you get so used to being caught pickpocketing in fallout 4 in the beginning that when you actually manage to pull it off, its more shocking than satisfying

one time i stole the BOS uniform from a knight i found wandering in a group near salem and he just kept walking. here i am, crouched in the middle of the road in broad daylight with a brand new uniform in my inventory, staring in abject horror as the knight just keeps on walking, apparently completely unaware i just stole his clothes as he was wearing them

analysis of something I noticed in Dark Cupid

In Dark Cupid, Cat Noir gets brainwashed into hating Ladybug. And he says to himself that he had always wondered what would happen if he’d used Cataclysm on a person.

Here’s he has abject curiosity.  It’s reasonable, it’s one of those dark thoughts we’very all had at some point. So long as those thoughts aren’t acted on is what makes us a good person.

Here’s we can see the hatred is still present. He still wants to hurt Ladybug, the influence is still there.

But look at his face when he becomes within a hairs breadth of touching her with his Cataclysm . That’s fear . He really didn’t WANT to touch her with it, to see those results he was so curious about. Despite the influence of the akuma, his love still broke thru enough. 

Because right here is prime chance for him to see the results of his “experiment.” But he doesnt. He just uses the Cataclysm as a threat to get her to stay put. Also note that originally I thought he had been sitting on her to hold her down. But he’s NOT. He’s HOVERING. (Damn that’s good balance) but he is in no way at all doing anything in this moment to hurt her.

So I was talking with the fam about being southern and also sort of not because some of us don’t live in the south anymore??? and i realized that spending the majority of my life in the south has wrought in me some very interesting speech patterns, especially considering all my coworkers are currently northern transplants. therefore, for your consideration, 

(that confused the fuck out of my coworkers)

  • nah i had to wait to get a female ob/gyn ‘cause I didn’t want a man near my cooter
  • I’ll drink pepsi when i’m cold and dead in the grave
  • bless your heart
  • lord save me from this fuckin’ yank.
  • There’s a sale on down at the ingles
  • honey she’s from tuscaloosa there’s no savin’ her.
  • wait you don’t know what old bay is? 
  • y’know my Momma said if we convert her to lesbianism we get a free toaster.
  • D’ya want me to cook you a casserole? 
  • okay but if you ain’t had a catfish fry then what the fuck have you done with your life?
  • Listen when you eat crawfish the first thing you gotta do is pop their lil heads off and suck on em, that’s where all the nutrients are.
  • Nah honey you want a deal on a washer/dryer you gotta go out near canton, there’s some mountain men out there sold us a brand new set for $325.
  • listen anchos are all good and well but there’s a reason i got a bottle of tabasco in my purse. 
He who fights monsters

When we talk about SnK it’s easy to toss around terms like gray morality, moral myopia and fallen heroes. Our characters are neither saints nor villains. We learned this early on when nine year old Eren Jaeger slaughtered three men—and somehow we were ok with that. 

Attack on Titan often takes a character we admire and in the course of a single chapter, completely eviscerates them. In Erwin’s case, it took a single sentence. 

Reiner is the latest in this trend. While we’ve known for years that he’s done unforgivable deeds, he’s been presented as a caring big brother and an honest person caught up in a terrible situation. To see him now as a cruel bully and unmerciful murderer was the literary equivalent of being punched in the face.

Without an objective narrater telling the story, it’s left to us to decide how to balance it all.  As individuals, we weigh the scales of justice and decide if that person still has worth. Reactions range from abject hatred to complete denial because what we can rationalize intellectually doesn’t always reach our hearts.

Reiner wasn’t the first. He won’t be the last. The motivation of the Warriors has yet to be revealed. Once it is, we will likely be questioning everything we thought to be true. 

This whole #mynameisnola west coast adventure has been extremely eye opening for me. Like the fact that @nolatrees and I keep entering these extremely progressive and forward thinking communities which are simultaneously riddled with abject poverty. We’re just a few days from landing in Los Angeles, which I know will be an adventure all its own. I just don’t want to forget what we’ve received in the Bay and Portland- I feel like the takeaways from this trip are very unexpected but also lend to a much wider perspective of problems within our communities. And this isn’t just a West Coast issue, this is a WESTERN HEMISPHERE problem.

I mean, it’s a problem that the biggest pockets of yoga studios/teachers exist in predominantly wealthy and upper class communities. THE SAME COMMUNITIES with shameless homeless problems. Does anyone else see this as sketchy? Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, ASHEVILLE (for crying out loud)- all of these towns are run by liberal thinkers and yet plagued by class divisions. I’m not asking WHY this is happening, but maybe more people (myself included) should be trying to figure out legitimate solutions.

This photo is a little BTS from my shoot w/ @modestories today- we shot some very exciting footage about body negativity v. body positivity and, as usual, I was snapchatting the hell out of it. If you want to see snippets from the shoot, from hair and makeup to #hanumanasana, find me over there- I’m @mynameisjessamy!

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(And I ain’t even mad at you if you’ve gotta pick football over #inversions on Sunday bc POUND DEM CATS- GO @PANTHERS!)

Ballerina leggings- @mandukayoga #madeforyoga
Top- @vonscher_active

I get why some people are angry on Bellamy’s behalf that Clarke stayed behind, but as much as I hate what that choice means for their relationship, Clarke made the right decision for her people. It had nothing to do with forgiving Lexa; she hasn’t. She doesn’t trust her to uphold her promises so she’s staying to keep her honest and protect the Sky Crew. Leaving gives Lexa zero accountability beyond a sense of honour, which she’s shown abject willingness to abandon. This move is the most powerful thing Clarke can do right now to protect the Sky Crew as a whole.

Bellamy was gutted and he had every right to be. He’s moved mountains to find this girl, he’s picked up her burden at Arkadia and now he’s faced with the slaughter of their people, including Gina. He has every right as her co-leader to expect her to come home, and every right as her friend to want her to. He gets to be angry and the fact that Clarke is making a good choice doesn’t negate that because it still hurts like fuck. 

Neither of them are entirely right or entirely wrong. Clarke may be choosing wisely, but she’s also choosing the path that allows her to avoid the people she loves. Bellamy may be justified in his bitterness, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t asking her to do something she couldn’t possibly agree to. 

It’s a world of hard bargains and choosing between two bad options. There’s never an easy way and that applies doubly for Clarke and Bellamy and their relationship. And I have every faith that the rest of the season will see them both reconciling the fact that they can forgive themselves, and each other, for making the choices they have. 

You know what would be really mean?

If the Mage!Hero of Ferelden was tranquiled.

Zombies would talk… I mean if you really think about it… If the brain is having random post death activity it’s inevitable that a synapse would spark on the broca “speech center” of the brain, triggering a random word or sentence

Half skeletal, foot dragging corpse runs at you like “IS THAT MARGERINE HELEN!?!?!”

Creepier still, Zombies should occasionally become self aware…. Just for a flash, they’ll look down at their hands and start screaming, or pass a mirror and raise a hand to their face and start crying, or wake up mid meal, look down and apologize in abject terror.

People are not using zombies to their full potential in horror.


// You used to call me on my cellphone, late night when you need my love //

An experimental project in Cinema 4D, playing with installation, hair/fur, the juxtaposition of tangible materials and weird domestic objects. I had this scene in my head of a figure lying head first in an office space on a desk, long bluish hair stretching across the table and coming into contact with the floor. An abject space.

Fighting against veganism is fighting against compassion. It’s fighting against justice and peace for all beings.

Veganism isn’t some radical ideology or fringe movement. It’s living the values you already have. The values you’ve had to forcefully disconnect yourself in order to justify supporting utter cruelty, abject misery, brutal torture and barbaric murder with every meal.

Why would anyone fight to stop those things? Take a moment and look at what you are supporting. At what makes you angry when you hear the truth. I challenge you to really look. It’s not easy. But it is necessary.

You don’t have to keep supporting atrocities against your values. There is another way.

Go to http://www.BiteSizeVegan.com/OpenYourEyes or search “Open Your Eyes” on my channel http://www.YouTube.com/BiteSizeVegan (link to video in 👆🏽bio today)

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We see a man with no arms or legs lighting a cigarette

a lonely old man masturbating on a bench

hundreds of teenagers dry humping and making out

Are we all the same person? Is this all God talking to itself?

You get the impression that things weren’t supposed to turn out this way

all these middle-aged men and women standing in the back

at punk rock shows dressed in leather blazers and black ties

exploring the sinister confines of their own nostalgia

sliding inexorably toward abject ordinariness

What really exists behind this fake veneer

is an infinite churning chaos of unformed possibilities

like how at midnight a man proposed to his girlfriend onstage

She just laughed and laughed like a maniac, then screamed at him

“Ah, I loused it up,” he admits to the microphone. “Sorry, folks, I loused it up!”