We’re hosting our first Style Forum / #menswear meet up in San Francisco.  I’m putting it together with tons of help from Squalor to Baller, Broke and Bespoke, and A Bit of Color.  

The event takes place April 4th, with drinks at our shop at 6:00, followed by dinner at a place TBD around 8:00.  I’m hoping to bring in a sponsor for  some fantastic whisky.  Stay tuned.

The broader details on the event are here: San Francisco SF Meetup

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If your idea of Californian style is board shorts and a ratty t-shirt, then you haven’t met Gus Walbolt. Gus is a Bay Area fashion and design consultant with a way with making tailored clothes look cool and casual, often lightening the mood with “a bit of color,” as he is known on Tumblr. You can find more stylistic inspiration from Gus on Instagram. Here are his picks from the No Man store.

1) Rota Pleated Flannel Trousers.

Gus’s Notes: I bought these when they first arrived on the NMWA website because 1) I wanted a comfortable, slightly more roomy fit in the thigh offered by the pleat, 2) while retaining a trim overall fit, and, 3) light grey will never be confused for “Security Guard” or “Geezer” grey trousers. Mission accomplished.

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This is the MTM suit he ordered at last trunk-show in SF.

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Mr Sasamoto of Ring Jacket and me (abitofcolor.tumblr) at the Khakis x Ring Jacket trunk show #ringjacket #khakisofcarmel #abitofcolor #menswear #bespoke @khakisofcarmel @ring_jacket @ringjacket #guswalbolt #styleforum #gq #therake #mensfashion #mensstyle #mensshoes @aandhmag

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Bay Area StyleForum/tumblr Menswear Meetup

Good times were had by all. In attendance were Gus (abitofcolor), Ian (fromsqualortoballer), Bill Charman (who has made a name for himself @ SFx10 and elsewhere…), and Gregory Walton (of Louis Walton fame). I can vouch for the fact that no more are needed for a party…

Passed between greedy paws for #menswear inspection were 1) Greg Walton’s handmade-by-him amazing shell cordovan wallet (if you’re lucky they’ll be available to the masses in the near future), 2) Gus’s newly acquired bespoke Napolisumisura tweed sport coat (replete with special truffle stashing pockets) 3) a couple of vintage Rolex Submariners (Gus’s late-1980s and Bill’s late-1960s) 4) a vintage Omega TV-face watch (Ian’s) 5) Bill’s real-ass faint-worthy John Lobb wingtips. 


Panama Hat - With San Francisco temperatures in the high 70’s yesterday it was the ideal time to select a hat for Spring and Summer. Like most guys, I have plenty of baseball caps. But, there are times when something a bit more dressy is required and appreciated. I headed over to Cable Car Clothiers to meet owner Jon Levin and peruse the stores extensive inventory of quality hats. 

The process of trying on hats is fun and experimental. Yet, when you find the right one, you know it….it just “works”. I settled on this ivory colored (called “bleach”) Ibarra model Stetson. The “skin” is hand woven in Ecuador and the finish work including a partial lining and full leather band is completed in Houston, Tx. The interior proudly says,“ John B. Stetson Company, Made IN USA, GENUINE PANAMA”. 

As I left the store wearing my new hat people looked at me and smiled. A gentleman told me I looked “dapper”, the barber said I was “looking sharp” and the waitress who brought me my gin & tonic said, “I like men in hats”. I think I’m going to enjoy this…

Herringbone - Heading into San Francisco with true Fall weather upon us was the perfect opportunity to wear my new bespoke jacket from Mina and Dino at Napolisumisura. The fabric is a heavy weight Loro Piana cashmere and wool blend in a large scale herringbone. I asked for a slightly more relaxed and longer fit with patch pockets. I’m delighted with the results. Jeans: Levis LVC 511 ZXX, shirt: bespoke My Tailor, Tie: chunky knit cashmere Luciano Barbera, Pocket Square : Etro