting this idea that a system built on protecting certain groups is egalitarian. You can say justice is blind but due to past and present events, when it comes to justice, it’s certainly not blind. 

Hi everyone! This is mod McGucket, and upon popular request I’d like to address the topic of Alex’s treatment of none other than…. McGucket!

So I’m just going to go out and say it - do I smell “ableism” in the air? Let’s begin by mentioning that “Old Man McGucket” is the more PC version of the two names that Alex considered, the original being “Crazy Larry.” [X]

I guess “Mentally Ill” Larry just didn’t have that ring to it; but hey - defining a mentally ill person by a mental illness that has literally crippled their life beyond repair is a shitty thing to do, isn’t it?

With his new name, his behavior could just come off as “quirky” rather than “crazy,” right?  Cartoon characters act over the top, right? “Society of the Blind Eye” squashes that notion when it’s revealed that McGucket has literally destroyed his own mind as a result of trauma.

A rather starkly-tragic backstory for a character who’s been the punchline of every insanity joke since the beginning of the series, isn’t it?

Neither is it the story of a happy hillbilly delighted to bask in his own oddities, rather about a man so desperate for attention that he frames an article about his downward spiral and hangs it on his wall; rather about a man who builds a giant robot just to get the attention of a son that would rather treat him as an animal than a person. [X] [X]

What was that he said in “Society?” Oh yeah, something about “never having been good for nothing or nobody?”  This is not a simple man content to live a simple life, this is mentally ill scientific genius who’s completely ruined his own life and made it into something miserable and humiliating.

So okay, the characters in the show are ableist towards McGucket, that doesn’t make his treatment in the show ableist, right? I think that may have been the case, but a good majority of the character’s on-screen time is dedicated towards being the butt of a joke that you (the viewer) is intended to laugh at.

I will end this by saying that despite “Society’s” reveal, McGucket continues to be a punchline in “Conspiracy Corner,” where he’s referred to quite endearingly as the “Kooky Old Prospector” by the narrator.  Clearly, that’s all we should be remembering about him. Remember, it’s perfectly find to keep making a laughing stock out of  a mentally ill person even when you know it’s making their life a living hell.

~Mod McGucket

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Are you all still planning on doing an off season episode about GOT and disability?

We planned on it and still think it’s important. There’s so much we want to do, but don’t have enough time for at the moment. We should (hopefully) have some time in the off-season to get to this! 


A Few Important Things

1. Your worth as a human being is not measured by your physical, mental or financial ability to contribute to society.

2. If you are disabled, unemployed or otherwise disadvantaged, don’t let others tell you that your life is somehow less valuable.

3. The only means of measuring a person’s worth should be through the content of their heart. If you treat others with love, kindness and respect, then you are a worthy human being. No exceptions.

4. Being emotionally and/or mentally dependant on others doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a rewarding and fulfilling life. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel ashamed or guilty for your lack of independance, or for that matter anything else that is beyond your control. Of course, I think all of us would choose to be independant if we could, but we shouldn’t be made to feel as if we’re nothing but burdens to the people we love and care about.