Orlando Predictions

Just my opinion, •means top ¾ or who i would like to win!

Mini Girls To Watch
* Ariana Q- Stars
* Cami V-Evolve
* Elliana W- The Dance Movement
* Brightyn R- Club
* Kaitlyn W- CC& Co
* Taylor Fry- Savage
* Dyllan B- Project 21•
* Savannah M- CCJ
* Casey T- The Dance Zone•
* Alexis A-Club•
* Hailey B-Prodigy

Mini Boys
* Nicholas B- Stars•
* Luke B-Dance Attack
* Brady Amaya- Viva
* Stefano B- EDX

Junior Girls(so many that i love)
* Destanye D-Stars
* Bella K- YYC•
* Madison T-Woodlands
* Malli Grace L- The Dance Centre
* Marion Norris-ABJ
* Amy Shuster-TOC
* Courtney L-EDX
* Elliana M-Summit
* Brooke J-Dance Town
* Rachel Q-North Jersey
* Lindsey Wade-Prodigy•
* Kayla Lavine-Tawn Marie’s
* Ava A-Prodigy
* Sarah M-The Dance Centre
* Jezzaeyah S-JCSOD•
* JosaBella M-The Dance Company

Junior Boys
* Brady Farrar•••
* Shawn T-Savage
* Jackson HR-Stars

Teen Girls(big category)
* Emily W-DWDE
* Courtney M-Prodigy
* Madeline M-Encore
* Skye A-WDA
* Hallie G-DWDE
* Jenna M-WDA
* Denise G-CDC
* Kayla M-WDA•
* Anessa Z-DWDE•
* Quinn S-Stars•
* Vivian R-Stars•
* Ruby C-Dance Town
* Marcel Owens-Artistic Fusion
* Camille C-CCJ
* Trinity B-DWDE
* Dabria A- Strutt
* Lily G-WDA•

Teen Males
* Murphy L-PDA
* Julian L-Canadian Dance Unit
* Sam M-MVP Dance Elite•
* Anthony K-DWDE
* Luke Hendley-CCJ
* Findlay M-EDX•
* Kyle A-Savage•
* Joziah G-Prodigy•
* Stefano G-EDX

Seniors(too lazy to do a full one for this)
* Paulina and Peyton are gonna duel for that title
* Rooting for Eli Alford, Wyeth Walker, Tyler Hutchings, and Spencer McCarrey

Oh god. They actually wrote some of it. What have we got here.


Abe (noun) A unit of currency equal to five american dollars.

ALL-DAT (pronoun): All that exists, all the relates to the subject

AX (verb) To make a request of, to make a request for, to inquire. “Get over here foo and let me ax you a question.”

BAG (noun) Whatever you’re into.

Beef (noun) To have a problem or perceive a problem/ “You, if you got BEEF wit me then tell me don’t gimme the vapors.”

Caddy (noun) A car with style and plush seats

Chill (abj) Keenly aware of or knowledgeable about the latest trends or developments, Very fashionable or stylish, 

Who the hell did they consult to make this? Has anyone said any of these things in the last ten years?