Game of Thrones has veered so far away from the books that I watched last night’s episode, especially the last half, in abject fear. I now understand the pain of those who only watch… we are all sweet summer children now.

Indeed, why would Black women embrace WOC solidarity if that means being thrown under the bus and being violently erased in its name? What are the benefits? There are probably a select few black women who enable that appropriation (editors, friends etc.), and who are profiting off of this situation. What else? Universality and colorblindness can be comforting ideas. They say: we are all the same, we all share the same struggles. I am you and you are me. I can therefore talk about you because I am also talking about me. And therefore Black women are not different. We can deny for a small moment that we are not the abject and deviant bodies society tells us we are. We are just like everyone else! That is not true. Not every woman of color has had their body exposed, hypersexualized and then dismembered after death to be shown in a museum for decades. Not every woman of color is subjected to police brutality the way black women are. Not every woman of color is being made fun of, caricatured, shamed and stigmatized the way black women are. No one experiences the trials and woes of black womanhood except black women. No one wants their body to experience that. So why would you be entitled to it if you’re not a black woman? 

The black experience is not universal. Black girlhood is not universal. A specific kind of racism and misogyny inform our experience. While it is true that people of color share the experience of marginalization, black women are on the periphery of the margins. The singularity of our experiences makes it almost impossible to appropriate them without diluting them, narrowing them, erasing them. Something that I have been confronting is that being a black girl, in the West, is very lonely. Being a French black girl in the suburbs of a major city is painfully lonely. Loneliness characterizes the human condition but it seems that black women are made to be conscious of this truth sooner than everyone else.

WOC vs. Black Women:  Thoughts on the fallacy of solidarity & the erasure of Black Women

Using the strange reception of the film Girlhood by certain non-black WOC writers as point of departure, I wrote something on “WOC solidarity” and the way it erases black women while enabling and motivating the usurpation of their existence. I feel like all the conditions are there for me to feel comfortable sharing this piece. People are talking about it more and more but I feel like the crowd and the spaces I am writing about have not been called out yet. I woke up Tuesday last week and started writing because it felt like this needed to be said. It was edited by amazing ladies and I can’t thank them enough for dedicating their time to correct my mistakes, give me feedback and support. It tries to summarize my own feelings and all the private conversations I had on the subject with other black women. Please read, share etc.

When the starry sky, a vista of open seas, or a stained-glass window shedding purple beams fascinate me, there is a cluster of meaning, of colors, of words, of caresses, there are light touches, scents, sighs, cadences that arise, shroud me, carry me away, and sweep me beyond the things I see, hear, or think. The “sublime” object dissolves in the raptures of a bottomless memory. It is such a memory, which, from stopping point to stopping point, remembrance to remembrance, love to love, transfers that object to the refulgent point of the dazzlement in which I stray in order to be.
—   Julia Kristeva, Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection

An Afghan girl looks through the window of a residence, Dec. 26, 2012. Over a third of Afghans are living in abject poverty, as those in power are more concerned about addressing their vested interests rather than the basic needs of the population, a UN report said. 

DC’s Static Shock

Or otherwise known as an abject lesson to writers and creators of color to not sell your idea to white people.

Before I get to the actual comic, I’ll just do a little history lesson. Milestone Comics was originally a black owned comic company that noticed that there were not many people of color as super heroes and if they were, they were presented stereotypically(Sam Wilson, Black Vulcan, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, and etc) or were pretty much non-existent(Jon Stewart, Storm(I want you to name one Storm centered storyline before the 90s…yeah, I fucking thought so)) or were just flatout fucking racist(Samurai, El Dorado, Apach Chief…like I am not even joking). So Dwayne McDuffie created a whole host of superheroes of color that range from Icon, Xombi(Korean American boy with nanomachines) Rocket, The Blood Syndicate(imagine the X-Men with Bloods and Crips…yeah I bet Wolverine doesn’t sound so badass now), but the most successful of all was Virgil Hawkins aka Static Shock.

Then Dwayne McDuffie sold the rights of Milestone comics to DC. He got a lot of flack from other black owned comic companies, but Dwayne said fuck it and he was about to get this money, playboy! And it worked out just fine. He got a extremely successful television show for Static and Static shared the fucking screen with the Justice League. 

Static was probably the most successful Modern hero of our fucking generation. Fuck Peter Parker’s crying ass, Static was the teen superhero of the generation. A black kid with locks from Compton Los Angeles look alike with a gay white sidekick(Oh yeah if you didn’t know Richie was gay…now you know)was the face of superheroism for an era. It beat out fucking Pokemon. NYUGGA! This was better than Barack Obama. But then Static was cancelled at the peak of his celebrity. Want to know why? Of course you do. Well you see the point of Saturday morning cartoons other than entertain you for a couple of hours so your parents can stay in bed and get their freak on was to sell toys and white boys(the main consumers of action figures) don’t buy toys of black characters. Yes, I am not making this up. I have never seen a Static Shock action figure. I have never seen an ad for such. I have seen plenty of fucking Batman action figures, but not Static Shock, their number 1 rated fucking show! WB didn’t even fucking try! Grrr. Of course Virgil appeared in Young Justice and teamed up with the more politically correct and just flat out better versions of Samurai(Asami), Big Chief(Tye Longshadow), and El Dorado(Eduardo Dorado) and formed the Runaways. Sadly, this was short lived and for the same reason as the previous show just a slightly different. Young Justice never got a third season because girls were it’s main audience and instead of catering towards them and making toys that little girls would be more apt at buying, they decided that girls just don’t buy action figure toys so this awesome show was over. Grrrrrr!

So what about the comics….well when Milestone Universe integrated with Mainstream DC Universe, McDuffie realized that DC was like pro wrestling booking. If it interfered with the big 3, then your story got no development. There was so much red tape that McDuffie had to plow through to even receive the benefits of being a part of such a prestigious universe. Static couldn’t work with the super popular characters like Superman or Batman. Static could not use their villains or anything. He had to work with lesser known heroes or B-list characters in spite of 1.) Static was by no means a B-List hero and 2.) he might as well stayed in the Milestone Universe if he had no relevance in the DC universe. Then they had Virgil join the Teen Titans…which did absolutely nothing for him.Then Dwayne McDuffie died and so did the comic series. Then New 52 happened.

New 52 decided to reboot Static and they did so by removing everything that made him special. They removed him from his cast and placed him in New York with some sort of continuity, but different takes. They changed his costume and his board and gave him the most generic villains on the planet. New 52′s Static only lasted 8 issues meanwhile misogynistic and horrible debacles like Red Hood and the Outlaws are still going on today(It’s bullshit). Static Shock and Milestone comics was created to recognize that minority characters can be multifaceted without ignoring their race and the racism they face. I am not talking about a literal scene or panel where person of color confronts a racist. I am talking about when Static goes to Africa for the first time and tells Richie about how empowered he feels and for once, he is not a black kid, but just a kid in Africa. Static’s entire origin mimicked CRASH methods on how LAPD wrongly imprisoned and infiltrated and terrorized black people. You notice how many of the Bang Babies where people of color or urban? Then you have Static facing racism from the police. Static sagging his pants thus recognizing that he is of the hip-hop community. Static being unapologetic-ally black and it was awesome and DC could not capture that magic again.

Static was special and DC dropped the ball because no one knew how to write him. Writing him meant that you had to think outside your own experiences for white authors and while they can talk about aliens and cyborgs and mutants, they can never understand what it is like to be black, Static went from our greatest modern hero of our generation in fiction to a cautionary tale about racism in comic books.

Why else do you think every single alphabet soup nonprofit, NGO, and vanguardist political party jumped on the Black Lives Matter movement and immediately watered it down? The unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore threatens the status quo, it is terrifying for not just the ruling class but also the white liberals living comfortably at the expense of POC living in a constant state of war and abject poverty.

These organizations are only going to allow controlled resistance, controlled militancy, and choreographed demonstrations that get media attention. So long as people can be allowed to march and let out their anger every now and then as a pressure valve everything will be fine. It’s when people bring bricks and start fighting the cops that you’ll quickly see them turn right around and betray you to the fucking State. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve watched marshalls from Take Action MN try to detain militants, I’ve watched them snitchjacket anarchist POC and black radicals to eject them from the movement and assassinate their character. It’s beyond fucked up. These organizations should not be trusted, and we shouldn’t be working with them or cooperating with them because they are cooperating with the fucking cops and the State.

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Look if Britain hadn't had declared war it never would have escalated into a world war. Germany would have taken Poland, the Sudetenland and Russian and everyone would have lived happily ever after. But no Britain had to go all world police and start a world war over nothing.

You’re an abject idiot anon and I think you’ve probably sent me the same messages before- clearly you’ve not bothered to actually learn anything in the meantime. 

Britain and France declared war on Germany in line with their commitment to Poland. Nazi Germany was expanding aggressively and wouldn’t have stopped until it had achieved unrivalled hegemony over Europe. 

Attempting to blame this on Britain is insulting to the intelligence of anyone attempting to read this train wreck of an ask, and demonstrates an alarming degree of Nazi sympathy.

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So I get chronic nosebleeds, okay?  They’re connected to this weird fissure in my sinuses, and there’s nothing the doctors can do; sometimes, my blood just wants an out-of-body experience, and I get to be an abattoir.

I’m on a date with somebody I really like.  We go to the movies, and midway through, I have to sneeze.  I manage to get my arm up, I cover my nose, muffle the sound, figure I’ve managed to get away clean.  Ha ha ha ha.

The movie ends, I turn to my date, ready to talk, and find that I am being stared at in abject horror.  Turned out that the remains of my last nosebleed had been up there, hardening, and that I have sneezed what is effectively the world’s biggest blood-booger out, onto my face.  I look like I’ve been eating raw hearts for the entire film.

I did not get a kiss goodnight.

DAY 2592

Jalsa, Mumbai                May 21/22,  2015               Thu/Fri  12:38 am

Birthdays of our dear EF Lily Pitts and Sugam Dua tomorrow May 22, 2015 and may the month of May bring mayflowers and plenty into your lives ..

There is so much to do and time to do and desire to do .. but the will surrenders to the abject laziness of human bondage. This is not what is supposed to e effective in the lives of those that wish to be subjected to an occupied life, but it does creep in surreptitiously and with candour. Surreptitious is acceptable, candour not. Frankness is not a quality that one would want to associate with this element of what is generally termed as lethargy !

But ‘when the blast of war, blows in our ears’, then do we extricate ourselves from that ringer alarm on mobile and declare the day or its beginning, with a clarion call and set out to work ..

Has any one seen this ‘Jupiter Ascending’ , a film, a feat of uninhibited VFx technology, of moments that make you wonder and believe of the existence of ‘others’ around us in the hemisphere, but quite frankly, a justification of the human mind that has the capacity to think thus ! Simply incredible !!

And the problem with these visuals and effects is that, we rest our weary heads on pillows that lead us to dreamland, with the same dreams !! Of flying machines and space wonders and fantasy beholding. So see you all in outer space for the most of the night …

Applications and the net and the constant making and remaking of designs to convenience our communications has taken over the world ! There is not a single moment when I do not read of how out sourcing has become the passport and pass word of the immediate hour. I am in admiration of it, but also envious, for, those that have the capacity to keep in touch and in line with the most recent and most modern tech, make themselves in my eyes that rare commodity which at some point, years ago, rested with them that had the time to construct and make it operational. TODAY .. the technology has been the same, perhaps updated, but the manner in which the generation copes or runs along with it is simply amazing ! Each and every day comes along with a certain group of people that have invented or are willing to invent or have already invented, that method that shall make our lives a great deal more interesting, knowledged and aware. Salutations to them that think this out, and not just think, but make it into an enterprise that shall in time bring revenue, and a future.

So ‘Sooryavansham’ celebrates 16 years of its release. It was a remake of a Tamil film that ran most successfully - the Tamil film - and carried a great challenge for the artist involved and for the makers in Hindi. A double role of Father and Son, and what great moments created. The little boy that played the grandson was quite amazing. I think he was a National Award winner, a natural and a delight to be working with.

It really is a wonder how time changes the perception of a film in terms of its success and value. The film in question was not such as success as is made out for in Hindi. It was huge in Tamil, not so in Hindi. Shot in many interesting spots - Hyderabad, Gujarat, Sri Lanka .. yes in the most picturesque parts of that emerald in the Indian Ocean. The first visit of mine to the country and the warmth of the people quite something ! I would want to be in the gym each morning, but the nearest to the place where we stayed in Kandy,was an hour’s drive away. So, I would be up at 4 am drive to this public gym and return by 8 am and report for work. Later I came to know that the gym belonged to the legendary cricketer and bowler of Sri Lankan Cricket, Murlidharan !!

Time .. the most expensive commodity in the universe .. 

Time to catch time to be able to be on time for the morrow ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

“Nowadays, bullying gets a bad rap.” said Harry, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment. “But I hope my letter helps to show the lighter side of bullying someone. You see, there’s a weight of comedy behind terrifying a young apprentice like this.”